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Singapore says they can buy J-35 from China after buying F-20

Chinese media are analyzing an upcoming deal to acquire the Singapore Air Force American F-35 fighter jets. Some time ago it became known that the United States actually sold the supply of 12 fifth-generation aircraft to Singapore, motivating the Singaporean purchase with "the development of a regional security system." Some experts in China considered this an anti-Chinese contract.

Another opinion is shared by Zhu Feng, executive director of the China Center for Joint Research of the South China Sea at the University of Nanjing. He commented on a CNN report. In this report, it was stated that the supply of F-35 aircraft to Singapore would enhance the "containment of China."

From the material of the American media:

Supplies will be in awe of Beijing, which is expanding its influence in the region.

According to the mentioned Chinese expert, the statement of CNN reporters looks ridiculous. Zhu Feng notes that the Americans are trying to pass off as wishful thinking.

From a statement by Zhu Feng for the Chinese press:

For 30 years, Singapore has been importing American fighters. And the acquisition of several F-35 will only be a continuation stories.

A Chinese expert noted that "little Singapore is implementing an advanced defense strategy." According to Zhu Feng, this purchase is not directed against China.

It is noteworthy that earlier in the Singapore press (Straits Times) an article was published in which, with reference to officials, it was stated that not only American F-35, but also Chinese J-20 could be purchased for the Singapore Air Force. This is explained by "confidence-building measures in the military-technical sphere." It was noted that the possibility of acquiring J-20 is still relevant now - after China launches a program for exporting these 5-generation fighters.

The same Singaporean newspaper writes today that the contract with the Americans for the supply of F-35 to Singapore is not directed against the PRC in any way. The materials in the Singapore press are clearly aimed at preventing China from becoming angry in the information plan (in connection with the purchase of the F-35 country).
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  1. Irokez
    Irokez 11 March 2019 10: 29
    Singapore says they can buy J-35 from China after buying F-20

    And the big brother will not like it. Oh how you do not like it.
  2. Simferopol
    Simferopol 11 March 2019 10: 48
    Yes, China directly crap one's legs from 12 Fu-35 not far from itself. I propose to conduct a battle of 12 F-35s against 12 Su-35s that we delivered to China. Only Americans, of course, will not go for it, so that the myth about the invincibility of their aircraft does not fall
    1. YOUR
      YOUR 11 March 2019 13: 19
      You are not competent.
      1. Simferopol
        Simferopol 11 March 2019 21: 36
        You are really incompetent and regularly shame on the forum
        1. YOUR
          YOUR 12 March 2019 02: 50
          Again. Reading your comments is just some kind of nonsense, you are not competent in anything, but trying to impose your opinion on everyone.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 11 March 2019 10: 51
    Deliveries will awe in Beijing, which is expanding its influence in the region.
    Of course, I already foresee how China "fluttered" in front of 12 planes and even Singapore. And with CNN, bribes are smooth, tk. write what the American military and the common man want to hear from them.
  4. bessmertniy
    bessmertniy 11 March 2019 10: 52
    Given that three-quarters of Singapore is ethnic Chinese, it is really unlikely that the purchase of American aircraft by this country has the goal of confronting China.
    1. orionvitt
      orionvitt 11 March 2019 11: 45
      And if you take into account, Singapore, this is generally a city that pretends to be a country, so China should not give a damn.
  5. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 11 March 2019 10: 55
    The F-35 is not a defensive weapon, but a clean camper. Therefore, let the fairy tales "not against someone" be rolled up ...
  6. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 11 March 2019 11: 14
    From the material of the American media:
    Supplies will be in awe of Beijing, which is expanding its influence in the region.

    Buying a J-20 Singapore will not save Beijing from the wrath (after trepidation, always anger).
    Singapore must urgently buy a S-400 or S-500. This will cause awe over the puddle, and the incident will be exhausted.
  7. Frogfoot
    Frogfoot 11 March 2019 11: 33
    The slots of the armament compartment hatch on the fuselage of a 5th generation Chinese aircraft are simply amazing ... Or is it for technicians for easy maintenance? lol There are big doubts about the flight of this aircraft even at near supersonic speeds.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 11 March 2019 14: 03
      What gaps? Everything is hermetically neat.
      1. Frogfoot
        Frogfoot 12 March 2019 08: 31
        Yes, I have to admit that this is not a gap. For some reason, they color (or cover with something) the edge of the sash. Therefore, a visual impression is not entirely correct.