European zugzwang Trump

When Donald Trump drove Emmanuel Macron to the exit from the EU, because this organization is “worse than China”, he meant Germany in the first place. It is this country, which is the actual leader of a united Europe, that is causing ever greater irritation of the American leader.

So strong that the US president is simply unable to hide his feelings.

Donald Trump has fiercely criticized the Federal Republic of Germany, stating that Germany, as the largest EU country, has an inadmissibly small share of defense spending in its budget.

“I’ll tell NATO: you have to pay your bills, the United States will not worry about everything,” the American leader said speaking on July 5 in front of his supporters at a rally in Great Falls, Montana.

He criticized the government in Berlin for sending only about 1 a percent of its GDP to defense instead of the “fixed” 2 percent.

“You know, Angel (...), I do not know how much protection we get, protecting you ... And you go and make a gas deal with Russia, oil and gas from Russia, and you pay Russia billions and billions of dollars. You want to get protection from Russia, but nevertheless pay Russia billions of dollars. And we remain fools who pay for it all, ”DW quotes Trump at the rally.

Recall that we are talking about a conflict between Washington and Berlin because of the volume of defense spending within NATO and the distribution of the financial burden within the alliance. The US insists that the NATO partners adhere to the 2014 agreement of the year and that by the year of 2024 their defense budget be 2 percent of GDP.

At the same time, Berlin is planning to increase military spending by this date only to 1,5%.

Trump's hysterical speech in Montana testifies to the desperation that engulfed the US president, who could not find a way to "push through" recalcitrant Germany.

Washington’s rage in Berlin’s participation in the Nord Stream 2 project, which is destroying US plans to oust Russia from the European energy market, is no less enraged by Washington.

Recall that in April, Trump tried to force Merkel to abandon support for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in exchange for negotiations on a new trade agreement between America and Europe, but did not succeed in this.

Then Trump threatened to impose additional payments and European cars, primarily produced in Germany.

The next attempt at blackmail took place just the other day.

Media sources citing sources at the Pentagon, the White House, the State Department and NATO headquarters said that if Washington did not get from Germany at the upcoming NATO summit to be held in Brussels on July 11-12, the military budget would increase by two percent, he may begin to withdraw its troops from the territory of Germany.

Since this was not an official statement, but insider information, no reaction of the German authorities followed. However, the German media instantly responded with their own insights and expert speeches. And, most importantly, all these publications made it clear that the threat from Washington did not cause panic in Berlin at all.

On the contrary, they recalled the experience of France with its withdrawal from the military organization of NATO. It was argued that the withdrawal of American troops from the territory of the country would take it out of the priority goals of Russia, that is, not only would not worsen the security situation, but on the contrary, would improve it.

There was even an opinion that if American transport aircraft from Afghanistan stop boarding an airfield at Ramstein, this will significantly reduce the amount of heroin in Germany.

In addition, "sources close to the government of the Federal Republic of Germany," said that if the US speaks with ultimatums, Germany will not be led by the blackmailers.

However, it is not only and not so much in the publications. The American leadership, after an organized "plum" regarding its plans at the NATO summit, undoubtedly expected that the German colleagues would immediately begin informal consultations in order to convince Washington "to go forward".

However, this did not happen, and the White House had to disavow its threat. On July 6, a representative of the US administration announced that there were no plans for the withdrawal of American troops from Germany. That today in Germany there are 32 thousand US troops, and the change in this number has never been said.

The situation in which thanks to Trump is the US European policy is extremely difficult, and how to get out of it is unclear. After all, if Washington continues to attempt direct pressure that does not reach its goal, it risks facing the fact that NATO will be split.

After all, rebellious Germany will necessarily be supported by other countries of the old Europe, while the United States will be able to count only on Britain and the "border countries" - the former countries of the social bloc and the Baltic republics of the USSR.

On the other hand, Washington cannot accept the German front either, since this will cast doubt on its leading position in the western bloc.

The situation in which the United States found itself thanks to Trump's love for simple and unpretentious ways of solving complex problems can be called the chess term “zugzwang”: every next move worsens the position of the player.
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  1. +3
    9 July 2018 06: 25
    So Europe came to American controlled chaos.
    1. +2
      9 July 2018 07: 35
      Trump brought the matter to a zugwang, and then to a zugunder!
    2. MPN
      9 July 2018 09: 25
      “You know, Angela (...), I don’t know how much protection we get by protecting you ... But you go and make a gas deal with Russia, oil and gas from Russia, and pay Russia billions and billions of dollars. You want protection from Russia, but pay billions of dollars to Russia nonetheless. And we remain fools who pay for all this. ”
      The Germans didn’t think of it somehow .... It was necessary to attach Germany to the GDR, the USSR collapsed anyway and would live on their own, well, of course, if they had survived the color revolution .... wink
      1. dSK
        9 July 2018 21: 52
        Quote: MPN
        As the Germans did not think of ....

        Quote: Boris Dzhereliyevsky
        After all rebellious Germany will be surely supported by other countries of old Europe ...

        The pastor’s daughter turned out to be a "tough nut", she doesn’t want to restore Germany "from the ruins" for the third time, but if she actively resists, they can be "crucified" on the cross by submitting a new "Lee Harvey Oswald" ...
  2. +4
    9 July 2018 06: 29
    And you go and make a gas deal with Russia, oil and gas from Russia, and pay Russia billions and billions of dollars.

    the money goes and everything goes past the bargainer ... already drooling ...
    1. +3
      9 July 2018 06: 35
      Marinochka, hello love This is some ersatz of the bourgeoisie, Marx and Engels would burst into tears from such a bourgeoisie smile .
      All the postulates down the drain.
      1. +1
        9 July 2018 06: 44
        Hello, Vitaliy! love
        Quote: ul_vitalii
        All the postulates down the drain.

        Yes, what are the postulates, norms and rules? all perverted utterly ...
        Good morning country! love
    2. 0
      11 July 2018 15: 42
      Yes, you just think this old one wants to make the Germans "freeze without Russian gas" by paying for "protection from what does not threaten" !!
      Well, I would understand if he threatened to attack himself, like gopnik squeezing the phone, but "scaring the boys from the next yard" is a kindergarten.
  3. +3
    9 July 2018 07: 16
    Washington’s threat did not panic in Berlin at all.
    And this is good, as well as the fact that Trump is trying to put Europe in a pose, and she is resisting. It is necessary to help the American to alienate Germany and other EU countries (Poland and the Baltic states can not be taken into account) from the United States, which will only be in our hands.
  4. +3
    9 July 2018 08: 32
    On the other hand, Washington cannot accept the German front either, since this will cast doubt on its leading position in the western bloc.
    ..... Make peace ... Find a common language ... Europe cannot be free, will die ....
  5. 0
    9 July 2018 14: 24
    Even the opinion was voiced that if American transport planes from Afghanistan stop landing on an airfield in Ramstein, this will significantly reduce the amount of heroin in Germany

    This is not an opinion, this is the truth itself. If they don’t sit in Bondstyle (am. Base in Kosovo), then throughout Europe, the use of heroin will decrease significantly.
    1. 0
      9 July 2018 15: 15
      American warriors themselves are not fools gerych to drive Vienna
  6. +2
    9 July 2018 15: 49
    Lovely scolding - only amuse ...
  7. 0
    9 July 2018 17: 57
    He feels such a sincere hostility, he’s not even able to eat ... :)
  8. +1
    9 July 2018 19: 27
    What is Trump's hysteria?
    All right, he said. Germany wants to sit under the roof of the United States, but does not want to pay for it.
    1. 0
      12 July 2018 12: 55
      Not certainly in that way.
      America spends the military budget also on the defense of Japan and South Korea, on pressure on China, on operations on B.V. Vobschem on world hegemony.
      It would be foolish to pay for US global hegemony from Germany.
      The Germans, of course, do not say this directly to Trump’s face, but they certainly mean it.
  9. +5
    9 July 2018 20: 04
    So far, the conclusions in the article and the course of the analytics of the article do not correspond to the real state of things. And this is either a deliberate misrepresentation of the citizens of the Russian Federation that NATO is about to crack ... well, if only at the seams .... or just an unconscious attempt by the author to wishful thinking.
    You can chuckle at Trump’s hair as much as you like and continue to believe that Trump “accidentally” got into the chair that he is currently occupying .... you can continue to think that Trump will chat like a dog floats when a caravan is going on ... you can continue to consider him eccentric businessman ruined US foreign policy ... But there is a small and very serious "BUT". Let's take a look at not election promises, but at the real situation of the United States as it was before and under Trump, and I think many will be surprised ... US domestic policy - Americans generally love it. Yes, and how not to like it, after all, it increases GDP, the dollar as it was stable, and as a whole remained in the life of an ordinary American, there are no changes .... Well, the Mexicans and other visitors were removed so many dreamed about it in the USA. A “strange” health care reform has come up, so it’s also not a problem. On the whole, the Americans (society) are not clear and even more so, in my opinion, it’s disgusting to pay for the health of a beggar, even a loved one. In the US, just a different mentality. The defense order also seems to have only increased. a huge military budget - yes, in general, money is not a problem either, in any case, they remain in the United States (continuing to work within the economy) and plus jobs and plus the strengthening of the army, and therefore a sense of security.
    US policy in the Middle East was actually ruined to Trump .... Yes, Mr. Obama ditched it with its soft-bodied nature and desire for the Nobel Prize. Trump is now to a lesser extent, but at the beginning of his reign resembled a fireman.
    Trump has clearly agreed with China. Sanctions on the one hand and counter-sanctions on the other, everything was balanced in general.
    He quarreled with Eun and the world laughed at first about how Kim bent the United States .... so it’s not a problem now, some Pompeo tells Eun what to do and when to do it ... And Eun even listens to an amazing thing .... and maybe will do what he is told.
    In Europe, the United States generally does not just feel at ease, but talks with Europe unilaterally ... the United States simply tells Europe what to do and when.
    So much has been said about Nord Stream 2 that this should be enough for every drop that fills it ... The project itself and the sanctions around it have changed so much from what was planned by Gazprom that in my opinion it's time to reconsider its need for the Russian Federation.
    On the other hand, Washington cannot accept the German front either, since this will cast doubt on its leading position in the western bloc.

    But this is like a cherry on a cake of fictional reality! How can Germany even just think of challenging the US inside NATO ?!
    In my opinion, our enemy of the United States has no senility as president ... Our enemy is still strong and treacherous and doesn’t want to give us anything just like that, and with the current policy of a weakened leader in the Russian Federation, we don’t want to take anything ... Well, like in Syria ... The victory of the army was brilliant, but its fruits were ruined by our domestic business, which simply did not want to use them.
  10. 0
    11 July 2018 15: 39
    belay belay Or I or Trump - HOW can an occupier threaten the withdrawal of his troops from occupied territory? After all, this is what the occupation is waiting for fool , I would say even more - I’m dreaming that the mattresses would be removed from Germany. The next horseradish knows how many years the war in the EU (I mean old and not the alliance) is simply not possible, and I’m not talking about NATO, but about the fact that everything is "full and peaceful" and most simply don’t have armies from the word Absolutely. Moreover, the current global economy is not built on territorial control. The last 50 years have been around, the capture of “the resource itself” is underway and often not at all by military methods (the countries of Africa and Asia have tried and are trying in Russia), and ALL wars of the last decades have only been waged - to destroy the country. belay Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia.
    That is, even if conditionally Tomorrow the United States will withdraw ALL of its troops from the EU, then nothing will change, for these countries !! There will be no internal conflicts or external aggression.

    So obviously I’m not here, but “our dummy” has completely moved off the coils. laughing
  11. 0
    13 July 2018 11: 26
    Undoubtedly, the withdrawal of American troops will never happen, but for Germany this would be an extraordinary victory!
    The Americans, of course, are by no means going to leave Europe, because their parts are likely to be relocated to the east - to the Baltic states and other Slovakia. That is, the shield, in principle, will remain, only it will not be located in Germany. Germany will lose much of its attractiveness for Russian missiles, and other "proud nations" will feed American friends.

    On the other hand, for Russia it is both good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, parts of NATO will come close to the borders and there will be more of them; on the other, that small patch of land called the Baltic is taken under control with much less problems than distant Germany. From the Slovak direction protect the Carpathians. But the issue with Ukraine must be resolved, and it is extremely desirable politically.
  12. 0
    14 July 2018 09: 31
    Why Merkel is afraid of Russians - since then she has no longer been riding bicycles, so she will not be stolen a second time. Due to the complete lack of bicycles at Merkel.

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