Mattis: Finns and Swedes, do not forget that Russia fought against you

On the official website of the Pentagon published a joint statement by the Ministers of Defense of the United States, Sweden and Finland. The very visit by the Swedish and Finnish Pentagon ministers suggests that Washington continues to carry out attempts to drag these countries into the North Atlantic military bloc. And so far no serious arguments can be offered for this, each time using the same rhetoric - “about the threat from Russia”.

Mattis: Finns and Swedes, do not forget that Russia fought against you

The head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, during his negotiations with colleagues from northern Europe, once again declared that Russia was “threatening” their countries. To make the argument more convincing, Mattis decided to plunge into history, stating that "the conclusions suggest themselves on the basis of such historical facts as the Soviet-Finnish war."

Of release statements by the us minister:
Both Finland and Sweden know firsthand that the threat of ignoring international law can threaten regional security and stability. This neglect took various forms, including the Russian invasion of Finland during the winter war that took place almost 80 years ago. These are the cases of Georgia and Ukraine, which are now too well aware of current events. In addition, the Soviet invasions of the territorial waters of Sweden at the end of the Cold War are another example, a reminder of the threats that we once hoped were in the past.

It is surprising that Mattis did not even remember the Russian-Swedish (Northern) war, when "the Russians treacherously lured the Swedes under Poltava" ...

The destabilizing behavior of Russia today reminds us that our common respect for the rule of law and territorial integrity must be protected. I would like to express our respect for Finland’s and Sweden’s firm commitment to global security.

Did this "respect for territorial integrity" also spread to Yugoslavia in the 90s?

And what can you do for the sake of drawing the Finns and Swedes into NATO ...
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  1. +22
    9 May 2018 08: 23
    The words were rearranged ... but how did the meaning change ... it was not Russia who fought with them ... but they fought with Russia ... And about Georgia I don’t know what to say ... it seems like the whole civilized world has long recognized that this is Georgia aggressor ...
    1. +7
      9 May 2018 08: 43
      Hopefully Finns and Swedes really remember and draw the right conclusions.
      1. +13
        9 May 2018 09: 22
        The US Secretary of Defense is clearly engaged in a vile deed - he acts as a provocateur. For such people in our yard they say: “MUTILOVSHCHIK!” One of the most shameful nicknames in Armenia. If you start digging, who fought with someone somewhere, then you can get to ancient Sumerians and proto-Egyptians.
        1. +6
          9 May 2018 11: 26
          Just do not need the Sumerians. Their descendants are already sick of it.
          Happy Holiday.
          1. +1
            9 May 2018 12: 22
            Then let's remember the Atlanteans. After all, the Russians drowned Atlantis!
            1. 0
              9 May 2018 12: 58
              And do not forget that we always win!
        2. +2
          9 May 2018 11: 48
          Matis is a provocateur, saboteur and populist. Only war they need.
      2. 0
        9 May 2018 11: 04
        They have no choice, they depend entirely on the United States, and Russia cannot offer any alternatives due to general savagery and poverty.
        1. +5
          9 May 2018 13: 17
          In the capital of Norway, which until the alliance of the four right-wing parties had recently come to power in the country, a paradise for Muslim immigrants from Asia and Africa, this summer the Sunni Front organization (Ansar al-Sunna) demanded independence from Norway for Grennland - one of Oslo's central districts, the majority of whose inhabitants are Muslims.

          “We don’t want to be a part of Norway,” the residents of the capital wrote in their appeal, “and we don’t think it’s right to leave Norway because we were born and raised here ... Leave Grennland and give us the opportunity to govern it according to Sharia law. We don’t want to live with dirty monsters like you ... Do not force us to do something that can still be avoided. This is not a threat, but only a word of truth and justice ... "

          The requirements are quite fair! How can they leave their homeland! This would be a betrayal, but this cannot be allowed. And the Norwegians will find another Norway! And finally, it’s time to change already, it’s time to study the Qur'an, this is consistent with the principles of democracy and multiculturalism.

          It seems that the Islamic state will arise in Norway earlier than the Palestinian state in Israel.

          This applies to all Scandinavian countries, so let them drag at least where. The main thing is to free them we did not climb.
        2. +2
          10 May 2018 06: 29
          Quote: NG inform
          Russia cannot offer any alternatives due to general savagery and poverty.

          Well, about poverty, maybe it’s possible partially to agree. But wildness ?! I wonder what are you building such conclusions? Those. it’s in our country that women were burnt in “bundles” on the sole suspicion or because of “not giving” any “excellency” or “messenger of God”, we washed it twice in our lives, and lice were called “god’s pearls” , it’s our books that were burned only because the Jews wrote them, the list is huge. Indicate the failure of which of the above points is a sign of savagery.
    2. +12
      9 May 2018 08: 45
      Well, this is in the spirit of a European civilization. After the attack, they get a rebuff and scream to the whole world and about * unprovoked * and about the illegality of the rebuff.
      In fact, Finland is the record holder in the number of officially declared wars to the SOVIET UNION. Four times the Finns attacked and then declared war, and this apart from provocations and so - minor conflicts on the border and at sea. Even the Poles with their ambition only declared war twice to the SOVIET UNION, and the Germans only once, but also in European, after the attack.
      By the way, the Swedes, with the declared neutrality, supplied the Nazis with everything they could produce themselves or purchase in the USA or elsewhere. In addition, there were Swedish soldiers and officers in the Finnish army. The Swedish king, I do not remember either his number or his name there ALWAYS wore the Nazi party badge that Hitler personally handed him.
      1. +8
        9 May 2018 10: 24
        If you believe the wiki, then the Finns attacked the USSR 3 times. USSR to the Finns 1.
        Who is more aggressive?
    3. +5
      9 May 2018 10: 56
      Quote: ...
      Finns and Swedes, do not forget that Russia fought against you

      And she pressed
      1. 0
        9 May 2018 11: 23
        Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekee. laughing
    4. +3
      9 May 2018 12: 52
      Quote: Vard
      whole civilized world

      A "civilized world" is a world that believes Mattis unconditionally. Sweden is working so closely with the US that there is nowhere else to go. Perhaps the goal of Matiss is Finland. US entry to the Soviet-Finnish border is fraught ...
  2. +10
    9 May 2018 08: 23
    How tired of these American double standards ... am
    1. +6
      9 May 2018 08: 27
      Pasha, Happy Holiday!
      The destabilizing behavior of Russia today reminds us that our common respect for the rule of law and territorial integrity must be protected. I would like to express our respect for Finland’s and Sweden’s firm commitment to global security.

      1. +4
        9 May 2018 08: 31
        Mutually, Andrey! hi drinks Thank you for the video ! good
        1. +4
          9 May 2018 08: 35
          Pasha, happy holiday dear hi soldier drinks
          1. +3
            9 May 2018 08: 39
            Vitaly! hi For our victory and perdition for the striped tyrants! soldier drinks
          2. +3
            9 May 2018 08: 40
            Soon Ukraine will go to repent for Poltava, with the change of name to Shvedlava. Forgive us Swedes, it will look like this. smile
            1. +4
              9 May 2018 09: 20
              gentlemen, always everything, cheers! and the Swedes = remember https: // v = yYNZP8OIUQQ
        2. +4
          9 May 2018 08: 39
          Happy Victory Day fighters, all the best, and these dogs will constantly bark while our caravan is on soldier drinks
          1. 0
            9 May 2018 09: 42
            Happy Victory Day fighters, all the best, and these dogs will bark constantly while our caravan goes soldier drinks
            At the moment I'm watching the Victory Parade in Donetsk, but exactly 4 years ago we were told that by the beginning of summer 14, the Republics would fall ..............
      2. +1
        9 May 2018 09: 53
        All with Victory Day !!!!
        Quote: NEXUS

        our common respect for the rule of law and territorial integrity.

        Who would say that. What happened to Yugoslavia, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, what is happening in Syria. The top of Western cynicism.
    2. +2
      9 May 2018 11: 32
      Quote: bouncyhunter
      How tired of these American double standards ... am

      What are the standards? lol
      At the beginning of the XIX century. there was an official consolidation of the borders of Russian possessions in North America and northern Europe. Petersburg Conventions 1824 g. Defined the boundaries with the American (USA) and English possessions. The Americans pledged not to settle north of 54 ° 40 ′ s. w. on the coast, and the Russians south. The border of Russian and British possessions passed along the Pacific coast from 54 ° s. w. up to 60 ° s w. 10 miles from the edge of the ocean, considering all the bends of the coast.
      The St. Petersburg Russian-Swedish Convention 1826 established the Russian-Norwegian border.
      New wars with Turkey and Iran led to the further expansion of the territory of the Russian Empire. Under the Akkerman Convention with Turkey 1826, Russia secured for itself Sukhum, Anaklia and Redut-Kale. In accordance with the Adrianople Peace Treaty 1829, Russia received the mouth of the Danube and the Black Sea coast from the mouth of the Kuban to the post of St. Nicholas, including Anapa and Poti, as well as the Akhaltsikh pashalyk. In the same years, Balkaria and Karachay joined Russia. In 1859-1864 Russia included Chechnya, Nagorno-Dagestan and mountain peoples (Circassians, etc.)
      After the Russian-Persian war 1826-1828 years. Russia received Eastern Armenia (Erivan and Nakhichevan Khanates), which was recognized by the Turkmanchay Treaty of 1828.
      Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878 culminated in the annexation of Ardagan, Batum and Kars and the return of the Danube part of Bessarabia (without estuaries of the Danube).
      Under the terms of the Aigun (1858) agreement with China, Russia received territories on the left bank of the Amur River from Argun to the mouth, previously considered undivided, and Primorye (Ussuri Territory) was recognized as common ownership. The Beijing treatise of 1860 issued the final accession of Primorye to Russia. In 1871, Russia annexed the Ili region, belonging to the Qing Empire, with the city of Kuldzh, but after 10 years it was returned to China. At the same time, the border in the area of ​​Lake Zaysan and Black Irtysh was corrected in favor of Russia.
      Since the middle of the XIX century. continued began in the XVIII century. promotion of Russian possessions in Central Asia. In 1846, the Kazakh Senior Zhuz (Big Horde) announced the voluntary acceptance of Russian citizenship, and in 1853, the Kokand fortress Ak-Mechet was conquered. In 1860 the accession of the Seven Rivers was completed, and in 1864-1867. parts of the Kokand Khanate (Chimkent, Tashkent, Khojent, Zachirchik Territory) and the Bukhara Emirate (Ura-Tyube, Jizzakh, Yana-Kurgan) were annexed. In 1868, the Bukhara emir recognized himself as a vassal of the Russian tsar, and the Samarkand and Katta-Kurgan districts of the emirate and Zeravshan region were annexed to Russia. In 1869, the coast of the Krasnovodsk Bay was annexed to Russia, and the next year the Mangyshlak Peninsula. According to the Hendemian peace treaty with the Khiva Khanate in 1873, the latter recognized vassal dependence on Russia, and the lands along the right bank of the Amu Darya became part of Russia. In 1875, the Kokand Khanate became a vassal of Russia, and in 1876 it was included in the Russian Empire as the Ferghana Region. In 1881-1884 lands inhabited by the Turkmens were annexed to Russia, and in the 1885 of the East Pamir. 1887 and 1895 Agreements Russian and Afghan possessions were distinguished between the Amu Darya and the Pamirs.
      As a result of a short (November 1939 - March 1940), but heavy war with Finland, part of the Karelian Isthmus with Vyborg, the northwestern coast of Lake Ladoga, some islands in the Gulf of Finland, the Hanko Peninsula was leased for military organization -sea base, which was strengthened the security of Leningrad. On the Kola Peninsula, part of the Rybachy Peninsula became part of the USSR. Finland has confirmed its restrictions on the deployment of armed forces on the coast of the Barents Sea, which strengthened the security of Murmansk.
      In 1940, at the request of the Soviet government, Romania returned Bessarabia, which was part of the Russian Empire, on the basis of which, together with the territories of the left bank of the Dniester (Moldavian ASSR), the Union Moldavian Republic was organized.
      By the decision of the Potsdam Conference, the territory of East Prussia was divided between Poland and the USSR. The northern part of East Prussia with Koenigsberg became part of the USSR, on the basis of which the Kaliningrad Region of the RSFSR was formed.
      In 1944, the Tuva People’s Republic entered the USSR as an autonomous region.
      As a result of the defeat of Japan in World War II, Russia regained South Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.
      2014 year. The return of Crimea to the Russian Federation.

      Now the question. And if Russia changes its mind and returns for "its own" and it will not only be Crimea? lol And you say double standards
      This is Mattis's concern.
      Happy Victory Day!
  3. +1
    9 May 2018 08: 28
    Very well, these hot guys remember how they were forced to neutrality, and if you forgot you need to be reminded!
  4. +5
    9 May 2018 08: 30
    Mattis: Finns and Swedes, do not forget that Russia fought against you

    Russia fought with many. He who comes to us with a sword shouts and receives. Mattresses were also thrust into a hail in Primorye during a civilian. But many years have passed, and that's forgotten. But we are not proud, we can recall. Yes laughing
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. +2
        9 May 2018 12: 46
        Quote: Rogovas81
        You are either illiterate. patriot, probably. The United States has never fought with us. I studied textbooks of the USSR, do not piss in my ears

        What do you mean? belay
        They probably sailed on safari ships in the seaside taiga to participate?
        Judging by your post, you did not study the textbooks of the History of the USSR, but used for kindling, well, or instead of pipifax.
        I see nothing wrong with being a patriot of the country in which I was born, studied, lived. You can easily find all blood ancestors that shed blood and gave their lives for it.
        Or maybe you are ashamed to be? So do not suffer, go where it is customary to be, not a patriot.
        Only for some reason, even pin dosniks do not consider it shameful to be patriots of their country, and you are shy about it. laughing
        Or maybe you are an alien? what lol laughing
        1. 0
          9 May 2018 12: 55
          In general, the goal of the Americans in Primorye was to prevent the Japanese from seizing the Trans-Siberian Railway and cutting off Siberia. There was no other reason then, it was almost a deserted territory. Now by the way, almost as well. Militaristic imperial Japan then raged in China, Manchuria and the Far East
          1. +3
            9 May 2018 13: 09
            Quote: Vladimirovich_4
            In general, the goal of the Americans in Primorye was to prevent the Japanese from seizing the Trans-Siberian Railway and cutting off Siberia

            Well, even "to the heap" they exported from us everything that was "not pinned", but what was pinned, torn off "with meat" and also taken out.
            In general, a lot of wealth was exported to the civilian from Russia, from furs, raw materials to gold, inclusive.
            Only having received from the Primorye partisans in the wort, not those who were recently tried for robberies in Primorye, they removed from the mainland, but for a long time destroyed the fish-furry wealth of the Far East for a long time, destroyed fur seals, seals, walruses and other animals, taking advantage of the weakness of the border guard DV
            1. 0
              9 May 2018 14: 30
              Well yes. If it weren’t for the partisans, they would not stop pissing in the doorways and poking the golden fleece. Wait a minute though. After all, they do all this!
          2. +1
            10 May 2018 01: 13
            Deserted? you tell it to those whom the Americans destroyed there! and yes, yes. Together with the Japs they did such things there that no Hitler dreamed!
      2. The comment was deleted.
        1. 0
          9 May 2018 22: 44
          Typo you are a patriot
          1. The comment was deleted.
  5. +5
    9 May 2018 08: 31
    Mattis: Finns and Swedes, do not forget that Russia fought against you

    Lied Mattis. It is necessary so: - Finns of the Ishved, do not forget that you fought against Russia. And how it ended ... And the Finns do not forget that the Swedes sold you. Russia ...
    1. +6
      9 May 2018 08: 42
      The good is forgotten, but the bad is never, for this they are imprisoned .. hi drinks
  6. +1
    9 May 2018 08: 33
    Yes, and even if not only they do not forget, but also all those with whom they fought and it is necessary to notice everyone won. Remember the adversaries soldier
  7. +2
    9 May 2018 08: 33
    Yes, if necessary, we’ll go over their land one more time, but only we are not the first ... to climb, grab it ..
  8. +8
    9 May 2018 08: 35
    He was right...
    1. +2
      9 May 2018 08: 39
      The photo shows who went to the Victory for many years, and who took advantage of it.
      1. 0
        9 May 2018 08: 43
        Yeah, especially for grandfather in a beret and his granddaughter in a skybo costume laughing
        1. 0
          9 May 2018 11: 25
          In fact, the British have always been trendsetters of military fashion. Do not la la.
    2. +1
      9 May 2018 10: 10
      Surprisingly in the 19th century, the British and Prussians also could not calm down. And they made a victorious war for themselves. They gave Napoleon an escape, gathered an army, and then fought with him for three months and set up Waterloo.
  9. +1
    9 May 2018 08: 40
    I would add: And do not forget that you always won!
  10. +1
    9 May 2018 08: 45
    And the Finns should remember that they didn’t help them with anything other than arms supplies. The whole winter war was beautifully flunked in the endless political consultations between Paris and London. Even the Polish fleet was not used, what they threatened with.)))
    But the reality is that history never teaches anything and Finland and Sweden only formally do not belong to NATO. And cooperation measures and consultative assistance receive even more than some official members of this insidious and aggressive organization.
  11. +4
    9 May 2018 08: 52
    After the verbal tricks of Matisse, I just want to insert some epithets that moderators will not miss. Insolently trying to mix Russia with shit. It turns out that they defeated fascism (helping it with their economic opportunities), they defeated ISIS in Syria (by sponsoring and militants), it was they who pushed the DPRK to a peaceful settlement, they brought "democracy" to actively developing fascist countries (Ukraine, the Baltic states, Poland), they established a "balance" in the world ...
  12. LMN
    9 May 2018 08: 55
    The Finns have already decided who they next lol
    By issuing permission to pass the Nord Stream-2 through their territorial waters wink
  13. +4
    9 May 2018 09: 04
    Oh Russia, with whom we just did not fight .. Washington would still take, for a complete set! laughing
    1. 0
      10 May 2018 01: 18
      Nafig Fashington, the Stalin Strait to do everything.
  14. A.
    9 May 2018 09: 16
    Whatever cow mumbled, but the American dog was silent, this old per.un got everyone with his advice.
  15. +2
    9 May 2018 09: 18
    Mattis: Finns and Swedes, do not forget that Russia fought against you
    so there was nothing to roam around Russia
  16. 0
    9 May 2018 09: 22
    Swedes, "death to the kings, remember this" and peace be upon you ...
  17. +2
    9 May 2018 09: 35
    Mattis: Finns and Swedes, do not forget that Russia fought against you
    [Quote] [/ quote]
    Mdya ..... Ignorance of history does not relieve responsibility for the bazaar.
    Germany, Italy - urgently leave NATO! There is the USA, France, England - they fought against you.
    Japan, get the katana, friendship with the United States to Nuremberg (or The Hague) will bring.
    Vietnam, wake up, the United States again treads your land!
    So maybe the US is time to behave more modestly and instead of drumming, tomahawks.
  18. +1
    9 May 2018 09: 35
    Yes, what for NATO? I must say bluntly
    what a call for the admission of US occupation forces to the territory of these countries.
    Indeed, in fact, from all the countries of the bloc, only the USA
    possesses real power, everything else is nothing more than a servant.
  19. +3
    9 May 2018 09: 45
    The full phrase should read: "Finns and Swedes, do not forget that Russia has repeatedly fought with you! And always smashed you to the smithereens!"
    1. +3
      9 May 2018 10: 20
      hi It’s a pity that there wasn’t any fluff or dust left, otherwise they would have stuck the adversary under his nose, would have freshened up his memory.
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. +4
        9 May 2018 12: 20
        Quote: Rogovas81
        silent about the victories of 1939 in Karelia?

        The war ended on March 12, 1940, the results are known.
        Quote: Rogovas81
        And in Finland, someone was

        There have been, have been, a "historian." Yes, here it is, at hand, in the Helsinki district of the Len Region. laughing
        Quote: Rogovas81
        descendants of the red hard workers?

        Any problems with the working class? Or another "white bone" from Mukhosk?
      2. +4
        9 May 2018 12: 23
        It’s just that you don’t need to show off anger here, you don’t see you under the yoke of Swedish or Finnish, and you wrote poetry in their language. Blasphemy Russian and Russian divorced a lot here, especially offensive to home-grown, grown and fed on Russian milk and bread. hi
        1. +1
          9 May 2018 22: 48
          One must be objective in order to take into account not only victories, for this will help to avoid bitter defeats. And on the couch, you're all brave, this cannot be taken away from you
  20. +2
    9 May 2018 10: 11
    Mattis: Finns and Swedes, do not forget that Russia fought against you

    Finns! Do not forget that before Russia you were a rebellious colony of Sweden! And the fact that from the hands of the Russian Emperor you received the Constitution, parliament, the right to your language and economic development.
    And also the fact that no one has ever attacked the United States, but the United States itself has molested all over the world and pitted 2/3 countries of the world with each other.
  21. +1
    9 May 2018 11: 15
    Americans have never fought on their territory in their short history, but it would have been nice for Mattis to listen to the song “Do They Want Russian Wars” instead of Bieber and read a history book (not American, of course), then it will come to him that everything without State exceptions, which decided to use military force against the Russians, were ultimately accepted with honors by the Russian soldier in their capitals.
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. +1
    9 May 2018 11: 47
    And about the American "peacefulness" in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Panama, Vietnam, Korea, Latin America, does this metis know and remember? And to the aforementioned countries from whom to defend themselves and “where to join”?
  24. 0
    9 May 2018 11: 58
    Mattis decided to plunge into history

    The new headquarters of the alliance on the territory of the former airfield opposite the old building. The total area of ​​the current headquarters is 250 thousand square meters, and the total amount of construction was more than 1 billion euros. The building was designed by the American firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.
    The Pentagon general has its own story wassat

    OUR VICTORY gives him no peace smile
  25. +1
    9 May 2018 11: 59
    One gets the impression that the United States approved the position that the history of mankind began in the 1776 year. Moreover, the old people in power in this country decided to return the whole world to this year and begin to write history anew as they please.
    I must say that the Swedes can believe in the delirium of the mentally ill and again wish the "reunification" of Sweden with Finland, which put an end to the victory of Russia in the Northern War of 1701-1721, thereby freeing the Finns from actual Swedish slavery. But how does Mad Dog explain this fact if these events happened before his ancestors arrived on the American continent? It is difficult for an old man to explain this, beyond his strength. So he grinds all sorts of nonsense about the expansion of the Russian Tsar Peter I to Ukraine, in which the Swedes, in his opinion, ended up with a humanitarian mission, but were burnt heavily near Poltava in 1709. Lord, do not bring the Americans to repeat the Swedish path. Grandfather of this, Mad Dog, fellow tribesmen, according to the old American tradition, will be smeared with tar, dumped in feathers and rolled on a pole to Virginia itself. I would not want to see CNN's report on this.
  26. +1
    9 May 2018 13: 04
    Again an attempt to put together a fascist bloc under the leadership, only now the Pentagon?
  27. +2
    9 May 2018 13: 42
    Surprisingly, Mattis forgot that the USA also fought against Finland, since during the Great Patriotic War Finland fought on the side of Germany, like some other NATO countries! Remember the story of America!
  28. 0
    9 May 2018 16: 18
    so from that, well, they got it in their faces, now they don’t rock the boat ... and to the ugly person Mattis it’s enviable to see
  29. 0
    9 May 2018 17: 31
    Finns are real alkonauts without a bottom, Swedes are more fun, but the example of captain Marinesku fucking an entire white tribe depressingly affected the population of stupid blondes .- they began to look- RT
  30. 0
    9 May 2018 21: 57
    I fought, yes. And where are these Swedes now?
  31. 0
    10 May 2018 06: 28
    general respect for the rule of law and territorial integrity must be protected
    And how does this relate to diplomatic property in the United States?
  32. 0
    10 May 2018 08: 53
    Dear Sirs, Finns, but you did not forget that Russia actually made you a STATE? If not for Russia, you would at best be a provincial province of the Swedes, but at best ??? I advise you to think .....
  33. 0
    10 May 2018 10: 29
    Yes, Russia fought with the Swedes. Especially .. near Poltava.
    And we fought with Germany. In Stalingrad.
  34. 0
    10 May 2018 10: 35
    Quote: 1536
    I would not want to see a CNN report on this.

    I would have looked laughing Even with pleasure
  35. 0
    10 May 2018 10: 57
    Quote: Berg Berg
    Surprisingly, Mattis forgot that the USA also fought against Finland, since during the Great Patriotic War Finland fought on the side of Germany, like some other NATO countries! Remember the story of America!

    Hmm ... well, of course you need to remember the story. The only question is to whom. In fact, the United States did not fight Finland in World War II. And even the war of Finland was not declared. It was not until June 30, 1943, that the United States Department of State issued a note .... no, not about declaring war on Finland, but only about breaking off diplomatic relations with Finland. Moreover, representatives of several non-governmental American organizations in Finland remained. What is characteristic is that the US ambassador to Finland, McClintock, did not return to the United States. He settled .... in Stockholm.
    Britain formally declared war on Finland. By coincidence, on the day of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (06.12.1941/XNUMX/XNUMX) hi
    But warned Finland back in November.
    On November 29, 1941, Churchill sent a personal letter to Marshal Mannerheim, in which he “regretfully” reported that “in a few days we will be forced to declare war on Finland”

    But really, Britain did not fight the Finns. Only once a little bombed by German troops in northern Finland. And apologizing on the radio to the Finns.
  36. 0
    10 May 2018 11: 02
    Quote: impostor
    Americans have never fought in their territory in their short history

    Well, not really like that. In the Anglo-American War of 1812-1815 On August 24, 1814, the British even captured, plundered it, set fire to the best government buildings (Capitol, White House) and captured huge military booty, including more than 200 guns.
  37. 0
    10 May 2018 11: 21
    And you cannot come to us with your charter - and there will be no wars! winked History must be taught, not forged! Yes
  38. 0
    11 May 2018 01: 44
    And how are they with Japan? And Germany, Italy? the norms

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"