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New world order in the representation of the Americans

"New World Order" - a very old topic, but it is not static. A theme that will never expire. The end of the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR. Newly industrialized countries in Southeast Asia. The war in the Balkans. The global economic crisis. "Arab spring". Opposition in Syria. Iranian nuclear issue. Increasing the defense budget in China while reducing military spending in the United States. And all this - the events of some two and a few tens of years.

New world order in the representation of the Americans

Such "speed" and variability stories the end of XX - the beginning of the XXI centuries allows you to thoroughly edit, or re-rewrite the script of the play called “New World Order”. At the same time the velocity of history enables both suggest that for many events worth a certain motive (covert or overt) force which claims to control of the globe, and to deny such "conspiracy" of the idea of ​​the backstage world government, successfully and at the same time modest acts as a multi-armed puppeteer in the geopolitical arena.

Americans who see their country is not only the flagship of democracy, but also a global hegemon, often presents many analysts to "fist" of the new world order, the striker for securing its hegemony under the guise of protecting "American values" where national governments are stubbornly trying to maintain independence. Often to the United States to strengthen the power of the geopolitical "fist" scriptwriters join the futurists NATO. Iraq and Libya - the latest examples of making modern democratic history; Iran and Syria are expected by many to be examples from the history of the near future.

How do the Americans themselves see the new world order? We can answer this question by flipping through the American pages on the Internet.

* * *

I. The Great Islamic Conspiracy Conquers the West

Richard T. Hughes, Professor Emeritus of Religion, Director of the Anabaptist Institute, author of the famous book “Christian America and the Kingdom of God” (2009), in the article “Revelation, Revolutions and the Tyrannical New World Order” published in "The Huffington Post" in February last year, he expressed a very curious opinion about the variability of the perception of the very idea of ​​a “new world order” in American society, especially after September 11 of 2001. Interestingly, the author draws parallels between NMP and religious apocalyptic "end of the world."

At the beginning of the article, Hughes states that it is not a religious idea that has a big potential for the formation of a negative global policy, but the concept of a “new world order” - an old idea that received a new impetus at the height of the Middle East revolutions.

Supporters of this idea, according to Hughes, have been arguing for many years that the idea of ​​a new world order is characterized by a hypothesis about a tyrannical all-planetary government that shattered freedom, democracy and Christianity throughout the world.

At the same time, over the years, Hughes notes, the Christians imagined that the antichrist, the “man of sin” or the “beast,” who would defeat the saints according to the biblical text of Revelation, would rule under the new world order.

However, who is this antichrist who will crush the righteous, exalt the wicked and rule the earth?

Hughes writes that over the centuries, believers have seen many politicians as an antichrist, or "beast,". For example, half a century ago, many believed that the Antichrist was incarnated in the USSR and the communist bloc of states that tried to construct such a world on the entire planet.

However, after September 11 2011, the vacant seat of the Antichrist has taken the Islamic faith. Hughes cites the opinion of the President of the National Association of Evangelicals, dated 2003 year, according to which for many conservative Christians "Muslims have become the modern equivalent of the evil empire."

And now, in the midst of revolutions that overrun the Middle East, experts and preachers find in these revolutions a “great Islamic conspiracy”, started to “conquer the West”, and at the same time crush once and for all the Jewish and Christian religions - and further into their own pleasure to rule the world.

And millions of Americans, notes with irony bile Hughes, as sponges absorb every word.

Fox News commentator Glenn Beck is one of the preachers of the “new world order”. When the Egyptian revolution was in full swing, Beck categorically stated: "You can see the beginning of a new world order."

Millions of Muslims around the world, says Hughes, are trying to find logic in such statements. After all, Islam, as they believe, contributes to the establishment of peace and understanding. In addition, Hughes continues, the revolutions in the Middle East seek to raise freedom and democracy, and not the tyranny of a single world government.

Developing the theme of combining NMPs and religions, Richard T. Hughes notes: if the “new world order” is a rhetoric aimed at slandering the Muslim faith, then at the same time there is also slander of the Christian faith in this idea. The truth is this, says Hughes: “The new world order” in the definition of people like Glenn Beck has no biblical basis at all. In fact, the author continues, this idea is not only non-biblical, it is anti-biblical and fundamentally anti-Christian.

And Hughes explains in detail and in detail why he came to this conclusion. Without going into details, we can reduce his reasoned explanation to the following: there is only one phrase in the New Testament, at least remotely analogous to the theme of the “new world order”, about which scientists and preachers periodically warn about, is a phrase from Revelation, 21, 1: "... a new sky and a new earth." The meaning of this phrase is not at all tyrannical, but “comforting,” Hughes writes, because the author of the book of Revelation wrote the text at the end of the first century, when Christians were subjected to torture and persecution by the Roman Empire. And he wrote the book for only one reason, says the author: urging Christians to keep their faith - even under the most severe persecution.

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more; neither crying, nor crying, nor sickness will be anymore ..., ”Hughes quotes the text of Revelation further, thus showing what the“ new heaven and new earth ”leads to.

In addition, the author continues, the comforting message of the book of Revelation consistent with the comforting message of the entire text of the New Testament. The “kingdom of God” brings justice to the oppressed, food to the hungry, clothes naked and peace to those who grieve.

Such a kingdom is hardly equivalent to the threatening NWO, which Glenn Beck likes to say, putting everything on its head. This kingdom is opposed in its essence to all that “political order” that takes place in modern America - just as it did in Ancient Rome.

If the kingdom of the world exalts the rich, the kingdom of God will exalt the poor.

If the kingdom of the world bears the oppression and injustice of men, then the kingdom of God brings peace and comfort.

If the kingdom of the world is unfair to imprison political opponents, then the kingdom of God would deliver them.

And if the earthly kingdoms seek to control the world by swinging a sword, then the kingdom of God will bring peace to the whole world - by the power of selfless love.

And now - about the end of the world. This topic could not ignore the author, conducting a parallel between the secular and religious world order ideas.

For those, Hughes writes, who shout the loudest about the coming “new world order”, the coming tyranny and oppression are usually associated with the end of the world, which is also the beginning of the NWO.

For example, John Hagee, a well-known Christian pastor often warns of doomsday and the coming of a new world order. Appearing on the Glenn Beck show, this same Hagi explained to the whole world that the Bible tells us that we live "at the end of days." That whole 10 signs. However, Hughes speaks offensively, this preacher was hardly able to concretize the signs. Rather, these are not signs, but “signs,” about which the preacher said in order for the viewers to press the imagination.

After explaining some passages from the Bible, Hughes writes that if Christians spend more time living beyond some gloomy visions and less time speculating about when the end can come, “the world will be the best place for all of us.”

Finally, Richard T. Hughes could not get past the connection between the NMP and world politics. He writes: “... we must strive for the statement with which we started this article, namely: that it is not a religious idea that has great potential for the formation of a negative global policy, but the very idea of ​​a“ new world order ”.

As we saw, the author says further, the idea of ​​a “new world order” is alien to the Bible, but its religious meaning is still rooted in the views of the 19th century British wandering preacher John Nelson Darby (1800-1882).

According to Darby, the author writes, the antichrist is a satanic figure who will tyrannize the world for seven years, especially being angry with the Jews and the state of Israel. According to Darby, this is the seven-year “great tribulation” period.

At the end of these seven years, the forces of anti-christ will gather from all over the world to make a final attempt to destroy the Jewish people in the great battle of Armageddon.

True Christians, however, will be spared the bloodshed and violence, as Jesus would save them. True believers (as presented by well-known journalist Bill Moyers) will be delivered to heaven, where, sitting at the right hand of God, they will watch their political and religious opponents writhing from suffering, covered with ulcers and boils.

But who is the antichrist?

Previously, Hughes reminds, theologians identified the tyrannical figure of the antichrist with the Soviet Union. But after 11 September, they became convinced that the antichrist is closely associated with the Arab world and the Muslim religion.

Here again a parallel arises, apparently causing ecstasy among other theologians: Islam supposedly represents the core of the tyrannical “new world order”. That is why the theologians, preoccupied with the idea of ​​the NWO, welcome the war with the Islamic world, and global politics is moving in a “deeply negative direction.”

Bill Moyers, says Hughes, conveyed the words of ecstatic theologians, who believe that “the war with Islam in the Middle East is not something that they are afraid of, but something that is welcomed. This is the main fire on the road to salvation. ”

These theologians are uniting in the United States to preach their ideas — as a tool that “God will use — to hit the antichrist and the enemies of the truth.”

The war in Iraq was considered in the United States not so long ago to be the “center of recent events”. Tim La Hay, the author of this opinion and co-author of many bestsellers about the end of the world, according to Hughes, provided "powerful" support for the American invasion of Iraq and the subsequent occupation.

Great concern to Hughes is the fact that ecstasy theologians "opens the door" of the nuclear accident.

Indeed, after World War II, theologians increasingly began to identify Armageddon with a nuclear war, thereby drawing a parallel between biblical prophecy and the prospect of nuclear annihilation.

Hughes repeated here, proving that hatred and violence - not what is preached in the Bible. And theological ecstasies about the “new world order” not only have nothing in common with the Bible, but in general are anti-biblical. After all, the vision of the “new heaven and new earth” does not bring hatred, but selfless love, not violence, but lasting peace.

American Christians, Hughes believes, could contribute to an increase in world peace.

But for this, they will have to first abandon their passion for the “new world order” - an idea alien to the biblical text.

Ii. About walking through a minefield and a giant fruit fly

If the honored professor of religion Richard T. Hughes wrote about the theologians who have fallen into ecstasy, then Brandon Smith tried to figure out what is more in the concept of the NWP - reality or paranoia.

B. Smith is the author of the “New World Order: Paranoia or Reality?”, Published on 2 in May on 2012 on (translation source -

“The expression“ New World Order, ”he writes,“ is so charged with explosive assumptions and conjectures that its use by journalists has become a kind of walking through a minefield. Many researchers (and some of the mainstream) have attempted to write and talk about this very real socio-political ideology in an open and research manner, in understandable language and based on supporting information, only in order to be attacked, ridiculed, or completely ignored, even before , as they had at least the opportunity to offer attention to the results of their work. The reason is quite simple: the majority of the general public was mentally vaccinated even whisper uttered terminology. In other words, she was trained instinctively to demonstrate a negative reaction to such a discussion, without even knowing why.

There is on the website of the Library of Congress, in the map section, one card that does not give rest to many conspiracy theorists. This map hit the library in 1942 year. A certain Maurice Gomberg (Maurice Gomberg) from Philadelphia printed in 1942 a map project of the New World Order after the end of the war.

To some extent, this training is carried out by hanging on the researchers of the New World Order the labels of "conspiracy therapists" (synonymous with the word "psycho"), clinging to fantasies in a desperate attempt to attract "attention" or disoriented individuals who try to apply creative logic to insanely chaotic the world circling in a whirlwind on the outskirts of the great emptiness of coincidence and coincidence ... "

There is another circumstance that leads, according to the author, “to dropping NMP research from the threshold”. People refuse to listen to research on NMPs because they are afraid to openly accept ideas that are not shared by the majority. They are not shared by the majority because there is no open discussion of the NWO.

The author, who is undoubtedly at the forefront, does not hesitate to express regret. He regretted that "the bulk of men and women are led to a slave life, not a leading one."

That is why accusations are raging on those who mention the "new world order." All of them tease paranoid.

For example, “think tanks and propaganda machines” (for example, the Southern Center for the Legal Protection of Poverty - SPLC) take full advantage of the “anthill mentality”. They may subject to indiscriminate criticism any article in which the phrase “new world order” is mentioned at least once. “The notorious SPLC note,” the author writes, “is about the article“ Guardians of the oath ”(organization of former and current military personnel and law enforcement officers of the United States who believe that they should defend the US Constitution in case of violation by the government; note, which highlights plans for the Ministry of Defense at the invitation of Russian soldiers on American soil for the training. Due to the fact that the article dares to mention the “NMP”, the SPLC is in a hurry to come to the commonplace conclusion that the “Guardians of the oath” is “paranoid”.

This "journalism" Brandon Smith contemptuously calls "yellow." In his opinion, one should step over prejudices and directly ask oneself the question: what is this NWO?

The author not only asked himself this question, but also answered it.

The expression “new world order”, he says, “made its public debut at the beginning of the 20th century and was interpreted by numerous political and business elites decades before the emergence of“ conspiracy ”. Smith further explains: “The liberation movement has always defined NMPs as concerted actions by elitist organizations that resort to political manipulation, economic sabotage, and even war to rally global power in the hands of an unelected and unreputable governing body. The goal: complete coagulation at a certain moment of the sovereignty of the individual, the state and the nation. ”

Then B. Smith quotes a lot of quotes about the new world order - starting from mentioning world socialism and hating the new world order and Rockefeller’s famous statement in his memoirs (“Some even believe that we (the Rockefellers) are part of a secret political group, working against the vital interests of the United States, and characterize my family and me as “internationalists” who have colluded with other groups around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure of the one world, if you like. If the accusation is in this, then I plead guilty, and I am proud of it ”) and ending with the words of Richard Gardner, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, operating as if not with fantastic ideas about the future, but reality : “A new world order will have to be built rather from the bottom up than from the top down ... blurring it in parts, bypassing national sovereignty, will achieve much more than an outdated frontal attack” (1974).

From the words of many famous people, the author of the article concludes: we are not dealing with an illusion at all. The NWO, in essence, is “a very frank and freely recognized sociopolitical ideology that a certain influential group of chosen people adheres to. Branding it a "conspiracy theory" - is absurd. "

Smith cites the existence of capitalist and socialist organizations, political parties, Greenpeace, the corporate lobby, and even cleansing in Stalinist Russia as arguments that the NMP is a reality. All this, according to him, is the essential forces that have constructed the present epoch.

(Note in parentheses that if Stalin’s sweepers can still be attributed to representatives of “elitist organizations”, then Greenpeace falls under such a definition with a strong stretch. Although, in principle, any lobby somehow “constructs an era.” Another thing is does such a lobby form part of the “new” world order, or dies safely along with its time, remaining in textbooks and historical books).

The uniqueness of the new world order, according to Smith, lies in the “hidden nature of the methods and the complexity of the structure”. That is, the author loves the topic of conspiracies. He doesn’t tell the readers anything interesting about the conspiracies, but he notes in passing that for those who are in the ranks of the New World Order, “left” and “right”, Democrats and Republicans are “absolutely meaningless concepts”.

After all, it’s not without reason that the “freedom-loving people,” the author writes, are networked, such as Guardians of the Oath, “pay attention to the fact that the foundations of the Defense Ministry’s program to train Russian soldiers on American soil have to do with NMP ...” Yes, only Sadly B. Smith, the trouble is that the "guardians" do not know either the situation or the history of the issue, and therefore are not prepared "for understanding the degree of imminent danger." (That's it! People do not have enough information, and everyone would imagine that they are threatened not only in the near future, but already, one might say, from yesterday. Even from the day before yesterday). “If they only knew about the programs,” Smith writes, “similar to those based on the Partnership for Security and Prosperity Agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico, designed to dissolve the sovereign functions of the three states in the military and economic sphere ... "

Such an "mixing" of countries clearly does not like the author, who sees everywhere the threat of conspiracies.

“What about the recent training of the Iranian dissident group Mojahedin e-Hulk (MEK),” he exclaims, “at a closed facility at the Department of Energy in Nevada?”

And this is not to mention the training of Russian troops on American territory.

All clear; these are the machinations of the global elite, because “mixing” can hardly serve the interests of the American people. And if the global elite is implicated (of course, secretly), it is promoting its next interests, rising to the next step of the New World Order.

The author concludes the article by saying that those who publicly oppose the NWP “are accused of paranoid chatter”, but “the elitists who praise him are praised by praise”. (It is curious how they praise him, if the very mention of the NWP is already taboo, and causes accusations of paranoia?)

The author writes: “The less we care about what others may think of us, the more we can devote ourselves to the cause of truth. In the end, when it comes to issues of principle and issues affecting survival, it is much better to be “abnormal” and right than “normal” and wrong ”.

So, according to Brandon Smith, the NWM does not only exist (and note in brackets a long time ago — so long ago that it is strange that this order is still considered “new” in the world; probably its secret supporters and elites promoting it and implementing, not interested in giving their global ideas a precise definition), but is progressing.

And the day is not far when they will unite, integrating under the shadow of a powerful government, not only the USA, Canada and Mexico, but Russia and Iran will be drawn into the new consolidated bloc.

For complete cosmopolitan happiness in this friendly company lacks only Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Syria.

In the appendage would like to bring the opinion of James Jackson, who in the article with the angry title "Conspiracy - sucks" ("The Huffington Post" from 3 August 2011. poisonously mocks all supporters of the “world conspiracy” (there are not so many of them in the world, as B. Smith mentioned above thinks. And they are not at all ashamed to talk about the conspiracy aloud).

Once in a cab with a driver, Jackson was very annoyed at how the driver spoke about his fears and how he built theories about power struggles and threats from the “new world order”. Jackson entered into a dispute with him and began to pour counterarguments, but in the end the driver grew suspicious that Comrade Jackson himself was no comrade, but part of a global conspiracy. Parts which are "in league with the enemy."

Perhaps, ironically, J. Jackson laments, it hurt me that I pretended to be talking in my watch.

And last week, the author continues, I was again in the cab with a driver, a man who began to build his guesses on the basis of fairy tales of Nigerian origin - that people could turn into bats and fly. Moreover, the driver saw it with his own eyes.

"Conspiracy," Jackson writes, "everywhere, it is caused by paranoia and is fanned by a halo of secrecy on the Internet, it preys on trust and stupidity and holds millions in captivity." A small man, according to Jackson, experiencing failure and being disappointed, can always blame the system and the dark forces. The logical explanation is not always suitable, and accidents - does not happen. So all the reasons - in the conspiracy.

A significant part of the modern conspiracy theory, the author writes further, derives from the Cold War, The Three Days of the Condor, fear and distrust of the government generated by Vietnam and Watergate.

Adds fears, according to Jackson, and "evangelical religion" (its apocalyptic part).

Most of us, Jackson says, are just confused. But most of us do not believe that Elvis is alive, or that Mother Teresa was a giant fruit fly.

Iii. "Big Zero" geopolitics

The Journal "Foreign Policy" 30 on April 2012 was published an interview taken by David Rothkopf with Jan Bremmer. The interview was about G-Zero (“Big Zero”): after all, Bremmer recently published a book with the intriguing title “Every Nation is for Itself: Winners and Losers in the Big Zero World”.

“Ian Bremmer is a force of nature. He built a successful global business consulting - Eurasia Group. He is a respected writer and commentator. He is blogging. He is in tweets. He is the movement of the globe. And his latest book - “Every nation for itself: the winners and losers in the world of G-Zero” - has already deserved a great influence. He's a guy with a strong research wisely, and he laughs easily. I love him. And one of the reasons why I like him is that you can agree with him and remain his friend. ”

Here's how Rothkopf praises his friend Bremmer.

However, it is mostly that Rothkopf and Bremmer do not agree. If the interviewee insists on G-Zero, the interviewer believes that in the future the hegemon will remain on the planet, and his name will be the United States.

However, Ian Bremmer, speaking of geopolitics, says that already now on the planet "there is no global leadership." After World War II, there was a rather long period of globalization, “obviously under the leadership of the United States”: the world was ruled from the American point of view, by American priorities, capital and institutions. Bremmer calls the G-7, the World Bank, the IMF and the UN Security Council.

But now, according to Bremmer, the world is in a “period of creative destruction.” Moreover, in the future there will be no “global institutions that the United States would lead”. The concept of the “Big Twenty”, Bremmer believes, is important, but it did not give “significant progress in concluding global agreements on trade, financial and foreign exchange regulation or on any other issues for which the world needs answers.” We, the analyst summarizes, are in G-Zero.

Bremmer begins with world trade, in which the United States is losing ground. Then he speaks of the "decline of the United States", apparently in a geopolitical sense - that is, as a player on the world stage. Bremmer’s main argument is here: America will not forcibly remove the Syrian president from Bashar al-Assad, at least right now. Further, the United States cannot take the lead on a global climate agreement. Or another possible bombing of Iran: this or that does not occur, also, apparently, proves the decline of America. However, Bremmer says, G-Zero is a much more complex concept than the decline of America alone and everything connected with it.

An increasingly significant portion of the US population, Bremmer points out, believes that Americans do not benefit from globalization, or they simply feel that the United States should not play the role of a “global policeman.”

Previously, organizations such as the IMF, the World Bank, and NATO played a much clearer role in defining global world architecture than today. The turning point came in 2008, with a financial crisis. This very crisis, according to Bremmer, focused both America and its allies on problems within the country, which gave “courage” to emerging markets that had already emerged from the financial crisis. In addition, the values ​​that the United States adhered to as a leader were questioned. These values, Bremmer gently remarks, were in some sense not so honest and could be violated - and few were suitable for “evangelization” in countries such as China or Russia.

The New World Order, by Bremmer, - more in the future. What we are experiencing now, he says, is not yet a new world order, but the destruction of the old. The new order has not yet manifested itself.

Bremmer speaks of the rise of China, who "wants to have a veto." The Chinese "want to be able to say:" No, we don’t like these rules and institutions, or norms, or politics, which are now dictated by the Americans. " But they says Bremmer, absolutely refuse to take responsibility for themselves. That is why China is opposed to the idea of ​​the Big Two. Bremmer says that Russians and Chinese, and other peoples can have a regional influence, for example, in the situation with Iran, but at the moment this influence is negative. This is “not active and not constructive influence”.

Bremmer does not believe that the geopolitical Big Zero is sustainable. And it does not even believe that such a “zero” promises a solid order to the world. But how to replace it? Here is the question of questions. And this topic is still open for discussion, he says. China? USA? Maybe European countries? And India? Maybe other major players that matter in the international arena?

Let's see.

Bremmer claims that earlier, before the 2008 crisis of the year, US-China relations had a “zero amount of elements”. So say, win-win relationship. But the crisis has changed everything. Now, US corporations are more likely to have problems with access to the world market. They compete with stronger Chinese state property. Then comes China’s security relationship with the United States. Here Bremmer speaks not so much about the Middle East, as about the East China and South China seas. After all, the US has moved the "core" of geopolitics towards the Asia-Pacific region. And Bremmer describes this "Asian core" as follows: "We welcome the peaceful rise of China as long as they behave as we want." But if they do not behave as we want, says Bremmer, then our core needs insurance against risks. This geopolitical hedge is terribly similar, says Bremmer, to “Chinese containment.” Of course, he continues, the Chinese understand this. And such relationships create tension in countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, and even Myanmar. So says Ian Bremmer.

Finally, he says, is cybersecurity. From the point of view of industrial espionage and cyber attacks of US government and private institutions, this is an area where the war between the United States and China is actually going on.

There are, of course, the analyst says, such aspects of US-China relations that are and will remain interdependent. If the US economy to explode, it will be terrible for China; almost the opposite is true. At the broadest level, one can even talk about the possible mutually guaranteed economic destruction of the two countries.

Now - Europe.

Bremmer believes that with the new world order, Europe will retain player status on the world stage. But only the "corresponding" status. After all, now there are a number of emerging market countries - especially India in the medium term - that are going to play a more significant role in geopolitics, including because China will face many serious internal challenges.

It is possible and this alignment on the world map, in which each large country will play a certain role - but geopolitical in the full sense of the word, and regional, acting in its region. As for Europe as a regional player, we must remember: it is not a country, and its ability to act on the world stage is limited. Unless you believe, says Bremmer, we are really going to get a unified European government. The probability of this is very low, the analyst believes, over the next 5-10 years.

Therefore, it is very interesting what kind of regional world order it will be, how much it will be fragmented, what it will be like and on what basis to act. Who will win it? Who will lose?

In the new world order, Bremmer sees such a key quality as “non-binding”. Once there is no leader, there is no former responsibility. And “non-obligation”, according to Bremmer, becomes very important in the new world - it opens up possibilities for hedging (risk insurance). Bremmer even calls this quality the “core of the state.”

Hence, he concludes that under the “Big Zero” position, volatility will be much higher in the United States, because many will turn to them on security issues.

The same with Europe. Crisis Europe has already shown what the responsibility is pouring out: look, says Bremmer, what happened to the Italian government.

Then, at the request of the interviewer, Bremmer looked into the future - ten years ahead. What did he see there, what new world order?

A manifestation of the world order under the G-Zero scenario will be a greater number of conflicts that will not be agreed upon by the major powers. There will be more questions about security in the Middle East. We now see the “Big Zero” in Syria, and Bremmer suspects that in the Middle East will have to see much more. Much more than a zero amount will have to be seen in the confrontation between the US and China in the APR.

Bremmer is convinced that Russia in the world of the future will restore strong direct power over "its periphery."

In Latin America, the regional influence of large countries, especially Brazil, will also play a role.

Regarding BRICS, Bremmer is skeptical, although he notes that development is also possible for this organization.

For successful future development, Bremmer advises countries to be flexible and adapt to a changing geopolitical environment. Over time, the analyst believes, government leaders will be more interested in being able to “turn” - when they are given the opportunity to achieve strategic benefits.

* * *

Thus, in the United States, there are three approaches to understanding the “new world order”: religious and political, mixed largely on parallels with biblical scenes, including dubious, replicated in the media; “Conspiracy”, in which all the evils and misfortunes, including accidents, are attributed to the omnipotent secret world government, which is about to unite America with Russia the other day, and Canada with Mexico; analytical, based on an analysis of geopolitical realities and a rather restrained prediction about what the world will be in the coming decades. This latter approach is characterized by a “regional” vision of the game in the political arena — one in which there is no clear leader in the world.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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    Thanks to Oleg for his analyst - the work is serious, but for me the whole policy of the states fits into the words of Brzezinski - this mossy wise worm, fed up during the Cold War and never finding peace until Russia collapses ----------- - Zbigniew Brzezinski - one of the main ideologists of the Cold War has long been famous for his shocking antics. It is he who owns the phrase: "A new world order under US hegemony is being created against Russia, at the expense of Russia and on the ruins of Russia." The phrase sounds not very promising about the future partner, which Zbigniew supposedly wants to see Russia, especially if you look closely at the words "the new world order ... is being created against Russia" - it can only mean one thing - America sees Russia as its main obstacle in the implementation of its plans and is consistent with the position of Mitt Romney, who considers Russia "geopolitical enemy number 1". Prior to this, in his book "The Grand Chessboard" (published in 1999 and reprinted in 2009, 2010) Brzezinski made even harsher statements about Russia:

    "America never intended to share power on the globe with Russia, and it could not do this, even if it wanted to"
    ------------ Everything else is an add-on.
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      Quote: esaul
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      Thank you, Valery.
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          that the antichrist will come from Islam

          Antichrist - ALREADY has come and is actively engaged in the destruction of the human race! am - Around the world with its army of demons and demons - Amers! belay sad
          Fascists - this is so - childish pranks - compared to Amers. I’m completely honest - I think so. what
          1. Ataturk
            Ataturk 2 June 2012 10: 41
            In all of the above and in many other phenomena of modern reality and in the ideology of the “new world order”, it is precisely the devil’s attitude towards man as an animal that is clearly visible. “The New World Order”, from a spiritual point of view, is a war against human nature. The principle of “CHANGE”, that is, the transformation of man into a beast, is taken as the basis of this destructive activity. Purposefully, systematically, and irreversibly collapses (and we know that the first and main destroyer is the devil) everything - from the person’s genotype and his environment to the mentality and consciousness of people, traditional, natural and familiar stereotypes of behavior.
            The goal of the ideologists of the NRM is to etch the image of God in a person, to abuse and abuse him. The main blow of the “mystery of lawlessness” has always been directed at the individual, at the individual. The “new world order” is the practical implementation of secret aspirations to build a spiritual tower of Babel. The purpose of the hawks of the NMP is world domination, and all its activities are aimed at the conquest of this domination. And here we must understand that the achievement of world domination is directly related to bringing peoples to the bestial state, with the destruction of human nature in people.
            Globalists need global political power, and their lord, Satan, needs the final beast of humanity. Here we can talk about the existence of a certain “mutually beneficial” agreement: “I help you achieve world power, and you implement my plans for the dehumanization of man.” Bringing peoples to a bestial state makes possible the world domination of a limited group of individuals.
            For the final preparation of the coming of the Antichrist, the servants of darkness need not only the concentration of world power, but also the “necessary" brutality "of mankind."
            Let us consider in more detail only on some phenomena of modern life and try to show their general orientation towards the destruction of the human personality and bringing people to the bestial state.
            1. nitro
              nitro 2 June 2012 10: 48
              Topic: "world domination" - "sick" for many commentators on this site laughing
              The vast majority of Americans go about their personal affairs and they deeply do not care about all the other contenders for the "imperial crown" who, as in the movie "Crown of the Russian Empire" - grimace like clowns and pose as heirs to the throne. Funny movie, highly recommend lol
              Just try first to abandon the Windows on your computer and immediately understand the influence of the USA in the world bully
              1. Ataturk
                Ataturk 2 June 2012 12: 32
                One of the leading ideologues and rulers of the “new world order”, Polish Jew Zbigniew Brzezinski, in his book “Technotronic Era”, which outlines the plans of Zionomasonism, says that modern society “is experiencing an information revolution based on entertainment and mass spectacles (for example, endless TV shows about sports competitions), which represent another type of drug for the increasingly useless masses. " John Coleman, quoting Brzezinski in his book The Committee of 300, notes: “In the Technotronic Era, Brzezinski speaks of the masses as inanimate objects - perhaps that is what we see as the Committee of 300”.
                “At the same time, the possibilities of social and political control over the individual will increase,” Brzezinski predicts in the Technotron Era. - Soon it will become possible to exercise almost continuous control over every citizen and keep constantly updated computer dossier files containing, in addition to ordinary information, the most confidential details about the state of health and behavior of each person. Relevant government agencies will have instant access to these files. Power will be concentrated in the hands of those who control the information. Existing authorities will be replaced by pre-crisis management institutions whose task will be to proactively identify possible social crises and develop programs to manage these crises. This will create trends for the next several decades that will lead to the Technotronic era - a dictatorship in which the current political procedures will be almost completely eliminated. ” The Technotron Era also mentions cloning, the possibility of biochemical control over consciousness, genetic manipulations with humans and “robots,” that is, creatures that act and even reason like humans, and look like humans, but aren't humans.
                Another figure of world freemasonry, the founder of the Club of Rome, Aurelio Peccei, wrote the book “Before the Abyss”, the main idea of ​​which is: in the future the world will be plunged into chaos if it is not ruled by a single World Government. In this book, he showed the plans of the World Government to conquer a man whom he directly called - "the enemy." John Coleman writes: “Peccei quoted Felix Dzerzhinsky, who once said to Sydney Reilly (the British intelligence officer who controlled Dzerzhinsky’s actions during the development of the Bolshevik revolution.) At the height of the Red Terror, when millions of Russians were killed:“ Why should I care how many people dying? " Even the Christian Bible says that God will take care of man. For me, people are brains on one side and a shit factory on the other. "It is from such a brutal attitude toward a person," John Coleman rightly notes, "that Jesus Christ came to save the world."
                John Coleman rightly called the “new world order” “a conspiracy against God and man, which includes the enslavement of most of the people left on this earth after wars, calamities and massacres.”
                1. Opertak
                  Opertak 2 June 2012 14: 33
                  Quote: Ataturk
                  “At the same time, the possibilities of social and political control over the individual will increase,” Brzezinski predicts in the Technotron Era. - Soon it will be possible to exercise almost continuous control over every citizen
                  - Brzezinski and his Co. are fools like Napoleon, who were talking about: He knows how to win battles, but is unable to win the war. They forgot the Bible, and yet all their fabrications are only a projection of the Bible tradition of the Tower of Babel on a modern information field. How it all ended there is well known. And it doesn’t matter who destroys THEIR TOWER - the Lord God or Mother Nature, but this will certainly happen, since both the First and the Second were determined by the main principle of the Earth’s survival DIVERSITY - this is a completely objectively established scientific fact. That is why any phenomenon with the prefix MONO is a monoculture, a mono-people, a monopoly, etc. doomed to extinction.
                  For certain reasons, I can’t name the person’s surname (he worked in Putin’s previous presidential administration), but you can’t say better than him: the West destroyed the USSR, which was a thorn in his capitalist ass and turned it into Russia, which could soon become a crowbar in his head.
                  1. esaul
                    esaul 2 June 2012 17: 36
                    Quote: OperTak
                    The West collapsed the USSR, which was a splinter in its capitalist ass and turned it into Russia, which could soon be a crowbar in his head.

                    Volodya, I welcome you. Glad your comment as in many ways in tune with my thoughts. And the quote is aerobatics and it’s great that you brought these words to us.
                    Good luck to you, colleague.
                    1. Opertak
                      Opertak 2 June 2012 18: 34
                      Good afternoon, Valery! Glad the quote came to the place :))
                      I really do not like the position of our Foreign Ministry - it is very shy and often currying favor with the West. It is high time to remember that Russia and the USSR for more than 200 years kept this "enlightened" Europe in tight-knit gloves and whipped it mercilessly in the stable every time it fornicated. I am sure that soon other times will come, as it used to be: "Without our permission, not a single gun will fire in Europe," and Putin will still say: Europe will wait while the President of Russia is fishing.
                      1. Captain45
                        Captain45 2 June 2012 20: 32
                        Quote: OperTak
                        I am sure that soon other times will come, as it used to be: "Without our permission, not a single gun will fire in Europe," and Putin will say: Europe will wait while the President of Russia is fishing.

                        I agree. Yesterday, on the Russkaya Pravda website, I read in a review an interesting commentary on one situation. Last year, A. Merkel spoke negatively about the commissioning of the 3rd and 4th lines of Nord Stream. This year her party started having problems during the parliamentary elections The ruling party is defeated and, accordingly, Merkel's chances of re-election as chancellor are falling. Literally 2 days ago, Putin was on his way to Paris to meet with Hollande. stopped in Berlin to talk with Merkel and after the meeting she said that Germany supports the commissioning of the 3rd and 4th lines. So the author of the article makes a somewhat unusual conclusion - they say that when Putin was a KGB employee in Germany, he verbanid more than a dozen German citizens , who now hold high government posts, as well as in business. That is why, they say, Germany does not mind Russia and strive for cooperation. I just thought, thought, and who knows. Maybe somewhere near the GDP in the country house in the underground is an old shabby suitcase with dusty daddies and as soon as someone starts to go out of step, e-mail him a bang copy of the receipt and all at once falls into place. After all, the fact of the refusal of the "Nord Stream" took place and suddenly a turn of 180 degrees.
                    2. speedy
                      speedy 3 June 2012 13: 05
                      Good luck to all the blacksmiths of the crowbar for the head of the capitalist ass.
                2. dmb
                  dmb 4 June 2012 10: 35
                  Venerable Ataturk. Only one of them could tell about the conversation between Dzerzhinsky and Reilly, for Peccei was still a child in those years (born in 1908). Dzerzhinsky disappears, and not because I have not seen this in his works, but even because of elementary logic. Reilly remains. I don’t know on whose conscience to leave another historical discovery about his oversight of the actions of Dzerzhinsky (either the Mason Pechchei, or the MI6 employee Coleman), but I would like to remind you that at the height of the Red Terror such a conversation could not take place because the terror was declared September 5.09.1918, XNUMX, and by this time Reilly had already "dumped" from Moscow. However, both then and now, not such fables are composed.
              2. Sibiryak
                Sibiryak 2 June 2012 14: 59
                Quote: nitro
                The vast majority of Americans go about their personal affairs and they deeply do not care about all the other contenders for the "imperial crown" who, as in the movie "Crown of the Russian Empire" - grimace like clowns and pose as heirs to the throne.

              3. dld35057
                dld35057 2 June 2012 16: 24
                here damn glycerin you even heard about Linux - your windows did not stand nearby.
              4. them
                them 2 June 2012 22: 50
                Put your head in the sand, as if nothing is happening in the world. Do you really think so?
            2. Ross
              Ross 2 June 2012 12: 37
              In all of the above and in many other phenomena of modern reality and in the ideology of the “new world order”, it is precisely the devil’s attitude towards man as an animal that is clearly visible. “The New World Order”, from a spiritual point of view, is a war against human nature.

              Good deep thoughts. As always, Ataturk is wise!
              The world elite is an occult, worshiping Satanism (remember "Skull and Bones" at Yale University in the USA, where Bush, Clinton and many other famous people were accepted as students). It is precisely the reduction of the majority of the world's population to a bestial state, the degradation of humanity — that is the true goal. Well, and accordingly be their shepherds.

              1. Ataturk
                Ataturk 2 June 2012 13: 40
                Quote: Ross
                It is the reduction of the majority of the world's population to the bestial state, the degradation of mankind - that is the true goal

                absolutely true my friend.

                Quote: Ross
                Good deep thoughts. As always, Ataturk is wise!

                thank you my friend!!!

                And you know what’s the worst, I'm afraid we won’t be able to do anything (((((((((((
                1. Ross
                  Ross 2 June 2012 14: 00

                  And you know what’s the worst, I'm afraid we won’t be able to do anything (((((((((((

                  "According to our thoughts, it will be given to us." The main thing is not to give up even in thoughts, my friend! We are all co-creators of the One.
          2. alex21411
            alex21411 3 June 2012 17: 59
            "The fascists are so - childish pranks - compared to the Amers. I am completely honest - I think so." - Believe me, you are not alone, you think so ...
      2. Cadet787
        Cadet787 2 June 2012 11: 01
        Dear Oleg, I liked your article very much, a big plus. I have a question. On the pop-up sidebar "Map of the day", there is an article entitled "If tomorrow is war ?!", who is its author, for what purpose is it on the site? I recommend reading and expressing your opinion
        1. Mart
          2 June 2012 11: 08
          Quote: Cadet787
          Dear Oleg, your article is very much, a big plus.

          Thank you, George!
          Quote: Cadet787
          there is an article entitled "If tomorrow is war ?!"

          I will try to read. Although the Chukchi is not a reader, the Chukchi is a writer. smile
          Quote: Cadet787
          who is its author, for what purpose is it on the site

          With these questions, please contact the administration.
    2. Cadet787
      Cadet787 2 June 2012 11: 52
      Dear Valery, I liked your comment very much, a big plus. I have a question. On the pop-up sidebar "Map of the day", there is an article entitled "If tomorrow is war ?!", who is its author, for what purpose is it on the site? I recommend reading and expressing your opinion
      1. esaul
        esaul 2 June 2012 17: 44
        Georgy, welcome again. I looked through the sidebar - I did not truncate such a title. Maybe it was during the day? In general, the "sidebar" is a place for placing meaningless information under catchy headlines. I try not to pay attention to this because more often than not, this is a golimy yellowness served under topical headlines. So, buddy, I can’t help you in this case. Thank you for your comment on the comment, George.
        Sincerely. Valery.
        1. Cadet787
          Cadet787 2 June 2012 22: 35
          Thanks Valera. Yes, this article was in the afternoon, but then it disappeared and it really was yellow, clearly commissioned, designed to pour mud on our country. So I wanted to find out what kind of scum had bunged her, the article was unsigned and how she could even get to the site.
          1. El13
            El13 3 June 2012 14: 24
            After reading that article, it was felt that it was written in a year like that in 2005 ... do not pay attention.
            1. 755962
              755962 3 June 2012 14: 56
              But in order to crystallize our understanding of what the most powerful financially and politically powerful people on Earth, as well as their support groups, consider IMAs, it would be nice to turn directly to the primary sources:

              "The system of national individualism must go away ... We live at the final stage of the existence of sovereign states ... Modern governments can disappear in the great struggle to awaken Western-style World Socialism ... A myriad of people ... will hate the new world order ... and die protesting against it."

              G.D. Wells, The New World Order, 1940

              “Some even believe that we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret political group that works against the vital interests of the United States and characterize my family and me as“ internationalists ”who colluded with other groups around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - a single world, if you will. If the accusation is this, then I plead guilty, and I'm proud of it. "

              David Rockefeller, Memoirs, p. 405 (English editions; note

              “In the next century, states, as we know them, will outlive themselves; all countries recognize a single, global power. After all, national sovereignty was not such a great idea. ”

              Under Secretary of State under President Clinton Strobe Talbott, Time Magazine, June 20, 1992

              “An international Anglophile network does exist, and it has existed for the whole generation, acting in some respects as communists work according to the convictions of right-wing radicals. This network, which we can define as Round Table groups, does not really shy away from cooperation with the Communists or any other group, and often does this. I know about the activities of this network, because I studied it at the age of twenty, and in the early 1960s I was allowed to work with its papers and secret records for two years. I do not disgust her or most of her goals, and I have been close to her and many of her tools for most of my life ... In the past and recently, I did not approve of some of her attitudes ... but in general, our main difference of opinion is that she wants to stay in the background, while I believe that her role in history is significant enough to be famous ... Council on Foreign Relations (QS) ... an American branch of society that originates in England ... believes that borders between states delete, and should establish a single world government. "

              Professor Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton's mentor, from Tragedy and Hope.

              “Ultimately, our task is to welcome the Soviet Union back into the world order. Perhaps the world order of the future will become a true family of nations. ”

              President George W. Bush at the University of Texas at Austin, 1989

              “We will achieve our goal in the Gulf. And when we do this, the international community will send a persistent warning to any dictator or despot, present or future, who is planning criminal aggression. Therefore, the world can seize this opportunity to fulfill the long-standing promise of a new world order - where cruelty will not pay for itself, and aggression will receive a collective rebuff. "

              President George W. Bush, 1991 State of Congress Report

              “The final act of the Uruguay round, marking the completion of the most ambitious negotiations of our century, will give Morocco the life of the World Trade Organization, the third pillar of the New World Order after the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.”

              Fragment of a full-page announcement of the Moroccan government in The New York Times (April 1994)

              “At a time when the poor are improving their standard of living, rich societies need to consume less to keep the global use of resources within the reasonable. Population, consumption, technology, development and the environment are interconnected by complex relationships that directly affect human well-being in a global neighborhood. The interests of effective and equitable management of them require a systematic, long-term perspective global approach, consistent with the principle of sustainable development, which has become a central lesson learned from the recent growth of environmental problems. Its universal application is a priority for global governance. ”

              United Nations Global Neighborhood Report 1995

              “What will be submitted to Congress will not be an ordinary trade agreement, but the architecture of a new international system ... the first step towards a new world order.”

              Henry Kissinger on NAFTA, Los Angeles Times

              “All these new challenges, taken together, determine the biggest structural adjustment we have ever seen, and not only the global economy, but also the global order as a whole. Two centuries ago, the famous British Foreign Secretary said that the new world was brought to existence in order to balance the old one (George Cunning's statement about England's support for the liberation movement in South America: “I brought to life the New World to restore balance in the Old Light ”; note In 1989, another world came to an end, under the domination of the Cold War, and in 1990 people talked about a new world order. At that time, it was understood as a new political order. And what we did not foresee then, but what is now clear in everything that we see and do, what we experience in everyday life is the full reach, speed and scope of globalization ... ”

              Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Speech at a meeting of the Confederation of British Industry, 2007

              "The new world order will have to be built, rather, from bottom to top than from top to bottom ... eroding it in parts, bypassing national sovereignty, will achieve much more than an outdated frontal attack."

              Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Gardner, an article in the April 1974 issue of the Foreign Affairs Council journal.As can be clearly seen from the direct statements above, the New World Order and its desire for world government is not some kind of “illusion” based on exaggerated claims and fears that are not destined to come true.
    3. Cadet787
      Cadet787 3 June 2012 20: 33
      The site is full of muck and more than one go and minus everything in a row. Now fix it.
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 2 June 2012 09: 30
    Author Oleg, -you found what you were looking for. They dismiss people who wear crosses, crown weddings in gay churches, kill indiscriminately, priests are pedophiles and at the same time think that the Antichrist will come from Islam. Lord, truly human stupidity is limitless.
    1. Mart
      2 June 2012 11: 05
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Author Oleg, you found what you were looking for.

      Thank you, Alexander!
  3. rinzhak
    rinzhak 2 June 2012 09: 36
    the most ideal world order is a bipolar world, and the West needs Russia as a counterbalance to this balance in the world.
    A multipolar world is a utopia.
    Civilization has not yet grown to a unipolar world, but in the end, it is the Unified World Order that will be the apogee of all civilization.
    1. Ataturk
      Ataturk 2 June 2012 10: 39
      An example of a bloodless geopolitical battle is the collapse of the USSR. Until that moment, two world superpowers coexisted on earth in the Cold War: the United States and the Soviet Union. There isn’t one now. The second one now, having pulled on the assigned uniform of the “general of the world” and brandishing a nuclear club, rushes about on the ground, irresistibly striving for world domination. Blatantly declaring the whole world “a zone of their interests”, the Pentagon tames violators of narcissistic dreaming about the safety of members of free American society, watching at that time the course of hostilities on television and perceiving the bloody tragedy that is happening before their eyes as another action series.
      The United States officially declared in its "National Security Strategy" (1994) that it considers the whole world as a zone of its "national interests" with the right to any means to achieve its global "good" goals, including the use of nuclear weapons against "bad" States:
      “We are the greatest power in the world that has global interests ... The line between domestic and foreign policy is more and more blurred ... American leadership in the world is now more important than ever ... we will establish it abroad, opening up new markets, helping democratic regimes ... The end of the Cold War has not changed these fundamental goals ... "
      If these goals seem unacceptable to someone, then such countries can be called "terrorist" and act with them as follows:
      “The US Armed Forces play a key role in achieving success in implementing our strategy. Our country is unparalleled in military capabilities: the United States is the only state capable of conducting large-scale and successful operations far from its borders ... These include anti-terrorism and punitive actions
    2. mark021105
      mark021105 2 June 2012 14: 45
      Quote: rinzhak
      but in the end, it is the Unified World Order that will be the apogee of all civilization.

      ... In the highest phase of a communist society, after the enslaving man’s submission to the division of labor disappears; when at the same time the opposite of mental and physical labor disappears; when labor ceases to be only a means of life, and becomes itself the first need of life; when along with the comprehensive development of individuals, productive forces grow and all sources of social wealth flow in full flow, only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois law be completely overcome, and society will be able to write on its banner: “Each according to his ability, each according to his needs”.
      Karl Marx
  4. Srgsoap
    Srgsoap 2 June 2012 09: 46
    Do you recognize the pyramid? Where depicted .... The inscription at the bottom reads "New World Order".

    and here’s another link on the topic and everything will become clear. Article ++++, great job.
    1. Mart
      2 June 2012 10: 35
      Quote: SrgSoap
      Article ++++ great job.

      Thanks, buddy!
    2. Pinochet000
      Pinochet000 2 June 2012 11: 27
      Quote: SrgSoap
      Do you recognize the pyramid?

      I noticed for a long time, someone offended someone in Egypt ..... I wonder who is who?
      1. Ross
        Ross 2 June 2012 12: 41

        That was a long time ago. In the time of the pharaohs.
        1. Pinochet000
          Pinochet000 2 June 2012 12: 51
          Quote: Ross


          Yes I understand))
          1. Ross
            Ross 2 June 2012 13: 22

            And I had no doubt. smile
  5. Cadet787
    Cadet787 2 June 2012 10: 33
    By virtue of its geopolitical position, Russia will always be the No. 1 enemy for the United States, regardless of the political system, it is only a reason for attacks. Only one way out is seen - strengthening the country's defense capability and unification in the Eurasian Union.
    1. Sibiryak
      Sibiryak 2 June 2012 15: 02
      Quote: Cadet787
      Only one way out is seen - strengthening the country's defense capability and unification in the Eurasian Union.

      I would supplement dear George! In a single Russia !!!
      1. Cadet787
        Cadet787 2 June 2012 17: 39
        I accept the supplement, you are a plus.
        1. Sibiryak
          Sibiryak 2 June 2012 18: 20
          Quote: Cadet787
          I accept the supplement, you are a plus.

          drinks drinks drinks
  6. Ataturk
    Ataturk 2 June 2012 10: 36
    If Syria and Iran fall, they will already be close to realizing their dreams. This will indicate that people helping them are sitting in the Kremlin. Just soon we will find out who is who.

    God forbid that the day has come about which everyone always said WORLD ORDER.

    If someone does not know, this means that there will be one right, in order to have children, you will need permission. The commission will consider whether you should or not. If not, thats sterilization.

    What is there ....... you will even live with permission. Of course, as you lose your ability to benefit them, I’m afraid to even think about the consequences.

    Behind all this are the Masons. Zionists. In a word, and bastards who have nothing sacred.
    1. Ross
      Ross 2 June 2012 12: 49

      Behind all this are the Masons. Zionists. In a word, and bastards who have nothing sacred.

      Among the ancient Persians, an outstanding thinker Zoroaster preached faith in the One God by the name of Ahura Mazda, this is the One God and Creator. In the Holy Books of Zoroastrians it is said that before God are on the one hand - the White hierarch Ormuzd with 7 Angels, and on the other black - Ahriman with 7 demons, and all together serve the Eternal One God.

      Good and Evil, Light and Darkness are the basis of our world. And the universe is always striving for balance. Therefore, all the attempts of the Masons and Zionists and other "unknown" dark warriors from the camp of Darkness must awaken the Light in us.
      Equilibrium is inevitable!
  7. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 2 June 2012 10: 42
    Article as usual good The new world order will bury itself
    1. rinzhak
      rinzhak 2 June 2012 10: 45
      Quote: Pilot200809
      The new world order will bury itself

      And what architecture of the world and what world order can you offer as an alternative to the New World Order? And then, everyone can criticize ...
      1. Vitaly PV
        Vitaly PV 2 June 2012 12: 54
        a return to the USSR, perhaps it is already necessary to do it now, while there are at least some production facilities and people who know how to work with them in order to manage to train the replacement. They will certainly interfere with how it was in Libya (there was a prosperous country that did well without democracy, with its factories, its high-quality education and its currency backed by gold - which the West did not like), here it is necessary to fight. But all this is possible with a government that is interested in a strong country.
    2. Mart
      2 June 2012 11: 10
      Quote: Pilot200809
      Article as usual good

      Thank you, Semyon!
  8. Victor
    Victor 2 June 2012 11: 01
    The author is a big plus for detailed analytics. It was very interesting to read. As for the NMP, it is extremely clear to me that no matter what screens the rulers of the Western world hide, the change of staff into a fascist empire, the hegemon of a new world order, is already in full swing. And this state of the USA is no longer determined by those who come to the White House, this process is already irreversible, it has gained momentum, as evidenced by all recent wars conducted by the USA against sovereign states. The states have lost the small sprouts of spirituality and democracy that once were on this earth. Complete submission to the whole world community or death - this is the understanding of NIR in American. Only united Russia will be able to withstand the NWF, provided that people and power in Russia begin to understand each other and go one course, one course PROJECT RUSSIA.
    1. Mart
      2 June 2012 11: 11
      Quote: Victor
      The author is a big plus for the detailed analytics.

      Thank you, Victor!
      1. Victor
        Victor 2 June 2012 11: 15
        Oleg! With great pleasure I will wait for your further articles!
    2. Pinochet000
      Pinochet000 2 June 2012 11: 39
      Quote: Victor
      provided that people and power in Russia begin to understand each other and go one course, the course of the PROJECT RUSSIA.

      Only in this way, I am afraid it will not work out differently. +
  9. polly
    polly 2 June 2012 11: 17
    Dialogue on world order.
  10. vezunchik
    vezunchik 2 June 2012 12: 04
    Can Europe live without RUSSIA? Yes, they will all take a break from black melancholy, if we are gone - Chancellor Gorchakov
  11. Fox 070
    Fox 070 2 June 2012 12: 08
    Oleg, thank you very much !!! Article "+". Disappointed once again !!! drinks
    1. Mart
      2 June 2012 14: 10
      Quote: Fox 070
      Oleg, thank you very much !!! Article "+". Disappointed once again !!! drinks

      Please, Felix!
  12. woland05
    woland05 2 June 2012 13: 31
    Author - thank you very much! Article - plus ....
    1. Mart
      2 June 2012 14: 11
      Quote: woland05
      Author - thank you very much! Article - plus ....

      Please, Woland!
  13. VlaSer
    VlaSer 2 June 2012 13: 45
    It’s an excellent article, comrade. But I wanted to remind you: the Soviet Union was destroyed from the inside (take here our elite who exchanged the country, and is it ours, the elite?), And America was the initiator of this. I can assume that after such an overwhelming success, the USA continues its victorious race around the world. And what about Rockefeller - so he said that he is an internacolist, from which it can be assumed that the economy of that same new force is moving to developing countries (China, for example), and it is leaving the spent ones.
    Just an opinion.
  14. Van
    Van 2 June 2012 13: 46
    Revelation chapter 17 (there is something to think about) ...
  15. Cadet787
    Cadet787 2 June 2012 17: 42
    On the pop-up sidebar "Map of the day", there is an article entitled "If tomorrow is war ?!", who is its author, for what purpose is it on the site? I recommend reading and expressing your opinion. Strange article.
  16. teplal
    teplal 2 June 2012 22: 42
    The union was created with the complete disregard of the masses, and it collapsed ... The Merikos do not understand the indifference, for which they will bloody slurp and slurp. laughing