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The bloody results of the ultraradical rule in Syria

Iranian news portal "Pars Today" reports, referring to the Syrian Center for the Protection of Human Rights, that, as of the end of August, more than 5 thousands of Syrians were executed by terrorists of the Islamic State (prohibited in the Russian Federation) in Syria.

Syrian ultra-radical caliphists. According to quite reliable data, none of the militants captured in this photo are no longer alive.

Even such a controversial organization as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) was forced to admit that "at least 3000 of 5000 executed Syrians were peaceful persons. Among them were at least 125 children and 174 women."

These people were killed not only during executions (although this is the main way most of the victims of terrorists were killed), but also through cutting off the head, stoning (the traditional way according to Islamic law), burning, dropping from a height, crucifixion and etc. Basically, all these crimes were committed in the provinces of Damashik, Deir Ez-Zor, Ar-Raqqah, Hasak, Aleppo, Homs and Hama.

Militants banned in the Russian Federation "IG" produce a penalty, in the medieval style and relying on the early medieval Sharia law, a simple civilian who refused to cooperate with them.

In addition, the militants "DAISH" also committed the death penalty 583 of its members, mainly on charges of intelligence in favor of foreign countries, as well as for trying to desert or secede from this organization. Some of the executed supporters of "IG" were women who joined them.

Syrian activists (as they say, 7 years of civil war did not pass) called on the UN Security Council to transfer the case of the military and anti-human crimes of terrorists in Syria to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to, if possible, punish the criminals (apparently According to SOHR activists, they are not active enough in a worthy reward to criminals and terrorists).

The Syrian version of the legendary phrase "Work, brothers!". Islamic terrorists are preparing to kill a Syrian soldier captured in captivity in the province of Deir Ez-Zor.

Large contingents of the Islamic State terrorist group, which for several years occupied many parts of Syria and Iraq, with the support of some states in the region, were largely completely destroyed after the liberation of the city of Al-Bucamal in southern Syria and the city of Rawa in Al-Anbar province in Iraq . However, certain militant groups are still continuing their criminal activities in some areas of Syria and Iraq.

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  1. Dashout
    Dashout 2 September 2018 10: 04
    All barmaley for stuffing !!!
    1. Nikolai
      Nikolai 2 September 2018 10: 18
      Quote: Dashout
      All barmaley for stuffing !!!

      And alive in a meat grinder so that the minced meat is still warm ...
      Only those who were killed and tortured can not be returned ..
      According to quite reliable data, not one of the militants captured in this photo is already alive.
      Always looking at their photos I wanted them to be gone ... I didn’t want to see more than one ...
    2. XXXIII
      XXXIII 2 September 2018 10: 46
      Quote: Dashout
      All barmaley for stuffing !!!
      Oh no, a plutonium porridge would feed them so that the intestines would spit out, and then to a nuclear repository .... am hi
  2. Terenin
    Terenin 2 September 2018 10: 17
    When the whole world will understand that only Russia can cure this "disease". Well, there is no longer a "specialist doctor" in this profile. request
    1. Zubr
      Zubr 2 September 2018 10: 38
      Unfortunately for the sake of objectivity, they hope so, that again Russia, again our victims. In order to collect all this world gang forcibly brewed this porridge, hand them over automatically and to the front line in a real battle, and so as not to scatter and run over to the side of the barmalei, the detachment and snipers from those people who lost there, relatives, relatives, friends. Cruel of course, but fair. And those who survive, let go and then see how they will then live with it.
      1. XXXIII
        XXXIII 2 September 2018 10: 49
        Quote: Zubr
        Unfortunately for the sake of objectivity, they hope so, that again Russia, again our victims.

        You correctly noticed this, Russia is their last hope, but now there will be fewer victims of Russia, because there are not so many hopes, now they will only have time to bury .... bully hi
    2. ver_
      ver_ 2 September 2018 10: 52
      ..and to hell with them? .. When they * clean * each other * to zero - it will be quiet and calm, well, like in a cemetery ..
  3. Million
    Million 2 September 2018 11: 55
    And after every execution Allah Akbar is heard ....
  4. midshipman
    midshipman 2 September 2018 11: 55
    And these barmaleys were fed by the USA, France, Germany and England. Remember the photos of McCain with the leaders of ISIS. It was England that sheltered Chechen fighters at home, and now England and the EU are giving an opportunity to obtain a residence permit for Russian thieves. Recently, a new benefactor (led by Russian Railways) ran to live in Germany. When will there be a law so that officials from the Government of the Russian Federation could not have property, deposits in banks, dual citizenship and foreign children, wives. There is no such mess in the USA.
    1. Warrior2015
      2 September 2018 12: 10
      Quote: midshipman
      When will there be a law so that officials from the Government of the Russian Federation cannot have property, deposits in banks, dual citizenship and foreign children, wives.

      It seems like it has been around for several years, but only, as usual, "the severity of the laws in Russia is compensated by the optionality of their implementation."
  5. Harry black doctor
    Harry black doctor 2 September 2018 12: 36
    Russia is the last bastion of truth and justice. The history that is modern, that long-standing evidence of this. Where there was no Russian truth - genocide flourished and reached its logical end, Indians in America or Aborigines in Australia for example, and where Russian bayonets came there, lawlessness quickly stopped. In Syria, this is also the case, and after seven years the world community finally became bothered by the problematic death of people, and while there were no Russians there and there was nothing terrible and beyond, there was nothing to see, Assad overthrows the free people ....
  6. Sands Careers General
    Sands Careers General 2 September 2018 16: 59
    Unfortunately, real terrorists are sitting in expensive suits and in large offices across the ocean, signing orders on how many more people to kill.
    And barmalei are puppets.
    1. Varaga
      Varaga 2 September 2018 19: 53
      Get to these "puppeteers".
      God will not betray - the pig will not eat.
  7. Varaga
    Varaga 2 September 2018 19: 51
    Destroy all this vile undead!
    Drive into the "Idlib Gadyushnik" and smear, burn, wipe off the face of Mother Earth!
    To hell with a dog!
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 2 September 2018 20: 08
      This is what matters. Gradually and without screaming. And do not be nervous, take care of your nerves and health)))