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What can a small lie cause?

How many times they tried to convey to the world how rude, more precisely, stupid, our ideological opponents began to work. It was not yet the case that some Russian holiday or an extraordinary event was not marked by such idiotic stuffing. Fake news, as it is now called, lute so that you just wonder.

It is worth noting that all these stuffing are published and voiced in certain media. With its own caste of readers and commentators. The majority of consumers of this “information” perfectly understand its “truthfulness” after the very first reference to the source.

5 November, the country celebrated the 100 anniversary of the creation of military intelligence. And quite openly, let's say, uncharacteristically, by and large.

Agree, the date is really significant, and if so, then it (the date) simply does not have the right to "flash" without compulsory heaping a heap of something from freedom-loving liberals. You want to be noticed - spit in the middle of the wedding cake.

Will notice for sure. More and face nabut. In the information space is also possible. And then everything is beaten. What a no, but fame. Mention on the main information platforms of Russia. And most importantly, in Europe and the USA.

And if the court succeeds in stirring up ... In general, the grace of the grant!

It turned out that there is no need to look for anything. One click, and here it is. The very thing that you need to throw in order to muck the holiday.

In the "Novaya Gazeta" material about the next loss of PMCs Wagner. So, about the losses of the Russian intelligence officers. Or not quite intelligence, but ... In vain, perhaps, half a year in various sources exaggerated the issue of PMCs to Russian intelligence? Now try to prove that they are not scouts.

In order to verify the sources of this information, you do not need to be a hacker. Level "confident user" is enough. Just click on the links and that's it. All история turns into a useful for the bath tree - linden. Although no, you still need to look at the "past merits" of the source. And our source is known - Novaya Gazeta.

Novaya Gazeta refers to the well-known London Human Rights Laboratory in Syria. Paint the merits of this "laboratory" is not worth it. As mentioned earlier about women with a "low social responsibility", there is nowhere to put samples there ... The message dates back to November already 4.

However, as shown by the numerous speeches of our liberals on TV and at rallies, the reports of this particular source for most of the “supporters of freedom” are the ultimate truth.

It is strange that the liberals still do not understand the simple thing. Every performance in the media works against them. You will listen to such a Euroleaf and understand that with these you are definitely not on the way.

However, here our liberals are not original. They are in the "global trend." Most Western politicians in the same way believe this "laboratory" of one person. We live in an era of chronic disbelief in elementary decency and justice. The main thing is to blame. Evidence is not necessary. And so "People shvaet".

Further searches on information resources, especially Arabic-language ones specializing in events in Syria, yielded a completely overwhelming result. Zero! Nothing! For these sources, events passed unnoticed. But there are many serious opponents of the Assad regime. How so?

But the fake “legs” are still there. Jihadist propaganda sites Zaman al-Wasl and Eldorar Alshamia.

So, the message is found. On November 2, according to reports from these two agencies only, the Panorama object, in which the headquarters of the CAA 5 Corps was located, exploded. The explosion killed 6 people from among the staff of the corps. Pay attention to the number 6. The nationality of the officers is not specified.

For some reason, this figure has changed in the message from London, and 11 officers were killed. What is the reason, it is not clear. However, probably, the principle of the Associate Professor from the famous comedy has worked: "The more we surrender, the better."

But "Russian corpses" appeared only in "Novaya". And the PMC Wagner too. At least we did not find other sources.

And now about what really happened. Was there a boy?

So, the explosion, or rather the explosions, were. This is a fact confirmed by many sources. The Panorama object really exists in Deir ez-Zor. It's all.

But there is NO connection between these two events! And here it is worth explaining why.

Panorama is a structure at the entrance to Deir ez-Zor, which offers a beautiful view of the city. Hence the name. By the way, the Syrians call the "Panorama" the symbol of Deir-ez-Zor. Not called, but called. Just because this object is in place. Not blown. Information 146%.

But standing next to the old building of the criminal police of Syria really blew up. And blew up the Syrian experts sappers.

Explosions? Yes, the SAA sappers routinely destroyed IEDs captured from the militants at the demining site in 20 kilometers along highway No. 7 from the city. The fact is that among the trophies of the Syrian army there are a lot of such homemade items. And for the Syrian sappers, their destruction is common.

So in the end it turns out, as in a joke that he did not win, but lost, and not in a lottery, but in cards. And nothing exploded, and no one died, but nonetheless. The fact that another mob of the Russian scouts died, they spoke from the heart.

It is clear that if there is a desire (or it is and is paid for), then sometimes you do not shut up some.

Headquarters 5 CAA Corps? And then what is in Latakia? In general, it is worth a little light about what kind of connection here we have flashed.

In the media, the 5 assault corps spoke at the beginning of 2017. Although the body was officially created in November 2016. This connection is made up entirely of volunteers. It is considered elite in the CAA. The number of approximately 10 000 people. The headquarters of the corps is located in Latakia, and military bases are really scattered from Homa to Palmyra.

The corps consists of several groups of volunteers. “Asad Shield”, “Maarde Forces”, “Victory or Death” ... But only three are considered the best.

"ISIS Hunters" (ISIS or ISIL is prohibited in Russia). Special Forces, consisting of those whose relatives died at the hands of igilovtsev. Fully armed and trained in Russia. It is to this group that the main credit is attributed to the fact that Palmyra was taken in a short time.

What can a small lie cause?

"Tribal Forces". Attack volunteers from Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa and Hasaki. It is they who are ahead of the advancing forces of the SAA. Most of them are Bedouins.

"Baath Brigade". Baath Party members. The group practically does not recede. She is thrown exactly where we need guarantees of retention of a settlement or an object.

Now it becomes clear why the 5-th DShK was chosen. The corps is really a sufficient number of military advisers from our army. Yes, and in parts and divisions they are. No one denies this.

And it is here that interesting questions arise specifically for Novaya Gazeta. I mentioned this above.

About the PMCs of Wagner before the message of this particular source was not mentioned anywhere. And suddenly the name has surfaced. Why did it happen? Or did the authors strongly want this to be so? A dozen extra corpses born in the head of a journalist will not spoil the picture?

Now back to the original sources. Thereby the jihadist propaganda sites Zaman al-Wasl and Eldorar Alshamia. It is reliably known that one of the sources works closely with the Americans. Zaman al-Wasl. This is evident from the materials that are published on their website.

And this is where the question arises for the Russian media. To those who seek to be objective. From whose feed such here appear "news"on the eve of holidays? And is it possible to respect such media after that? Or the worse, the better?

At the beginning of the two thousandth, we witnessed the "correct" work of journalists in Chechnya. When some publications considered it their duty to talk about "freedom fighters". And then throw mud at the Russian soldier or officer. What's this? Repetition?

Russia has changed. We are unhappy with the government. We are unhappy with the president. We are unhappy with the standard of living. We are unhappy with much. And much criticize. We oppose much.

But to criticize the Russian soldier for the fact that he is winning? An adviser for what teaches Syrian soldiers and officers correctly? For dying? This is somehow completely Russian.

Well, not the legislators, we mod in the news circles. And we lose information wars systematically and regularly, especially on foreign territory.

Especially in modern conditions, when many libero-publications we have sobbedly lament about the mockery of freedom of speech and censorship in Russia.

But in this case, censorship would be very helpful, whatever one may say. And then “curved” and set in an awkward way publications that yesterday broadcast on 6-ti (8-mi or 11-ti) of the dead Russian intelligence officers from PMCs (oh, what nonsense!) Would mournfully mourn about the fact that “ An error occurred, we did not check the data, and so on.

In the old days, it was called "responsible for the market." Honestly, it is worthwhile to adopt the methods of those years. And the problem that journalists who shit first and then whine from somewhere from abroad about the absence of freedom of speech in Russia would disappear as such.

And Russian scouts would cease to die in yellow pages.

And we have freedom of speech. Unfortunately sometimes. It remains only to teach (preferably hard) some to answer for their words.

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  1. andrewkor
    andrewkor 8 November 2018 05: 47
    The most opposite in such situations is that people with Russian surnames and names are carriers of such information, although there are enough individuals of a different nationality.
    The bakers are not finished !!!!!
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 8 November 2018 06: 19
      It is strange that the liberals still do not understand the simple thing. Each of their appearances in the media works against them.
      I "yashcheta" that they all perfectly understand, and they act not for the people, but for the "foreign grantmakers" ... they say look, bosses, we are trying!
      1. Pete mitchell
        Pete mitchell 8 November 2018 13: 05
        Do not mind if I rephrase that they all perfectly understand, but for the grandmothers of "zakordonnyh grantavatey" they overload the people with dubious information ... they say, look, bosses, we are trying! In fact, their task is to put doubt in the head, then the same will deepen this doubt, hand out other cookies ..., ahvot you and the "color festival".
        As the author correctly said - one must answer for the bazaar and call for an answer
    2. Finches
      Finches 8 November 2018 06: 40
      The article is correct, but all this is empty. If the children from Wagner go into the office of the editor-in-chief of this lousy newspaper, then in a couple of minutes a completely different article will come out, moreover, the editorial and a huge circulation ... written directly by hand by the editor himself! laughing
      1. Lighten
        Lighten 8 November 2018 19: 07
        That would be to read this article .....
    3. konstantin68
      konstantin68 8 November 2018 08: 10
      I have always said that the commercial component is harmful for our people. Let me explain: as soon as a commercial component "interferes" in any sphere, a complete "zashkvar" begins. For the sake of money / PR / advertising / ratings (underline the necessary), people are ready for literally anything. In this case, we are ready to publish anything, just to read / listen / like, etc. The world has turned upside down.
    4. Machito
      Machito 8 November 2018 09: 42
      The new newspaper is the propaganda tool of the Phasington Regional Committee.
      1. Vladimir 5
        Vladimir 5 8 November 2018 11: 11
        It is written correctly about stuffing lies. It works when there is no truthful and sufficient information, starting from the fact that the Ministry of Defense did not recognize the presence of the Russian PMC in Syria, and there was no information at all. Now "fake" news from ill-wishers has gone. So why is there no objective and truthful information from sources of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, they believe that silence and outright lies will be better ?! If "Wagnerians" or similar PMCs work in Syria, losses are always inevitable, and it is necessary to honor the courageous people who are fighting in the base on the orders of the Ministry of Defense .. It's a shame to bury the heroes secretly and erase the memory of them ...
        1. domokl
          domokl 8 November 2018 11: 16
          Quote: Vladimir 5
          starting from the fact that the Moscow Region did not recognize the presence of PMCs of the Russian Federation in Syria,

          And from what recession should the PMC recognize PMCs? How are Private traders and military related?
          This is exactly the degree of ignorance, which is calculated and stuffing. And talk about the courage and heroism of mercenaries, even Russian, is not the business of the Ministry of Defense and the state in general. Let's call things by their proper names. PMCs are nothing more than mercenaries. People who risk their own lives for money. And they are not particularly worried about other (political, moral and other) problems.
          1. Vladimir 5
            Vladimir 5 8 November 2018 11: 28
            Domokles. You are worse than the "new newspaper". because you know the foundations and reasons for the emergence and formation of PMCs in the Russian Federation. And if you don’t know, so much the worse, there’s nothing to lie so openly. PMCs of the Russian Federation, in the likeness of PMCs of the United States for "unofficial" actions, we have intercourse as always, and the Ministry of Defense has created a similar one to perform the tasks of the Ministry of Defense, (they have a base near the base of the Main Directorate of the Russian Federation and arm mainly the Ministry of Defense), Whom do you want to deceive with the secrets of "polishinel" "... The trouble in Russia is with fools, roads can be built, fools are harder to lime ...
            1. domokl
              domokl 8 November 2018 15: 11
              Intelligence OBS. "Everyone knows" facts are not accepted
        2. turbris
          turbris 10 November 2018 14: 13
          And who needs this truthful information about the presence of PMCs of the Russian Federation in Syria? Normal people understand that such information must be closed, including for the successful work of these guys in Syria. And the heroes are buried, first of all, relatives and comrades, and there is no shame in this. But the desire of some media to ring the whole world about it - or betrayal, or working out the order of Western sponsors.
          1. Vladimir 5
            Vladimir 5 10 November 2018 18: 16
            Until truthfulness and accountability are at the head, until then we will be slaves. pushed and robbed, which in Russia the last centuries and have. Tom and Russia is such as the poet wrote: Farewell to the unwashed Russia, Country of gentlemen, the country of slaves ...
            1. turbris
              turbris 10 November 2018 20: 28
              In military affairs, there is such a thing as misleading the enemy, regarding further actions, and this was used by all military commanders under all rulers. And truthfulness and accountability - it is important when conducting audits. It’s not necessary to weave the phrases of well-known personalities out of business, and if you consider yourself a slave, then this is your right, but do not touch Russia, especially since you are not a poet ....
              1. Vladimir 5
                Vladimir 5 10 November 2018 21: 19
                I remember the USSR, then everything was secret and the main thing was that they secret from their citizens. The results, like Pokryshkin, shot down his Su-2 due to ignorance and secrecy, etc. ... Our secrets are only from our citizens, the enemy is well aware and knows, especially in our time ... The necessary secrets exist, but this is from other areas than PMCs RF .....
  2. Vard
    Vard 8 November 2018 05: 50
    Censorship is not needed .. but that there is no public organization or other state body to file a lawsuit ... A lawsuit of ten million ... What would die from this and an example would deter others from such tricks ...
    1. Soho
      Soho 8 November 2018 06: 16
      but there’s no public organization or other state body to sue ..

      you need a reason to file a claim. For example "unreliable information, defaming ... etc." ... And here you can't even prove whether there was a boy or he still wasn't there. Unfortunately, the scribblers take full advantage of this. Remember the story of Madame E. Vasilyeva (oh, these ladies with that last name), who "buried" the football team in half with the students of the technical school under the guise of Russian military personnel in Donbass?
    2. domokl
      domokl 8 November 2018 06: 23
      laughing I laugh because I filed a lawsuit against Echo of Moscow. Gazprom will pay without peeking. All of these feykometov quite solvent and close to the government sponsors.
      For example, I have not met a Yabloko supporter for a long time. And they are ... gophers ...
      1. FID
        FID 8 November 2018 07: 31
        Quote: domokl
        And they are ... gophers ...

        Entirely and completely .... After all, gophers, they are ...
      2. Cossack 471
        Cossack 471 8 November 2018 09: 11
        Watch the program "Time Will Show" on Channel 1. there one Yabloko always offers to surrender in exchange for lifting the sanctions
    3. oracul
      oracul 8 November 2018 07: 12
      Judging by the behavior of the Western media, censorship is very necessary: ​​in war as in war. Another thing is that it should be very professional and not a copy from the past. Otherwise, the stuffing will not stop, and "military experts" such as, if I am not mistaken, Neelov, who sold secrets to Western intelligence through the Internet, will cause great harm to the country.
    4. Sayan
      Sayan 8 November 2018 08: 15
      We do not have freedom of speech, but permissiveness of the word, so the authors are right - censorship is needed
      1. olimpiada15
        olimpiada15 8 November 2018 13: 41
        Quote: Sayan
        We do not have freedom of speech, but permissiveness of the word, so the authors are right - censorship is needed

        The most accurate comment - permissiveness reigns in the media, making the information field a dump in which it is very difficult to find the truth. Truth and truth are different concepts. There was a drawing of a cylinder in two projections on the site: in one, a circle, in the other a rectangle. The circle and the rectangle correspond to the truth, and the truth is a cylinder. The truth is different, but always remains a part of the truth. Information must always be true, and this is mandatory for all media. Any lie should be punished by loss of license and financially. And this is a state issue, the state is obliged to monitor the veracity of information. And this should not be censorship, for censorship is a one-sided coverage of events: referring to a drawing is always one projection, let’s say only a circle, but about the existence of another projection, not a word. It should not be like that, that is precisely what ruined the USSR when everything was kept silent that did not correspond to officialdom and ended up with the people ceasing to accept official information and completely trusting Western propaganda. The truth was that official information was true, but one-sided, and the western was false, but versatile. And we lost the best that was in the socialist country, and was not in the west. True information is one of the foundations of the state.
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 8 November 2018 06: 14
    What can a small lie cause?
    - Only a huge lie!
  4. Sadko88
    Sadko88 8 November 2018 06: 31
    Russia has changed. We are unhappy with the government. We are unhappy with the president. We are unhappy with the standard of living. We are unhappy with many. And we criticize a lot. We oppose a lot

    Speak for yourself, author. I am pleased with the president soldier otherwise the article is good
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 8 November 2018 06: 45
    The article is correct. One thing I can't understand who the liberals are? .. Did they crawl to us from abroad on the belly ... Or how mushrooms grew, after a rain on Thursday or when a cancer whistled on the mountain ... the so-called liberal environment, there are fewer and fewer "patriarchs", more and more young people .. Maybe this is a product of the system, and a product with a smell, as they say, I will not speak. And lastly, when unpopular laws are adopted, we again scold liberals .. So Liberals have settled in the government and the State Duma? .. Then you come to a strange conclusion, on the one hand, the liberals are celebrating the 100th anniversary of military intelligence, on the other hand, they are pouring a spoonful of tar into a bowl of honey ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 8 November 2018 07: 27
      Quote: parusnik
      One thing I can not understand, who are the liberals? ..

      laughing Google is not banned? Prompts. Type gozman ... Ours, I don’t want to ...
      1. parusnik
        parusnik 8 November 2018 08: 09
        Has he come from abroad?
        1. Boris55
          Boris55 8 November 2018 08: 38
          Quote: parusnik
          Has he come from abroad?

          He is not, but grandmother or grandfather must have arrived in a sealed car.

          Current liberals are the same pro-Westerners in the past suffering from Russophobia (biased, suspicious, hostile, hostile attitude towards Russia, towards Russians), reptiles in front of everything Western and fiercely hating everything Russian.
          1. novel66
            novel66 8 November 2018 10: 22
            an excellent example - Chatsky, in "woe from wits" pinned himself from abroad and taught quite successful people of life. and they used him as an example ...
  6. jonht
    jonht 8 November 2018 06: 48
    Oh, for a long time there were no good articles from these authors, more was needed to warm up society and challenge debates .... This is the same thing, but the main thing is not to go too far ....
    In this case, we have a typical example of how and why the material is presented, and on the other hand, are the authors not doing this in their articles on other topics? Also, except that they provide true information, but in the light they need ... That's why they are journalists ...
    And so, yes, society should be periodically shaken and slowed down, otherwise we’ll fall asleep, but we don’t need to spread rotterness another point of view ....
  7. Aleks2048
    Aleks2048 8 November 2018 06: 59
    It is necessary to wean journalists from similar methods of freedom of speech of journalists with a hot iron. If the publication reports news or not very news that does not correspond to reality and it doesn’t matter that it is served under the sauce of a certain informed source (often not called) or under the sauce that the journalist expresses a phrase like all foolishness, etc. etc. it should work, in addition, the publication publishes at its own expense a refutation of the system of fines for such amounts that after the third edition it would become bankrupt, and with respect to the journalist his complete ban on working as a journalist in the media registered in the Russian Federation and indeed on conducting journalistic activities on the territory of the Russian Federation under the threat of criminal liability both in relation to the journalist himself and in relation to the publisher who hired him. With regard to foreign media, it is even easier to act as a Mossad in relation to the fascists. I haven’t heard about Charlie Hebdo for a long time, but it would be worth recalling the history of the office of this publication. I think with this approach, much would fall into place.
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 8 November 2018 07: 15
      They have already brought sheep to the office of NG, hinting at who works in this publication. And the newspaper is really too rotten, journalists are trying to pose as "dissidents" of the new formation, focusing exclusively on the west.
  8. rocket757
    rocket757 8 November 2018 07: 21
    Censorship is useless !!! But for nonsense to impose fines, but for every fact !!!
    It’s difficult with bloggers, it’s generally crazy people, without frameworks and concepts, MANY ... figs with them, they themselves will die.
    But the official, registered media put on the counter immediately and tear money for nonsense ... here no sponsors will save, but they will not work for free.
    Only punish ALL, ours and those others !!! No concessions!
  9. Cat Kuzya
    Cat Kuzya 8 November 2018 07: 35
    The author insists on the "lies" of the "liberal press", which allegedly "generates" something there, but for some reason is silent about the same lie of the official, Russian authorities. Really, the author thinks that VO readers are stupid and have already forgotten about "ichtamnet"?
    1. domokl
      domokl 8 November 2018 08: 16
      Quote: Kuzya the Cat
      that VO readers are fools and have already forgotten about "ihtamnet"?

      You are clearly with the army on you ... They really are not there. Instructors and scouts will not be denied. It's about the regular army. The north wind today there no no. His missing
      1. Cat Kuzya
        Cat Kuzya 8 November 2018 08: 57
        And I say - the lie about the "ichtamnet" of the authorities is deeply ingrained in the brains of the "patriots" of "Kisel-Soloviev TV" and it is no better than the one that is attributed to the "liberal" media. An article has just been published, even a link here to VO was made to it, a person writes, having been there (in Syria) Обратите внимание на фото на бронетранспортеры с "ихтамнет", которым "сирийские девчонки строят глазки". wink
        In addition, Shoigu himself said in 2017 that 47 thousand "ichtamnet" had visited Syria, of which 14 thousand were awarded state awards. yes
        1. Cossack 471
          Cossack 471 8 November 2018 09: 19
          CAT KUZYA I was not too lazy to look at the address you provided. and there is Petersburg news and all sorts of nonsense
          1. Snail N9
            Snail N9 8 November 2018 09: 23
            Go to the website of the "Ministry of Defense" - or turn on "Channel One" - there is one truth and reliable, verified information .... and everything else .... well, you understand - "yellow" and "liberal" and "all sorts of nonsense" winked I typed in the link - everything loaded for me. You can type in Google "Syrian girls are making eyes" there are links to the article. By the way, there is even a link to the blog of the author of the article and also photos of Russian "intelligence instructors" on the armor:
            1. Snail N9
              Snail N9 8 November 2018 09: 44
              By the way: I went through all the links that Google gives to the article, and only the one cited by "Kuzya" has all the photographs of the author, and in particular the one where the "Russian armored column" is depicted. In other reprints of the article, this photo is not, and even the entire article is not fully submitted. By the way, this is a very good additional reason to think about who is "lying" ... or something "does not say" ... wink
  10. Boris55
    Boris55 8 November 2018 07: 37
    Quote: A. Staver, R. Skomorokhov
    There was still no case that some Russian holiday or an extraordinary event was not marked by such idiotic throws ...

    Yesterday we celebrated the day of the Great October Socialist Revolution, but what about "our" media? And our media from all the sockets broadcast to us about the parade of the 41st and not a word about what it was dedicated to. It seems that they did not lie, but they did not tell the whole truth.
    Now it will be worse than Faust Goethe.
  11. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 8 November 2018 07: 40
    And we have freedom of speech. Unfortunately sometimes. It remains only to teach (preferably hard) some to answer for their words.

    well, we only have officials who, in the past, are Olympic champions, can poison. And the freedom of speech in the media as a sacred cow is untouchable
  12. Vanek
    Vanek 8 November 2018 07: 42
    5 corps CAA. The explosion killed 6 people from among the staff of the headquarters of the corps. Pay attention to the number 6. The nationality of the officers is not indicated.

    In a message from London, this figure somehow changed, and 11 officers were killed.

    Well, that's right!

    5th building. 6 persons.

    Total 11.

  13. Vanek
    Vanek 8 November 2018 07: 46
    The guys have at least a pair of knee pads.

    Not like the Ukrainians.

    A couple for two.
  14. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 8 November 2018 08: 49
    Probably one of the few articles by Staver and Skomorokhov under which I will subscribe with two hands
  15. AleBors
    AleBors 8 November 2018 10: 41
    "It remains only to teach (preferably tough) some to be responsible for their words." I agree with this 100%. Any freedom to own something (including a word) should be responsible for it. All rights come with responsibilities.
    So it's time for the liberot to call for accountability for the words.
  16. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 8 November 2018 10: 46
    Unfortunately, learning how to answer for your words depends on the fee for those words - pay more and write and say what you need, especially since everyone has their own truth. Sometimes they take big doubts about the most ancient profession and I am more inclined to believe that these are some scribblers and hypocrites, rather than what everyone is used to counting. I welcome the article - I liked it, although it does not resemble the authors.
  17. petrov.valero4k4
    petrov.valero4k4 8 November 2018 11: 11
    Variety does not hurt. It’s a good experience not to eat it all, which seems to be tasty and edible.
  18. Karislav
    Karislav 8 November 2018 12: 57
    the title of the article is super !!! already with the Salisberetskys "the truth" was told, PMCs, etc. according to the list, 2 Ukrainian fighters who were on the screen at the conference of the Ministry of Defense ... disappeared) ...
  19. Karislav
    Karislav 8 November 2018 12: 59
    Everyone understands and lies to each other, even lies in their own kitchen, and even lies to themselves) !!
  20. Larum
    Larum 8 November 2018 13: 54
    No, I haven't heard or read "about the next losses of PMC Wagner." Like many, many others. But I condemn in advance, it seems to be correctly written.

    But personally, I am more interested in the "little truth" about sweet couples, about sips of meldonium, etc.
    Everyone heard about them, but it ended badly ....
  21. Awaz
    Awaz 8 November 2018 20: 07
    so that such moments are not something to exclude, but to change their significance, the authorities themselves need to learn how to honestly and reasonably provide information about the same events in Syria, for example, so that the average person believes more in official statements and not in any NG and other yellow publications.
  22. Turist1996
    Turist1996 10 November 2018 20: 11
    To amputate in court for each such mistake on the finger - immediately the responsibility for the content of the material will appear ..
    I think that the first finger would be enough for most of the so-called "journalists".
  23. zdrastemardaste
    zdrastemardaste 13 November 2018 00: 09
    it’s not a fact that our warriors died there, and as for the Wagnerites, they even wrote about one case in May and didn’t shout especially in the media. freaking out in terms of questions about Syria) and he says it was when our Pindros were destroyed. Here it would be better to discuss the truth or not about our enemies .... surely some people here have friends who are in Syria now