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US Navy will order a new missile defense for their aircraft

The US Navy announced its intention to order the development of new means of self-defense for aircraft that are able to shoot down enemy missiles approaching aircraft, reports N + 1 with reference to Flightglobal.

It is reported that "the development of the new system will be carried out as part of the HKSPCS project (Hard Kill Self-Protection Countermeasure System," The system of self-defense on the principle of physical destruction ")". It is planned to use it primarily on transport workers C-130 Hercules, as well as commercial aircraft used by the military, including Boeings and DC-10.

According to the demand of the military, the new system should be created in two versions: “The first option will be a system of no more than 1,04 tons installed inside the airframe. The second option is a suspended container weighing from 0,4 to 1,3 tons, containing enough amount of countermeasures to destroy 4-10 missiles. ”

Other details about the promising system have not yet been disclosed. In particular, it is not clear what exactly is meant by the term “interceptors”. It is possible that we can talk, for example, about an aviation counterpart tank active protection systems.
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  1. NEXUS
    NEXUS 11 May 2018 15: 31
    Maybe it's cheaper just not to fly where they don't ask and where they don't call?
    1. ANCIENT
      ANCIENT 11 May 2018 15: 36
      Andrew, hi they are "exceptional", and they are looking for adventure at their fifth point.
    2. san4es
      san4es 11 May 2018 16: 08
      Quote: NEXUS
      ... do not fly where they do not ask and where they do not call?

      hi ... then the economy will collapse winked
      ... Brake (afterburner) body kit, for C-130 Hercules ... smile (Feb 2018)
      It is planned to be used primarily on C-130 Hercules transporters
      1. san4es
        san4es 11 May 2018 16: 40
        ... He proved his "body kit" - Hercules committed suicide crying
        (inspired hi )
  2. Serge Gorely
    Serge Gorely 11 May 2018 15: 33
    Everything will be fine.
    ANCIENT 11 May 2018 15: 34
    Another chance to grab more dough, and then minimize the program?
    1. Ivan Tarava
      Ivan Tarava 11 May 2018 16: 10
      They have a lot of dough, enough for everyone.
    ANCIENT 11 May 2018 15: 37
    We will prepare the raven properly lol at least three at once to fly into the engine at full speed! am
    1. vadim dok
      vadim dok 12 May 2018 13: 35
      You had 1 (one) raven to kill 2 (twin-engine) aircraft and 2 x pilots!
  5. dojjdik
    dojjdik 11 May 2018 15: 45
    and we need them to throw more dough for these pieces of iron, gradually gradually not immediately of course they will turn off all their scientific and social developments — when the Apollo prog was not brought to the end, it’s lunar, they had to refuse because The USSR had to be destroyed and Pakistani Mujahideen also loot tossed also Israeli Jewish brothers could not break the Lebanese
  6. LMN
    LMN 11 May 2018 15: 59
    Interestingly, does the US have a budget? belay request
    1. Ivan Tarava
      Ivan Tarava 11 May 2018 16: 11
      It feels like they have money all over the planet.
  7. Ivan Tarava
    Ivan Tarava 11 May 2018 16: 13
    Yes, all this is just cut money. Give grenades to the crew and that’s it. Engaged in nonsense.
  8. san4es
    san4es 11 May 2018 16: 30
    The US Navy announced its intention to order the development of new means of self-defense for aircraft

    ... In line ... Swedes already
    hi .... The solution is called CAMPS (Civil Aircraft Missile Protection System), an intelligent system that can help counter and combat MANPADS attacks. Saab provides full support, including individual system design, installation, and full responsibility for all certification procedures.
    ... CAMPS is excluded from the list of military products, which allows aircraft with an installed system of unlimited operational freedom within and between different countries .... recourse
    Oct 2015
  9. faterdom
    faterdom 11 May 2018 23: 42
    Can lattice screens weld on all sides.