Heroes of the war. Generations change, exploits remain


July 17, 1941, 476th km of the Warsaw highway. Senior artillery sergeant Nikolay Vladimirovich Sirotinin, covering up the withdrawal of his unit with a 76-mm gun, fought the German tank column. For escorted Guderian's 59 tanks, he became an insurmountable barrier, preventing them from moving forward. Alone on a collective farm field, sheltered by high rye, the fighter Sirotinin kept the enemy for two and a half hours, repelling the attacks. His position was taken when only three shells remained. The 20-year-old sergeant responded to the proposal to surrender with fire from a carbine and left the fighting position only after the heroic death, destroying 11 tanks, 7 armored vehicles, 57 soldiers and officers.

The German colonel, shocked by the feat of the young gunner, then said: "If the soldiers of the Fuhrer fought like this Russian, then we would have conquered the whole world."

After 77 years, he was answered by the President of Russia in a message to the Federal Assembly, saying that such fighters "they will never have."

24 August 1941 of the year. During the storming of the Kirillovsky monastery near Novgorod, the junior political officer Pankratov Alexander Konstantinovich committed self-sacrifice, which later became known as the feat of Matrosov.

From high monastic buildings, the enemy responded with heavy fire, the company commander was killed, it was impossible to rise to the attack. The political leader managed to crawl to the enemy machine gun and throw grenades at him, but soon the shooting resumed. Then Pankratov, shouting “Forward!” Rushed to the embrasure and closed the barrel of the machine gun, which enabled our fighters to break into the enemy's position and destroy the observation point, from which the fire was adjusted. This is the first documented fact of such a feat. According to various sources, during the Great Patriotic War, it was repeated from two hundred to four hundred times. Alexander Pankratov was 24 of the year.

Afghanistan, April 21 1982. When performing the task of guarding the road, a platoon of Lieutenant Alexander Demakov was ambushed. Dushmans, using numerical advantage, tried to capture our fighters. Then Lieutenant Demakov, reporting by radio to headquarters, gave the order to the group to crawl off to the aryk, while he himself remained to cover her departure. The enemy tried to rise three times into battle, but the fire from a lieutenant's submachine gun pressed everyone to the stones. When the ammunition ran out, Alexander blew himself up with the grenade of himself and the dushmans who surrounded him.

Afghanistan, September 1983. The reconnaissance unit of the reconnaissance company of the 181 th motorized rifle regiment of the 108 th Nevelsk Red Banner Division was supposed to advance to the mountain sector and ensure the safety of the convoy’s passage. During the assignment, the scouts were ambushed. Private Nikolai Anfinogenov took over the cover of the group's departure. When the ammunition ended, the fighter was surrounded. Then, with the last grenade, he blew himself up and dushmans. Eight bandits were destroyed, and the reconnaissance group was able to reach the position.

Afghanistan, October 31 1987. Junior Sergeant Yuri Islamov, covering the withdrawal of his comrades from the environment, continued to fight, being seriously wounded. When the ammunition ended, a grenade blew itself up along with the dushmans. He was 19 years old.

Syria, June 2 2016. Marat Radikovich Akhmetshin, a Russian officer from Kazan, the grandson of a sailor and the son of a pilot, under Palmyra, led the artillery battery fire. At some point, he was left alone against the igilovtsev 200 and gave battle. The bandits had tanks and armored personnel carriers. The captain of artillery - automatic, three guns and grenades. Wounded, he hit several tanks and armored personnel carriers. When the help arrived, the captain held a grenade in his hand without checks, and the earth was burning around. Only when a grenade was taken from Marat did he lose consciousness. The doctors could not save the life of the heroic officer.

Syria, June 15 2016. From the military camp near Palmyra, in the province of Homs, the humanitarian convoys were sent with 25 tons of cargo consisting of water, food and medicine. Sergeant Timoshenkov Andrei Leonidovich, the commander of the Marines Division, along with four servicemen, was in combat guard. And at that time, when many civilians had already gathered around the cars with humanitarian aid, three SUVs filled with explosives broke through to the place of distribution of products. Two of them were destroyed with an aimed fire from an anti-aircraft installation, and the third pick-up flew right on the trucks at full speed. When no more than 100 meters remained before him, Sergeant Timoshenkov ordered everyone to withdraw, grabbed a hand-held grenade launcher and, cutting off the car’s path, fired almost point-blank. The bomb on the wheels was blown up. Andrei was seriously injured and incompatible with life ... The 29-year-old hero still has a wife and a little daughter.

Our story, and the past, and modern, rich in exploits, they can be described for a very long time.

We know that now lies on the scales
And what is happening now.
An hour of courage struck on our watch,
And courage will not leave us.

Poems written by Anna Akhmatova in 1942 year, turned into eternal lines.

Generations change, but Courage and Valor do not go away. The spirit is not broken. Heroism is immortal. Memory is eternal.

Russia has anyone to bow their heads and have something to be proud of.
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  1. +12
    2 May 2018 05: 18
    It is impossible to read without tears ... Russian soldiers know how to perform great feats.
    1. +12
      2 May 2018 06: 32
      Wait my son, a little more
      With me on the gloomy platform.
      I'm leaving on a long journey
      In a rattling old carriage.
      Believe my son, the clock does not wait
      Fate rushed a chariot.
      And now for the final judgment
      I must appear to the Lord.
      Understand my son, the worst thing
      Back look back eventually
      And seeing nothing
      Leave and never come back.
      Anton Balakin ----- guard sergeant. He served in Afghanistan. He died on August 7, 1988.
      1. +16
        2 May 2018 08: 53
        It amazes me that Senior Sergeant Nikolai Vladimirovich Sirotinin - until these times - was not awarded the title of HERO OF RUSSIA!
        Forum users - maybe we’ll write a petition to the PRESIDENT! ??? A true Hero worthy of This High Rank !!! soldier
        Even the Nazis - gave him military honors when they buried, this is documented! Moreover, from the memoirs of the German Major, in the ranks of his soldiers - despondency reigned, and at that moment many thought came up with the thought - IN OPPORTUNITY STARTED WAR AGAINST RUSSIANS!
    2. +2
      2 May 2018 18: 26
      Able to Russian soldiers to perform great feats.

      And also, before, Russians knew how to rally nations around themselves. And they also considered themselves part of the Russian world. It was in tsarist Russia and in the USSR. How could we lose this created over the centuries?

    3. +2
      3 May 2018 10: 00
      Quote: seregina68
      It is impossible to read without tears ... Russian soldiers know how to perform great feats.

      The Cossack patrol, which, in addition to Kozma Firsovich, who led it, included three more of its colleagues, carried out reconnaissance in the area of ​​the Polish town of Kalwaria (Poland was then part of the Russian Empire). Crossing a small hill, which made it difficult to see, the Cossacks unexpectedly stumbled upon the same German cavalry detachment, which consisted not of four soldiers, but of twenty-seven - dragoons under the command of an officer and non-commissioned officer. It was too late to hide: the Dragoons who noticed the Cossacks were already turning to attack. Despite the obvious seven-fold superiority of the German forces, Kryuchkov and his comrades did not retreat, but took the battle, immediately putting several attackers out of carbines. If the Germans simply stopped and answered with fire, ours would have been bad. But they decided to act like true cavalrymen - to use cold steel. Kryuchkov was surrounded by eleven dragoons. He controlled the horse with his feet, and tried to reload the carbine with his hands. But it turned out unsuccessfully: the cartridge buried itself, it is impossible to shoot, but there is no time to eliminate the delay. Moreover, the German hit the saber on the arm, straightening his fingers and knocking out a carbine. He began to cut with a saber, received several more wounds, but he managed to deal with several opponents. Feeling that it was becoming difficult to work with a saber, he grabbed a pike from one of the dragoons, which he stabbed the others with. Kryuchkov received sixteen wounds: injections in the back and neck, cuts in the hands. However, he himself placed eleven dragoons in the wheelhouse. And his comrades at that time finished the rout of the German unit - only three managed to escape, two were wounded and taken prisoner. But dragoons are not urgent mobilized infantrymen for war. This is the cavalry, the elite of the armies of that time.
  2. +11
    2 May 2018 06: 38
    "Generations change, but Courage and Valor do not go away. The spirit is not broken. Heroism is immortal. Memory is eternal.
    Russia has someone to bow its head to and there is something to be proud of. "There is something to teach our younger generation, and there are a lot of examples ... Just to etch this sugary" Sakharov (treacherous) spirit ", which is cultivated by current liberalists.
  3. +8
    2 May 2018 06: 55
    "A deadly fire awaits us, but all the same it is powerless ..." (p)
  4. +2
    2 May 2018 10: 49
    Eternal glory to the heroes of Russia! Eternal memory to them!
  5. +9
    2 May 2018 11: 52
    On February 14, 1944, my grandfather's younger brother heroically died - Yuzhakov Maxim Platonovich, who covered the enemy bunker with his chest. Now the grandchildren make presentations with an overview of the exploits of their great-grandfathers, and performed in 2016 at the Sayanogorsk Museum of Local Lore
  6. +5
    2 May 2018 13: 32
    Eternal glory to those who died in the battles for freedom and independence of our country!
  7. +5
    2 May 2018 19: 53
    Yes. Generations are changing. However, thanks to my grandfather for the victory! hi Belyakov Alexander Alekseevich. The driver in the artillery regiment was. Guns pulled. He had two wounds from one of them later and died. He had medals "For Courage". This is what I personally held in my hands ...
    If you believe your mother, I got to the Reichstag, and wrote the names of my grandmother and mother there. Such a squiggle.
  8. +2
    2 May 2018 21: 53
    Another jingoistic patriotic chatter on the eve of May 9?
    1. +1
      3 May 2018 09: 38
      The site was not mistaken?
      1. 0
        3 May 2018 13: 34
        Now he will tell you about his exploits and say that he has the right to say so ...
        1. 0
          3 May 2018 13: 50
          Anyone who allows such comments in the discussion of the fallen heroes of Russia and the USSR 3.14dor, Regardless of personal exploits
  9. +1
    3 May 2018 15: 54
    In World War II they fought for the freedom and independence of the Motherland! But in Afghanistan and Syria, for what?
    1. +4
      3 May 2018 19: 41
      Troops were sent to Afghanistan so that the Americans would not be there. Hamsters laughed at this occasion. We left there and the Americans are really there. It means that not such senility were in the Politburo. What are the Americans doing there? Protect poppy fields. For 10 years, we have lost 15000 in Afghanistan, and now, according to official statistics, we lose 100 thousand a year from drugs, and mattresses also make money on it
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. +2
    5 May 2018 16: 14
    Work, brothers ...........................................

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