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New Chinese aircraft carrier went to sea

On the morning of May 13, a new Chinese aircraft carrier, completely built in the People's Republic of China, and designated as the 001A project, first entered the factory test, reports bmpd.

The first way to sea at the factory running tests of the second Chinese aircraft carrier. Dalian, 13.05.2018

The construction of the second Chinese aircraft carrier (the first — the Liaoning acquired in Ukraine, the former Varyag) was carried out in Dalian by the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (Group) (DSIC) shipbuilding association.

According to the resource, the ship was built in a very short time: “the actual construction of the ship was started by DSIC 19 in November 2013, the assembly of structures in the shipyard’s dry construction dock started in March 2015, the ship was removed from 26 in April ".

The author recalls that the first aircraft carrier "Liaonin" (project 001), acquired in the unfinished form in Ukraine in 1998 year, was completed at the shipyard of the same company (DSIC). Launched in September 2012.
Photos used:
Xinhua News Agency

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  1. bazzbazz
    bazzbazz 14 May 2018 12: 37
    The pace is certainly enviable! We would be so! But the quality will need to look)
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 14 May 2018 12: 40
      In quality - well, 054A they run around the world, without tugboats. They regularly reach Peru / Chile / London / Spain.
      1. Don
        Don 14 May 2018 13: 00
        They compensate for the small resource of engine parts and other spare parts by their cheapness and ultra-fast replacement and repair times. And what to do, you have to get out like that request Anything is better than our "running on the spot", as Vysotsky sings wink
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 14 May 2018 19: 20
          Quality cannot be achieved without practice. So the Chinese are great.
          Please note - aircraft carrier with a springboard. That is, the Chinese prefer the Russian version as an example. The springboard is more reliable than a catapult (it does not break smile )
        2. gaura
          gaura 15 May 2018 13: 25
          The Chinese will make you goods of any quality. And for their military men they’ll do well without any problems
    2. Nasrat
      Nasrat 14 May 2018 12: 40
      Quote: bazzbazz
      .. But the quality will need to look)

      Funny comment .. good

      The quality is wonderful ... no doubt about it!
      1. MPN
        MPN 14 May 2018 12: 56
        Quote: Nasr
        The quality is wonderful ... no doubt about it!

        Eavidnoooooo ..., damn it, as much as a breath in his goiter ... sad
        I do not believe that we do not have enough money ... if it were not for the oligarchs .... After all, how is there no money? The same country pays for the construction itself, doesn’t buy the same? ... But it turns out that it buys from the oligarchs ..... request
      2. Topotun
        Topotun 14 May 2018 13: 58
        In any case, they are able to quickly repair. Let it more often have to do .....
  2. newcomer
    newcomer 14 May 2018 12: 39
    Oh, I envy the Chinese, white envy. current, date 13, Chinese sailors can see without traditions and will accept.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 14 May 2018 12: 42
      The gyrfalcon is finished.

      A new aircraft carrier is already being built - Type-002. He will have a similar Type-001A power plant. Perhaps a number of units and assemblies are identical. But the hull itself is different, the concept itself is different - there is no springboard, 4 catapults and 60 group aircraft. This will be their kitty hawk.
      1. newcomer
        newcomer 14 May 2018 12: 49
        Yes, I know, colleague, I know. I repeat: well done, the Chinese. not grabbing the stars from the snob, they gradually reached the clean, own aircraft carrier. completion of the first, construction of the second project of the first_ heating up the appetite and honing those. decisions. third_ here they’ve removed the star from the sky. how many discussions were there, the point of view was always cherished, that at first one should build at least one under the Ulyanovsk project, then take up the Storm.
      2. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 14 May 2018 15: 05
        According to the final plan, they will have 6 AUGs.
        2 aircraft carriers with a springboard and 4 with catapults.
  3. Guru
    Guru 14 May 2018 12: 46
    Well done, the Chinese, there are not many left, only 5 pieces, and the amers will be caught up.
  4. Dead duck
    Dead duck 14 May 2018 12: 58
    His deck is gorgeous, just like the roads we have laughing
    1. kig
      kig 15 May 2018 12: 28
      All the way around - they have, damn it, roads like this deck
  5. AlexVas44
    AlexVas44 14 May 2018 13: 00
    It will be easier for them to buy these ships, unless, of course, they have their own capacities for their construction .. The main thing is that it doesn’t work out like with the Mistrals. So that they do not talk about the appropriateness of their presence in the Russian fleet, let them be. But what if...
  6. Voyager
    Voyager 14 May 2018 13: 20
    Get fucked up. I don’t know what else to say. White envy
  7. Ivan Tarava
    Ivan Tarava 14 May 2018 13: 23
    We would have ordered several boats from the Chinese, but we are a great power, we ourselves will build it.
    1. tomket
      tomket 14 May 2018 17: 33
      Quote: Ivan Tarava
      We would have ordered several boats from the Chinese, but we are a great power, we ourselves will build it.

      With Putin and Medvedev we will set ....
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 14 May 2018 17: 35
        Quote: tomket
        With Putin and Medvedev we will set ....

        Already nastroli, but with you for sure the last horseradish without salt will eat up
  8. Sands Careers General
    Sands Careers General 14 May 2018 13: 54
    "Made in China" ships are scary laughing
    1. Topotun
      Topotun 14 May 2018 14: 00
      It is possible, but still better to have, if not the very, most, but at hand. Than not have anything .....
  9. The comment was deleted.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 14 May 2018 19: 24
      In Liaolin - tanks and warehouses.
      At Tip-001А, the hangar level was redesigned in order to maximize the area, with the removal of other rooms to other levels. Therefore, Granite Square is included in the hangar.

      They do not need aircraft-carrying cruisers, a couple of extra planes are more important. They have a lot of escort ships and they are being intensively built.

      Another point - rockets have become more compact. No need to have monsters. The Chinese supersonic two-stage YJ-18 climbs into the standard VPU cell. Of which, the destroyer 052D (launched 13 - the general 26 series with extension) - whole 64 pieces, and the destroyer 055 (launched the 2 - photo is 8, the total series is unknown) - 112 pieces.
      1. Aqr009
        Aqr009 14 May 2018 19: 30
        Thanks for the answer! I then decided to delete my comment, because there, in the video there was a mat.
        Let me remind you that I asked what anti-ship missiles are on Chinese aircraft carriers?
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 14 May 2018 20: 26
          According to 2хYJ-83K (variation from Exoset) - on each J-15 wink

  10. Comrade
    Comrade 15 May 2018 05: 10
    They can’t come up with anything themselves, all ideas are stolen or bought. If not for our Varyag, they would not have built this aircraft carrier on their own and in a hundred years.
    1. kig
      kig 15 May 2018 12: 33
      Quote: Comrade
      all ideas are stolen or bought

      But they have their own aircraft carrier and a bunch of destroyers for escort. But actually, the Japanese also once started this way. Yes, and the Soviet Union in the era of industrialization, too, did not hesitate to buy a plant together with engineers.
      1. mvg
        mvg 15 May 2018 21: 31
        I can add, and now do not hesitate to take used factories in Italy, for example, and work. For example, MV Kingisepp, and similar in the region. And it will work.
    2. odometer
      odometer 15 May 2018 12: 43
      Strongly said ... He crept, as they say, to tears ... laughing
  11. Normal ok
    Normal ok 15 May 2018 10: 13
    New Chinese aircraft carrier went to sea

    Glory to the Nikolaev shipbuilders! wassat