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The power in Ukraine will be "lying under your feet"

For the first two years after the “euromaidan”, Kiev political analysts vied with each other about the “political birth of the Ukrainian nation, its unity and solidarity”. And for this achievement, in their opinion, the loss of the Crimea and the war in the Donbass is not too big a price. However, time passed, and the enthusiasm for unity and cohesion subsided.

The power in Ukraine will be "lying under your feet"

How could it be otherwise, when not only yesterday's “political fellow travelers” and allies, but also seemingly absolute like-minded people turned out to be in tough confrontation? There were a great many reasons for internal splits and conflicts, from ideological to economic.

But there was no real platform for possible national consolidation and inevitable compromises. First of all, there was no one who was somehow drawn to the role of national leader.

Petro Poroshenko was elected to the presidency as a kind of compromise figure. Yes, for a number of reasons, the radicals almost completely disliked him, but they never constituted the majority of the Ukrainian electorate. For the majority of the country's inhabitants, the “chocolate king” in 2014 seemed moderate against the background of the frightening “revolutionaries”. In addition, his participation in the governments of Yushchenko and Yanukovych seemed to hint at some continuity and the desire for stability, which the majority always craves.

Although Poroshenko disappointed his voters, the complete disintegration, disorganization of Ukraine and its complete immersion in anarchy did not take place in four years. Namely, such a script was drawn by many experts. However, it’s not Poroshenko’s and his team’s merit that’s more than a margin of safety that independent Ukraine inherited from one of the most important provinces of the Soviet Union, which was the Ukrainian SSR.

But, be that as it may, but during his presidency Poroshenko gained almost universal hatred. And his chances of re-election tend to zero. And all his tricks aimed at raising the rating, such as the recent terrorist attack in Donetsk or the spread of a fake about “giving autocephaly”, can only help him to stay in power until the elections.

But the question is that among the potential participants in the upcoming elections there is not a single figure who could get the support of at least a third of the population.

This, in particular, is evidenced by the data of the poll of the Foundation for Democratic Initiatives named after Ilka Kucheriv, which was conducted in Ukraine, the data of which are given by Vesti Ukraine. According to its results, there is not one of the politicians of Ukraine, the confidence of fellow citizens to which would prevail over distrust.

The results show that Yuriy Lutsenko (-78%), Alexander Turchinov (-77%), Andrey Parubiy (-77%), Viktor Medvedchuk (-74%) and Mikhail Saakashvili (-73%) have the lowest balance of trust and distrust. .

Pyotr Poroshenko trust-distrust -68% balance Vitali Klitschko -68%, Oleg Lyashko -68%, Yuriy Boyko -60%, Vladimir Groisman -59%, Vadim Rabinovich -55%, Andrei Garden -51%, Yulia Tymoshenko - 46%.

The confidence-distrust ratings of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (-12%), Vladimir Zelensky (-25%) and Anatoly Gritsenko (-25%) look somewhat better, although, as we see, they are also negative.

Eight percent of Ukrainians see their new leaders Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, six percent of Vladimir Zelensky and Yevgeny Murayev as much. The rest of the respondents found it difficult to answer.

It is unlikely that by the presidential elections in Ukraine, which should take place in March next year, the situation will somehow change, and not only the national leader will appear on the political arena, but at least such a politician whose positive rating will exceed the negative "anti-rating".

And this means that there can be no talk of any credit of national trust, even for a short time.

Of course, the elections will take place sooner or later (unless something happens that will make their conduct irrelevant), and someone from the Ukrainian politic will be “elected” or appointed president. But no technology, no administrative resource will make the “president” elected against the will of the overwhelming majority of citizens (and this is exactly what happens in Ukraine) as a legitimate ruler.

The current balance of popular sympathy, clearly reflected in the data of the poll conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, shows that most of the electorate will be opposed to anyone elected to the presidency.

If we add to this that almost all election campaigns of candidates who have already begun de facto, are built on the principle “vote for me, because everything else is worse”, we can expect streams of dirt and slander. They will pour on all participants in the presidential race, and the "anti-ratings" will become even more.

In order to maintain their control, the United States quite successfully carried out a “rotation of power” according to the principle of a “scapegoat” in dependent countries when all sins are hung on the current government, which is replaced by young and popular (at that time) “reformers”, often with the help of the “color revolution” that continue to pursue the same pro-American course. According to this principle, “castling” took place in Georgia, where the pro-American Shevardnadze was replaced by the pro-American Saakashvili, who then gave way to Georgy Margvelashvili, also under the control of Washington.

Puppets are changing, the course remains the same, and people for some time there is hope for renewal and improvement. Penetration into the power of uncontrollable figures under this scheme becomes unlikely.

However, in Ukraine this method will no longer work - all more or less well-known politicians and media figures are so discredited that not one of them is suitable for the role of leader, even if short-term.

It is noteworthy that political scientists serving the current regime argue that there is nothing to worry about. That free Ukrainians, unlike the “slaves-Muscovites,” do not need a leader, that everyone here is his own pan, that “where there are two Ukrainians, there are three hetmans”. What is in this and the guarantee of stability and strength of Ukraine.

Well, we already passed it. "Poland is in turmoil," they liked to speak in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on the eve of its division.

Regardless of whether a new president will be elected in Ukraine, or Poroshenko, under some pretext, will finally usurp the presidency, the authority of any leadership will not even be zero, but negative.

In the state of such illegitimacy, it is hardly possible to retain power even with the help of terror. Because even in this case, at least some kind of authority and support of at least power structures is necessary.

That is, in the very near future in Ukraine, the authorities will “wallow under their feet,” and everyone will feel like “lifting” them. The result of this state of affairs will not even be the “Afghanization”, but the “somalization” of Ukraine, when the splitting up of the country into areas under the control of certain field commanders or simply “authorities” will begin.

Moreover, such a prospect cannot be considered a failure of Western plans. Recall that George Soros said: "However, Europe will still benefit even if Ukraine will only have a huge ashes littered with a mountain of stinking corpses."

At the same time, he stressed that the weakness of Russia lies in the fact that it still considers the citizens of Ukraine "their".

"Russia will not be able to leave Ukrainians starve to death and freeze to death in the ruins," the financier said.

However, even if the Ukrainians were not considered “their own,” Moscow would not be able to allow the emergence of a “black hole” of terror, chaos and anarchy at its borders. Our country will still have to rake the Ukrainian Augean stables.

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  1. BAI
    BAI 5 September 2018 10: 04
    And his chances of re-election are tending to zero.

    Yeltsin had 2 or 4 percent - re-elected. Why is Poroshenko worse?
    1. Snail N9
      Snail N9 5 September 2018 10: 17
      And also, Ukraine will "soon": "freeze", "die of hunger", "go bankrupt", "empty". "it will cease to exist as a state", "everything will be bought up", etc. (underline the necessary) ..... yes
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 5 September 2018 20: 30
        What did your minister say - out of 52 million of the population, 23 million are left to gain independence !!! So much for the "desolation". Klim Chugunky that bleated - 1 million people a year leave Ukraine !!
    2. Snail N9
      Snail N9 5 September 2018 10: 17
      And also, Ukraine will "soon": "freeze", "die of hunger", "go bankrupt", "empty". "it will cease to exist as a state", "everything will be bought up", etc. (underline the necessary) ..... yes
      1. igorbrsv
        igorbrsv 5 September 2018 11: 51
        You kind of listed everything winked
    3. megavolt823
      megavolt823 5 September 2018 10: 45
      Poroshenko or Putin or Trump can solve only a limited range of issues. All decide the elite of the country. Trading, power, even singing and dancing. The elites by conspiracy and the involvement of Zhukov, removed and put Beria. The one that Lavrentiy, the one that Palych. Khrushchev was discharged a pension. The USSR collapsed. These are the elites who shot Kenadi. They shot Nixon. Well, do you understand the principle? hi
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 5 September 2018 10: 06
    ... the author did not mention the owners unnecessary ... the answer is obvious, as they want in the meritosia - they will put it ...
  3. Loess
    Loess 5 September 2018 10: 11
    At the same time, he emphasized that the weakness of Russia lies in the fact that it still considers the citizens of Ukraine “their own”. “The Russian Federation will not be able to leave Ukrainians starving to death and freeze to death in the ruins,” the financier believes.
    The way it is...
    1. DenZ
      DenZ 5 September 2018 10: 57
      Quote: Less
      The way it is...

      Nonsense. Citizens of Ukraine, first of all, should treat Russia as "their own". Then you can consider them your own. And now some nonsense is happening. in the Crimea, "svoi" in the Donbass are also almost (although not recognized) and in the rest of Ukraine do not care at all. Somehow our government selectively recognizes the citizens of Ukraine as theirs. On a territorial basis, more.
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 5 September 2018 20: 33
        Well, everything is simpler here - now there is a "separation" (almost like a separatist repeat ) Ukrainians. Those who are Russians - go to Russia, those who are Bandera trash - burst into the EU, into Polish toilets and pigsties ... Russia has a task - to wait until the "separation" is over, to "help" the LDNR to exterminate the Nazis and not to let Bandera's henchmen back from the EU who left to work. good
        1. Normal ok
          Normal ok 7 September 2018 11: 18
          Quote: Mih1974
          Those who are Russian - go to Russia, who Bandera trash - break into the EU

          Most Ukrainian Gaster in Russia, - from western and central Ukraine))
          1. Mih1974
            Mih1974 7 September 2018 17: 46
            And on what basis did you classify "the inhabitants of the western regions of Ukraine" not just as Ukrainians, but as a noise and to the full? am You know, "measuring skulls" smacks of fascism. negative A person is determined by neither the place of birth, nor the color of the skin, nor even the words (although this is a separate conversation), but the DEED !! "by their fruits you will know" (c) BYBLE. good
    2. Normal ok
      Normal ok 7 September 2018 11: 20
      Quote: Less
      At the same time, he emphasized that the weakness of Russia lies in the fact that it still considers the citizens of Ukraine “their own”. “The Russian Federation will not be able to leave Ukrainians starving to death and freeze to death in the ruins,” the financier believes.

      It can be seen that Soros is an old senile. The leadership of Russia does not consider even its own citizens, especially the Ukrainians, to be "theirs". Namely, the leadership makes decisions.
  4. Smoked
    Smoked 5 September 2018 10: 14
    The author is a visionary. Underfoot, power was lying in Ukraine in 2014, and now, years later, there is the iron control of the Americans. Between themselves they are allowed to bite at will, but the line that they are shown from the USA, they will observe everything without exception.
    Too late to rake. It wouldn’t happen again, years go by, children with other values ​​are growing up.
    1. megavolt823
      megavolt823 5 September 2018 11: 15
      The author is a dreamer? I do not think so . Maybe he certainly exaggerated one and did not mention the other. 2014 was a coup. Refusal of old power circles. The elite remained in place. Most of the country looked into the future with enthusiasm. It is like the abdication of the king and the interim government. Now many in / on 404, they took off their pink glasses and put on their underpants. That's about like in 1917. hi
    2. Same lech
      Same lech 5 September 2018 11: 25
      years go by, children with other values ​​grow up.

      This is true, the children grow up under the strict supervision of regular followers of Drang NAH OSTEN.

      Many years ago, smart people said that they would try to knock Ukraine out of Russia's influence and use it as a battering ram against it.
      Now this is reality ... the Anglo-Saxons achieved their goal thanks to our sloppiness and naivety.
      1. megavolt823
        megavolt823 5 September 2018 15: 52
        Alexey ! here, many often consider themselves smarter than everyone. They write loudly. + receive. USSR and UKRAINE, not the same thing. Ukraine is several cities with regions in the center of the Ukrainian SSR. Odessa has always been on its mind. Even declared independence in the 1918 year. Moldovan-Romanian for the most part Jewish thinking. And the western territories have always been rich in other values ​​and views. All ages. Eurasia is cut into pieces. Starting from Poland and Finland at the beginning of the 20 century. And continue at the end of the century by the Baltic states, Transcaucasia, western and eastern republics. Reducing Eurasia territorially, and most importantly numerically. Are we on the verge of a big schucher? I do not know . But the process is definitely going on. To argue who sent whom where, when and where. Stupidity. hi
  5. solzh
    solzh 5 September 2018 10: 17
    Russia will not rake any Augean stables in Ukraine. In 2014, our authorities could still influence Ukraine and prevent the pro-fascist junta from coming to power, and they didn’t do it, but now they won’t go to Ukraine and rake something there ... Somehow ...
    1. Igoresha
      Igoresha 5 September 2018 12: 41

      Russia will not rake any Augean stables in Ukraine.

      What do you mean by augean stables, I would like to know?
      The Russian Federation would at least rake it in LNR - this year in Lugansk, for example, they don’t give school uniforms to first-graders (at 15, 16, 17 - they gave out), the children also don’t have money for sanatorium rehabilitation, but then pull Ukraine? Not a senny cap.
      1. Kot_Kuzya
        Kot_Kuzya 5 September 2018 13: 05
        What for? Is LDNR really Russia? With what fright should Russia supply schoolchildren with LDNR uniforms and pay for their sanatorium treatment? Is the USA supplying Ukrainian schoolchildren with uniforms and taking them for free to the resorts of Florida and California?
        1. Igoresha
          Igoresha 5 September 2018 13: 23
          as it should, brewed porridge with the Crimea and Novorossia - please pay, and pays both s / n and the LDNRuvkuyu ​​army contains, and squeezed the children from this year.
          1. Alekseev
            Alekseev 5 September 2018 15: 06
            Quote: Igoresha
            as it should, brewed porridge

            Enemy voice.
            The comrade was not there ... Suffering from inedible porridge brewed by the Russian Federation.
            Russia did not cook porridge, but returned with the full support of the local population, i.e. of the people yes, its original, territory, which turned out, as Comrade used to say. S. Berlusconi, for a number of strange misunderstandings in the composition of the misunderstanding country.
            And also Russia did not allow to burn, as in Odessa, many citizens of Donbass who were not afraid to stand up against the Bandera infection.
            Of course, not all of them were in the Donbass. as an everywhere. Many do not care who and where to kiss, although the banderlog, if only they give the form (and something else).
            And Ukraine with its "our not ours" in its current form is not needed, no one will "rake the Augean stables" there. It should be divided according to the historical principle into a number of non-dangerous peace-loving "krain", otherwise they do not like communists right up to the point of getting in their pants, and their decisions on the territories that they cut to Ukraine are recognized! laughing
            Some of these "krain" - the South-East may eventually join Russia, Galicia by itself, the territory of the former Hetmanate, Kiev - by itself.
            And it will be good for everyone.
        2. Antares
          Antares 5 September 2018 23: 21
          Quote: Kot_Kuzya
          Is the USA supplying Ukrainian schoolchildren with uniforms and taking them for free to the resorts of Florida and California?

          USA does not do this (funds do it)
          Although just recently, 8 Ukrainians went to the USA and even took some places there (1 too) at the Genius Olympics.
          I’ve been looking for the second year I’ve brought gold
          (2017 Kyiv resident Nikolai Ivanchenko for the invention of a special adsorbent for the elimination of oil spills.)
          (2018 Valentin Frechka from Transcarpathian region - technology for making paper from fallen leaves.)
          "Olympiad of geniuses" (GENIUS Olympiad)
      2. solzh
        solzh 5 September 2018 13: 29
        Quote: Igoresha

        What do you mean by augean stables, I would like to know?

        All that is listed and given in the article. I hope you read the article?
        Quote: Igoresha
        Russia, at least in LNR, raked-this year in Lugansk, for example, school uniforms are not given to first-graders

        And in Russia we give first-graders a uniform ??? As far as I know, parents themselves buy a school uniform.
        PS I honestly did not understand your comment ...
        1. Igoresha
          Igoresha 5 September 2018 13: 38
          PS I honestly did not understand your comment ...
          the essence of the comment is that the Russian Federation is cutting financial assistance specifically to the LPR. Relatives complained - this year there were almost no safflowers in music schools, they left. in 17 g were in 18 no.

          And in Russia we give first-graders a uniform ???
          the form was issued in order to give relief to the parents. Otherwise, soon the military will remain in the people's republics. Do not forget about scanty pensions / salaries at Russian prices. Salary of the teacher (end of the 17th year) 3000-4000 rubles.
          1. Kot_Kuzya
            Kot_Kuzya 5 September 2018 20: 30
            why are music schools needed? It’s better to study the Kalashnikov assault rifle and machine gun along with grenades than this useless stutter.
          2. Mih1974
            Mih1974 5 September 2018 20: 40
            For good, you need to take the children from LDNR to Russia, away from the war, to help the troops (missing) so that they break the fascists so that they stop only on the border with Poland. Yes, yes, I propose to fill up with the fascist corpses of the Donbass. And then arrange mass hangings throughout the Shumeria of the Nazis and Bandera. good am . Let LDNR restore order there, even if at gunpoint, and after that it will be possible to take them from the regions to Russia with the sending of the Governor-General. good
      3. KaPToC
        KaPToC 6 September 2018 22: 22
        Quote: Igoresha
        this year in Lugansk, for example, school uniforms are not given to first-graders

        You may be surprised, but first-graders do not give out uniforms everywhere in Russia, we buy them ourselves.
  6. Examenatornick
    Examenatornick 5 September 2018 10: 18
    it’s useless to talk about a choice, how useless to talk about numbers and ratings. The United States fully controls the processes in Ukraine. It will be necessary for another president to put another. For now, Poroshenko will not be needed. The president will be able to blur the eyes of the Americans. He naturally will not allow clashes with Russia and will not agree to this. It is beneficial for him to support the situation of a sluggish armed conflict But the owners then insistently demand real aggressive methods. And he doesn’t have to lose at the moment of everything. Everything depends on the USA.
  7. Kot_Kuzya
    Kot_Kuzya 5 September 2018 10: 23
    However, even if the Ukrainians were not considered “their own,” Moscow would not be able to allow the emergence of a “black hole” of terror, chaos and anarchy at its borders. Our country will still have to rake the Ukrainian Augean stables.
    Ho ho not ha ha? Your lips, you saucepans, need to roll up. You have said so much over the five years of the Maidan, poured out so much mud, killed so many people that very few people consider you "theirs". On the contrary, the collapse of Ukraine is beneficial to Russia, since, on the sly, it is possible to annex Donbass and Novorussia, and completely cut off the remnants of the former Ukraine from the Black Sea. In addition, the Hungarians, Galicia and Volhynia, Poles, Chernivtsi, Romanians can join Transcarpathia. Remaining stubs from several areas will carry weight and danger for Russia, about the same as Georgia today.
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 5 September 2018 10: 30
      Kot_Kuzya (Kuzma Kuzmich) Today, 10:23 AM NEW

      ... On the contrary, the collapse of Ukraine is beneficial to Russia, since it is possible to join Donbass and Novorssia under the guise and completely cut off the remnants of the former Ukraine from the Black Sea. In addition, the Hungarians, Galicia and Volyn Poles, Chernivtsi Romanians can join Transcarpathia. The remaining stub from several regions will carry weight and danger for Russia approximately like today's Georgia.

      ... so this European)) locusts have been at a low start for a long time, they are not waiting for the "face" command and to tear themselves pieces from unnecessary ...
  8. sleeve
    sleeve 5 September 2018 10: 37
    Generally one of the best political "special operations". That is to say, with a guaranteed positive in any case. That the preservation of a controlled or uncontrolled independent collapse, that its elimination is a block on Russia's feet. Well, okay, we'll get over it. Of course, "unfastening" Western Ukraine would be a gift in this situation, but figs with butter-package will be "one" with long-term fuss and screams about "strangling the desire for freedom" in the zapeschine for many decades. Maybe the "brothers of the forest" will be revived (well, the truth is not that time and experience in catching wow). But still and still ... How not to be "sad", and the economic potential is still there in the territories. Yes, there will be a lot of hyper-problematic "objects" like the power system and the GTS, requiring repair and modernization. Yes, tyazhprom will have to be restored at the expense of its own partially and it is hoped that the growth in consumption in this article will not absorb everything. Failure after failure at the start. However, the people there are the people, and with the "mobile head" of the government, one should expect the economy to self-recover within some significant limits. In addition, the "pogrom" of the Maidan has reduced the population, which means that there is less need to restore the working potential in localities (although the level of consumption is also minimal). But the positive will still be visible, and with tight control, it is possible that the recovery period can be compared with the Russian 12-15 years.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 5 September 2018 20: 45
      And in general, you can restore only what Russia needs, and not what the Ukrainians are hoping for. Here is Donets - to restore, it is fully inscribed in the Russian economy. You can think about the shipyards in Nikolaev if there is an excess of orders with short, our shipyards cannot cope. But the "motor-sich" - to disassemble, we need everything - to take out to central Russia (people agreeing the same). And we no longer need "Antonov", there are only ruins and we do not need it (well, those funds that are needed to restore it). And so - let them raise pigs, but "sing songs." laughing good
  9. Berkut24
    Berkut24 5 September 2018 10: 37
    The confidence-distrust ratings of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (-12%), Vladimir Zelensky (-25%) and Anatoly Gritsenko (-25%) look somewhat better, although, as we see, they are also negative.

    In any circus, kids most of all like clowns.
  10. timgan777
    timgan777 5 September 2018 10: 51
    That is how it is
  11. vatov
    vatov 5 September 2018 11: 00
    I would not want to rake it all ....
  12. TermNachTer
    TermNachTer 5 September 2018 11: 12
    Yeltsin had + 4, and Parasha had 4. That's the whole difference
  13. Scud
    Scud 5 September 2018 11: 17
    I will express my objective-subjective thought.
    Poroshenko became a prezik through full psychological force control, not only at the huts but also at the Center of the Izb Committee. The same way, plus the stupidity of a large mass of skakuas, were elected people's deputies-read the Nazis and Bandera.
    As for the ratings, this is very indicative of the insanity in the heads of a significantly large part of Svidomites.
    The Anglo-Saxons benefit from such a urkain - no matter what kind of ram in Russia. The declaration of the head of the Verkhovna Rada that Adolf Hitler, the luminary of world democracy, will pour out urkain with pleasant financial and other bonuses.
    1. Igoresha
      Igoresha 5 September 2018 12: 51
      People's deputies were elected-read the Nazis and Bandera.
      Dnepropetrovsk is the brightest indicator. Everyone speaks in "dog mov", as the Minister of Culture of Ukraine put it in his time.
  14. igorbrsv
    igorbrsv 5 September 2018 11: 34
    . no real platform for possible national consolidation and inevitable compromises were found. First of all, there was no one who at least somehow pulled on the role of a national leader

    In 2014, there was no leader either. There were activists bought. What to hook people always there. There will be no more Maidan. Those who started them and so are happy with everything. And with the elections .. They will enter the emergency mode or something else. You can’t drive such people away from power. It will be necessary and the people will shoot. This is not Yanukovych. And the EU will close its eyes
  15. parusnik
    parusnik 5 September 2018 12: 34
    Of course, the elections will take place sooner or later (unless something happens that makes them irrelevant), and one of the Ukrainian politicians is “elected” or appointed president.
    .... Of the existing evil, they will choose the lesser ... as it will seem on the day of elections .. In Somalia, Ukraine can turn in one case .. when the LDNR will give the APU and the National Battalions a good kick and restore the territorial integrity .. That's then "fun" on the "Square" and will begin ...
  16. Igoresha
    Igoresha 5 September 2018 12: 50
    article of course fierce thrash
    First of all, there was nobody who at least somehow pulled on the role of a national leader.

    and what for he is needed, the national leader? To whom ?? tea geographically European country and not eastern despotism a la emirates what.
    however, time passed, and the enthusiasm for unity and solidarity subsided.
    ????? author -> author -> author, the country has consolidated against the "external threat", unity and so Yes.

    Since even in this case at least some authority and support are needed from at least law enforcement agencies.
    and here, as in the Russian Federation, they first secured the support of these structures, and everyone else on a financial leash, VO Liberty was deprived of the lion's share of funding and no one can be heard about them.

    "Russia will not be able to leave Ukrainians starve to death and freeze to death in the ruins," the financier said.
    what hunger, what ruins? Author, watch a video of the restoration of the Kharkov Zoo.
    1. Faceless
      Faceless 5 September 2018 13: 34
      Here are just zoos to restore and remains ...
      1. Igoresha
        Igoresha 5 September 2018 13: 53
        Quote: Faceless
        Here are just zoos to restore and remains ...

        there is a thorough alteration, like the famous Budapest. People can be envied unlike
        "An auction has been announced in Veliky Ustyug for the arrangement and maintenance of places for washing clothes on the river"
    2. Nedokomsomolets
      Nedokomsomolets 12 September 2018 02: 40
      The author has nothing to do with it, it's like a quote from Soros.
      Very believable, I must say.
  17. Faceless
    Faceless 5 September 2018 13: 33
    Increasingly, I recall Kropotkin, Bakunin and Nestor Makhno with his Gulyai-Pole ... But seriously: no matter how you say it, it won’t end with good for Ukraine. The miracles of state suicide demonstrated by her current power will bear fruit for a long time.
  18. iouris
    iouris 5 September 2018 15: 45
    But who needs these your ratings. The main question is: are you going to rebuild the country, or will they colonize you in parts, tearing off the most delicious?
  19. Antares
    Antares 5 September 2018 23: 28
    Hmm, Russian analysts even in Ukraine can’t work, although it’s much harder to imagine (except in Belarus)
    The fact that we have no love for any of the politicians has always been a tradition.
    We have no craving for either the hetmans or the "Leaders". There are preferences and they are very different.
    146% of us are hard to imagine.
    And the fact that there are a lot of Ukraine in this period - not surprisingly, a life-saving wand for the Russian Federation - you need to distract the people with something ... And here is Ukraine ... soon (fall apart, freeze .... and so on)
    Thank you for at least admitting that it is beneficial to ruin Ukraine ... otherwise ours (like patriots) also fight hysterically that Russia wants this.
    We always have permanent elections ..
    The country of permanent choice ...
  20. beeper
    beeper 5 September 2018 23: 50
    Checked out the author's pearl about the "safety margin of an important province of the USSR"! good
    Usually used - "outskirts" is, indeed, already worn out, worn out, a word, and "important province" is fresh and sounds almost complimentary wink , and the "margin of safety" of the Ukrainian SSR was indeed large, which allowed for a long 27 years to slide from the Soviet sovereign Prosperity and Prosperity to the Amerobanderian colonial Poverty and Ruin!
    Photos are also credible, for example, I liked the "expressive face" on the second from the top, it reminded me of me, after "a serious and prolonged illness" winked ... There are also a couple of the same personal photos in the store, even the lip is just as touchy "burrowing" and the face is swollen-edematous, and all gray-haired, already white, miraculously "got out" then, and friends "clicked" to "see myself with side "- I saw it and was horrified ... with darkness in my eyes and losing consciousness I poked my head into the stadium" pacing, moving apart ", for" movement is life " yes , and the young, 50-year-old, Petrukha, is inadequate, inactive, he is sitting "on medication" ...?!
    It would be humanly to regret this clearly, by something or someone, offended edematous gray-haired brow with reddened eyes in the photo (after all, it probably will not make it to 60, it's time to think about the Soul, and not "mullet religions"!), but a very bad person, as it turned out, I will never forget his evil words about the children of Donbass and the persecution of the Orthodox ...
    Dear Author, in his reasoning, makes the same systemic error as the majority of Russian political scientists and observers - proceeds from the alleged popular election of the "Maidan President", and not his appointment at the American Embassy (after agreeing on acceptable candidates with the "pechenyushnitsa" Victoria Nudelman and Smotrin, selected by her "Fuhrer Maidan", in Washington, Vice-President Joseph Biden)! negative
    AUTHOR'S STATEMENT, I quote- "But no technology, no administrative resource will make the" president "elected against the will of the overwhelming majority of citizens (and this is exactly what happens in Ukraine), a legitimate ruler." sad
    Since the Ukrainian practice of "American total democracy" and "pro-American Bandera independence" testifies to the opposite, namely, NO CHOICE IN COUNTRIES DEPENDING ON THE US, EVEN THE WILL OF THE MOST OF CITIZENS, WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED LEGITIME IF THE AMERICAN IS NOT ONE!
    And it is just as true, from the "practice of the countries of the third or fourth world":
    "The most democratically and transparently, with a minimum of violations, elected (at the same time, after the elections, it was recognized both in Washington and in European capitals! But before that, Janek went for an interview at the" overseas regional committee ", for the" label to reign "!) Of Ukraine "there was a pro-American" uncontested European integrator "from Judo-Mazepa Viktor Yanukovych!
    But later he seemed to the acting Ameroposl not enough pro-American and was hastily (just a year before the next legitimate "presidential elections", in which he, if not by elective "washing" or by Maidan "katania", would inevitably have lost his presidential "sinecure") with the help of the run-in Washington "Maidan technologies"!
    And the "Maidan presidents" were among the most illegitimate ukroprezes, that the "orange" American son-in-law, nouveau riche banker, anti-constitutional "third-year", that his "euromaidan" godfather, nouveau riche was a pastry chef ... - pushed by the Washington colonial authorities! "Interest" in the American embassy draws what is needed and whoever needs them! Even if the PAP himself was the only one who came to vote that day, then even then the "presidential elections" would have been considered valid, since the ukrozakon on elections was urgently "corrected" by the "myzdobuls" precisely in the expectation of a massive non-attendance of voters ...
    So, the "popular rating of trust" to all of them, "applicants", is needed only for inter-party "takers" in the "serpentarium of the ukropolitikum" for the right to be "on trust" with the American ambassador!
    And then there is the notorious Soros interfering with their pots, shoving, at the choice of the ameroposl, his early ripening "devils from pop", so the presu-pastry chef has a hard time in this "puppet bustle" around the "helm". request
    Again, deprived during the carve-up of "good things" as a result of "Maidan peremogi", offended ordinary Maydauns grumble that they have been demanding a "fair redistribution" from the PAP and his camarilla for a year. And those, of course, are Jews to share with the "lohtorat" their rather large "dividends" and the deceived Maidan "crowd" screams, helplessly threatens their "Fuhrer" with a "third Maidan" (which supposedly will help the stinking handful of "Ukrainian" parasites "correctly divide" among themselves "smaidanennoe" among Ukrainian workers), but none of the "cynical Banderas" in the ukrovlast is afraid of their performances, as they know well by whose "will and will" such "maidans" are organized in "countries of the third or fourth world." request
    Whom the American ambassador chooses, he will be the "president of Ukraine" and he will have the right "percentage of votes" and "the rating of popular confidence (which, even if the most microscopic, did not care for all dill, of course, if they did it") liked "Mr. Ambassador!)". He decides that the PAP is worthy to continue to "head" or will choose another "worthy" for this role and none of the Banderlog will dare to go against the will of the Washington Gauleiter (under whom all the Maidan extremists, local and situationally "seconded"), are running errands, After all, they know well how it ends (how much the oblique Julia is the militant of everyone in the "Judeo-Bandera" serpentarium of like-minded people, but Vona did not dare to utter a word and "stick out", in 2014, against the "Maidan president" candidate, who was "lowered from above"!) - at best the case, the weaning of the entire "unbearable dough", at worst, "suicide, in two or three shots." repeat
    That is, in the near future in Ukraine "the authorities WILL NOT roll underfoot", since it is constantly under the control of the Ambassador of the overseas metropolis, he also oversees the "Fuhrer" Bandera militants, so that the "lost edges" small-town lawlessness (like "Sashka bilogo "), interfering with the neo-colonial plans of Washington, will quickly" prepare to the ground "!
    With Washington's "caring participation in the fate of Ukraine," Ukrainian residents will "die out at an accelerated pace" and be processed "for organs" for the notorious "golden billion", the economy will come to naught, but the anti-national and anti-Russian Bandera mess near the borders of Russia can last as long as the American "partners" will need it! request
    And the multinational Ukrainian population (no matter what our common enemy Soros says, for the time being, in the majority, their own and brotherly Russians, nevertheless, do not need to succumb to enemy Russophobic propaganda, and other, besides Russophobic, now in Ukraine occupied by the Americans and no !!!) Washington neo-colonialists will try to reformat it in a Russophobic manner as soon as possible, destroying and vomolodomarivaya all "born in the USSR" - witnesses of the "grabbing" of the public Property by a handful of nouveau riches and young citizens who did not accept the murderous "Bandera values" ... request
  21. Katyusha
    Katyusha 6 September 2018 00: 50
    "But there was no real platform for possible national consolidation and inevitable compromises. First of all, there was no one who could somehow pull into the role of a national leader."
    There is such a platform - "antiRus",
    very effectively consolidates and reconciles the most irreconcilable.
    There is such a national're coming out-antiLeader Putin, the same "very".
    Another question is that on such grounds it turns out to build only an anti-state.
    Well, and what did the (anti) heroes build the Cossacks-Gaydamak-Bandera?
    And Soros through Trump trump such a powerful answer has already come.
    No one expected Maidan - it is so contagious.
  22. Normal ok
    Normal ok 7 September 2018 11: 07
    there will not even be “Afghanization”, but “somalization” of Ukraine, when the country will begin to split up into regions controlled by one or another field commander or simply “authority”.

    You have been publishing such nonsense (your second favorite topic is the imminent offensive of the Armed Forces)) since 2014, with the constancy of the atomic chronometer. And where are all your "predictions"? I do not understand those who can still take Dzherelivsky's "forecasts" seriously. Unless those who are new to the site.
  23. Suhow
    Suhow 9 September 2018 14: 49
    I still didn’t call the event a revolution in 2014, as the author points out, just after the flight of the yanyk there was no one who could lead those who disagree with the Euromaidan policy, but the yanyk discredited himself. In my opinion, the resistance of the majority there with support parts of the local elite.
  24. Nedokomsomolets
    Nedokomsomolets 12 September 2018 03: 32
    Dear forum users.
    1. I agree with many speakers, the article does not draw on a school essay. Because the obvious commonplace opinions are repeated.
    2. I personally never sincerely believed in any spontaneous popular uprisings, just like elections. Therefore, all this opus with interest can be omitted.
    3. Yes, the United States captured Ukraine. When? There is an opinion that at the time of the collapse of the Union. Kravchuk was pro-Russian? Uh ... Kuchma? I won’t even list further. In my opinion, they are not even pro-Ukrainian, which is especially sad.
    Let's be honest. All Ukrainian authorities are thieves. That's just ALL. Any. They steal or not - it depends only on whether there is still something to steal and sell. And it doesn’t matter whether it is scrap metal from a factory or a position in the government.
    The US does it everywhere. They bring thieves to power. They teach them, create conditions, put them in their places. As Zhvanetsky said (!), “How did these boys in tracksuits from the 90s know about the“ offshore ”?
    Everything is clear with Ukraine. It will cease to exist, like Yugoslavia, very soon.
    But dear Russians.
    Please take care of Russia.
    You have a lot of all possible real, real, material wealth. All possible natural resources, territories, location between China and Europe, and much more.
    This is what Americans really need.
    They are NEVER !!!! they will not abandon attempts to ruin Russia in the same way.
    They know what, how, when, where, why and with whose help they will do. And they will do. Is always.
    Russia is modernizing the army, surviving sanctions, intervening in conflicts around the world, ...
    For some reason, they are FORCING Russia to do all this, and the Russians are doing it.
    Explain a few things to me.
    Decisions in the United States on the imposition of sanctions, on the export of revolutions, on provocations and all other possible actions are taken by specific people. With first and last names. Why cannot these issues be addressed at this level? Why it is impossible to talk with them very convincingly, for example, in a sauna? Why is it theoretically possible to force a person to die from poisoning by a radiation element within a month, but not only someone who is capable of causing tremendous damage, being, for example, the head of an investment bank owning a package of a defense corporation, but a person who has already done all the harm and no longer capable of? What for? Scare the rest of the same?
    But why the same cannot be done with their functionaries? So that they are afraid to touch the doorknob? Or get in a car? (Please note, two accidents on the same day - the president of Moldova and the prime minister of Abkhazia! Probably, just the planets converged!)
    Why can't you act proactively with such methods? Why is it impossible to influence the decision on the coup anywhere, as shown in "TASS is authorized to declare"? Before it becomes a problem? A funny example, I understand, but still?
    Doesn't anyone really understand where the "legs grow" from?
    But they can !!! They act like that !!!
    "Abandon the dollar in international payments." How many years have I heard this.
    Sell ​​all Western assets, withdraw money from accounts, buy gold on them (at any price, just to drain dollars), and stop selling energy. Generally. To everyone. In a day. Just stupidly shut the taps. And see what happens.
    Most likely, it will be a nuclear strike. Heaps of hostages around the world.
    Why does the US print money as much as they want, and all (!!!) other countries in the world - as much as they earn? How much will they sell?
    And how are we going to stop this state of things?
    Do we have a plan? Of course, no one will tell him here, even if he knew. The most-most strategic plan, where are we going, how, and most importantly - why?
    They have!!! Clear, concrete, for decades to come.
    Object me something.
    Here it is necessary to write about this, and not about negative percentages. Fuh. He wiped on his forehead.
    I invite you to a discussion.