Chronicle of diving Ukroboronprom

In December, 2017, your humble servant had the audacity to doubt the multi-million dollar perspective of the Kharkov aircraft plant. This then, I was given a real (!) Evaluation of the leadership of Ukroboronprom, headed by the now-former General Director Romanov, as well as the “superproject” for stamping tracks for BMP, were very negatively received by loyal servants of the current Ukrainian government.

For all of the above, including the analysis of the patriotic report from Espresso TV about KSAMC, I was once again counted among the forces of world evil and promised a “mountain of problems”.

Today it is necessary to recognize that I was wrong. Thanks to the “thoughtful” and decisive actions of the management of the state concern and their supervisors, a multimillion perspective has indeed opened up to the staff of the Kharkov Aviation Plant. True, this prospect with a minus sign.

24 April 2018 of the Year The Economic Court of the Kharkiv Region ordered the aircraft factory to return 15 million dollars to a military unit from Kazakhstan for paid, but not delivered, An-74T-200А. The final acceptance of the aircraft was to take place at the Almaty International Airport in October 2015!

At the court hearing, the representative of the aircraft factory noted that the Kazakh military unit actually transferred 15 million dollars by agreement of February 3 from 2014. With this money made part of the aircraft. However, “with the onset of force majeure, the debtor cannot complete the construction of the plane, in connection with which the applicant was offered several additional agreements”, which the Kazakh national guardsmen refused.

It is obvious that the so-called force majeure is nothing but the criminal activity of the “successful managers” of Ukroboronprom. Having nullified military-technical cooperation with the countries of the former USSR, the “Ukradipromist” conjunctures doomed the domestic aviation industry to certain death.

The company, capable of once producing up to fifty aircraft per year, has not built a single aircraft in four years.

In addition, today the Kharkiv Aviation Plant is in bankruptcy proceedings. And since the Kazakh side missed the deadline for the application of competitive claims to the debtor, the debt will be repaid in the sixth (!) Turn. Needless to say, phenomenal success and impeccable image from foreign partners!

Perhaps, 150 million dollars from a potential investor Oriole Capital Group from an offshore offshore about which tourists from Ukroboronprom talked so much after their next trip to Dubai Air Show-2017, would have got it right. It is a pity that this American dream melted away like a mirage, with the departure of the "hard worker" Romanov.

However, do not despair. For three months of his leadership, Pavel Bukin only confirmed that he was a worthy successor to the successful manager Roman Romanov, and very soon the next regular videos about the new victories of the defunct Ukrainian defense industry will appear.
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  1. +3
    17 May 2018 05: 44
    What is this "hamster" in the photo? Grandson of the "blue thief"?
    1. +4
      17 May 2018 07: 46
      At he bunkers nenki zamyachilsya .... how similar to our former ministers. who also mastered the bins of the homeland!
    2. +4
      17 May 2018 10: 41
      Quote: 210ox
      What is this "hamster" on a photo ? Grandson of the "blue thief"?

      Is it really such a mug in life? belay lol
      1. +5
        17 May 2018 11: 56
        Such a life happens! so why such "bins" do not grow?
  2. +1
    17 May 2018 05: 46
    , and soon the next regular videos about new victories of the defunct Ukrainian Ukrainian defense industry will appear.

    Petska will take a glass or two, and will again begin to trumpet about "conquering space" by ukrokaklii ... bully laughing
  3. +5
    17 May 2018 06: 31
    return $ 15 million to a military unit from Kazakhstan
    Naive Kazakh boys! Didn’t they see whom they ordered from?
    1. +3
      17 May 2018 07: 15
      Quote from Uncle Lee
      Naive Kazakh boys! Didn’t they see whom they ordered from?

      The deal was started before the events with the coup, apparently ... Such things are not completed in a day, or they wanted to grab a piece from a collapsing system for cheap ...
  4. +3
    17 May 2018 06: 35
    Roguli plants, especially air, are not needed. Let the pigs herd, dance hopak and sing national songs in the ridiculous mov.
  5. +5
    17 May 2018 07: 15
    Why working enterprises if Poroshenko, after the next glass, tells “his” people how the Ukrainian economy has flourished, what kind of “wonderful and unparalleled in the world” weapons the defense industry produces, which is not far off not only the return of Crimea, Donbas, but also part of the territory of Russia. Walk the flaw.
  6. +3
    17 May 2018 10: 11
    Yes, Ukrainians do not care about their defense and other Ukrainian nonsense, the main thing is that Ilon Mask should be fine.
  7. +3
    17 May 2018 10: 34
    What ... charisma at the pan in the photo ... It's silly to ask such a man about making airplanes.
  8. +5
    17 May 2018 11: 28
    Cool picture )))
    The sunken cheeks, a tightened body, in wise and slightly tired eyes splashes the desire to resolve any issue on behalf of the people, and the old (still paternal) watches only emphasize the modesty and asceticism of this figure ...
    PySy: the pan is no longer charisma, but a specific booth)))
  9. +3
    17 May 2018 15: 14
    Quote: Tarasios
    The sunken cheeks, a tightened body, in wise and slightly tired eyes splashes the desire to resolve any issue on behalf of the people, and the old (still paternal) watches only emphasize the modesty and asceticism of this figure ...

    The funny thing is that his tie is the same color as Lenin's. However, if you recall that Ilyich lived in Switzerland, then everything falls into place. laughing
    Well, as for his appearance in general, the Russian figures are no less talented.
  10. 0
    17 May 2018 22: 51
    Is it a photo-toad, or is it really a pear?
  11. +1
    18 May 2018 07: 36
    Judge for yourself:
    1. 0
      19 May 2018 11: 15
      Hmm ... from the photo on the article there is an obvious photoshop even if you believe in the gluttony of Ukrainian and Russian officials. However, the author - why? Why go for obvious forgery, because this is the Internet. And people tend to discuss not the matter, but the appearance (well, here we are reasonable creatures)
      in the end, everyone is discussing Photoshop ryah, not an article. It’s good that the heading is opinion.
  12. +1
    18 May 2018 15: 25
    Well! finally showed in the photo how UCROZEFAL looks!
  13. +2
    18 May 2018 21: 22
    why are you kidding me! a man swells with hunger!
    1. 0
      18 May 2018 23: 57
      the victim of the hungry maidan
  14. 0
    19 May 2018 02: 15
    Do not forget about the underground workshop
  15. 0
    19 May 2018 12: 30
    Well, erysipelas instead of brains fat
  16. 0
    20 May 2018 08: 35
    The chewing part of an object called the head is clearly larger than the part where the substance for the thought process should be

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