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Hot round of Syrian junction. Russian military police and SAA are proactive in Manbidzh

While on the night of December 25-26, almost every observer with access to Russian and foreign militarynews sources could please the eye with amateur video reports depicting the excellent fire work of the Syrian battery of Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems on Israeli Delilah tactical missiles of long range, from the contact line section in the eastern part of Aleppo governorate they received a summary, our idea of ​​the further course of the Syrian military company and its final outcome.

So, according to the Turkish state news agency Anadolu, which refers to the intelligence structures of the Turkish Armed Forces operating in the Kabasin region, and the Anatolian Agency, and Manbij on the day of December 25 after a short “reconciliation of hours” with field commanders of Kurdish YPG units in the direction of the El Arimah advanced an impressive convoy of SAA from 40 pickups with infantry, a certain number of main combat tanks, several armored personnel carriers, as well as trucks, to the eyeballs equipped with high-explosive fragmentation and armor-piercing tank shells, ATGMs and auxiliary equipment. Also, units of the Russian military police went to the area.

In accordance with information received from competent Syrian sources, the contingent coming into the Al-Arimah area is represented by units of the elite Syrian division of the Special Forces Tiger Forces, 1 and 4 Tank Divisions of the CAA, as well as a few detachments of the National Syrian Defense Forces (NDF). The fact that the command of the Syrian Arab Army selected the highly motivated and most tactically-savvy units of the Tiger Forces as the most numerous component of the grouping sent to Al-Arimah indicates only the fundamental importance of the tasks assigned to it. And it is not surprising, because, according to the tactical online map, by the evening of December 26, almost all US MTR units that had previously patrolled the eastern and northern approaches to the city left the Manbij area, leaving the YPG Kurdish people's self-defense units, the northwestern region of Rozhava is to be torn apart tenfold by numbers that outnumber FSA militants and units of the regular Turkish army.

There is absolutely no doubt that one of the main goals of the withdrawal of the American contingent from Manbija agreed with Ankara is an attempt to shake the combat stability of the Syrian government forces at the expense of clashes between CAA brigades and FSA pro-Turkish fighters clashing for control over Manbidge and adjacent territories devoid of staff patronage. To date, such a clever “road map”, agreed between the defense and foreign policy departments of Turkey and the United States, is quite a profitable solution for both parties. In particular, the movement of the Syrian army’s most powerful assault “fist” to the Manbidzh operational direction will certainly entail a weakening of the defensive capabilities of the CAA fortified areas located on the Idlib front, as well as in the “Husham’s pocket” known for very high-intensity armed clashes of government forces with Syrian Democratic Forces ".

As a result, numerous Idlib paramilitary groups (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Islamic Party of Turkestan, People’s Liberation Front, etc.), supported by Turkish artillery, will have a mass of tactical loopholes to break through the first line of defense of the SAA on the line the contact of the “Idlib adder” and eastward movement with the capture of Aleppo, Tell-Aran, Es-Safirah and Deir-Khafer. A similar type of loophole on the west coast of the Euphrates will appear in the SDF units supported by American artillery in the central part of Syrian Kurdistan (in the area of ​​Husham and Deir ez-Zor). The divisions of the ILC and US MTR are clearly not planning to leave these areas of Rozhava, which are replete with oil fields. As for Washington’s additional operational and strategic benefit from the “drain” of Manbij to the Turks, it undoubtedly exists and lies in Ankara’s returning complete freedom of action to the 6th naval strike groups fleet The US Navy in the Black Sea, bypassing the Montreux Convention, which is a real New Year's gift for Washington on the eve of the upcoming Navy provocations near the Kerch Strait. We discussed these points in our previous works.

An early introduction to the Kurdish Manbij area not only of the elite units of the Syrian army, but also of the Russian military police is an extremely wise joint decision of our General Staff and the Syrian Armed Forces command, since the Turkish military command, as well as the rebels supervised by it, is unlikely to decide to engage in armed confrontation with Russian military personnel capable of provoking a large-scale Turkish-Russian conflict. Conclusion: today there is every reason to believe that the current CAA roll into the western region of Syrian Kurdistan will allow Moscow and Damascus to ascend to a new step of restoring Syrian sovereignty over the previously lost northern sections of the Euphrates river. Moreover, the shameful repetition of the “Afrin scenario” will be completely ruled out, when in the hope of bringing the terrorist militias out of Idlib, the Kurdish canton Afrin was transferred from Idlib to the control of the pro-Turkish thugs.

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  1. Chertt
    Chertt 27 December 2018 06: 27
    The Americans, quite predictably, are trying, allegedly by surrendering Syria to Erdogan, to drive a wedge between Russia and Turkey. And as a bonus, get freedom of maneuver in the Black Sea. It is also easy to predict that stupid experts will now start shouting that everyone should be "shown" and "bombed". I hope the Russian command will have enough professionalism to turn the situation in our favor
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 27 December 2018 07: 54

      Chertt (Alexey) Today, 06: 27
      I hope the Russian command has enough professionalism to turn the situation in our favor

      ... throughout the military company, our military leadership was one step ahead of the Pentagon ... I suppose this time too, taking into account the misses of the enemy, both the United States and the bandit ...
      1. Chertt
        Chertt 27 December 2018 08: 02
        Quote: aszzz888
        taking into account the misses of the enemy, both the usa and the bandit.

        So it is necessary to take full advantage of the fact of the departure of the United States and the discharge of Kurds. Whatever mattresses are singing in the media about the victory over ISIS, everyone, both in the war effort and in the world, understands that this is just an escape after a strategic defeat.
    2. Ham
      Ham 29 December 2018 08: 39
      Quote: Chertt
      trying, supposedly surrendering to Syria Erdogan

      yes these are all links of one chain! the Americans have merged, the Turks are raising a wave - the Kurds are running in horror to Assad and here the Russian military police, all in white;;) is played out as if by notes ...
      in general, the operation to force the Kurds to peace and cooperation with the central government is going well!
      Agent Trump and Agent Erdogan successfully fulfill the responsible tasks assigned to them;)))
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 27 December 2018 07: 52
    Events should develop according to a well-thought-out plan. it is necessary to act according to an adult .... because as a Turkish companion, another companion, you don’t need enemies like that either!
  3. Loess
    Loess 27 December 2018 08: 16
    The early introduction into the Kurdish Manbij area not only of the elite units of the Syrian army, but also of the Russian military police is an extremely wise joint decision of our General Staff and the command of the Syrian Armed Forces,
    Wise, but expected. Other options for the development of events brought a big "headache".
  4. JonnyT
    JonnyT 27 December 2018 08: 43
    Chet hardly believes that the Turks will give the United States an opportunity to violate the Montreux Convention, and most importantly, that the United States will commit a treacherous violation of international law, which will entail an acute reaction from the Russian Federation
    1. Stils
      Stils 27 December 2018 09: 39
      That's right. An open violation of this convention calls into question all global security in the Black Sea, including Turkey’s control of the straits. I strongly doubt that Erdogan signed up for this, especially since after the discharge of Idlib by Putin, he felt rather well in Syria. Turkey has more harm than the benefits of the Yankees leaving Syria; there is less room for maneuver.
  5. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 27 December 2018 09: 17
    As regards Washington’s additional operational and strategic benefit from the “drain” of Manbridge to the Turks, it undoubtedly exists and consists in the return of Ankara’s complete freedom of action to the naval strike groups of the 6th fleet of the US Navy in the Black Sea bypassing the Montreux Convention, which is a real New Year's gift for Washington on the eve of the upcoming Navy provocations near the Kerch Strait.
    Montreux convection is as if international, not Turkish. Its violation is a declaration of war. Asadians are still far from Manbij, so the author flies ahead of the engine.
    leaving the Kurdish people's self-defense units YPG, as well as the northwestern region of Rojava, to be torn to pieces ten times numerically superior to the FSA militias and regular Turkish army units.
    Nonsense, no numerical superiority is observed there, the Kurds will easily expose several tens of thousands of trained and experienced fighters pumped up with American weapons. This is not a cut off enclave of Afrin to you, Rojava stretches to Iraqi Kurdistan, not counting Turkish Kurds
    1. protoss
      protoss 27 December 2018 10: 19
      Montreux Convention is an agreement between the Black Sea countries and several other states. in principle, each of the signatory countries can withdraw from it (especially since there is a reference to a league of nations that has long been absent, and the UN is not its successor). its violation is its violation, and no more, and not a declaration of war. actually declaration of war to whom? to all other signatories not involved in the violation, or to any particular country?
      there, in general, as far as I remember, even Japan is among the participants. Does she participate in your “war”?
  6. hevale
    hevale 27 December 2018 09: 21
    There is only one problem. In the Military Council of Manbij, they know nothing not about the negotiations, not about the surrender of the city to someone. Probably there just do not know.
  7. MoJloT
    MoJloT 27 December 2018 10: 27
    Interestingly, there was still at least one of the Syrian players who did not have time to fuck the Kurds?
  8. protoss
    protoss 27 December 2018 10: 45
    for me, this throw to pos.arima is more like a false start than a fully thought out solution. as I understand it, Russian-Turkish consultations are underway on the current situation and trying to overtake the Turks until there is a political solution is stupid. no matter how you had to take it back, it will not look very beautiful.
  9. hevale
    hevale 27 December 2018 14: 58
    By the way, experts ....... When the Syrian army is at war with the Turkish, which of the allies will Russia support? There are options?
    1. barsuk
      barsuk 27 December 2018 15: 15
      Someone whom it will be beneficial to support. And it is right.
      1. hevale
        hevale 27 December 2018 15: 25
        That is, the videoconferencing will strike at the SAA? Fine.......
        1. barsuk
          barsuk 27 December 2018 15: 28
          If necessary, then let them be, and this is normal. Russia is an independent country and does primarily what is beneficial to it.
          1. hevale
            hevale 27 December 2018 15: 58
            Syrians will like it.
            1. barsuk
              barsuk 27 December 2018 16: 16
              Quote: hevale
              Syrians will like it.

              I think not) Well, this is life)
              1. hevale
                hevale 27 December 2018 16: 45
                I will really like it.
                1. barsuk
                  barsuk 27 December 2018 16: 57
                  It doesn’t matter at all)
    2. AntonP
      AntonP 27 December 2018 17: 35
      The judge will be. Fighting in the corners will breed.
  10. dolfi1
    dolfi1 28 December 2018 21: 22
    As one of the commentators wrote here, Assad and Russia are drawing strength to Manbij, and at that time the Barmalei attacked Assad's army in the Latakia region (according to Arab sources). And according to the same sources, it turns out that Assad did not enter Manbij, he disperses forces along the border between Turks and Kurds. Meanwhile, the Americans have not yet left Manbij. The situation is tense, in addition, the Turks continue to move a large number of equipment in the direction of Manbij, and about Turkish barmaley have already tightened up.
  11. dolfi1
    dolfi1 28 December 2018 21: 42
    Wow U-turn, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Egypt hinted that they would help the Syrian army. The Sultan still managed to make all the possible enemies. The Americans are hastily evacuating, the situation is critical, the potential for a healthy kneading, if the Sultan arranges a provocation.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. steelmaker
    steelmaker 29 December 2018 10: 08
    The main thing is that our military command does not trust their "allies" at their word, but insure themselves. Maybe it will do without losses.
  14. KURT330
    KURT330 29 December 2018 11: 28
    Quote: dolfi1
    Wow U-turn, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Egypt hinted that they would help the Syrian army ...

    For those who have drawn the borders with a ruler, anyhow, the British? laughing Just as they helped the Palestinians? wink They will not help Assad, the Arabs do not have that solidarity.
    1. dolfi1
      dolfi1 3 January 2019 04: 51
      This is a BV, there is no solidarity, if you are not from the same clan. As it will be profitable, they will do so. At the moment, in spite of the Turks and Iranians may well help. The Egyptians, and not only they love, Muslim brothers, as well as the Iranians at the moment. And here are the first signs, the Emirates will restore the embassy in Syria. Never say never. hi