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Ukraine turned on self-liquidator: Kiev opened "Hungarian front"

The head of the Ukrainian diplomatic corps, Pavel Klimkin, who has recently become unusually talkative, announced that Transcarpathia is turning into a zone of new conflict and can “follow the path of Donbass”. According to Klimkin, Transcarpathia is “a very risky region in terms of hybrid methods.”

He stressed that the inaction of Kiev in this matter may end up being very expensive. This is also because there are similar risks in other regions, “where there are minorities - the Romanian and Bulgarian communities”.

From the context of the Foreign Minister’s speech, it can be understood that by “actions” that Kiev should carry out, one must understand not the search for a compromise with those living in Transcarpathia, not studying and protecting the needs of national minorities, but repression and suppression.

Ukraine turned on self-liquidator: Kiev opened "Hungarian front"

Proceeding from this, the extra-fractional deputy of Ukraine, BP Viktor Baloga, representing Transcarpathia, said that after the speech, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Klimkin, must be dismissed.

According to the deputy, in Transcarpathia "for centuries they live peacefully, work, make wine, go to visit each other" and ethnic Ukrainians and representatives of national minorities.

“I think Poroshenko should dismiss Klimkin. This is not the level of a diplomat. He will soon agree to the fact that all of us here in Transcarpathia are not Ukrainians in Bukovyna. And all of us, like the Crimean Tatars, need to be taken out somewhere, so as not to prevent them from building an ideal society, ”he said.

It should be noted that the words of Klimkin about the inaction of Kiev are hardly valid, because from Zakarpatye there are reports of harsh sweeps of the Provenger and Ruthenian movements by the Ukrainian special services and the police. Searches and detentions are underway. In particular, the network published a video of the detention of a resident of Transcarpathia with the Hungarian flag, which shows how the SBU officers not only beat the citizen, but also mock at the national symbol of the Hungarians.

And in the early morning of September 22, in the town of Vinogradov in the Transcarpathian region, an explosive device, probably a hand grenade, was thrown into the courtyard of the deputy of the city council, an ethnic Hungarian and a member of the Hungarian movement. The explosion damaged the facade of the house and concrete stairs.

The deputy said that probably the cause of this crime are "political motives".

“I testified to the police. There are three versions. This is all political. I'm interfering with someone, ”said Sidey.

There is reason to believe that this attempt, as well as ongoing detention and searches, is nothing more than a massive campaign of intimidation addressed to the Hungarian minority, as well as other potential “separatists” - Poles living in Ukraine, Romanians, Bulgarians, Slovaks and Czechs.

However, intimidation is not very good: a video appeared on the network in which the residents of Mukachevo in response to the actions of the esbeushnikov mock at the Ukrainian flag.

So the actions of Kiev, which Klimkin advocates, only worsen the situation, heightening tension and mutual claims.

It is believed that the current crisis in Transcarpathia intensified after the video appeared on the network, which captured the receipt of Hungarian passports by Ukrainian citizens at the Hungarian Consulate, the city of Beregovo. Recipients of the Hungarian passport give oath of allegiance to Hungary, and Hungarian diplomats advise to hide the passport from the Ukrainian authorities.

However, this recommendation may simply be related to personal safety considerations.

So, five citizens of Ukraine, who received Hungarian passports in Transcarpathia, have already been included in the proscription lists of the Ukrainian terrorist site “Peacemaker”.

“The first five violators of the Constitution and the Law of Ukraine on Citizenship are fixed in the“ purgatory ”. All data on the presence of these Hungarian citizens of illegal Hungarian citizenship confirmed, "- said in a statement on the site.

Anyway, the video about getting passports that appeared on the network caused a wave of indignation in the nationalist environment and accusations against the SBU for inaction.

So, perhaps, the promulgation of the video with the harsh detention of an activist of the Hungarian movement could be a purposeful “sink” of the SBU, in order to show society its active work on the fight against separatism in Transcarpathia.

By the way, the media claim that Hungary has already issued more than 100 thousands of passports to citizens of Ukraine. Among them are not only ethnic Hungarians, but also Ruthenians and Slovaks who believe that Budapest will be more careful about their rights than Kiev. Among the newly-minted Hungarian citizens there are a lot of Ukrainians, who see in obtaining Hungarian citizenship an opportunity to accomplish their personal European integration.

That is, discrimination of national minorities, the imposition of Ukrainian nationalism as a state ideology and simply uncertainty about the future give rise to the desire of people to protect themselves by preparing a "spare airfield." Plus, the passport of the country, a member of the EU, opens up opportunities for work in the territory of the European Union.

But Kiev reacts to it as usual - with terror. It is obvious that, apart from terror and lies, he has no other tools for building relations with his own citizens.

It would be strange if this situation were not used by the western neighbors of Ukraine, some of whose lands were previously under their sovereignty.

For example, following Hungary, it plans to issue its passports to residents of Transcarpathia, the Czech Republic. This is reported by the Ukrainian edition of “”, indicating that Prague is preparing an amendment to the law, which will allow the descendants of Czechoslovak migrants to obtain Czech citizenship under a simplified procedure.

Ukrainian journalists point out that this will allow many Transcarpathians to apply for Czech citizenship, “since Transcarpathia under the name Subcarpathian Rus was part of Czechoslovakia from 1919 to 1938 years”.

Some territorial expectations are also observed in Poland and Romania. Recently, a member of the Verkhovna Rada, Yevgeny Murayev, on the television channel ZIK, said that people would take advantage of the religious opposition that begins in Ukraine to fulfill their claims. Or, rather, its transition to the hot phase. “If Poroshenko continues his course in the next cadenza, Ukraine as such will not be. Because the last card he began to play is religious, leading to a global catastrophe. Even if some kind of autonomy of the church occurs, it will mean that they will start to take away the churches, which will lead to civil conflicts, ”said the people's deputy.

“I recently returned from Hungary, I was in Poland ... In an informal conversation, Hungarian politicians stated that they believe that this territory will soon become theirs. That the global upheavals that will occur in Ukraine will lead to the fact that the conflict will be comprehensive, and whoever reaches wherever is, its territory will be there. They all claim their historical territory, and this conflict can only be rocked on religious grounds, ”warned Yevgeny Muraev.

Returning to the activity of Pavel Klimkin, it can be noted that he is by no means diplomatic attacks on his neighbors, in fact, unties the hands of Budapest.

Recall that the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry threatened the Hungarian consul with expulsion from Ukraine. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto, commenting on the threats from his Ukrainian counterpart, said Hungary would view the expulsion of its diplomat from Ukraine as an unfriendly gesture from Kiev, which would change relations between the two countries.

At the same time, there is no doubt that the continuation and intensification of repression against the “separatists” in Transcarpathia will not only allow, but simply compel Hungary, and possibly Slovakia, to protect their fellow tribesmen, and now their fellow citizens.

Klimkin assures that Hungary is acting in the interests of Russia. Strange "interest": the territory, part of the population of which are Russian people, give to a country that is a member of NATO!

If, according to the logic of Klimkin, to accept that in the interests of Russia everything that harms Ukraine, then we will have to admit that the Kremlin regime, leading the country to a quick and inevitable death, will serve the Kremlin faithfully.

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  1. Ham
    Ham 25 September 2018 06: 13
    with such "diplomats" as Klimkin, the Sumerian empire will stretch its down flag all over the world !!!
    1. Sergey985
      Sergey985 25 September 2018 06: 44
      What's next? Will start shouting that Russia, with the hands of NATO, is crushing Ukraine? But the Sumerians are on course to join NATO. It turns out that it is necessary to self-destruct. And the pieces of the country in NATO will be. The circle is closed, the outskirts are in alliance.
    2. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 25 September 2018 08: 27
      The collapse of Ukraine as a state is not far off, and such as the degenerate Klimkin contribute in every way to this.
      1. Vend
        Vend 25 September 2018 10: 26
        Quote: Spartanez300
        The collapse of Ukraine as a state is not far off, and such as the degenerate Klimkin contribute in every way to this.

        They carry out the task assigned to them.
  2. Severski
    Severski 25 September 2018 06: 17
    I doubt that the separation of the Ukrainian Church will add a new round in the current war. Nobody will even pickle, for they will automatically be called traitors and spies.
    And I doubt that: SBU is actively working to combat separatism in the Caucasus.
    1. YUG64
      YUG64 25 September 2018 07: 35
      Whether it picks up or not, the question is secondary in this case. But the fact that another line will appear on the body of Ukraine - no, not even a fault, but faults - there is no doubt about that.
  3. Mr Credo
    Mr Credo 25 September 2018 06: 43
    And what will happen if neighboring countries issue passports of their countries to residents of border territories? Will they announce a threat to the lives of their citizens and send their troops to defend them? The Japanese have already defended their citizens in the Far East; the Americans have defended the floor of Mexico in their south. Will the armed derban of Ukraine go?
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 September 2018 07: 05
    The faster this most "democratic" (in the opinion of the Ukrainian authorities) state shrinks to a minimum in its territories, the more painlessly it will disappear from the world map. Only then it will take a long time to clear the manure remaining after this state.
  5. Conductor
    Conductor 25 September 2018 07: 07
    So little by little and pluck hens Ukraine.
  6. German Titov
    German Titov 25 September 2018 07: 07
    "to show the society their active work in the fight against separatism in the Transcaucasus."
    Hurry went to the river, accidentally swallowed a candle. Is it from there? The author was in such a hurry to write something that "Transcaucasia" (where is it?) Gave Ukraine.
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 25 September 2018 07: 10
    USA, work well ... skillfully, competently ... This policy, to untie brooms and break twigs individually, has been tested in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya .. USSR ...
  8. prior
    prior 25 September 2018 07: 12
    Only an "agent of the Kremlin" can destroy Ukraine like Klimkin does.
    And another question: why when dividing the territory of Ukraine offended Belarus and Moldova? Share so share.
  9. aszzz888
    aszzz888 25 September 2018 07: 44
    ... Chugunyak may not hold out until the elections ... and if Transcarpathia breaks out, the end of ukrokakliya will be torn to pieces ...
  10. Vard
    Vard 25 September 2018 08: 00
    I have a friend ... Gagauz ... There it boils so that soon the valve will blow ... And Kiev continues to run along the rake ...
  11. andrewkor
    andrewkor 25 September 2018 08: 04
    It was infa that the "bobiks" from Hungary firmly defended their own in (on) the Ruin from raids by pravosekov during the Maidan. And now the Ukrainians have hooked up the special forces.
    Good for them it will not end, give only a term!
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Kuroneko
    Kuroneko 25 September 2018 08: 37
    One word - Klim Chugunkin. = _ =
  14. Seryozha Timofeev
    Seryozha Timofeev 25 September 2018 08: 38
    Quote: Ham
    with such "diplomats" as Klimkin, the Sumerian empire will stretch its down flag all over the world !!!

    You just offended all the Sumerians) By the way, the Sumerian is a Heumer in Hebrew, which means the Guard. The ancients knew whom and from what the Sumerians guarded.
  15. Seryozha Timofeev
    Seryozha Timofeev 25 September 2018 08: 42
    Quote: prior

    And another question: why when dividing the territory of Ukraine offended Belarus and Moldova? Share so share.

    Everything is changing in this world - people are not! It is hard to imagine how in our century, in our millennium, it is possible that the country will be torn into pieces and torn apart into pieces, like feudal kings once in the Middle Ages ...
    1. prior
      prior 25 September 2018 09: 08
      Once Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin sat down ... and divided Europe and Asia. What is there to represent?
      There is no land, and Ukraine is an artificial entity. She would take up the construction of the state, and she took up the construction of a non-existent history and ideology.
      The time will come when the neighbors of Ukraine will sit down somewhere in the OSCE and pose the question: “How are we going to divide the land that was previously inhabited by the extinct and emigrated“ great Sumerians? ”This is when it becomes clear that Bessarabia is related to Moldova, Polesie to Belarus, Left-Bank Ukraine to Russia, and further down the list ...
      1. Detective
        Detective 25 September 2018 10: 03
        Quote: prior
        It is then that it turns out that Bessarabia is related to Moldova, Polesie to Belarus,

        Belarus to Russia!
  16. Detective
    Detective 25 September 2018 10: 00
    A very correct map is presented in the article! I completely agree!
  17. toha124
    toha124 25 September 2018 16: 12
    We stock up on popcorn. Interesting -
    how our neighbors on the globe will resolve the issue. ATO will not fail. "There are other guys there." They themselves have a revolvert. And not just a revolver. If you joke about the attics ... And if you dig up the gardens ...
  18. vit357
    vit357 25 September 2018 19: 14
    So, perhaps, the publication of a video with harsh detention of an activist of the Hungarian movement could be a deliberate "drain" of the SBU to show society its active work in the fight against separatism in the Caucasus.

    In the Caucasus?)))
  19. Overland whale
    Overland whale 25 September 2018 19: 19
    One of two things - either Muraev is not at all in a tooth of a wheel regarding the places of residence of people professing this or that confession in Ukraine, or the author of the article adds something from himself. Well, how can the fact that the Orthodox Churches argue about their legitimacy affect the withdrawal of Transcarpathia under the jurisdiction of Hungary, if there (in Transcarpathia) live mainly Greek Catholics, as well as parishioners of the UAOC, Protestant Calvinists (Hungarians and Hungarian-speaking gypsies-Lovari) , and the Orthodox parishioners of the UOC-MP are a very small number. If only some next "horror story" about "and what about the Ukrainians" write ...
  20. swyatoslav
    swyatoslav 25 September 2018 22: 06
    Klimkin - keep it up! Give a "hedgehog" to the hohlyatsky presidents!
    Not all the same, to conduct experiments on us ...
    The show must go on!
  21. Lara Croft
    Lara Croft 25 September 2018 22: 37
    Returning to the activity of Pavel Klimkin, it can be noted that he is by no means diplomatic attacks on his neighbors, in fact, unties the hands of Budapest.

    Our guy. And where is UNA-UNSO looking?
    Born December 25, 1967 in Kursk. In 1991 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Department of Aerophysics and Space Research, majoring in applied mathematics and physics
  22. Evil 55
    Evil 55 26 September 2018 02: 31
    Petkin got the parrot already with his equally provocative conversations and Russophobic fabrications ... That's who Joseph Joseph Goebbels uniform would obviously suit.
  23. Keyser soze
    Keyser soze 27 September 2018 17: 42
    Hungarians are only interested in their national interests (as they understood in the European Commission two weeks ago). I accidentally got into Orban’s speech and died with laughter and joy - well, I punished them live.
    They fought with the Turks for 350 years, the first to stand up against the Soviet empire in 1956 with arms and wanted to spit what they wanted in Brussels - Ukrainians would understand in a painful way that it was bad to make jokes with these guys.
  24. gla172
    gla172 29 September 2018 08: 27
    ... This comrades says once again that there is no such country, nation, people-Ukraine (outskirts) ... how much can I say on this subject .... that I also get not Russian, but Pskovich ????. .....