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China is a bigger threat than Russia: Pompeo prioritizes

The seriousness of China’s threat is that over time it will create risks for the economic development of the United States. RIA News Statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

China is a bigger threat than Russia: Pompeo prioritizes

According to Pompeo, Moscow, of course, behaves aggressively, interferes in the American elections, etc. However, Russia under Putin’s leadership remains only a “bully”.

The United States is fighting back and restraining it wherever possible, he told reporters, answering the question of who is most threatening America — Moscow or Beijing.

However, if you analyze the events in the long term, it becomes clear that China’s actions are much more dangerous because they pose a threat to the continued economic growth of the United States, the entire way of life of Americans, the secretary of state explained.

Earlier, the Pentagon, in its new cybersecurity strategy, called Russia and China the main threats to the United States, leading “malicious cyber activities” that carry “unacceptable” risks for Americans.

The Council of Federation, in turn, noted that such statements, spelled out in the new strategy of the US Department of Defense, could become a pretext for large-scale cyber attacks on objects of Russia and China.
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  1. _Kotegpushisteg_
    _Kotegpushisteg_ 20 September 2018 12: 11
    China as a political system is much more stable than the Russian Federation! Firstly, the leadership is wiser by an order of magnitude and secondly, the people as a nation are more homogeneous and with a reliable national idea! without the desire of all Papuans around the world to protect against Western imperialists and feed them at the expense of their own people bully
    1. hrych
      hrych 20 September 2018 13: 07
      Great fallacy
      Quote: _Kotegpushisteg_
      China as a political system is much more stable than the Russian Federation!
      There are such contradictions that you never dreamed of, there is a strong undercover fight, a clan fight, officials are being shot there under the guise of corruption, although they steal from other clans no less. There are Westerners, who are still in the majority, there are Maoists, etc. The village of Dan rules, but it is weakening. Mr. C received great powers, but as a leader no. Who put the dough in American securities, and for a trillion? All these abscesses begin to erupt.
  2. Svarog
    Svarog 20 September 2018 12: 19
    Russia under Putin’s leadership is a bully .. On the whole, I agree ... There is no reason in today's Russia to see a serious competitor when the Russian government and the Central Bank do everything as the United States says, and Nabiulina periodically appears in the United States with a report .. Russia produces nothing that is in demand abroad, except for oil, gas and weapons .. This is where they will limit us. Otherwise, we are not competitors to the United States, but China and the United States seem to have come to my senses late, now it is difficult or even not possible to stop China. And according to this, there will be nothing left for the Americans, how to negotiate with China and be friends against us ..
    1. Romario_Argo
      Romario_Argo 20 September 2018 14: 28
      we will wash the United States with their own blood, very soon (!)
      1. Vladimir 5
        Vladimir 5 20 September 2018 18: 09
        Romario, - You don’t need stupid threats, it’s better to beat the United States peacefully, as China does ... The Russian Federation, as M. Pompeo correctly noted, acts like a small mongrel, barks, but does not bite, that's why they are not afraid. On the contrary, there is less talk, and since it’s good to embed the Israeli Air Force with the S-300, they would stop bombing Syria as well, and they wouldn’t throw our Il ... under the blow of a planned provocation.
  3. Baribal
    Baribal 20 September 2018 12: 20
    In their eyes, the Chinese are well-fed, healthy, patriotic, and in the long term a threat, and we are hungry, sick and evil, and in the long run we will wither ourselves. And our rulers are tightening our belts, but we have a nuclear torpedo and we also have rockets in the cartoon, right up to Florida.
  4. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 20 September 2018 12: 21
    Isn't there too much effort against "just a bully"? And why, then, is there so little against China? Eh no, it doesn't make ends meet (c)
    1. kjhg
      kjhg 20 September 2018 12: 33
      Recently, the United States has introduced hundreds of billions of dollars in duties on imports of Chinese goods.
      1. Knizhnik
        Knizhnik 20 September 2018 13: 58
        But there is no that full-scale information war and the formation of the image of the enemy.
      2. Barzha
        Barzha 20 September 2018 14: 19
        Recently, the United States has introduced hundreds of billions of dollars in duties on imports of Chinese goods.

        And I must say that China is not in the strongest position in this war. This is evidenced by China's retaliatory measures. Look, the US has introduced the first package of increased duties on "some Chinese goods" for $ 20 billion. China responded with the same amount. The second package was $ 40 billion. China responded in a mirror-like manner. The third package of the USA is introduced IMMEDIATELY for $ 200 billion. China only responds $ 60 billion. That's it, China has practically run out of "cartridges". The fact is that the total turnover of the United States and China in 2017 amounted to 600 billion. Of these, 438 billion worth of goods went from China to the United States, and 162 billion from the US to China. The United States has already imposed increased duties on Chinese goods worth 260 billion and it still has a solid margin of safety. And China introduced increased duties by 120 billion. That is. another 40 billion and these duties will affect ALL US imports for China. Including vital articles, such as medicine and pharmaceuticals, as well as mineral fertilizers, etc. China is unlikely to impose increased duties on these things. And the US can still squeeze China.
        1. barsuk
          barsuk 20 September 2018 14: 28
          And the state. bonds for $ 1trn?
    2. Digital error
      Digital error 20 September 2018 13: 09
      Uh, no, the ends don't meet

      Absolutely agree. Russia is a scarecrow for their electorate (the TV must defeat the refrigerator, and Trump must be "upended") and the Congress in order to consistently supply the Pentagon with money. China, sorry, and can answer - and already does. And we continue to "express concern" and "target inflation" for all attacks. As a last resort, we declare a "resolute protest". Alas.
      1. Knizhnik
        Knizhnik 20 September 2018 14: 04
        I respect your desire for self-flagellation, but I disagree. Their gross lies in the media are a double-edged sword, sometimes they have to spend money and "stash" combat losses. Yes, it will not be possible to measure up with sanctions, but the war is not going on in Syria for fun, China, for example, would not have pulled it off.
        1. Digital error
          Digital error 20 September 2018 21: 49
          Self-flagellation is useful if you don’t get carried away winked China just has a different philosophy. Avoiding a clash with great powers does not indicate cowardice, but wisdom, because sacrificing oneself is never an advantage anywhere (c). Sun Tzu, Xnumx BC
      2. Lelek
        Lelek 20 September 2018 17: 08
        Quote: DigitalError
        China, sorry, and can answer - and is already responding.

        Answers. And not only to them (USA), but also to us. The other day in the Chinese media appeared this:

        What is it when against wool?
        1. Digital error
          Digital error 20 September 2018 21: 55
          I have never believed in "forever friendship" with China. For the sake of interest, I was looking for the parameters of a multi-year contract for the supply of gas to China through the Power of Siberia about a year ago. This data is not publicly available. This means that there is something to hide, and China is not an ally to us, as they say on federal TV, but another "partner" who took advantage of the sanctions situation.
  5. Masya masya
    Masya masya 20 September 2018 12: 47
    They started to rustle, they switched to China ... but Russia will not forget one figs, they keep it in mind ...
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 20 September 2018 17: 15
      Quote: Masya Masya
      ... they switched to China ... but Russia will not forget one FIG, they keep in mind ..

      Good evening, Marina.
      They do it one by one in order to drive a wedge between China and the Russian Federation (one week - diarrhea on us, another - on China). But let's be frank - China is still the ONE partner for us, so "anything is possible, anything is possible ...".
  6. naidas
    naidas 20 September 2018 13: 05
    and it’s not too late, while the United States suffered in Russia, China tidied up the world market.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 20 September 2018 13: 11
    Well here are born. And they didn’t think that in doing so they pushed China into full military cooperation with Russia. Russia - China is a big surprise for the United States.
    1. Barzha
      Barzha 20 September 2018 14: 06
      China itself pushed for full military cooperation with Russia.

      The American edition of MSJ has already spoken out on cooperation between Russia and China: "Russia is increasingly reminiscent of the Security Agency under the Chinese capital." Well, well, such cooperation also has a right to exist. IMHO
  8. keeper03
    keeper03 21 September 2018 09: 13
    The whole way of life of Americans - it is life on credit, enslavement and ruin of other countries! Why do we Earthlings such a cancerous tumor ?! No. stop