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The European Union must be destroyed

The European Union must be destroyed

Exactly, paraphrasing the expression of the ancient Roman leader Cato, they consider in Washington and London. Under the lulling of talk about democracy and freedom, the geopolitical struggle for hegemony on the planet is becoming more and more intense. The unipolar world built by the Anglo-Saxons should be, in their opinion, truly unipolar. The attempts of Europe, led by Germany, to become an independent equal player, are harshly suppressed. No country in Europe alone can challenge the United States and the United Kingdom. The European Union as a whole can. Therefore, it is necessary to weaken it as much as possible and try to destroy it.

More than a year ago in the article “Golden Share” I described the current state of world politics. There are only four players:

- USA + UK current hegemons; (Doubt - remember in what language only what almost all Eurovision singers sang. The contest was not Anglovision, not even British, but English)
- Europe;
- China;
- Russia.

This is exactly the way - according to the degree of force, the role is distributed among the players. Russia today is the weakest, but nonetheless the most important player. We are in the hands of the “Golden Share” - control over the resources, the receipt of which dramatically changes the position of the first three players in the winning direction. Hence the incessant pressure on Russia, external and internal. It is the “Golden Share” that foreign curators and sponsors of various “belolentochnyh” marches and bomzhevaniya “fair elections” want to take away from our country.

But today it is not about Russia. Speech about the European Union. About the fact that the Anglo-Saxons will deal their first blow to Europe, I wrote in February 2011 of the year.
“The best way to fight the Chinese is to“ put in place ”other centers of power. If you lead to the obedience of Europe and Russia, then it will be easier to talk with Beijing. Left alone with the Anglo-Saxons, seeing how the "father" deals with the recalcitrant, in Beijing they will honor it for the benefit of curbing their appetites. Which of the remaining two centers of power is more vulnerable? Russia or Europe? Despite the fact that Russia is objectively today the weakest of the centers of power, the most vulnerable is not it, but Europe. Berlin, Paris, Rome and Brussels only began to fight for their own independent policies. They have taken very few steps in this direction, they are not ready to bear serious losses and sacrifices, mentally and civilizationally very close to the Anglo-Saxons. Europeans just need to “bring back,” to once again create the united and monolithic West, with which it opposed the rest of the world some other 10 years ago. ”

We see this blow of the Anglo-Saxons in Europe today. The meaning of the current game in Europe is as follows: the United States is trying to destroy the European Union by “withdrawing” Greece from there. Germany and its partners are ready to do anything to preserve unity.

The Germans vbuhali in evroproekt so much that its collapse means a lot of money thrown away incomprehensible to anyone under the tail. Talk about the debts of Greece (Italy, Spain, Ireland) have already put the financial system of Europe in a difficult position. It is necessary to exacerbate the difficulties. Finish the European Union, not giving him a chance to save.

And here we see from the world media belonging to the Anglo-Saxons, clear signs of the preparation of public opinion for the collapse of the European Union.
Vedomosti Newspaper - Thursday, May 24, 2012. By the way, it is published jointly with The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. That is such a correct newspaper, reflecting the views of "someone-need." On the first page of the article "Peaceful outcome is unlikely." This is about the development of the situation in Russia.
"The political crisis in Russia may come into resonance with a new wave of economic crisis, experts say ...".

Reading further we will see the familiar names of the “experts” - “Yurgens” and “Gontmakhery”. All, so to speak, liberal army.

But their horror predictions about Russia, we now skip - they always predict collapse and collapse. Read their articles from the end of 2008, and verify the reality of the past four years. All past the box office - there was no collapse, there was no collapse. And will not. Because the collapse occurs when the government does not have the will to resist, and not when the "circumstances". (I refer the doubters to 1941, when the USSR did not collapse, although there were incomparably more difficulties than in 1991. The second vivid example is China. Its economy was much weaker than the economy of the USSR. And what about China today? And what about the USSR?)

It's about something else. All these Washington-oriented specialists predict a political crisis in Russia amid a new round of economic crisis. In Europe.

Scroll the same newspaper number further. We have before us another material - the Euro-Greek blow. It is already in the blue eye that the prospects for the Greek economy from the European Union, rather than the prospects of the Greek economy, are discussed. The article begins: “If Greece leaves the Eurozone in the fourth quarter of 2012, provoking an indiscriminate default in European countries ...”.

Further, in general, there is a wonderful table of possible losses for the Russian economy, in the event of Greece’s exit. Counts two: 4 quarter 2012 of the year, 4 quarter of 2013 of the year.

This is programming of public opinion, based on the desired scenario for Washington.

By the way, a question to you, dear readers. How to finish off Greece, which still, as if drowning on the waves, grabbed the lifebuoy? Let the air out of the circle. And then the drowning man really goes to the bottom.

Read news: “World prices for olive oil have sunk to a ten-year low: a ton of product costs 2,9 thousands of dollars. Experts warn that this threatens to exacerbate the financial problems of Spain, Italy and Greece, which are already in deep crisis. Market analysts point out that despite the growing demand for products around the world, oil consumption in the Mediterranean region itself has noticeably decreased, as the local market is filled with excess goods, and purchasing power tends to zero. ”

Greece is one of the main producers of olive oil. Or rather, olive oil is an important source of income in Greece. (And at the same time Spain and Italy). Dropped the price of olive oil. They fell because the "analysts" tell us that ... the Greeks have no money to eat this oil.

Have you heard of the terrible poverty of Greece? About hungry fainting? About abandoning the tradition of eating olive oil? Not. There is a crisis, but it is not so strong that the Greeks stop eating one of their favorite foods. By the way - not very expensive. It's like the Russians would stop eating pickles from the 2008 crisis of the year.

What do I want to say? That the prices of any product can be brought down, possessing a large mass of money. And here we see that on the eve of the decisive round of the struggle for Greece, the price of olive oil "suddenly" plummeted.

The European Union must be destroyed. The euro must be defeated.

To keep the dollar strong and attractive. Some more time.

Now, I think, complete clarity has come and for those who were a little perplexed earlier: why the UK, which is part of all European structures, has not refused its pound ...

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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 1 June 2012 11: 26
    I agree with the author! Americans profitable to ruin Europe. And remove the competitor and strengthen the dollar. You will not envy Europe, although it is your own fault. Living in loans and for loans is the way to the collapse of both the union and the countries in it! Was Europe civilized again barbaric. Maybe I'm wrong about something!
    1. 755962
      755962 1 June 2012 12: 08
      The dollar, in its capacity as a world reserve currency, is a source of power for Washington. It allows Washington to control the international payment system and exclude from the financial system those countries that do not want to play by its rules. This provision allows Washington to print money to pay bills, buy cooperation with foreign governments or finance the opposition in countries whose government cannot be bought - in Iran, Russia or China. If the dollar were not a global reserve currency and really reflected its true value based on American debt and an overtime printing press, Washington’s power would have decreased significantly. As the dollar declines, the interest rate will rise and bond prices will collapse. Anyone looking for security in US bonds will be busted.
      1. Drednout
        Drednout 1 June 2012 17: 12
        Andrei Mironov also sang songs about Amerov - like this - "All covered with greenery, absolutely all ..." They have bad luck. And we have already gone through all the most difficult moments and have immunity. What infuriates the savages is most of all.
    2. Churchill
      Churchill 1 June 2012 12: 24
      What is the European Union - the home of the elderly midgets! Plus France and Germany! France is a bisexual creature, but Germany is a serious thing, and it is the Anglo-Americans who are most concerned about it. The Germans will give preference to a tough and independent chancellor with clearly expressed imperial ambitions. German vassal obedience is a thing of the past. And it will be a new center of power on the European continent that will not dance to the overseas saxophone. It’s profitable for us. Share with the Germans we have nothing. But the union of Russia and Germany is already a completely different alignment in the world.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 1 June 2012 12: 36
        I do not agree, Greece was taken not for economic, but for political reasons. Like many others, the result is on the face. The collapse of the euro will not save America, but will destroy the dollar. American banks hold not small stocks of Eurobonds of different countries. The euro will collapse, not the dollar will collapse, America itself will collapse.
      2. tronin.maxim
        tronin.maxim 1 June 2012 12: 36
        Quote: Churchill
        .We have nothing to share with the Germans.

        Do you think they forgot the former Kenegsberg?
      3. vorobey
        vorobey 1 June 2012 12: 38
        sir Winston, we approach this
      4. AK-74-1
        AK-74-1 1 June 2012 12: 42
        I am also for the union of Germany and Russia. This union will give a lot to our countries. However, there are many difficulties. The EU is being split not only financially, but also geopolitically, separating "Old Europe" from "New". An artificial buffer is being built from stillborn state entities: Poland, the Baltic states and the Balkans, which create enormous difficulties on the path of real integration of Russia and Germany. Moreover, these territories are used to create controlled chaos and project conflicts at the borders.
        1. Fox 070
          Fox 070 2 June 2012 04: 48
          Quote: AK-74-1
          An artificial buffer is being built from stillborn state formations: Poland, Trans-Baltic and the Balkans,

          You are right, Andrei, but these "countries" are no stranger to being a buffer zone. In the days of the USSR, they performed exactly the same function and coped with their role very well. True, now they still have the role of "sent Cossacks" - for the money of the United States, they bring instability to the European Union, i.e. to the house where they live. I would also like the ties between Germany and Russia to be not only of a dense economic nature, but also to represent closer political interaction to resolve issues in the international arena. Russia, in my opinion, is ready for this, it's up to Germany.
      5. Vanek
        Vanek 1 June 2012 12: 58
        Quote: Churchill
        union of Russia and Germany

        But I am against it. Two grandfathers stayed there. Yes, and I do not really like gamepads.
        1. Bashkaus
          Bashkaus 1 June 2012 17: 50
          My grandfather also defended Sevastopol, my grandmother lived on the blockade from A to Z. There were a lot of horrors. But do not forget that we are Russian, Orthodox people, and this means that we have one step from love to hate. The enemy will come to the doorstep, and will perish by the sword, and when he perishes, the scores are settled, the vanquished are also people, which means you must be able to forgive, you must be able to build everything from a new sheet, and not rattle like 500 years later Poland.
          1. vladimir64ss
            vladimir64ss 1 June 2012 18: 31
            Quote: Bashkaus
            instead of ratting then about 500 years like Poland.

            Well said. We will strengthen our power, many will reach us.
            1. Fox 070
              Fox 070 2 June 2012 04: 51
              Quote: vladimir64ss
              , many will reach us.

              So already starting to reach. The process, as they say, has begun.
          2. pribolt
            pribolt 2 June 2012 02: 04
            I support Bashkaus, I also have a grandmother blockade from A to Z lived. And so you need to be able to forgive good
        2. Jaromir
          Jaromir 1 June 2012 19: 56
          Quote: Vanek
          But I am against it. Two grandfathers stayed there

          Well, they also raked a little! This is not about bosom friendship, but about business cooperation. And if we do not pull it to our side, the Americans will start to set them on us again, and then everything will go into the process, and the Reichstag, and Stalingrad, and the total rape of Germany by the Red Army , from 6 to 80 years inclusive.
        3. Cynic
          Cynic 2 June 2012 19: 35
          Quote: Vanek
          And here I am against

          Yes, many who are against.
          But one has only to think: Why are the two most powerful states of Europe proper butting for centuries?
          But thanks to only these wars, Europe as such is.
          Agree, in due time, at least Kaiser Germany with tsarist Russia and all. Game over .
          But in fact, one regretted to give a couple of the three colonies to an affiliate to give, the other was bred with beautiful promises about the Bosphorus, Dardanelles and those same colonies.
          ResultFirst World.
          And after the First World War?
          Here, many are aware of the places where the German generals received military education, and from where and whose equipment helped to carry out industrialization.
          Then, at the states that rose to their feet, the leaders did not divide the sphere of influence.
          The result is World War II.
      6. Cadet787
        Cadet787 1 June 2012 13: 47
        It’s time for European politicians to take a sober look at the situation in the world, today there are more points of contact between the states of Europe and Russia than with the United States. If, for example, the efforts of Germany and Russia are combined, and the rest are pulled up to them, there will be no stronger union in the world economically and militarily. This is perfectly understood by the podos and are trying in every possible way to drag Germany into their adventures. The Anglo-Saxons were always afraid of the union of Germany and Russia, in every possible way pitting among themselves and not without success. Maybe the time has come to overestimate the political situation, to all parties, the world would only benefit from this.
      7. sergskak
        sergskak 1 June 2012 13: 51
        Quote: Churchill
        union of Russia and Germany

        This really brought and can bring positive results, although at all times such a "friendship" ended in a grandiose pi ..., excuse me, a fight, either because of our overly gullibility, or because of the excessively high imperial ambitions of Germany. flirt (adjusted for history), those devils.
      8. Bashkaus
        Bashkaus 1 June 2012 17: 46
        I also sincerely hope that both the Fryans and the Russians have learned the lessons that the English speakers taught us. We fought twice, knew each other well, we are wonderful warriors, both they and we. I would like to drink a schnapps with them on a brudershaft with vodka, talk heart to heart ... And there they say: when there is agreement in friends, someone else will grab in the face ...
    3. Ataturk
      Ataturk 1 June 2012 12: 48
      Sorry, but you write nonsense.

      Not everyone in Europe uses EURO; this is one caveat.
      If you fail the Euro, the dollar will fall because many companies in Europe are owned by the Americans.
      And if the dollar falls, then both China and Russia will fall. Since the money reserve in the bucks is kept.

      Barbarians are not Europeans but those who rule Europeans
      1. vladimir64ss
        vladimir64ss 2 June 2012 21: 54
        Sorry, but you write nonsense.
        Of course, it’s hard for you to understand. The power of Russian civilization is in the Spirit, not in money. And if our rulers can reorient the economy to the domestic market, then the devil himself is not afraid of us.
    4. timurpl
      timurpl 1 June 2012 21: 14
      - We must end with the Anglo-Saxons !!! and act with their own weapons, to help there the Mexes, Indians, Texans finally self-determine ... ready for a good deed even to chip in!
  2. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 1 June 2012 11: 27
    wait and see, but the European Union is not our ally either, its destruction is possible, as well as the destruction of the United States, and it’s out that the Scotlans are stirred. We should by and large not give a damn about it, we need to take care of ourselves!
  3. Vanek
    Vanek 1 June 2012 11: 29
    And Europeans are Europeans
    Everyone jumps and jumps.
    They die a hundred times
    And rise again
    And Russian ambulans, amballas
    Everyone is sleeping in a sweet hibernation
    Then how they get up, how they get up,
    Yes how sober Europeans-Europeans!

    And a terrible Russian renaissance will break out!

    And democrats are democrats
    All the blood and whining
    And everyone went crazy
    Very stunned ..
    And Russian ambulans, amballas
    Everyone feeds these reptiles,
    Then all of a sudden they’ll give up, like they’ll give up
    How democrats-democrats will be killed!

    And a terrible Russian renaissance will break out!

    And urlans-urlans
    Everybody drinks port and vodka
    Everyone hits each other’s faces ..
    Then all of a sudden they’ll give up, like they’ll give up
    And how they will come up with their own way!

    And a terrible Russian renaissance will break out!
    And a terrible Russian renaissance will break out!
  4. andrey586
    andrey586 1 June 2012 11: 32
    European puppets themselves are to blame for the situation, they put their own boshko in a loop that is now beginning to drag out. You have to live with your own head
  5. Deniska999
    Deniska999 1 June 2012 11: 32
    The European Union itself will soon fall apart.
    1. Svistoplyaskov
      Svistoplyaskov 1 June 2012 11: 39
      When the EU-France falls apart, Germany will immediately unite. And then England will piss bile.
      1. vorobey
        vorobey 1 June 2012 11: 43
        France with Germany? I doubt it, I doubt it
  6. vorobey
    vorobey 1 June 2012 11: 35
    Now, I think, full clarity has come for those who were a little earlier perplexed: and why the UK, which is part of all European structures, has not refused its pound ... Quotation from the article.

    I asked this question a little earlier here on the forum, and who else would argue that Britain is a gray cardinal, and the states are just a tool. (customer and contractor.)

    And the Britons tried to get control over Russia even earlier when they tried to make friends with Ivan the Terrible.
  7. sergeant1973
    sergeant1973 1 June 2012 11: 36
    Yes, and the United States would not hurt to fall apart
  8. neri73-r
    neri73-r 1 June 2012 11: 38
    I didn’t refuse, because the Anglo-Saxons have a well-thought-out ideology and plan for the centuries ahead! Either they must be destroyed in one fell swoop and lowered into the feudal system, or they themselves must think through a strategy for centuries ahead, taking into account the confrontation with the Anglo-Saxon system!
    1. Srgsoap
      Srgsoap 1 June 2012 15: 52
      I agree completely, for this it is enough to take a look at the dollar bill, solid Masonic symbolism.
      Here are some links on this topic.
      inscription under the pyramid:
      NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM - “the new sacred order”.
  9. Great RUSSIA
    Great RUSSIA 1 June 2012 11: 49
    Well, excuse me, of course, but it is important for us as well as the Anglo-Saxons that the European Union is dead and that even more than these Anglo-Saxons will profit from its fragments. Apparently, all of you, history does not teach anything anyway, because if the European Union is powerful, then the influence and power of Berlin will increase every day. But we know what the world's strongest Germany and weakened Russia are leading to - a great massacre. And indeed there is no such force in the world as Europe, because this center of power is divided into at least 3 camps. In general, you can continue and continue
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 1 June 2012 12: 02
      Let me disagree min hertz. It happens to communicate with the Germans sometimes. Since 45, much has changed and it is unlikely that the Germans will once again get to us for gingerbread. Strengths are not that wrong. there aren’t enough resources, and they made this clear conclusion. By the way, Paulus warned of this even before the start of the war, even summing up the satellite’s resources. The United States and Britain do not threaten anything except our Club in the form of a triad. The island and the mainland, far from us, must go all over Europe and cross the English Channel or the Atlantic.
      1. Great RUSSIA
        Great RUSSIA 1 June 2012 12: 18
        ordinary people do not want war, yes! But in Germany, and in Russia, and in the USA there are people who crave her and should she come to power when all the trouble begins, in one country these people came and this idea acquired a systematic order, who knows, maybe in 10 years we will become it’s the most global hegemon in our country, since our people have imperial ways and a great desire to regain the status of a superpower and control the whole world, I’ll tell you all 100%, here on this site there are a lot of people against the USA, but if they are invited to make the world unipolar and was ruled by Russia, they would not soon agree, as well as I did. I think that it’s already in the subconscious, or rather, to overthrow the tsar (USA) from the throne and sit there ourselves, it was so, it will be so!
    2. VEKT
      VEKT 1 June 2012 12: 33
      The European Union will die or not, by and large, the fifth case, we can quickly profit from it. Europe is in the orbit of the influence of the Americans and they will not let us go there. And given what fifth column of the pro-American sense sits in our country's leadership, even if we have such an opportunity, we will not use it.
      1. Great RUSSIA
        Great RUSSIA 1 June 2012 12: 53
        You have heard enough of Zhirinovsky, there is a fifth column, but it is not powerful and not strong to obstruct. Well let's name the people who are in the fifth column.
        1. VEKT
          VEKT 1 June 2012 13: 28
          It is powerful enough to lobby the interests of forces far from friendly to Russia. a vivid example of entry into the WTO. What do you think, how useful can joining this organization bring to us, if raw materials prevail in our export structure and finished products import. This is tantamount to destroying the remnants of industry. As for names, take a look at the previous government. Khristenko, Nabiulina, Kudrin. And people from the 90s. Chubais and Kiriyenko governing state corporations. Education ministers that previous that the current are generally enemies of the people. About the Minister of Defense who strives to merge our defense industry, I generally keep quiet.
          1. Great RUSSIA
            Great RUSSIA 1 June 2012 13: 47
            I don’t agree about Kudrin and the Minister of Defense, these are Putin’s people, Kudrin has his own opinion about some issues, and the Minister of Defense just doesn’t speak beautifully and does his job well, that’s all, well, a man cannot put himself in bright color if to compare it with its predecessor, then it manifests itself much better. Chubais is also not from this column, this is a separate issue, or rather be a schemer, a bribe taker, well, in general, a person who thinks about his wallet, we have a lot of such people. I am not an economist, I just started to learn the basics of this science, but you probably, like many people, have heard that all the time 50 and 50 are in disputes, and all this is said by smart people. Our economists are far from fools, so there are reasons, you think that this will definitely destroy our industry, do not draw conclusions in advance. By the way, you also said that this column was powerful enough to lobby the interests of Russia, I will tell you no! We have one president who has unlimited power, what are you talking about ??
  10. volcano
    volcano 1 June 2012 11: 57
    Thank you for the article. I support and plus.
    The point about Olive Oil is quite right. This is Greek "oil", so they used the technique that destroyed the USSR (everyone remembers the collusion of OPEC and the collapse of oil prices, according to the Amer's installation, and as a result, the collapse of the economy and the collapse of the USSR).
    Regarding the destruction of the EU, this is also true. Amers do not need rivals.
    Well, the last. It is the Anglo-Saxons who have been exerting all their efforts for more than 100 years in order to push the two most powerful countries of continental Europe, Russia and Germany. For I will not tire of repeating that the true alliance of these two countries is able to withstand anyone, and in any field (financial, political, economic and military). Therefore, we are always faced and we always fight.
    When, finally, we break the vicious tradition. (As soon as Russia or Germany gain strength, the Anglo-Saxons by hook or by crook manage to pit them and bring the matter to war). And they themselves while smoking on the sidelines and chuckling ..... Oh, I forgot, still fill their pockets.
    1. illarion
      illarion 1 June 2012 12: 36
      How to raise oil prices and reduce its supply to the world market? If, by chance, an Iranian oil tanker is flooded in the narrowest spot of the Strait of Hormuz, the remains of an American torpedo are found and corpses (preferably from a morgue) are floated, then work to deactivate the navigation area, booms, search for victims will deprive Arab despots of the opportunity for a long time sell oil on the market. I am sure that this will immediately reduce the ambition.
  11. bubla5
    bubla5 1 June 2012 11: 58
    Sorry, but if I do not approve of the policy of Putin and EP against unfair elections, then what do I and others like them rank as adherents of the West or something, nonsense
  12. LiRoy
    LiRoy 1 June 2012 11: 58
    Most of all in the European Union, the Germans were "lucky", who hunchback there for all in three deaths. And the most cunning are the British, who did not fully become the European Union.
  13. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 1 June 2012 12: 53
    The only thing that scared and made me happy at the same time was the situation in the United States itself. It seems that the local elites began to be late in the implementation of actions to serve the world oligarchic clans. This is expressed in 3 interesting things:
    a decrease in the officially recognized elite of the usa white population;
    constant growth in the number of migrants;
    lack of initiatives to use weapons against Syria without a UN mandate, as was the case in Iraq.
    I am glad because the "road map" of the Anglo-Saxons is starting to slip. It is upsetting because controlled chaos can become "wildly uncontrollable".
    1. vorobey
      vorobey 1 June 2012 13: 13
      That's right. Chaos theory implies this. That is, there are certain models of chaos that under certain conditions can find the order you are striving for, but there are some which, when they arise, produce the opposite effect.
  14. sw0i
    sw0i 1 June 2012 12: 58
    Quote: bubla5
    Sorry, but if I do not approve of the policy of Putin and EP against unfair elections, then what do I and others like them rank as adherents of the West or something, nonsense

    I'm not sorry. Is there evidence that they are not honest? If there is one, if you don’t sit and tryndim. The herd may be ill for the idea, but the shepherds do their job for the money
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 1 June 2012 21: 28
  15. 8 company
    8 company 1 June 2012 13: 17
    The author writes that the Anglo-Saxons want to destroy the European Union. Reason: scare China. Logic is brilliance! )))
    The author, burn your car in the yard, let all the neighbors know that you are an inadequate person and are afraid of you, but what if you burn their cars too)))
  16. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 1 June 2012 13: 27
    Anglo-Saxons destroy the EU precisely because the long-term goal of this strategy is China. Deindustrialized Europe is a market for China.
    And there was an analyst on lending in Europe
    printing campaigns of your own Euro money becomes an expensive pleasure, or a way of buying the remnants of the real sector.
  17. sazhka0
    sazhka0 1 June 2012 13: 55
    If such a wave occurs in Europe, then oil and gas consumption will decrease by several times. And this will inevitably affect Russia, anyway .. And who will be worse off. Because there is nothing more to do to us, there is no production like this like a weapon, but you won’t pay pensions from it ((
    1. Vito
      Vito 1 June 2012 17: 26
      sazhka0 (1)Hello to you.
      Quote: sazhka0
      If such a wave occurs in Europe, then oil and gas consumption will decrease by several times, and this will inevitably affect Russia, whatever one may say.

      Your short, but capacious comment, most of all corresponds to the realities of tomorrow. If the European house goes to the distribution, we will get the most. Our economy continues to rely on revenues from the sale of hydrocarbons. Weapons, but a big plus, but for us this is clearly not enough, and who will need it if the next collapse of the world economy begins. BUT what gnaws at me the most is that the developed EUROPEAN countries will overcome this crisis with the least losses and quickly. HERE TO THE ACCOUNT OF OUR COUNTRY I EVEN DO NOT PREDICT ANY DAY! drinks
      1. sazhka0
        sazhka0 1 June 2012 20: 16
        I'm not a patriot ur. Although a few slogans I can scream .. Screaming the situation can’t change .. Well WHY? I CAN'T BUY A TV, LAPTOP, WASHING MACHINE, RUSSIAN PRODUCTION? OUR OWN TECHNIQUE? Where? Wasn’t that enough for 20 years? If you have enough money to pay off your debts, and still build up .. WHERE ??? The answer is obvious ..
  18. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 1 June 2012 13: 56
    They will fall apart - and we will unite, and everything will fall into place
  19. Born in USSR
    Born in USSR 1 June 2012 13: 56
    Starikov writes the right books, so he has a lot of not only adherents, but also critics. I’ll add on my own that lowering Europe they automatically lower Russia and China, because we are tied to the EU by markets. At the same time, the states are becoming stronger, because speculators are beginning to invest in their debt securities ... Consider all the wrong people and feel good ...
  20. apro
    apro 1 June 2012 14: 07
    A depleted Europe is a bone in the throat of the Anglo-Saxons remember the wars for Napoleon’s Spanish inheritance Germany Caser and Hitler’s Germany was a pan-European project of a nation of pirates and shopkeepers; the curant doesn’t need the EU weak course, but Germany’s money didn’t disrupt economic differences for us the collapse of the EU would be a big nuisance now we we can maneuver and with pi we ourselves will be much more difficult
  21. warrior
    warrior 1 June 2012 14: 07
    Do not forbid to dream beautifully laughing
    Marasmies about the American conspiracy to throw Greece out of the EU and I would not comment on the golden shares of Russia - this is from the field of unscientific fiction.
    Let's start with the facts.
    The USA, the EU, the countries of the British Commonwealth are one economy. Therefore, and only for this, the Greek crisis matters to the United States. Nobody inside this system wants to destroy something or swing a friend’s boat. And also hunting is not for anyone to go out, especially to the Greeks. Slowing the EU economy means all partners lose money. And the main partners are the same USA, China and Russia. Then there are still small partners - Turkey, North Africa, Ukraine, Belarus, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, even South Korea. Alone, it seems to be nothing, but together - it becomes creepy. Imagine that the EU will only implement one of the anti-crisis measures - the devaluation of the euro to nivo share. Tomorrow the euro-sharer is one to one. How much money will lose the budget of Russia in real terms? And private companies? And how will this affect EU exports? How many firms in Japan, Turkey, China, Korea, India will withstand the competition of cheap EU goods? And if Esli, fighting the crisis, the EU will begin to increase import duties? Or stop importing competitive products from the outside?
    The Father of the Türks was right that the letter is louder - to collapse the EU, collapse the USA, collapse the USA, collapse the world economy.
    And you, the golden share is that golden share. Every hour your gold share is worth less and less. sad
    1. Alexei
      Alexei 1 June 2012 14: 16
      You are not a "warrior", you are a "vonik". You are all about the EU, significantly emphasizing that it will drag everyone along ... Russia is not the first time to climb out of the city, but the rest of the handsome men can be admired.
  22. Rebus
    Rebus 1 June 2012 14: 12
    The title of the article is very similar to the saying of Cato the Elder "Carthago delendam esse" (Carthage must be destroyed) laughing
    I do not think that the European Union will break up, for Russia it is not profitable. But its reorganization is inevitable, either they will become a unitary state with a single government, or they will expel outsiders (Greece, Portugal, etc.)
  23. Nursultan
    Nursultan 1 June 2012 15: 28
    Democracy is the worst kind of government, but mankind has come up with nothing better. Cherchel's words
  24. Srgsoap
    Srgsoap 1 June 2012 15: 54
    Read what is written on the dollar bill and everything will become clear!
    All ov policy is stated there.

    NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM - “the new sacred order”.
    1. Rebus
      Rebus 1 June 2012 16: 07
      Novus ordo seclorum (lat.) - literally means "a new order of centuries" or a new world order ...
      1. Srgsoap
        Srgsoap 1 June 2012 16: 25
        This is already particular, the meaning is the same.
        1. Rebus
          Rebus 1 June 2012 16: 34
          I agree, it painfully resembles the motto of the Third Reich ...
  25. warrior
    warrior 1 June 2012 16: 59
    Good, gentlemen, experts. Explain to me, gray, why did British Petroleum announce today that Russia is leaving? They say from a good life.
    And how many more will there be?
    How much will the Russian Federation survive without the EU?
    We will see lol
    1. Rebus
      Rebus 1 June 2012 17: 15
      The answer is, how long will the EU survive without Russia, in particular your Bulgaria?
    2. smile
      smile 1 June 2012 17: 19
      Well, everything, dear great Bulgarian conqueror of everyone and everything, I believed you and understood that Russia will die soon - after all, the most powerful consolidated Europe, unanimously loving herself, who did not even notice some kind of crisis there, turned her impudent red face away from us. .all, how can we, the poor and wretched, live now ... thank you the most honest, knowing the secret, and most importantly, swift messenger of our soon end ... I’ll go order a coffin and cry in the corner ..... but ... maybe the good Bulgarian tanks still deign to ride through our worthless bodies and still introduce us to your holy democratic values, eh? At the same time, you’ll get the shoes out of the closet, and then look at them, go and look at the moth bloodthirsty ... she’s nothing more to eat in Europe .... We beg you, the tundra is big - there’s enough room for you all!
    3. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 1 June 2012 18: 12
      Quote: warrior
      Explain to me, gray, why did British Petroleum announce today that Russia is leaving?

      Now with Exxon Mobil’s love, BP is in disgrace, and she doesn’t leave her, she’s being squeezed out of the Russian market, for certain she can’t say why no one can know this narrow circle of people, but fortune telling, probably relations with England have contributed a bit
  26. Uncle
    Uncle 1 June 2012 18: 34
    Behind a loud heading are the stupid ravings of the unsigned scribbler.
  27. warrior
    warrior 1 June 2012 19: 44
    The idea of ​​squeezing BP out of Russia does not work. BP's investment there is 8 billion shares. Profit net 19 billion shares. The selling price of 25 billion shares. So that they squeezed me out so daily. Nothing will return to Russia from this money - the company is leaving. So this is a damage to Russia - definitely.
    Then Exxon Mobile firm is directly related to the Republican parties of the United States. How shoud I understand this? Vladimir Vladimirovich is betting on Mita Romney in the upcoming presidential election. Believes that with a mad redneck easier to negotiate. It will not stand out, Mitu is God himself a navigator. wassat
    And the EU will hold out. From the 49th to the mid-90s, Europe survived without the hydrocarbons of the USSR. And then their deposits were not so actively developed, VEIs were not, Qatar bred camels alone. And not only resisted, but also won the Cold War and realized the standard wow.
    And at the end, especially Smiley. Which Bulgarian tanks drive you at night, my poor? If you want real nightmares, look at oil prices. Sounds like no? 80's, Reagan’s policy. crying
    1. storm
      storm 1 June 2012 23: 54
      Quote: warrior
      From the 49th to the mid-90s, Europe survived without the hydrocarbons of the USSR.
      "Really? It’s good that not all Bulgarians are like you!"
  28. malera
    malera 1 June 2012 20: 08
    Quote: Alexej
    You are not a "warrior", you are a "vonik". You are all about the EU, significantly emphasizing that it will drag everyone along ... Russia is not the first time to climb out of the city, but the rest of the handsome men can be admired.

    This is coming from you darling. Russia tried to get out of shit many times. Just never got out because of people like you, who have straw instead of brains.
    Dreaming about the collapse of the European Union is insane. Imagine a peasant carrying a potato going to the market and dreaming that that market would burn. IDIOCY.
  29. Van
    Van 1 June 2012 21: 38

    They will fall apart - and we will unite, and everything will fall into place

    That's for sure, and it will end as a happy end. We will live to make good and the West with the EU is not an evil quiet word to remember. laughing
  30. sergo0000
    sergo0000 1 June 2012 22: 01
    Judging by the epaulettes, you are far from a patriot. Read carefully the comments. In my opinion, adequate people here don’t dream at all of the closest neighbor’s burning house. Here they say that Russia is a self-sufficient country and will not die of starvation in case of EU collapse. Crises in Russia, which has not stopped for a century, and it has already become our national fun-to look for a way out. And by the way, we always find, becoming even stronger and richer! And materially and spiritually! And Voynik, my dear colleague, I ask you not to be offended and not to keep evil. Our people very jealous of their motherland. They can sometimes get excited.
  31. sapulid
    sapulid 2 June 2012 00: 53
    Who remembers the words "fingerless impostor" the day before the 1998 default? When will people start counting? If there is something more, then it is cheaper. Dollar-whether, ruble-whether ... The economy, however ...
    The question of the destruction of Europe, raised superficially .... How much reserve Eurobank in dollars? What is the percentage of mutual trade between Europe and the USA in relation to the balance? Maybe there is interpenetration and interchangeability? It’s useful to think with a head, because the rest is for other functions.
  32. sapulid
    sapulid 2 June 2012 01: 11
    Quote: sergo0000

    sergo0000 (1) Yesterday, 22:01 PM
    malera, Judging by the epaulettes, you are far from a patriot. Read carefully the comments. In my opinion, adequate people don’t dream at all of the closest neighbor’s burning house. Here they say that Russia is a self-sufficient country and will not die of starvation in case of EU collapse .Crisis in Russia that has not stopped for centuries, and it has already become our national fun-to look for a way out. And by the way, we always find, becoming even stronger and richer! And materially and spiritually! And Voynik, my dear colleague, I ask you not to be offended and not to keep evil. Our people are very jealous of their motherland. They can get excited sometimes.

    You know, Russia and OUR MOTHERLAND! It’s time to finish the offensive on the rake.
    It is a pity when the degree of Patriotism is judged by country of residence .. Scoop. foreve .. We, the Patriots of Russia, we were born in the USSR and die, spiritually, there. You, young people, do not understand the difference between a Komsomol, an activist who wants to get party benefits and a fnatistic Komsomol member.
    Probably, it is similar to asling of uniaxes and the work of Roshal.
  33. sergo0000
    sergo0000 2 June 2012 06: 46
    Even so, there have always been parasites and drones wishing to create preferences on someone else’s hump. But I was born and raised on socialist ideals and will not deviate from them. But as history has shown, the USSR without Stalin turned out to be unviable. And Chechnya and Ukraine are such sores, that apparently the treatment should have happened only by such radical methods! What did the Ukrainians say they feed the whole of Russia? And now they themselves are on the verge of survival. And the Chechens drafted into the army served worthy of the Soviet rank of soldier. And in general, our vices, our own, did not helped the collapse of the Union !? Loving love and egoism did their dirty deed! And the states only pushed us to this!