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Bunker "Robert"

The narration of the liquidation of the conductor of the OUN of the Carpathian Territory Y. Melnik- "Robert".

Bunker "Robert"

"N00663 6 November, November 1946

Ow. top secret

Secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party (b) At Comrade. Khrushchev N.S.

Implementing the decision of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (B) U on 4 / X-1946, the task of strengthening the strikes against the leading links of the OUN-UPA, I report to you on the elimination of the boundary conductor of the Karpaty wire of Robert and his closest accomplices.

The successful operation of the liquidation of "Robert" developed by the regional Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs was promoted by the captured October 21 of October of this year. during an operation in the village of Verbyzh-Verkhny Pechenezhinsky district, a wounded thug Rebrik Dmitry Antonovich, nicknamed “Estuary”, turned out to be an investigator of the Security Service of the regional wire “Karpaty”.

The investigation of the “Estuary” was aimed at identifying the location of the boundary wire led by “Robert”.

In the process of working with “Liman”, detailed data were obtained on the composition of the regional wire, as well as data on Robert’s connections with one of the leaders of the UPA “Shelest”, currently acting as the chief judge of the OUN, and other senior officials of the OUN-UPA.

In his testimony, Liman reported that “Robert”, with whom his wife Melnik Antonina, who is a typist of the regional wire, with his guards at 8 − 10 people, constantly resides, is hiding in a carefully disguised bunker in the Yavorino mountains near the village of Lipa of the Bolekhiv district.

At the same time, “Liman” reported that in the coming days, “Robert” is going to go to a specially equipped winter bunker, the location of which “Liman” is not known.

Considering this, it was decided to immediately organize a military operation to eliminate "Robert", for which the troops of the 82 and 65 divisions of up to one regiment were used.

The management of the operation was entrusted to the head of the Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Major Kostenko, who was given help in the beginning. offices - art. Lieutenant Yatsenko, Art. security officer art. Lt. Kudryavtsev and a special group of 15 people.

As a conductor for the operation, the previously captured Liman bandit was used.

The operation was launched on 26 in October, during the operation “Estuary” declared that it could not navigate the terrain, however, continued to assert that the “Robert” caches were on Yavorino Mountain.

Liman's readings overlapped and were corroborated by other data. Therefore, it was decided to continue the operation. Only on the 7th day, at 4 p.m. on October 31, in the alleged place on Mount Yavorino, a special group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, headed by Major Kostenko, with the participation of 100 people. fighters and commanders of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 82 and 65 divisions, a cache was discovered in which a group of bandits was hiding. (Experienced major A. Kostenko noticed a characteristic unmasking sign - a small square-shaped piece of land melted on the mountainside. The heat emanating from the ground above the entrance to the bunker drew weak regular square lines in the wet snow. -Novoross)

When approaching the caches heard the shots. On the proposal of the head of the operation, Major Kostenko, to surrender, the gangsters refused, but nevertheless entered into negotiations with the clear goal of delaying time.

Wanting to capture the "Robert" and those who were with him alive, the leaders of the operation spent the whole night negotiating and exchanging fire with the bandits entrenched in the bunker.

At dawn 1 November shots were heard inside the bunker, and at 6 hours of the morning one of the bandits in the bunker said that he had shot all his accomplices, and he wanted to surrender alive.

At 8, hours of the morning who wished to surrender were allowed to leave the caches, the latter called himself a security guard “Robert” and gave his nickname “Yasniy” by the name of Yanyshivsky, Joseph Pavlovich, born 1928 of the year, born in the village of Vitvitsa, Bolekhovsky district of the Stanislav region.

With the help of a gangster who had surrendered, 6 corpses were removed from the caches, but “Robert” was not among them.

During the interrogation, “Yasny” stated that at about one in the morning “Robert” offered to bury him with his wife and technical assistant of the Security Council of the regional wire nicknamed “The Rock” in a special tunnel that had a separate exit to the surface of the earth. The end point of this exit was walled up and nobody knew its location. (The “Scala” was later to confirm the OUN Security Council, why the couple survived, and the guards died. In such cases, the Security Council carried out a sharp analysis with the survivors: “Prove, friend, that“ not sold the guardsmen ”in exchange for life” -Novoross. )

Before hiding in the tunnel, “Robert” ordered the commandant of his personal guard, Levko, who was in the caches, that after he was immured, they would explode the mined bunker and the approaches to it, while undermining all his participants, and thus hide all traces of him, "Robert."

By giving this order, “Robert” believed that after the explosion, when the troops left, he would manage to open the exit from the tunnel and escape.

“Yasny” showed that after the departure of “Robert” and those accompanying him - the wives and the technical adviser of the regional wire of the SB “Rocks”, all the gangsters who remained in the caches except for him - “Yasnoy” and the commandant of the security “Levko” shot themselves. At the moment when “Levko” wanted to blow up the bunker, “Clear”, wanting to save his life, shot him with a machine gun. These testimonies were confirmed during the inspection of the corpse "Levko".

By order of Comrade. Kostenko bunker was blown up, which helped to detect the entrance to the tunnel. When driving in a tunnel of fighters, a shot rang out. As it turned out, "Robert" and his wife were dead, and "The Rock" shot himself as the men approached. (Excavations showed that “Robert” and his wife after the explosion had completely covered the ground. “Scala” tried to dig out the “prophet”, but after making sure that it was useless and the way out of the shelter was blocked, he also decided to settle accounts with life — Novoross.)

As a result of this operation, 9 thugs were killed, among them identified:

Melnik Yaroslav Nikolaevich, nicknamed "Robert" - "Kornilov" - the regional guide of the OUN "Karpaty";

Melnik Antonina Romanovna, nicknamed "Tanya", wife of "Robert" and the typist of the regional wire;

Homin Ivan nicknamed "The Rock" - technical adviser SB boundary wire;

Nicknamed "Mikola" -byv. Lieutenant of the German army in the SS - technical adviser to the regional wire on organizational issues;

nicknamed "Levko" - commandant of the regional wire guard;

nicknamed "Marika" -byv. special courier Nadvirnyansky nadrayonnogo wires OUN "Doctor". In the past, she performed the duties of a cook for “Robert” and his group;

Mushinets Seliverst, nicknamed "Bogdan" and gangsters nicknamed "Frost" and "Tymko" are guards of the regional wire.

All corpses identified by Yanyshivsky who surrendered to Yasny and Lyman, and Robert, in addition, with a photo card.

From the caches removed: one radio station, 2 radio, two typewriters, one of them is beaten by Robert, 3 machine gun, 6 machines, two rifles and 6 pistols, many seals and stamps of Soviet institutions, including the police of Kiev and military parts.

In addition, 28 orders and medals of the USSR, 11 party cards, 9 candidate cards, 30 Komsomol tickets, 180 military tickets, 55 Red Army books, 78 Soviet passports and other documents were seized.

A large number of nationalist records and literature has been seized.

Interrogated security guard "Robert" - Yanyshivskyy Joseph- "Clear" showed that he knows the whereabouts of the so-called winter caches "Robert", where there are a large number of products prepared for "Robert" and his retinue, as well as literature and possibly documents.

This caches located a few kilometers from the discovered.

We are planning further measures to crush the entire regional wire and its subordinate network, as well as to search for Shelest and other members of the OUN central wire.

Secretary of the Stanislavsky Regional Committee of the CP (B) U (M.Slon)

And this is a themed bar in the former bomb shelter in Lviv, with the propaganda of the UPA.

The entrance to the institution tightly closes the dark wooden door located to the left of the entrance to the staircase, and the “Kryivka” itself was in the “bunker”

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