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Five traps: “We are the army”, “Everything is sold”, “British scientists”, “How long” and “What is the essence of Putin”

Dear readers! It is pleasant to observe that the ranks of patriots - either statesmen, or imperialists, or just normal people who have decided to become a political class - are slowly but surely replenished with new participants. This means that we are on the right track.

Meanwhile, as our development progresses, the dangers that can negate all our efforts are clearly manifested. The first step to overcoming them is awareness. I propose to discuss the most acute of them.

1. Snare trap

The Internet has given us a wonderful opportunity to come together, forming various groups united by various forms of a people-centered ideology. Inside these groups, we rule completely. Inside these groups, we feel protected, our ideas are the only true ones, and woe to our ideological opponent who accidentally came to visit us.

This situation gives some of us a dangerous illusion of mass. Closing in the framework of a cozy patriotic virtual world, we imagine that the same is happening around us, in the real world. Many of us are confident that the absolute majority of citizens of the country fully share our assessments of the past and our views on the future. Far from it.

We - participants in discussions about the benefits of the Motherland - have spent a lot of time arguing, analyzing, analyzing the most important topics. As a result, we have a more or less unanimous opinion on the main issues. However, the overwhelming majority of the country’s citizens do not participate in active Internet life. They raise children, go to work, survive to the best of their abilities and skills. Not having the ability and, as a rule, the desire to independently understand the political subtleties, they are easily amenable to the manipulation of television, which is in the power of far from patriotic forces. And this television has deliberately lulled the political activity of citizens for decades (and continues to do so), so it is naive to expect that millions of strong ideological supporters surround us outside the Internet. At best, they have agreement with our main provisions (if asked): yes, the country must be whole and great; Yes, there should be a lot of us; yes, we need social justice; Yes, we must have our own plants. But if both boxes - television and computer - will be half a year old without any evidence that for these purposes we need a second privatization and confederalization, our “generally supporters” will agree with this. Just because authority is stronger than critical thinking, and media authority is stronger than tenfold.

The danger of the imaginary mass trap is that it endows us with a false illusion of power. This harmful illusion drastically reduces our effectiveness.

A sign of such a delusion is our sincere bewilderment about the decisions of the authorities, which, in our opinion, are “non-patriotic” and “anti-popular” (for example, joining the WTO, privatization, etc.). It should be noted that the government conducts such decisions precisely because we (the politicized part of the normal majority) do not yet represent the overwhelming majority on the ideological front. We are still small. Otherwise, such decisions could not be carried out because of a sharp rejection of society.

2. Impulsive trap

Our main advantage over ideological enemies is sincerity. We are truly worried about the fate of our Motherland and sincerely want to help her with our actions. However, this is one of our troubles - we take on too impulsively news.

I’ll say on my own: having a habit of studying the event from many sources, comparing and analyzing, I grabbed my heart for a long time while reading a headline like “They sold everything again” or “Everything collapsed again”.

So a loving mother worries about her son when he hears a complaint against him. But it is more correct to take the position of a thoughtful and laconic father. "Window broke? This we still understand, who actually broke and why it did. " Practice shows that the really sad news is not so much, if you understand them properly.

We, with our impulsiveness, play into the hands of the enemy, who rather rubs his palms, watching the waves diverge from the panic thrown by him. It is not a matter of falling into the trap of impulsiveness.

3. Trap of Agility

The more of us, the more opinions, and hence the differences. Different visions of cases in fundamental issues is rather a positive fact, since it stimulates us to develop a common point of view. But the differences in matters of small - this is a real contagion of patriotic discussions.

Here is one patriot wrote that the chicken was before the eggs, and the other cursed him and assured that first there was an egg, and only then a chicken. The first cursed him back and gave a link to Wikipedia, and the second said that it was not the source, and gave his link. Twenty debaters came running to the noise on each side, and a meaningless verbal battle ensued, which had absolutely nothing to do with the subject of cooking Caesar salad.

The seemingly innocuous trap of ill-minds takes energy from us, scares supporters and stops all work. Do not give in to it.

4. Waiting trap

Many of us used to expect something all the time. Someone is waiting for Putin to put things in order and make everyone well, someone that a new bright leader will emerge who will lead the patriotic masses behind him, someone that someone, but not he, will come up with how we would all do something to be good.

There are those who are waiting for another kind - basically, they are waiting for the end of the world. Someone started the third world war (“it is not far off”), someone collapsed the dollar (“no later than fall”), someone had a new wave of crisis (“destroyed everything cleaned up”), someone else urgent apocalypses.

All these expectations make us look like a man who stands on the platform and watches the tenth train in a row that leaves the horizon. No one will think of anything for us and will not do it. It doesn’t matter whether tomorrow there will be a global apocalypse, or before our personal, no less irrevocable, happens.

We must stop falling into the trap of waiting, it makes us passive Internet grumblers. The answer to the question “what do they allow themselves ???” sounds very simple: what they allow you, name, dear “separate Internet user”.

5. Confession trap

Often it is necessary to observe how two normal people meet and begin to beat each other in the face, figuring out whether Putin is good or bad. This is our big weakness. Respecting or denying individual personalities sometimes takes on religious qualities from us, and we ourselves again distract ourselves from the main point, plunging into the insignificant.

Who is better - Putin or neputin, and which of them loves the Motherland more - does not matter. The only important thing is who is taking the right steps at his post, and who is the wrong one. Otherwise, we distort our own vision of these personalities, endowing them with an excessive halo — whether holiness, curse.

This state of affairs crushes us into confessions and factions, transforming from a powerful, swift stream into thousands of streams with their backwaters and marshes. The only criterion for evaluating the current policy for us should be the degree of commitment to the interests of the state. And if at the same time he pursues a policy that is not welcomed in your confession, this does not mean that he is acting to the detriment of the country.

In other words, a representative of the patriotic “politicized norm” must by all means retain his warm heart, but at the same time preserve his cold head; I must soberly assess my strength and not be idle; should stop arguing over trifles and learn how to conduct balanced and substantive discussions. Then we will gain real power and will be able to influence the course of the country's political life. Otherwise, we will remain Internet grumblers.
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  1. alexng
    alexng 27 June 2012 06: 41
    Each person is superior to others in something. We are all different, but the division into 4 categories has always been and will be, due to its psychological and temperamental characteristics. This is a normal occurrence. Someone creates the illusion that everything is bad around, and someone vice versa. In their reality, everyone is always right, not remarking that all events occur independently of us. So how many people and as many opinions.
    1. FiremanRS
      FiremanRS 27 June 2012 12: 17
      Great article !!!!!! +100500 to the author, for a good analysis and category section. Of course, not everything is as it is written, but in general, the truth is as it is. It is necessary that as many people read it and draw the right conclusions. Because, indeed - a lot of thought spreads through the tree deciding what happened before: an egg or a chicken. Forgetting that the conversation was about salad. and other things said about inaction, also true .... Unsubscribed, got their portion of pluses, calmed down. Not so, of course, but many .....
      I repeat - a very good article !!!!!
    2. Ross
      Ross 27 June 2012 12: 49

      Each person is superior to others in something. We are all different, but the division into 4 categories has always been and will be, due to its psychological and temperamental characteristics.

      Meanwhile, as we develop, the dangers that can negate all our efforts are clearly manifested. The first step to overcome them is awareness.

      An interesting and timely article. How many of us think about how much we are conscious? Do we live instinctively or consciously?
      Do we have our own point of view on events, born in our thoughts, and not inspired from outside? Why does someone impose on us this or that point of view, and if this is done long enough, then gradually many begin to consider it their own?
      Who watched the film The Matrix, probably felt that it is in such a matrix that today's person lives. And the main task of man is the evolution of his consciousness in order to get out of this matrix stupefying his consciousness.
      Here, for example, is the view of the notorious BER (Committee on Public Administration) about the main priorities of management:
      1. Conceptual and methodological priority
      2. Chronological (historical) priority
      3. Ideological priority
      4. Economic priority
      5. Environmental priority
      6. Material and technological priority
      The same priorities with a hostile impact on society can be considered as weapons. The first three priorities are information weapons, the next three are material weapons.
      Here you can see the magnificent lectures of Professor Efimov for FSB officers:
      0 ... 0.0.lonjA3FKN2E
      In order for the patriots of Russia to stop quarreling and pulling the blanket over themselves, one must clearly set the main goal, understanding the whole picture of what is happening.
  2. Goga
    Goga 27 June 2012 06: 45
    The original misfortune of all patriotic movements and associations (starting with Vasiliev's "Memory") is briefly and essentially correct - in the article "+".
    To this you can add - no one wants to be second, everyone has the only "correct" vision of the situation and "knowledge" of the right path, and therefore everyone is aiming at the "Fuhrer". The result is that for several decades no mass and organized patriotic association was formed. Sad ... sad
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 27 June 2012 07: 33
      Quote: Gogh
      no one wants to be second, everyone has the only "correct" vision of the situation and "knowledge" of the right path

      Igor, good health! Absolutely correct and accurate view of shituyuvin. Everyone is trying to cut down a tree without even wondering - is it for me? Society is disunited, all "movements" descended from above are in no way sharpened for unification and patriotism, only for the support of individuals.
      1. Goga
        Goga 27 June 2012 08: 44
        Tersky - Greetings, Evgeny! - quote - "... all the" movements "descended from above are in no way sharpened towards unification and patriotism, only to support individuals." - and we even know what kind of "personalities" to support - neither mine, nor yours and not our loved ones. Sometimes there is an obsessive desire to get to these "personalities" ... angry
        The trouble is that we all somehow look back at the "movements descending from above" - ​​but we still can't organize ourselves without this "top" - it seems to me that the article is about this.
        1. Tersky
          Tersky 27 June 2012 10: 15
          Quote: Gogh
          but ourselves, without this "top", it still does not work out - it seems to me about this and the article.

          Igor, quite rightly noticed in the article and by you. This is a problem, and the problem is far from ordinary. But alas, there are no ready-made recipes for overcoming it, everything is as always through a series of trial and error ....
    2. Andriuha077
      Andriuha077 27 June 2012 19: 01
      Quote: Gogh
      no one wants to be second, everyone

      Whoever wants to be useful will find the strength in himself to formulate a thought, and to state it correctly.
      Then he will be the first among equals, like-minded people, and will be able to make a benefit.
  3. Igarr
    Igarr 27 June 2012 06: 46
    such a normal analysis.
    and inside is natural determinism.
    well, as a young man, I was very interested in fatalism.
    Now, in the youth of old age - I tend to..determinism.
    That's right.
    Klava is the same way of escape from reality.
    And even despite the fact that I registered on the Stop-WTO website, I do not think that this will change anything.
    I read here "Waves extinguish the wind" by the Strugatskys. The brothers wrote in 60 years, namely "Waves ..." - well, how about our situation.
    Why is this all?
    The Universe .... do not give a damn ... about a trifle, about the problems of small components.
    The universe ... by and large - do not give a damn about yourself.
    Everything was already.
    Everything will be - further.
    We shape our future ourselves
    Each in its place.
    "Do what you must, and let it be - what will be."
    So I see.
    1. Goga
      Goga 27 June 2012 09: 15
      Igarr - Greetings, Namesake - "Do what you must, and let it be - what will be" - that's the only way! good
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 27 June 2012 11: 26
        Salute, Igor. poked at the wrong button. Sorry, after the operation - cast-iron head.
    2. raptorr
      raptorr 27 June 2012 11: 31
      Right by Leo Tolstoy
  4. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 27 June 2012 06: 47
    The people are news, Russia has suspended supplies from 300 to Syria ?! So damn it, what else to say, I don’t know. Our government must not forget to send a bottle of champagne to Clinton, Secretary of State, it has today an occasion to raise a glass.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 27 June 2012 06: 56
      it was to be expected Alexander!
      Transfer weapons to Syria so that later it will be in the hands of the enemy?
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 27 June 2012 07: 11
        We sold Alibek to amers with 300, they took it apart and didn’t understand. Syria with 300 is needed like air, and then we sell these complexes to many, if the amers want it, they will find the opportunity to rummage around with a screwdriver
        1. DYMITRY
          DYMITRY 27 June 2012 07: 36
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          The people are news, Russia has suspended supplies from 300 to Syria ?!

          Good afternoon, Alexander!
          See item number 2 in the article !!!
          For what reason did you suspend it? How much has already been delivered ??? Etc. etc. If suspended due to oversaturation of Syrian air defense, this is one piece of news. If due to pressure from the "world community" it is completely different.
        2. Yarbay
          Yarbay 27 June 2012 07: 55
          Alexander, did I really write something about disassembling weapons ??
          Syria must have tried to buy on credit!
          Assad’s regime will fall soon!
          Who will pay?
          Who will have a formidable weapon in their hands ??
          and Israel take offense!
          Sasha think in a stereotyped way!
        3. Simon
          Simon 27 June 2012 08: 22
          The Turkish plane was shot down from the machine gun by the Syrians, how many Turkish stinks were there, and the S-300 will appear, the stench will be even larger, but no one will fly. fellow
        4. AK-74-1
          AK-74-1 27 June 2012 09: 12
          It looks like information stuffing. I heard about Infu on RBC and NTV, which refer to Vedomosti, referring to an unknown source either in the FSVT or in Almaz-Antey itself. Let's get a look.
          There is other information about the participation of special forces of the Angles and Turks in the battles in Syria.
        5. raptorr
          raptorr 27 June 2012 11: 34
          Alibek we sold to amers from 300, they disassembled it and didn’t understand

          People in kind are kidding.
        6. ytqnhfk
          ytqnhfk 27 June 2012 13: 00
          I think that no with 300 will not help Syria, rather shilka shells of needle needles are even better!
    2. Nick
      Nick 27 June 2012 07: 33
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      The people are news, Russia has suspended supplies from 300 to Syria ?!

      Where is the news from?
      1. 755962
        755962 27 June 2012 10: 35
        Quote: Nick
        Where is the news from?

        From here
  5. Prophet Alyosha
    Prophet Alyosha 27 June 2012 06: 56
    In many ways - I agree. In addition to exchanging opinions in net, you need to work a lot, both in production (service) and preferably well and productively, and in your family, making her happy and prosperous. But we, the passionaries of modern Russia, in no case, especially now, should not limit ourselves to this. It is necessary to carry out educational, if you want propaganda work, to involve as many compatriots as possible in the channel of patriotism and "heartache" for Russia! But the main thing is to start with yourself, to grow physically and spiritually, and to bring up children as patriots of Russia!
    1. 755962
      755962 27 June 2012 10: 38
      Quote: Prophet Alyosha
      educate children by patriots of Russia!

      Moreover, it is necessary to start with kindergartens. In the school, to revive the NVP. About DOSAAF there was already a speech, without it it is very tight. And the Internet is a departure from reality.
  6. AIvanA
    AIvanA 27 June 2012 07: 01
    And I don’t always think that I’m right, sometimes I really want to make mistakes in some assessments, and most of them are possible for the reforms that the state has been carrying out, for example, in the military field since 1995, and without stopping, and I have not heard positive reviews about these the reforms and what should happen are called the Desired Image of the Prospective Army, read the abbreviation, it’s understandable herd instinct, everything is bad, but is it all good, only the annual disruption of the state defense order is worth it, and the minister is in place, in the face of sabotage and betrayal at the highest level, it’s clear that we don’t have to judge whether the military property is being traded right and left, it’s also not our business, solid traps, well, etc.
  7. vvvvv
    vvvvv 27 June 2012 07: 19
    All right. I would add a little more from myself ...
    It is pleasant to observe here on "Voennoye Obozreniye" the caring attitude of people from all over the post-Soviet space to our common and our children's future. One of the key thoughts, implied or directly voiced, is that you cannot be so naive in your right mind as to count on even the slightest and most elementary human attitude towards all of us on the part of those external forces that are eternally striving to enslave our peoples. And only together we can find the strength to resist the undoubted desire to enslave and destroy us. And although everyone understands this, such an understanding is passive and largely ineffective without active work in this direction.
    On the other hand, we see very active work against our interests on the part of the entire Western world - from the level of foreign policy of states, to non-governmental organizations, secret societies and private individuals. In addition, our fellow citizens who have real estate or capital abroad fall under the influence of such forces. Even if they see in Russia not only where they can cash in, cheat and rob, the fear of loss of property in the West with almost 100% guarantee has them to betray and maintain the anti-Russian course, lobbying through their structures in Russia. The whole aggregate of such a hostile orientation forms a very powerful force, which should be opposed not only by patriotic people in power. Opposition to hostile attacks must be massive. You can’t rely on the few already existing patriotic movements, but it would be very effective to generate activity among the masses. And it is quite possible. It is only necessary to formulate the main areas of work that would be feasible for absolutely each of us.
    For example:
    1. Advocacy and creation of information resources.
    So, I plan to launch a powerful Internet portal, where to pay considerable attention to what has been said.
    After all, here we nevertheless “cook in our own juice” ... :(
    2. Obtaining elementary scientific and technical literacy.
    I feel really uncomfortable if I can not understand, at least at the user level, in modern technologies.
    You can make the exchange section really applicable things. Examples:
    So, for those who own laptops and vehicles I highly recommend the free SAS.Planet program ( She is the best of her kind. Having bought “Bluetooth GPS-receiver” and a 3G-modem for this kit, you can get optimal navigation on the big screen and many map services in one window. Moreover, the cards can overlap each other. A 3G modem will provide real-time download of cards, if before they were not loaded into the cache. It seems that there is a plug-in for the program that allows you to display additional trackers (child, wife, etc.), i.e. track the location of other objects ...
    Also, for users of "Military Review" who decided to install "SAS.Planeta" + laptop + "GPS-receiver", I recommend that you pay attention to the fact that a webcam can be connected to a laptop. I bought an 8 megapixel webcam and HD 720 for 1500 rubles, and video recorders of this level cost almost an order of magnitude more ... Plus, there is a huge disk space, everything is written on a PC at once and there is a "zoom" and camera rotation from the PC in 4 directions. The only question is with the mount. Everything is powered from a 12 V - 220 V converter with an extension cord.
    This is just good advice.
    It is not superfluous to own and be able to handle, including with rifled weapons.
    Here I would recommend the purchase of thermal imaging sights and generally be interested in existing developments.
    Very interesting systems of radio control of objects according to the PC scheme (program settings, display and control) - transceiver - object.
    UAVs and controlled robots work by this type ... However, today everyone can purchase some ready-made developments, modify them, or lead the development of software and systems themselves. They are widely used from Smart Home to security systems and process control systems. Well, of course, in the military sphere.
    This is not just chatter. I myself have already worked with many of these or are planning to.
    In addition to the above, observation and information acquisition systems are interesting. At there are many interesting things. If there is no microphone in the kit, then they are excellent from cell phones that are soldered to any workshop. I checked some systems - they work clearly.
    Perhaps for now enough about this. I hope someone listens and applies the tips and there will be benefits.
    3. All these points are only examples and require development and expansion.
    Starting with the “little things”, but real, more can be achieved.
    I'm not trying to "portray" something finished, like an idea ... This is just an attempt at some kind of initiative, in the hope that it will be picked up. If it is inconclusive and not heard, then I will be disappointed.
    1. Ohrim
      Ohrim 27 June 2012 11: 50
      The article is good "+", no doubt. The koment is gorgeous. Want to add:
      4. Creation of information portals in foreign languages ​​of our potential opponents and allies, conducting the ideological treatment of the population in the spirit we need.
      5. To determine the "need of the spirit" - paragraph 4 - to develop a state program of indoctrination and information warfare
  8. patriot2
    patriot2 27 June 2012 07: 22
    AIvanA, always ask yourself - who benefits from this? Then get the right answer to any question. Because fatalism (inevitability) is a disguise of events and actions initiated in someone’s interests. Anyone who makes a profit (any money or sheep) is who the real initiator and inspirer of what is happening. Manipulating (managing) society and events is a sweet game of various political parties and associations with one goal - to achieve power. And we need power - to enrich ourselves in all available ways. The rulers of countries on Earth do not have intangible ideals. By and large, not a single ruler at all times has been an altruist and silver-free and now ruling our world - such.
    1. AIvanA
      AIvanA 27 June 2012 08: 48
      And in fact, the correct answer is, for some it is correct, for others sedition, but on the bill it’s beneficial, so the benefit is not material, it all depends on thinking, but the events that happen, and then the series of events, it’s just a monetary and other profit that just happens doesn’t explain - it’s comparable to put a gun to your temple and shoot to get a paycheck, well, insanity, therefore, it comes to mind that everything is not for money. And at the expense of the altruists of the rulers, I don’t know if the kings were prepared for this from childhood, as well as the elite and they had not only rights but also duties, because of which they could not be neglected, now there is no elite, because everything is measured by long money.
  9. Odinplys
    Odinplys 27 June 2012 07: 31
    The article is very useful ... +++ and more often you need to raise similar questions ... after reading a little, everyone will feel uneasy ... everyone will think for at least a second ... and a river will come from the brooks again ....
    In general, it’s good when Caesar is able to grow cabbage ...
    1. vladimir64ss
      vladimir64ss 27 June 2012 12: 23
      Quote: OdinPlys
      In general, it’s good when Caesar is able to grow cabbage ..

      Sulla and Khrushchev - finished badly.
  10. patriot2
    patriot2 27 June 2012 07: 49
    And yet - any government, using the patriotic movement of its country, is in its interests afraid of the people included in this movement. Therefore, when the number of personnel in the army and navy is at least 10% lower than the number of police, under various pretexts, it immediately becomes clear who the government of this country is going to fight with. Think and find the most unexpected answers to almost all questions. Therefore, any power in any country wants to control people who do not think, but blindly believe in it, performers who are drugged by desa from television, newspapers, who rally for no reason or reason - by the crowd (herd). And better yet, a mob turned by handouts.
    Somewhere we saw it all, but where?
  11. Aventurinka
    Aventurinka 27 June 2012 08: 26
    Wonderful, great, helpful article! good
    A definite plus. There’s nothing to even comment on. Others have already voiced some nuances ...
  12. Pers
    Pers 27 June 2012 08: 37
    I liked the article, it reveals many traps, mistakes. I would like the author to disclose how he sees effective ways of consolidating the patriotic movement, so that it becomes massive and has a political creative weight (to make the country a strong Empire for the people), while in its protest movement against anti-people’s laws, and therefore the authorities that adopt them Do not strengthen the orange movements.

    Those. describe in detail the points strategy and tactics, what everyone should do and whether it will give a result in his opinion. It would be interesting.
  13. Kaa
    Kaa 27 June 2012 08: 58
    Truth is always born of discussion. An absolute plus for the author. that everyone sincerely wishes the blessings of Russia and their countries, which over the course of many centuries of history constituted ONE geostrategic, political, cultural concept. But in the current realities, everyone has their own vision of the further path of development: someone sees a common, single and powerful Eurasian Union, someone sincerely believes that his country will only find happiness and prosperity alone, someone likes communist ideas, some enlightened libertarian, others imperial. In my humble vision of this problem, there is only one way out - to discuss the problems, relying on an indisputable fact: no matter how you call this ONE concept - Russia Novgorod, Kiev, Suzdal, Muscovy, Tartary, Gardarik, Russian Empire, Soviet Union, CIS and countries in it incoming - it ALWAYS experienced an aggressive external influence, regardless of ideology (feudalism, enlightened monarchy and not so, capitalism, socialism "with a human face" and without it). This impact was in the nature of "hot" and "cold", informational, cultural, often cultureless wars, but ALWAYS, this ONE concept, like the Phoenix bird, WAS REVIVED, albeit within different boundaries and with a modified ideology. It is the idea of ​​counteracting these aggression that is the general idea that unites the majority of normally thinking people. Let us conduct discussions with this position in mind, because the strength of this association is not in the imposition of a single "correct" point of view, but in our diversity. We are not indivisible, we are ONE.
    1. raptorr
      raptorr 27 June 2012 11: 41
      no matter how this ONE concept is called - Rus Novgorod, Kiev, Suzdal, Moscow kingdom, Tartary, Gardarik, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, the CIS and the countries included in it - ALWAYS it has experienced an aggressive external influence, regardless of ideology

      Tell me at least one country or territory that no one would fight for, if there is something to take and there is such an opportunity (at least hypothetically). So, alas, Russia is not unique here. This is just the nature of homo sapiens.
  14. Oleg U
    Oleg U 27 June 2012 09: 01
    Article for ten points! I read it and saw myself in it, everything is precisely noticed. The author, well done, just sobered up and brought me into a feeling, forcing me to think.
    1. Alexred
      Alexred 27 June 2012 10: 10
      Totally agree with you. A plus article!
  15. pribolt
    pribolt 27 June 2012 09: 53
    There is nothing to add, everything is just so.
  16. korvin1976
    korvin1976 27 June 2012 10: 00
    The article is just super. As the saying goes: It contains what I was thinking about, but could not lead to a common denominator.
    All people are different, and although we are all "created" in the same image and likeness, but ....... even clones have differences. We are people, not gods, although there is a part of God in each of US.
    I personally, a believer, but ......... I have my own "philosophy of life", I do not want to call it a religion. For me there is only one law: "Live, and give the opportunity to live for others." And I believe only in the justice of only this law.
    The difference in understanding the world and the events occurring in them depends on a HUGE amount of facts.
    Someone can immediately see the root, and someone not. And this is not a sign of lack of mind or something else.
    If there are people who do not agree with your opinion, try to convince them, but to convince them in normal friendly form, without sending them to the Antarctic region. It is always more difficult to convince an opponent of his innocence than to send him. Or are you afraid of difficulties?
    Just try to be kinder and more cultured. Anger and lack of culture have never led to anything good.
    Be taller and you will win.
    A classic example: grannies near the porch. As a rule, they gossip, they say all sorts of nasty things about us. And many people stop saying hello to them, apparently they consider themselves either above them or lower than their dignity to say hello, but ............. here the dog is just buried, not greeting these grannies You put YOURSELF on the same level with them.
    BE ABOVE, say hello, it costs you nothing.
    The same situation is with YOUR enemy, you can say hello verbally, but to reach out a hand for a handshake to an enemy is already the height of hypocrisy.
    Be HIGHER than your "enemies", just be HIGHER, but do not strive to be HIGHER than everyone else, this is not possible.
    Be objective at the end, do not look at what is floating on the surface, try to look deeper, try to find out the opinions of others, even if your opinion is not correct, it gives a more objective picture.
  17. IRBIS
    IRBIS 27 June 2012 10: 26
    The fact that more and more people want to take part in the public life of the country is good. BUT ... The question is, who is trying to take advantage of this by creating protest movements? What goals do they pursue in their "patriotic" impulse. Most often it turns out that money is very commonplace. Or the power that will allow you to have big money. And all this "democratic glow with righteous anger", as a rule, is supported by the crunch of banknotes in the pocket. The main task of citizens is not to allow their patriotic mood to be used to please businessmen from politics and not to allow their opinion to be manipulated for seditious purposes.
  18. vezunchik
    vezunchik 27 June 2012 11: 30
    everyone has their own truth
    1. IRBIS
      IRBIS 27 June 2012 11: 40
      What is true is true. Here are just some who choose only the truth, which also brings income.
    2. raptorr
      raptorr 27 June 2012 11: 45
      THE TRUTH IS ONE. It's just that it's not convenient for decent people to talk about different truths (I didn’t mean you)
  19. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 27 June 2012 12: 34
    Useful article. Good critical analysis. And immediately in the comments - the development of thought. There is reason for legitimate pride. Creative thought is an indicator of vitality. I note that the site users are active members of the society. And thus, they are actively influencing society.
  20. alexanderv
    alexanderv 27 June 2012 13: 12
    I support Vladimir. The article provides an incentive for correct action.
  21. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 27 June 2012 13: 49
    unfortunately we understand everything correctly and then we start to do the devil knows that
  22. Rossamaha
    Rossamaha 27 June 2012 14: 27
    Think clearly, state clearly. Author Respect to you! bully
  23. Nechai
    Nechai 27 June 2012 15: 07
    A parable, in my opinion, is not only and not so much about the ROC.
    “One homeless vagabond wanted to change his life and came to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
    Kneeling before the images and ...
    And then a muzzle-faced servant runs up, spreads his fingers and hisses at him - "What are you ragamuffin, you got drunk, in the afternoon you pinned it down, now there is a clean audience and soon there will be government gambling itself ...
    A homeless man came out of the temple gate, sat on a bench opposite and burst into tears.
    Feels someone put a hand on his head and strokes.
    He raised his eyes - And in front of him, in gray rags, stands Christ and so pitifully asks - "What a mess you have my son !?"
    Lord - the tramp sobs - they do not let me into the temple ...
    Oh, man, man - the Son of God sadly answers - I, too, have long had no place in this temple ...."
  24. PAP
    PAP 27 June 2012 18: 45
    For some reason, it seemed to me from the article that the Internet is rather a platform for the release of steam, and not a place where public opinion is formed. And the one who always holds the TV is always right. Very often I was convinced of how great the difference between my opinion on a particular issue and a person is, let us say so, from another social stratum, although it would seem that we live in one country. Almost total zero, paradoxically, that the only unifying principle is probably just a set of some common slogans that are imposed by the TV. And so, in life, it turns out he expressed that he was sick on the Internet, and went on living. And you feel involved in the social, political and military life of the country, and do not strain those who really steers, because the steam is released. I think rightly for 95-97% of internet users
  25. Andriuha077
    Andriuha077 27 June 2012 18: 57
    Fine, bravo to the author. Extremely restrained, and in the case.
  26. khoma nickson
    khoma nickson 27 June 2012 19: 36
    "I will pass like a blue flame in the soul of the people,
    I will pass through the cities in red flame
    Through each mouth I will exclaim - freedom!
    But I will give a different meaning for each. "
    The article says a lot about the unifying principles - patriotism, state, empire - but no explanation of these concepts is given. Don't go to Wikipedia every time. What is patriotism, what is the state (structure), what is the empire, etc. I would like to get acquainted with a more or less diluted presentation of the "lowest common denominator".
  27. denkastro
    denkastro 27 June 2012 19: 54
    The thunder doesn’t strike, the man doesn’t cross himself. We always do that. But when the thunder struck and hordes of enemies came, we immediately somehow became friends. All the confusion in our heads for the time being. In the genetic memory of our people, oh so much and some mechanisms are activated only in the face of imminent death. Those who did not want to destroy us completely stretched out a little longer, those who wanted to completely destroy our people ended up very badly and very quickly. It’s just that times are changing, and greedy is always attracted to our territory, and they think that can n bedit neumytuyu.I prihodyat.I ogrebayut.Potomu that not neumytaya.Potomu that Velikaya.I be so with everyone who pripret on holy ground.
    1. Altor86
      Altor86 27 June 2012 22: 23
      You are right, times are changing. But the thunders and the hordes have already gotten tired. The society is now more divided than ever. Everyone, without exception, has the thought: “Can we once again fend off our enemies?” On the site, in discussions of various topics, they accept people are not to the fate of the Fatherland. The range of opinions is very wide. But even here there is no unity. And what to say about the whole of Russia, in which not only the Internet-electricity is not everywhere! People watch TV, and there are endless serials or show how the president settles This or that situation all over the country. EVERYTHING! The rest is not particularly interesting for them because they have to work every day to survive. After work again TV, etc. etc.
      1. Andriuha077
        Andriuha077 27 June 2012 23: 15
        In our country, someone was just proud of the destruction of the cropped parts. And with what, and who will fight back after that.
  28. vladeinord
    vladeinord 28 June 2012 01: 34
    The article is interesting, it has a rational kernel. What to do and how to help the Motherland, which means itself and everyone else and at the same time not fall into the trap of pseudo-patriots. Yes, not to become an instrument in the hands of greedy people, not honest and thinking only of personal gain ???
  29. Rascopov
    Rascopov 28 June 2012 01: 52
    Good article ! Rarely does anyone look globally and in terms of psychology at human relationships.
  30. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 4 July 2012 13: 42
    The article is necessary, and makes you think. Thanks to the writer.
    I just want to propose replacing imperialism with sovereignty. Nevertheless, it is ours, and imperialism is not ours imposed.

    Regarding the expectations trap, Belarusians have an anecdote:
    I don’t understand these newspapers. On the front page they print the scary article "The End of the World on Sunday" in large letters, and immediately attach the TV program for the next week.