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Trump threatened India with C-400 purchase

American President Donald Trump commented on India’s decision to sign a contract for the purchase of five regimental sets of C-400 air defense systems from Russia. Recall that the signing of a contract in the amount of almost 5,5 billion dollars took place during the recent visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to New Delhi.

Trump threatened India with C-400 purchase

According to the President of the United States, he will give an "immediate response to the actions of India."

It should be noted that the CAATSA sanctions package was previously adopted in the United States, whose action Washington intends to distribute to anyone who is ready to buy weapons from Russia or otherwise cooperate in the military-technical sphere. However, later in India they stated that, “in all likelihood,” they agreed with the United States on non-proliferation of the sanction on the C-400 air defense system.

Now, when Trump was asked if he was aware of the fact that the Indian acquisition of the Russian air defense missile systems took place, he said that he was up to date and added:
Soon you will see our reaction. Faster than you think.

This actual threat from Trump has attracted particular attention from Vietnam. The fact is that this country is traditionally one of the most active buyers of Russian weapons. It is for this reason that Hanoi is extremely interested and, at the same time, anxious to see which sanctions measures against India will be taken by the United States of America.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. Fedorov
    Fedorov 11 October 2018 06: 18
    Who else is not under sanctions? All to the garden! smile
    1. Cattani
      Cattani 11 October 2018 07: 01
      Apparently he believed in himself or decided that he had already made America great again, or even more than before.
      1. bessmertniy
        bessmertniy 11 October 2018 09: 57
        By imposing sanctions on others, the States extend them to themselves, as the sanctions mechanism hits the sanctioner like a boomerang.
  2. Rav Rav
    Rav Rav 11 October 2018 06: 25
    Rabies-ridden presidents of the merikatossia wassat fool crying .
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 11 October 2018 06: 34
    Probably, the USA will stop supplying tea with rice ...
    1. bessmertniy
      bessmertniy 11 October 2018 09: 58
      And winter clothes.
  4. GRF
    GRF 11 October 2018 06: 38
    It only remains for the trump to lie on his back and start loudly jerking the legs of the yelling ...
  5. Bull Terrier
    Bull Terrier 11 October 2018 06: 49
    Burns) with one billionth country all that can be spoiled now with the second decided?)))
  6. Tusv
    Tusv 11 October 2018 06: 51
    Lord Almighty. Yes, when the lieutenant colonel Tram announces sanctions to the Ministry of Defense
  7. A good one
    A good one 11 October 2018 06: 53
    Weighed and decided everything, and maybe even easier, just took it and waved it off like a annoying fly. smile
  8. GRF
    GRF 11 October 2018 06: 55
    And where is Vietnam?
    And why only Vietnam?
    Why talk about the threat?

    And why is so little written with such abilities?
  9. asv363
    asv363 11 October 2018 07: 06
    The USA will stop using the services of Indian programmers ?!
  10. Victoria-V
    Victoria-V 11 October 2018 07: 13
    India will pay 15% in advance for the supply of S-400. The rest will go under the Make in India program. So, it is not known who will profit from this ...
    1. Bull Terrier
      Bull Terrier 11 October 2018 07: 29
      Yeah. We will transfer production to India. What else will you anneal?)))
      1. d ^ Amir
        d ^ Amir 11 October 2018 10: 12
        Well, production is not production, BUT ... coarse assembly is very possible ...
        1. Bull Terrier
          Bull Terrier 11 October 2018 10: 14
          coarse-grained it in a sense cases with missiles to the car to fasten?)))
          1. d ^ Amir
            d ^ Amir 11 October 2018 10: 23
            Good afternoon!!!! including... hi
    ANCIENT 11 October 2018 07: 16
    trump will issue a law prohibiting Indians to dance, and will require renaming balllywood to trumpwood wassat
    ANCIENT 11 October 2018 07: 19
    the usa is really greyhound before our eyes. and most importantly, it gets away with it. here is all hope for yellstone ..
  13. HAM
    HAM 11 October 2018 07: 22
    "You will soon see our reaction. Faster than you think."

    Another Twitter-language strike will be struck in India .... North Korea has already been dealt with ...
    1. den3080
      den3080 11 October 2018 08: 32
      A massive twitter hit, as well as carpet fake throwing ... awaits India.
      the world is worried
  14. rocket757
    rocket757 11 October 2018 08: 06
    The striped have a strong power, of course .... only to fight, butting with a much larger part of the world, no less strong, you know it looks like a madhouse!
    However, let's see what happens, from blah blah to real action there is a distance that not everyone decides to go through.
  15. StudentVK
    StudentVK 11 October 2018 09: 59
  16. vvp2412
    vvp2412 11 October 2018 11: 43
    Well, Vietnam is clearly not afraid of the Yankees ...
  17. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 11 October 2018 12: 57
    Then the Americans will lose the Indian arms market altogether .... and Trump, though a showman, is, above all, a businessman ....
    1. Kent0001
      Kent0001 11 October 2018 13: 16
      Trump is first and foremost a puppet ....
    2. Timtam
      Timtam 11 October 2018 15: 21
      Quote: Alexey-74
      Then the Americans will lose the Indian arms market altogether.
      Well, tady you nech bayat.
  18. CHeroBu4ok (BLR)
    CHeroBu4ok (BLR) 11 October 2018 17: 18
    And you have sanctions and sanctions for you and here are a few sanctions and still here a few sanctions have not deprived anyone ??? At such a pace, Fushington will remain completely alone although there is no wall with Mexico because he never built, although he could have taken experience from Yatsinyuk
  19. Andrey Ostroushko
    Andrey Ostroushko 12 October 2018 10: 59
    This actually threat from Trump has attracted special attention from Vietnam. Hanoi is extremely interested and at the same time anxious to observe what sanctions measures are being taken against India.

    Since when has Hanoi become anxious to observe a possible US reaction? Probably immediately after 1972, when the Vietnamese drove these sanctioners from their land with sledge rags? Did the author mislead anything or did he forget the story and considers the United States completely invincible? But the Vietnamese do not think so.