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When will the Russian-Chinese CR929 fly?

The chief engineer of the Chinese commercial aviation corporation COMAC told the press about when the world would see the CR929-600 wide-body airliner CR2025-XNUMX implemented in cooperation with Russia. If you believe the reports of representatives of COMAC, the work on the Russian-Chinese aircraft is not out of date. His first flight is scheduled for XNUMX year.

TASS cites the statement of the chief engineer of the Chinese aviation corporation:
At present, the parties are at the initial stage of development and design of an airliner. Thanks to a selected team of highly qualified specialists, the aircraft will meet all the necessary technical requirements of the market. The most advanced composite materials and high-tech solutions will be used in its creation. It is assumed that by the year 2025 will take place the first flight of the aircraft.

When will the Russian-Chinese CR929 fly?

It is known that CR929 should receive more than 50 percent of parts made from composite materials such as reinforced polymer carbon fiber. This will reduce the weight of the airframe and reduce the cost of aircraft maintenance.

The CR929 aircraft is at the design stage with the choice of suppliers for ordering airline members. This phase should be completed in the 2019 year. Design is conducted in Russia. Collecting airliners is supposed to be in Chinese Shanghai.

The wide-body airliner is being created in the format of Russian-Chinese commercial cooperation. For this, a joint company CRAIC (China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation) was established. The cost of the project 13 billion dollars.
The design takes into account the following characteristics: 280 seats. Flight range - 12 thousand. Km.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 8 May 2018 06: 38
    What will there be Russian components besides design? Yours again without work ??
    1. Vard
      Vard 8 May 2018 06: 40
      Like a dish in one film ... Horse meat with a hazel grouse ... One horse and one hazel grouse ... Everything is there ... Aircraft plants are people but there is no main thing ... Will to live ...
    2. Maz
      Maz 8 May 2018 06: 43
      Interestingly, but can the Chinese word be removed from the phrase? It will be better and sound and feel
      1. PN
        PN 8 May 2018 07: 00
        You can, then the period from 2025 will be postponed to 2045.
      2. Alexander Ra
        Alexander Ra 9 May 2018 15: 57
        For some time, someone (in Russia) will get pluses, and strategically grow serious competitors and huge problems on our own head with their intellectual and technological donation. We will hold out, and China is gaining strength - there is a difference. Foreign investment is not an unavoidable need. In 1919 there was an educational program, the government relied on its people and was going to live with it. Today is different - the people's potential is largely artificially neutralized by privatization, unemployment, and the deterioration of education. At the same time, encouraging foreign investors is an anti-national policy. The egalitarianism at the disposal of its cultural and scientific wealth is wrecking and treason.
    3. inkass_98
      inkass_98 8 May 2018 08: 02
      Quote: 210ox
      What will there be Russian components besides design? Yours again without work ??

      So, after all, our engines were planned to be installed on it, PD-35 is being developed under this raspberry.
      1. Eggor
        Eggor 8 May 2018 08: 21
        6 Dec 2017
        China's Aero Engine Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with Russian state-owned United Engine Corporation. The deal concerns the development and production of an engine to power the new CR929 aircraft. The jointly-produced plane is the first wide-body, long-range commercial aircraft not to be manufactured by either Boeing or Airbus.

        1. keeper03
          keeper03 8 May 2018 09: 30
          Well, they got a flea, and when will the mass production of savvy fleas begin? !! recourse request
    4. ultra
      ultra 8 May 2018 08: 37
      Composite wing, tail, engines.
    5. PROXOR
      PROXOR 8 May 2018 11: 16
      Well, then to ours then what to rely on. Our ordered design. Unfortunately, our airlines prefer not to invest in the development of their airliner. They are happy with everything flying on Boeing and Airbus. Our aircraft manufacturers are waiting for manna from heaven. IL stuck at 96m. Boeing and Airbas do not sit still, they are constantly growing, and our people are trying to live on the backlogs of the USSR.
  2. Abram
    Abram 8 May 2018 07: 25
    “At the first stage, the aircraft will receive Western-made engines — either General Electric or Rolls-Royce. At the second stage, after 2030, it is planned to install the promising Russian PD-35 engine.” after 2030 this means never. if so, then why do they just do not understand the participation of the Russian Federation
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 8 May 2018 19: 15
      China has no experience in designing such a "product" - it will take a decade with an incomprehensible result. But KB Ilyushin and Tupolev have. It must be assumed that the chassis and a lot of mechanization will be Russian-made. Money will help to raise a new engine and maybe a promising Russian car of this class - this is obvious, in my opinion. GDP spoke for a supersonic car, but they can also spend on something else.
      The Chinese actually order (buy) the development - technical documentation of the new machine. hi
      1. Abram
        Abram 9 May 2018 00: 29
        China itself is designing the mid-range Comac C919, by the way, a competitor to the MC21, without any Ilyushins and Tupolevs. And for some reason, for some reason, they should leave "a decade with an incomprehensible result." Rather, it will go away from the above, since the last long-haul made here is, in my opinion, IL-96 from the time of the Union. China has long grown out of children's pants, and can design no worse than the Russian Federation. Therefore, in my opinion, everything is completely not obvious - why do we need them. Likely to repeat the semblance of a story with the FGFA. We will be driven over the ears for several years, and then something happens that goes wrong.
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 9 May 2018 14: 52
          The history of the creation of the first Soviet wide-body. read the cars. Let me remind you that the government decree was in ... 1967. Serially began to be produced ... in 1980 ... It's not so simple. "The purpose of life" Yakovlev - at least read it. hi
          1. Abram
            Abram 9 May 2018 16: 03
            yes, rich history, autobiographies, memoirs, developed, and so what? everything under the Union. And now is the year 2018. All someone in this thought, either in the grave or retired. after a 30-year break, you can’t just take and design an aircraft at the level of market leaders
            1. Kasym
              Kasym 9 May 2018 16: 38
              Contradict yourself, dear. At first, that the Chinese themselves can; and then, that the Russian Federation cannot after such a break. wink . The PRC does not even have that, but the Russian Federation has a bunch of developments on the topic in the archives. Yes, not just like that, but with technical documentation. So who is easier and faster to design? hi
              He gave an example, because in this book there is a history of designing at least the Yak-40. Such things as the center of gravity and weight balancing, aerodynamics and much more ... A lot of time is needed and preferably an experience that the PRC does not have.
  3. Urantian
    Urantian 8 May 2018 07: 32
    Russia, as usual from all cooperatives, receives from the donkey of the dead one ears ..., production and jobs for the Chinese ...
    1. chingachguc
      chingachguc 8 May 2018 15: 25
      development is common, but the construction of both states can establish parallel ...
  4. Altona
    Altona 8 May 2018 07: 33
    The article is similar to the button accordion. We were discussing this project just now.
  5. Berkut154
    Berkut154 8 May 2018 07: 52
    The country that built IL-86-96, An-124, Tu-114, and many other aircraft that flew half the world am a shame!
    1. keeper03
      keeper03 8 May 2018 08: 03
      Engines are, PD series - but no production! Here is the main trouble! Brakes in the government of the Russian Federation! am
      By the way, when will we launch the MS-21 series on domestic airlines ?! This would be a powerful impetus for the development of the industry and related industries !!! request
    2. Don
      Don 8 May 2018 12: 42
      Quote: Berkut154
      The country that built IL-86-96, An-124, Tu-114, and many other aircraft that flew half the world am a shame!

      Real patriots ruled that country, and managers ruled the current one. Yes and no this country is already like 27 years request For the current gas station country and the merchants ruling it, this is the maximum that they can
  6. Eggor
    Eggor 8 May 2018 08: 12
    In the meantime, the Chinese flew the first regional airliner ARJ21.

    The brainchild of the KOMAK aircraft manufacturing company is developing the domestic market. Chengdu Airlines launched the first Chinese regional narrow-body aircraft ARJ21 on a new flight to Jinan and Harbin. The new airliner will also operate flights in four directions within Heilongjiang Province.

  7. Megamarcel
    Megamarcel 8 May 2018 08: 49
    Such projects are needed just to slow down the Russian aviation industry. As a result, MC 21 will not be launched into the series due to the dispersion of forces and assets, and we will purchase this airplane from them. Who needs it will get a rollback. Well, not in ruble essno. Result - Russia remains a raw materials appendage of the West and China. China gets its own production and experience in developing aircraft. It's just that we have traders in power. Oil prices fell, they decided to trade a little differently. It does not fit into their concept of the world that you can create your own product and promote it both at home and abroad. The main speed is getting a bobla, and do not care about the prospect of the development of the state.
    1. keeper03
      keeper03 8 May 2018 09: 28
      Just look at the deforestation in Eastern Siberia, which confirms your words! am
  8. Ural resident
    Ural resident 8 May 2018 10: 44
    Mnd ...
    Joint Russian-Chinese aircraft:
    "Designing is underway in Russia. Assembling airliners is expected in Shanghai Shanghai."
    That says it all..
    1. Eggor
      Eggor 8 May 2018 15: 01
      And what? Airbus international for example: