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Pershing on duty again in Europe? More champagne glasses for Trump

“Consider this (leaving the INF Treaty) a threat to Russia, China, and anyone. I will not allow anyone to play such toys with the United States”- Donald Trump.

Journalist: “Have you discussed this issue with any of them?”

President of the U.S.A: "And I don’t have to discuss it. I’m just breaking the agreement."

Pershing on duty again in Europe? More champagne glasses for Trump

This piece of an interview with American journalists "on their feet" with Donald Trump in his program "Agitprop" was used by the TV host Konstantin Semin.

According to Constantine, the major world media outlets (first of all, the American ones) actually ignored Trump’s decision, which finally undermines the entire world order. Editorials are busy reporting on migrants from Honduras, about the sales season in the USA, about the release of the new product Apple, etc. One gets the impression that the so-called international community simply does not care that the decision of Washington brings the world to the terrifying reality of a big war and to a new arms race.

Today, Europe is again turning into one big target. After all, the United States clearly will not give up ideas on the deployment of SMD missiles precisely on the European continent.

The answer of John Bolton to the question of Sergey Brilev about whether the United States is going to deploy medium- and short-range missiles in Europe, turning Europe into a target, was openly anti-Russian.

Bolton shifted responsibility to Russia, saying that Russian ballistic missiles "are already in Europe." This is about Iskander OTRK, the missiles of which, as they continue to say in Washington, have a range of over 500 km.

The Americans needed a reason, and they found it.

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Wikipedia, Russia24

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 29 October 2018 05: 19
    Oh yes, now it only remains to remember who drank champagne for the health or victory of "our" agent, and who clapped them to the senators there.
    Real assessments will come later, but for now it’s time to have fun, anathema to betray to everyone ..... who were happy!
    1. Evil543
      Evil543 29 October 2018 09: 03
      List all, please. And I remembered Zhirinovsky and by the way he does not seem to be on the sanction lists. Coincidence?
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 29 October 2018 10: 30
        Quote: Evil543
        List all, please. And I remembered Zhirinovsky and by the way he does not seem to be on the sanction lists. Coincidence?

        Why make a long conduit? It’s easier to remember, decide who didn’t drink and didn’t clap ???
        Lists are so super short!
    2. Machito
      Machito 29 October 2018 11: 13
      Masks are reset. You are only to blame for what we want to eat. The Hundred Years War is bullshit. We fought three hundred years for our independence, and maybe more. From childhood I was prepared for war with America, and then the traitor Gorbachev came and sold the conquests of our ancestors. This time we will be smarter and win.
      The enemy will be defeated! Victory will be ours!
    3. sentaniel
      sentaniel 1 November 2018 10: 29
      Some consider this treaty as an act of surrender of the USSR. Why? Look at the number of medium-range missiles in the USSR at that time and in NATO. So you cheat Trump's "agent" early :)
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 1 November 2018 11: 00
        They rated it on their .... understanding.
        And now, the (alleged) deployment is a lot of dangerous, in its proximity to our borders, a certain number of nuclear missiles, will this be in our security?
  2. Vard
    Vard 29 October 2018 05: 21
    Any stick has two ends ... Medium-range missiles aimed at Europe ... What a joke ... let him not sleep now ...
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 29 October 2018 06: 10
      Medium-range missiles aimed at Europe ...

      It’s bad that it’s not the USA ... after all, we will suffer first afterwards EUROPE and the USA expects to sit out as always behind a puddle.
      An unequal situation ... unfortunately, CUBA will not allow us to deploy short- and medium-range missiles on its territory as opposed to the United States.
      Closer to the United States does not get close.
      1. Jerk
        Jerk 29 October 2018 06: 25
        In the event of a nuclear war, the ICBMs will start, no one will be able to sit out. You don’t see one simple thing - the United States has * produced its own ICBMs and nuclear weapons, the potential must somehow be maintained at a level. And there is only one option - to cannibalize what is in stock, reducing the charge power. Tactical nuclear weapons do. And he does not need strategic delivery vehicles.
        Trump is simply trying to pretend that he can do something. Purely populist move. In fact, Poseidon, the Dagger and the new ICBMs of the Russian Federation object to him - NOTHING. This is a pure public game, and as you can see - the public is pecking. Populism - he is such an ass ...
        1. Same lech
          Same lech 29 October 2018 06: 37
          In fact, Poseidon, the Dagger and the new ICBMs of the Russian Federation object to him - NOTHING.

          Even an arms race in space?
          Yes, while the Americans are out in the ICBM and nuclear weapons ... I think they will increase their armament precisely in Space in the long run ... wait and see .. while it is difficult to draw serious conclusions based on the populist statements of TRUMP.
      2. Machito
        Machito 29 October 2018 11: 18
        We are starting to supply arms to Cuba. Isn't it time to open a military base there against North Korea? And to supply missiles, such as anti-aircraft "Kolibri". And then suddenly the DPRK missiles missiles past the states on our base. We rockets yak sausages spank.
  3. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 29 October 2018 09: 37
    If Russia officially (and not like at the summit) declares that all Pershing and missile defense launchers will be taken under control and any unauthorized launch will lead to the automatic destruction of all installations and military facilities throughout Europe. I wonder if the European countries and their peoples will agree with this? Well, why not - we are talking about survival and if we die together! But at the same time, the territory of the United States will be destroyed along with its eight hundred military bases.
    1. asv363
      asv363 31 October 2018 00: 50
      Quote: bratchanin3
      But at the same time, the territory of the United States will be destroyed along with its eight hundred military bases.

      We have already reduced our strategic nuclear forces and tactical nuclear weapons so much that we can’t even talk about any 800 bases.
  4. Waldemar
    Waldemar 29 October 2018 10: 57
    Such things are called not an excuse, but an excuse. Found an excuse
  5. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 30 October 2018 22: 01
    Tram pam pam ...
  6. Forever so
    Forever so 1 November 2018 16: 44
    According to the plan of the world government, which supposedly does not exist, but their plans exist and are being implemented. So, according to the plan of the world government, a war of migrants and people should begin in geyrops, in contrast to their governments, who do not want to become slaves of the newly-minted sheikhs. Migrants have already been brought in, now the Judeo-Anglo-Saxon puppeteers are looking forward to the coming to power of nationalist governments, at least in Germany and France. What is already happening slowly. But the final question should be decided by the Russians. This is supposed to hang the blame on them, but all you have to do is shoot from the geyropa with pershing to Russia. And that’s it. After that, the entire instant community will cleanse the Russians with concentrated efforts. The Golden Billion Plan is being implemented and there are no Russians in this Golden Billion. If anyone else does not understand. Neither Medvedev, nor Putin, nor Sechin nor other rear-oriented and tolerant. Or maybe puppeteers will not wait for the maturation of national governments. In general, CARDS HANDED AGAIN. The culprit identified. The recipient of bonuses is already known. In general, either medveputs will lead Russia to a social explosion, which, according to the 1993 constitution, will clear NATO forces, or a computer will fail on Pershing.
  7. Allexxx
    Allexxx 11 November 2018 15: 30
    Does anyone have data on the Pershing flight time from the Kharkov region to Moscow or St. Petersburg?
    She wonders if Russia will have time to say a prayer or go to Paradise without repenting.