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Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" completes the ship "Vsevolod Bobrov". When is it in operation?

At the shipyard "Severnaya Verf", work continues on the completion of the rear support vessel "Vsevolod Bobrov" of the 23120 project. At present, the ship has two 50 cranes each mounted on a crane, the Military Survey was told in the press service of the PJSC Shipbuilding Plant Severnaya Verf.

Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" completes the ship "Vsevolod Bobrov". When is it in operation?

As reported at the Severnaya Verf shipyard, the ship is currently prepared for tightening the cable with a total length of 175 km, work on which will take 4-5 months, after which the installation of the ship’s electrical systems will begin. The equipment of the premises has been started, the floors are being poured, while on the first and second tier it is already finished. Preparing the installation of furniture.

The mooring tests of the Vsevolod Bobrov logistics support vessel should begin in the spring of 2019, and the crew will move in early summer. Sea trials are scheduled for late summer - in August. According to the plans of the Ministry of Defense, the ship should be handed over the fleet until the end of next year.

The ice-class vessel "Vsevolod Bobrov" was laid in the 2013 year and launched in the 2016. This is the second ship of such a project, being built at the Northern Shipyard, after the head Elbrus and the first serial one.

The 23120 Project Logistics Vessel is intended for the carriage of goods, towing, hydrographic surveys, assistance to ships in distress. The system of dynamic positioning allows you to keep the ship at a given point in all weather conditions. The ship has two electrohydraulic cranes with a load capacity of 50 tons, towing winches with a pull force of 120 and 25 tons, there is a cargo deck of more than 700 square. m. and more. The vessel is multifunctional: it can carry out loading, transportation and transfer of cargo; at the expense of a powerful power plant to tow ships, right up to the aircraft carrier; to participate in rescue operations and provide medical assistance to those in distress (the vessel is equipped with a pressure chamber for decompression); carry out mapping of the bottom topography and search for sunken objects. The hull of the vessel with the ice class ARC4 will allow it to walk in arctic latitudes, overcoming the thickness of the ice in 0,6 m.

Length - 95 m; Width - 22 m; Draft - 9 m; Speed ​​- 18 nodes; Displacement - 9 500 t; Cruising range - 5 000 nautical miles; Autonomy - about 60 days;
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  1. antivirus
    antivirus 29 October 2018 15: 34
    hard to go back to the ocean
    1. Machito
      Machito 29 October 2018 22: 03
      And how much capacity does he have?
      Seriously, Russia has taken up the Arctic.
      1. Angelo Provolone
        Angelo Provolone 30 October 2018 01: 53
        How is this ship and the Arctic connected?
        1. Santa Fe
          Santa Fe 30 October 2018 06: 37
          Quote: antivirus

          hard to go back to the ocean

          What is the ocean? Highly NECESSARY ship? To evil enemies?

          Think about it before nodding your head in time

          Most of the ship updates are related with the construction of ships that are very far from the tasks and needs of military sailors. The Navy is a tool for protecting Russia's interests in the sea. And, no matter what modern "philosophers" say that the fleet begins with tugs and support ships, the Navy is, first of all, warships. It is their quantity and characteristics that determine the potential of any naval forces. <And these ships - no! Instead, they build some kind of disgrace from civilian tugs>

          What is now being built in shipyards under the cover of the Navy rearmament program, for the most part, has nothing to do with the navy. In the current situation, numerous tugs, transports and "oceanographers" can only become an excellent trophy for the enemy.

    KVU-NSVD 29 October 2018 15: 58
    So then an indispensable ship in its multifunctionality, and even an ice class
  3. Ros 56
    Ros 56 29 October 2018 15: 58
    The right ship for our Navy. Slowly recover to spite the thieves.
    GELEZNII_KAPUT 29 October 2018 16: 33
    I wonder what flooded the floors on the ship ?!
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 29 October 2018 17: 54
      And where do they drag 175 kilometers of cable?
      1. Machito
        Machito 29 October 2018 22: 05
        The cable is bred along the premises of the ship to connect electrical equipment.
    2. vladimych
      vladimych 29 October 2018 21: 24
      Just a cement mortar with some kind of additive. Lay linoleum or carpet on top.
  5. NEXUS
    NEXUS 29 October 2018 17: 46
    Displacement of a good destroyer ... I don’t understand why Super Gorshkov is not starting to build that ...
    1. Waldemar
      Waldemar 29 October 2018 22: 41
      Probably the principle of measuring seven times the most important in the construction of such ships. They are expensive after all.
    2. antivirus
      antivirus 30 October 2018 10: 05
      like a jacket I say: there are places on the decks of VESSELS (NOT SHIPS) for missile containers and THIS IS MUCH FOR A PROBLEM COUNTRY, with ... ourselves ... why not enough for us
  6. Waldemar
    Waldemar 29 October 2018 22: 40
    I really hope that Russian shipbuilding will pick up a very high pace, and that Russian enterprises will provide ships with all the necessary aggregates of the highest quality. Amen