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The tragedy in Mulino will accelerate the failure of explosions

The tragedy in Mulino will accelerate the failure of explosions

The leadership of the Ministry of Defense plans to accelerate the introduction of non-explosive methods of disposal of ammunition

The tragedy at the Nizhniy Novgorod Mulino landfill, where six people died during the disposal of old ammunition, will accelerate the introduction of such methods of ammunition disposal, in which shells do not explode, but dismantle or destroy. This was reported to Izvestia by a source in the Ministry of Defense.

- We are now working on the issue of accelerating the transition to new technologies for the disposal of ammunition without exploding. Among them, the analysis of ammunition, burning of explosives using a special technology. Perhaps it will be possible to completely abandon the explosions by the end of next year, the source told Izvestia.

For the first time, non-explosive technology for munitions disposal at landfills began to be used in the Central Military District. There, at several test sites, the P-40 Destroyer devices were introduced, burning the contents of the projectiles without causing detonation.

The Central Military District Commander Vladimir Chirkin, appointed last week by the Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces, told Izvestia that the possibility of the Ural Pyrotechnic Plant (UFR) manufacturing these products is hampering the massive introduction of the Destroyers.

- Their capacity allowed to recycle somewhere 500 tons per day. I literally squeezed out of them 600. Whether they will be able to provide large volumes is difficult to say, because they have a very difficult staff: for each employee, you need to receive admission to the FSB to work with explosives. Of course, the use of such methods of disposal, in which you do not need to blow up projectiles, is safer, I hope, we will be able to switch to these technologies completely, - Chirkin told Izvestia.

He added that in addition to the "Destroyers" there are other devices for the non-explosive disposal of projectiles and their parts. For example, for the utilization of engines from rockets for the Grad systems, the technology of conventional generation is used - they are stuck into the ground and launched. Production time is from 2,5 to 3,5 seconds, after which the engine stops working and is dangerous.

“It will sound like a plane for a couple of minutes, that's all,” Chirkin described the technology.

UPZ representative Sergey Mikhalchuk told Izvestia that in May, the plant would begin dismantling the Destroyer shells at the same Mulino landfill, where an explosion occurred on Wednesday. Agreement with the command of the Western Military District is already there.

- Next week I will go there to assess the situation, and after that it will become clear what volumes we are talking about. By the end of May, we plan to reach the volumes of 600 tonnes disposal per day. If the Motherland decides to increase the volumes, we will build another production of the “Destroyers”, Mikhalchuk promised to Izvestia.

He added that the program for the disposal of obsolete ammunition was calculated until the end of 2014, and the HPA could by this time completely replace the military with recycling.

“We have already completely replaced the military at the Red Aduy and Saratov training ground, in the near future we plan to reach these figures in Shilovo and Tyumen,” explained Mikhalchuk.

Technology KPI is not worth a penny to the military - businessmen pay for the production of "Destroyers" and the work, passing in the scrap metal remnants of ammunition. The weight of standard artillery blanks reaches 40 – 50 kg, and aerial bombs can weigh several centners.

Now all this good military blow up at the landfills, making bookmarks of several pieces. In addition to regular accidents and mass death of the bombers themselves, the explosions cause the destruction of houses a few kilometers from the landfills.

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  1. YARY
    YARY 4 May 2012 11: 12
    As always - Until the thunder strikes .....
    And how many lives claimed ?!
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 4 May 2012 11: 32
      Hi Andrey. This is a murky business and does not smell very well, disposal technologies have existed for a long time, and the position of the Ministry of Defense resembles a dog in the manger, these technologies are not easily recouped, they are profitable, even if you use ammunition not for re-equipping, but like scrap metal, but ..... the toad strangles the officials. There is also a possibility of withdrawal "to the side" - after all, it is not possible to control the amount of destroyed ammunition after the explosion angry
      1. YARY
        YARY 4 May 2012 12: 24
        Bravo Igor!
        I wanted to write but you are almost literally !!! drinks
        1. Igorboss16
          Igorboss16 4 May 2012 15: 03
          yes, just recently, there was an article such as about large-scale re-equipment with new installations for the disposal of ammunition, and here it is again that you crashed and sent to the other world, the earth rest in peace,
          most likely, due to various delays, the equipment does not have time to reach the destination, as usual, there is no money, but ordinary soldiers suffer because of this
  2. Hey
    Hey 4 May 2012 11: 33
    Tongue-grinding is not a tricky thing.
    Before proceeding to destruction with new means, ammunition must be loaded, transported to the place of destruction, unloaded. And here is the most dangerous moment.

    Exit in another.
    1. Good storage facilities with proper facilities.
    2. The systematic increased consumption of ammunition for exercises.
    3. Timely disposal.
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 4 May 2012 11: 55
      Quote: MUD
      Tongue grinding is not tricky

      Sorry, but, in my opinion, this applies more to you. All the conditions you listed must be met in both cases.
      Quote: MUD
      3. Timely disposal.

      And this is already overlooked, and what do you want to do? fool
      2. The systematic increased consumption of ammunition for exercises.
      Considering the increased wear of the trunks, your "rationalization" is completely unacceptable
  3. andrklimanov
    andrklimanov 4 May 2012 11: 40
    and how many cases of defective ammunition that are not discussed? in 1999 in Chechnya when firing from the "grad", engines began to fall off, and warheads fell on their
  4. Bat1stuta
    Bat1stuta 4 May 2012 11: 43
    well better late than never ... what
  5. Nechai
    Nechai 4 May 2012 11: 58
    Quote: Old Rocketman
    the toad strangles officials.

    Absolutely! A huge such all-conquering toad! She will settle finances on accounts and sell off. Two in one. And only incessant TRAGEDIES can make the bureaucrats step on their own dear gentry. And you don’t want to go ....
    1. old rocket man
      old rocket man 4 May 2012 12: 05
      Hi Valera, FROW-professional disease of warehouse rats, procurers and officials laughing
  6. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 4 May 2012 12: 17
    And my question is: Since this has already become a system, then who benefits? Who warms his hands?
    SAMEDOV SULEYMAN 4 May 2012 12: 32
    At one time, he served in Mulino in the Gorkov region, in training. They drove in black, even the saying was-TWO SOLDIERS FROM THE STROYBAT REPLACE THE EXCAVATOR, ONE MULIN SOLDIER REPLACES THE WHOLE STROBATE!
  8. Zlu
    Zlu 4 May 2012 12: 37
    Quote: Ardent
    And how many lives claimed ?!

    During the disposal of ammunition, 6 people died
  9. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 4 May 2012 13: 40
    It is not possible to comment on events in Mulino without disgust. People performing their duty died due to the greed of officials. What other low qualities should be for people who do not take care of their army, so that these officials cease to fulfill their official duties.
  10. Basilevs
    Basilevs 4 May 2012 13: 50
    Definitely, the eldest, decree, is to blame, which was not !! No one else.
    And it seems to me that the usual slovenliness is to blame. They threw it randomly, and then hit a cocked fuse.
  11. Owl
    Owl 4 May 2012 14: 53
    The cause of the explosion is not clear. An ATGM missile ("Fagot", "Competition", etc.) cannot explode when dropped from a height of 1,5 - 2,5 meters (the ammunition has an accidental explosion protection system: until the powder pressing is burned out - the electric chain from the fuse piezoelectric element to the detonator), the ammunition does not explode from falling.
  12. crossbow
    crossbow 4 May 2012 15: 19
    Anything can happen in a projectile (rocket) of 1971, the more complex the projectile, the higher the likelihood of self-detonation, especially after such a long storage under improper storage conditions most likely. .
    Given this proposal, the MO on DISASSEMBLY of ammunition is simply criminal and extremely unprofessional.
  13. LOMiK
    LOMiK 4 May 2012 15: 57
    There is no way to dispose of, no capacity, etc. All this is bullshit, here's an article there that describes the state of affairs well.