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SMERSH 2.0 will find any thief in London

History with poisoning (probably mythical), the traitor Skrypal poses to our society and the state not only short-term questions in the spirit of “How do we respond to this?”, but also much deeper, world-view problems. Although the state (if we mean by this word a certain number of personalities, which we tolerantly call an “economic bloc”), it looks like there are no new challenges, but this in itself deserves discussion and analysis.

I feel good about the current president of Russia and his personal contribution to the development of our state, preserving its territorial integrity and upholding national geopolitical interests. But there are things that I either do not understand or completely refuse to accept in the form in which they have been served to us for several decades.

One of these things is the attitude towards various defectors, fugitive, plundered officials, businessmen whose whole credit is that they were able to grab a piece of state property and, having buried money in some offshore "field of miracles", now they are trying to teach us from London Mind Well, well, I am ready to accept the idea that wealth in itself is not a crime, and even the most impudent fluent “oligarch” should be considered a decent person until the court calls him a criminal. But frank thieves, quietly walking the streets of London or Barcelona, ​​or some warm place in my understanding must be afraid.

Over the years, we have been fed by the myth that Russian thieves will eventually become civilized people, raise educated children and grandchildren, become philanthropists, and will be useful to their homeland in every way.

As an example, usually bring all the same England. And remember, they say, the English pirates, who, thanks to the wisdom of the English crown, brought their considerable capital to England, and then either became lords themselves, or pushed their children into parliament?

The example is generally relatively correct. Yes, there was something like that, and if you do not think about the conditions and circumstances, then everything seems to be quite rational. Well, yes, they say, they stole, but that time was like that. But in fifty years, just what kind of growth will come from such a root - both enterprising and financially secure. Yes, with the vaccination of Western education - this is not a Unified State Exam with national limits in our universities, it's all entirely Cambridge with the Sorbonne and Harvard. Elite! Change!

However, a more sober view of things tells us that over the past hundreds of years everything has changed a lot, and what worked in England once has not just stalled, but will work solely to the detriment of the state.

The most obvious and simple thing that we need to understand is: in those days, the English corsairs and privateers did not have a place where they could safely hide with their looted money, live comfortably and, moreover, also enjoy state protection as at a political level, and, if necessary, at the level of personal security. Options at that time they had very little. This is either the English colonies, where it was necessary to hide, change the name, try not to stand out strongly, and so on, or Spain and its colonies, where at least any wealthy Englishman would be torn off like a sticky one. And most likely, just hanged like a spy. I was not pleased with the special friendliness and France - the result there would have been about the same as in frankly hostile Spain.

Maybe Germany? Hardly. Fragmented, impoverished, suffering from various complexes and jealous of the British, who were so successful with the colonies and the sea trade. Holland? At some time - a direct competitor in the pursuit of new colonies. Also probably would have been hanged as a spy. Italy? Hard to say. There seems to be nothing special to share. But still, most likely, they would have been robbed and killed - simply because there was a time when the self-preservation instinct was not yet suppressed in favor of the prosperity and well-being of migrants, and the healthy xenophobia of the masses forced them to do something indecent with the gentiles. . And a rich foreigner was a “legitimate” target for robbery, especially during any unrest.

Without exaggerating at all, we can say that then the risks of fleeing with money were too high. And the above-mentioned English pirates, willy-nilly, had to somehow integrate into the existing environment, investing their loot in the economy of their country, teaching children in their schools, buying places and posts and coaxing power with generous gifts.

Especially since the attitude of the English royal court was quite benevolent. But how could it be different when the booty, stolen by Francis Drake in the Spanish colonies and brought by him to England, was several times more than the annual income of the British court? And we can only guess what part of this production eventually migrated to the royal treasury. But, judging by the reciprocal mercies of Queen Victoria, - very significant.

Now we see a completely different situation. And with all the desire to see the world in pink color (and this is probably very beautiful), attempts to repeat the English experience of two hundred or three hundred years ago with us are probably doomed to failure. If only because in the same Great Britain, Russian pirates who have distinguished themselves in the plunder of their homeland are waiting with open arms.

At the same time, of course, I do not exclude at all that many of them will become patrons of the arts. English. Their children will receive an excellent education. But also not ours. And their grandchildren will be real angels. But they, most likely, will no longer know the Russian language.

In addition, the very idea of ​​patronage on the tears and bones of the Russian people seems very doubtful. Why do we need such a quick patron of arts if it is much more reasonable not to let him steal and develop his own state with the money saved?

Alas, to me, unlike our humane president (about humanity I am without the slightest irony: kindest person, if you think about it), for some reason it seems that we need not only to get rid of such tolerance and rosy hopes, but also vice versa - to start efforts, including legislative, to search for and punish people who have caused significant harm to Russia, outside its borders.

But just save us, God, from the next undercover fights. The author is completely against lawlessness! The author is for strict adherence to the Russian law!

But the legislation needs to be changed. Moreover, we must necessarily create some kind of organization, like the SMERSH of military times, who would officially deal with the elimination of comrades like Skripal or Khodorkovsky.

No, do not rush to accusations: the author is angry, but not bloodthirsty. Of course, such figures should have a chance to appear before the eyes of the Russian justice, to answer all the questions and, if they fail to justify themselves, to atone for their fault in the correctional institution of the Komi Republic. But in the event that the person involved did not want to use world-famous Russian humanism - I'm sorry, the verdict is in absentia, and its enforcement is officially allowed to be replaced by physical liquidation if delivery to the Russian Federation is impossible.

Probably, many will say that the effectiveness of such a body will be doubtful: there are good special services in the West, and it seems like a pity to exchange agents for Skripale. But do not rush to conclusions, please.

Since one of the goals we are pursuing involves not only eliminating Russian officials who have been caught stealing, but also a massive reduction in their life comfort in new conditions, we have many opportunities for a non-lethal but very unpleasant influence on themselves and their environment.

Imagine, for example: the Russian oligarch is well settled in London and bought himself a luxury yacht with money stolen from Russian pensioners. He was about to go on a cruise on her, but then the captain and other crew members of the yacht received an official email from the Russian SMERSH, which stated that the vessel was a legitimate target for the Russian Navy, and it is very likely that after entering the neutral waters will be sunk by a Russian submarine.

Believe me, after that it will not be so important whether the Russian submarine is on duty nearby - the crew members will in any case lose any desire to serve on this yacht, and its owner will completely lose his appetite for sea voyages.

Or a simpler option: a former Russian official cannot afford a yacht, but he bought a decent apartment in London. A few days passed, he celebrated a housewarming party, but ... His landlord calls him and demands to leave the apartment immediately - again a letter from SMERSH, a promise to liquidate a criminal convicted by a Russian court right on the territory of the house, and, if necessary, using Novice gas. Also, the landlord is notified that in case of refusal to take appropriate measures, similar warnings will be sent to other apartment owners in his house.

Such small, but extremely unpleasant mischief can instantly lower the quality of life of tens of thousands of possible defendants in the Russian criminal chronicle. And for this, it is not at all necessary to arrange mass auto-de-Russian Russian oligarchs: quite a few demonstrative liquidations a year are enough. And our special services are capable of this, do not even hesitate.

A side effect of this kind of business will be the absence of situations like the current situation with Skripale’s poisoning. As an absolutely transparent structure, our SMERSH 2.0 will officially confirm all cases of its successful work. Well, if not, then it means no - someone else worked, and we just express our heartfelt thanks to him, this “other”. And no misunderstanding in principle, full transparency, it is also transparency.

And the last. To the above can be treated as you like. No need only scream about international relations and the Russian-British friendship, which is forever interrupted. And there was no friendship, and, after the article by Vladislav Surkov, this is no longer to be challenged, it is not foreseen in the coming centuries. So leaving, we leave - so that the "partners" have doors with hinges.

And further. The most important. Justice is an essential part of sovereignty. And the judicial system is part of a national system of separation of powers. And we will never become sovereign, while we breathe “The High Court of London!” And solve our problems in Stockholm and Lausanne. Why sovereign England and the United States? Yes, because they can’t even decide about important issues in foreign courts and arbitration. Want to talk about gas prices? Welcome to the black judge Evans, who twice in his life went outside his state, and he did not like both times.

Is the author too exaggerating? The fact of the matter is that not too ...

And if you want to know how this could work with us, here's a not quite cooled example.

In 2016, our Paralympic team was removed from the Paralympic Games in Rio. A sovereign state would sue the Basmanny Court! The essence of the requirement is to recognize the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), which made an unlawful discriminatory decision, a criminal organization. Basmanny court satisfies the requirement. After that, companies and organizations financing IPC that conduct some kind of activity on the territory of the Russian Federation are put before the fact - a complete cessation of IPC sponsorship or wild fines in Russia, the seizure of assets and a ban on the sale of products.

What do you think, how many sponsors would remain with the IPC? And how would the IOC react to the situation, shaking a whisper in anticipation of the next “McLaren report”? Would we see in the end a mockery of our team in Pkhenchkhane, or would WADA and McLaren have to calm down and calm down?

National justice is always more profitable than foreign. And if in part we will be led by SMERSH 2.0 (sorry, I really like the name based on this analogy), our national justice will be able to reach where there is no “issuance” and is not expected.

One problem: a Russian official with reflex diarrhea with the word “trial” happens, and his legs become dull. Therefore, everything described above can be considered a hypothetical theorizing of a publicist far from the harsh Russian realities.

Now, if officials change ... But this is absolutely fantastic!
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  1. Azim77
    Azim77 April 16 2018 05: 51
    Who cares where he buys villas and yachts. Well, he will remain in the Russian Federation, well, he will live happily ever after. This is not a prison. Another thing is how he earned a yacht, that's what services should do. As the Obkhss was doing in its time. It only needs to be distinguished when a person does not steal, namely, he has earned, albeit a lot of money. So for this you need to create all the conditions for him to live and prosper, spend what he earned in his country, and not run, not hide behind a cardon. A rich country with poor people does not exist.
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather April 16 2018 06: 04
      the author should probably understand that yachts, villas and other decay, behind the "hill" of almost all of our management ... who should send the "tags" there? Of course you can fantasize, for your own entertainment ...
    2. siberalt
      siberalt April 16 2018 07: 20
      Nonsense! We need to fight not with the consequences, but with the causes that give rise to them. Not so, and we will go upside down considering this the norm. winked
      1. Basil50
        Basil50 April 16 2018 07: 59
        This author did not touch on organized crime and * brothers * retired or made their way into power. The crime was organized precisely and in RUSSIA until now they have been careful not to notice these bandits who, at the grasp of the privatizers, solved issues with intimidation and killings of those who prevented the plunder of the state. * Criminal wars * the bandits themselves waged, among themselves, and there were much more people who fell in these showdowns than those whom the police put or shot.
        And how many were killed among the victims of these bandits? And how many crippled and robbed?
    3. dSK
      dSK April 16 2018 11: 43
      Quote: Azim77
      A rich country with poor people does not exist.

      That's right, you first need to pull the "log" out of your own eye, "sovereign".
    4. Svidetel 45
      Svidetel 45 April 16 2018 13: 09
      "Big money big money" is different, there is a reasonable limit. If a pensioner who honestly worked his whole life for the good of the country and the state receives two orders of magnitude less in a month than any “worker” in one day, then it’s not the ability of both to earn money, but the unfair distribution of material benefits in a society where each individually is nobody and nothing, because labor and its results have long been the result of PUBLIC, and not individual, we have been living for a long time not in the era of subsistence farming. In this case, of course, there should not be egalitarianism, more or less objective assessments of everyone's contribution to the creation of material and spiritual values ​​for the benefit of society should be worked out.
    5. Vladimir 5
      Vladimir 5 April 16 2018 14: 22
      Who will check - the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor's Office ?, yes, their main officials were red-handedly convicted, not counting the different Zakharchenko, the main ones in the anti-corruption fight in the Ministry of Internal Affairs ... If the state bank of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation works for foreign exchange swindlers, and the government has not been replaced for decades, talk one, everything is tied up, because thieves of billions run away without obstacles and no one is looking for them ... Death is needed for its intended purpose - to restore order in the country
    6. papas-57
      papas-57 April 16 2018 21: 53
      '' One only needs to be distinguished when a person does not steal, namely, he has earned, albeit a lot of money. '' The answer was given almost 90 years ago - Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov. ''Golden calf''
      '' After a telegram in which an unknown citizen notified that it was he, and not anyone else, who would command the parade, there was reassurance. Alexander Ivanovich was not disturbed for three days. He began to get used to the idea that everything that happened did not concern him at all, when a thick registered parcel arrived. It contained a book entitled "Capitalist Sharks" with a subtitle: "Biography of American Millionaires."
      At another time, Koreiko himself would have bought such an amusing little book, but now he even grimaced in horror. The first sentence was outlined in blue pencil and read: “All major modern fortunes were acquired in the most dishonest way”. 
  2. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 April 16 2018 05: 59
    To dream, of course, is not harmful. I would love to look at Gordievsky’s face with an ice ax in the skull. Or Penkovsky. But, seeing is not fate. crying
  3. Nonna
    Nonna April 16 2018 07: 27
    Our leadership does not have Stalinist Faberge. That's why they all spit on the top of their head
    1. your1970
      your1970 April 16 2018 12: 28
      Quote: Nonna
      None of our management Stalinist Faberge. That's why they all spit on the top of their head
      how many fled under comrade Stalin? and how many were eliminated, on the fingers of one hand you can count !!!!! Did it help? yeah, right now ...

      "However, despite the political cleansing that has begun, over the next year and a half the number of defectors has more than doubled and amounted to according to the certificate transmitted on June 5, 1930. at the Central Control Commission by the senior authorized officer of the NGO OGPU X. J. Reif, 277 people, of which 34 were communists. Moreover, if in 1921 only 3 defectors were registered (including 1 Communist), in 1922 - 5 (2), in 1923 - 3 (1) and in 1924 - 2 (0), then as NEP is curtailed and democratic freedoms are restricted in the country, there is a sharp increase in the number of employees who decided not to return to the USSR: in 1925 - 24 people (including 4 communists), in 1926 - 42 (4), in 1927 - 32 (6), in 1928 - 36 (4), in 1929 - 75 (10) and in the first five months of 1930 - already 45 people. Between October 1928 and August 1930 alone, 190 employees of Soviet trade missions remained abroad, of whom at least 24 were members of the CPSU (B.), Including: in Germany, 90 people, France, 31, Persia, 21, England - 14, Turkey and China - 6 each, Latvia - 5, Italy - 4, America and Finland - 3 each, Poland - 2, Estonia, Czechoslovakia and Sweden - 1 each.
      “A part of these employees,” the OGPU reference noted, “somehow bribe takers (!!!!!!), anti-Soviet-minded, informants of foreign companies, etc., refused to leave after they were asked to go on a business trip to the USSR. Another part refused to leave after being fired from work due to staff reductions or other reasons ... Some employees fled in connection with the discovered embezzlement, forgery, etc. The list also included those employees who were accepted and fired on the spot. This unit went abroad for various purposes: to study, be treated, meet with relatives, etc. "According to the OGPU, 113 defectors (including 10 communists) were "exposed bribe takers" , 35 (5) - "spies" and 75 (14) - "associated with whites, Mensheviks, squanders and so on. "

      Specially allocated quantity 113 (!!!) bribe takers - where would they come from abroad ?? !!! And everything is simple - these are trade workers who are for ROLLBACK (!!!!) sold our goods at Underestimated prices and BUY goods at many times overpriced ... Commissions - as they said then ... Didn’t you say corruption under the Stalinist Faberge ?? Yeah, believe naive ....

      and these are fugitives on the line of intelligence and here they are gradually destroyed (just a little !!!)
      November 1922, XNUMX
      An employee of the Intelligence Directorate in Finland Andrei Pavlovich Smirnov.
      An employee of the Cheka-GPU Yashin-Sumarokov (Pavlunovsky) remained in Germany in 1922.
      November 1925, XNUMX
      Intelligence Agency Officer in Austria V. Nesterovich (Yaroslavsky)
      Ignatius L. Dzevaltovsky (Dezvaltovsky), an employee of the Intelligence Agency in the Baltic States, remained in Western Europe in 1925.
      November 1927, XNUMX
      Cryptographer Anton Miller. Remained in 1927 in England.
      November 1928, XNUMX
      INO agent Alexander Nikolaevich Petrov ceased cooperation in 1928 and began working with Belgian counterintelligence.
      The secret agent of the OGPU Arkady Romanovich Birger (Maximov) fled to Persia in January 1928. Maximov was assigned to follow the former secretary of Stalin B. Bazhanov (also fled abroad). .
      November 1929, XNUMX
      Resident of the Foreign Department (INO) in the Middle East, Yakov G. Blumkin.
      November 1930, XNUMX
      Agabekov George Sergeevich
      R. Switz, worked at the GRU since the beginning of the 20s.
      Swedish naval attache Alexander Alexandrovich Sobolev, Sweden, April 1930.
      November 1933, XNUMX
      Member of the Communist Party of Germany and an employee of the Intelligence Agency Julius Trossin after his arrest in July 1933, was converted by the Gestapo and sent to the USSR, where he was exposed.
      Ignaty Stanislavovich Poretsky (Nathan Markovich Reiss, "Ludwig") was illegal.
      Alexander Grigoryevich Barmin (Graff),
      November 1938, XNUMX
      Legal INO resident in Spain Alexander Mikhailovich Orlov (Lev Lazarevich Feldbin, “Swede”), defector, Spain 1938, America.
      Head of the NKVD in the Far Eastern Territory Commissioner of State Security 3rd rank Genrikh Samoilovich Lyushkov.
      People's Commissar of the NKVD of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, State Security Commissioner of the 3rd rank Alexander Ivanovich Assumption transition to illegal status, November 1938, arrested, April 1939.
      November 1945, XNUMX
      Foreign Intelligence Officer Vice Consul Colonel Konstantin P. Volkov attempting to switch to the British side in Turkey, 1945, was transported to the USSR.
      Cryptographer of the legal residence of military intelligence, Lieutenant Igor Sergeyevich Guzenko.
      November 1946, XNUMX
      Foreign intelligence officer A. Granovsky the defector, Sweden 1946.
      GRU employee V.A. Skripkin, defector, Japan, 1946.
      November 1947, XNUMX
      Foreign intelligence officer B.I.Baklanov defector, Austria 1947.
      November 1949, XNUMX
      Military intelligence officer, translator of the Central Command Group intelligence service, Senior Lieutenant Vadim Shelaputin.
  4. inkass_98
    inkass_98 April 16 2018 07: 40
    Idealism (not to say another word) in all its glory, as it is. There will never be such a thing.
    To plow things like that, you first need to consolidate the priority of national legislation over international, and only after that, as Ivan Vasilievich said, you can dream of some kind of similar steps. However, it will be more like terrorism. Even Israel has already been trying especially hard not to advertise its foreign affairs, and they have not been around for a long time.
    1. Bigbraza
      April 16 2018 11: 00
      If you keep quiet about it, it will not, you are right. So let us walk "terpily", glancing at the shiny faces of the self-styled "elite" that has fled to the West.
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 April 16 2018 11: 30
        So we will go "patience" ...
        Well, you got excited about it. If you consider yourself “patient” - victims of a crime, your right.
        SMERSH 2.0 will find any thief in London
        From your headline, it becomes clear that you have no idea about SMERSH, on the basis of what structure it was created and what tasks it performed.
        1. Svidetel 45
          Svidetel 45 April 16 2018 13: 16
          Well, rather, you don’t have it, the thieves that cause economic and, as a result, harm both the defense and the political image of the country are no less harmful and dangerous than spies and state criminals during the Second World War.
          1. rotmistr60
            rotmistr60 April 17 2018 04: 14
            Well, rather, you do not have it, thieves ...
            Did you call me a thief? Are you too indiscriminately tossed with insults? And as for military counterintelligence, I just have a complete and professional concept. Do not insult a person you do not know.
            1. Svidetel 45
              Svidetel 45 April 17 2018 22: 31
              I do not understand why you accepted the definition of "thieves" at your own expense? I just wanted to say that modern thieves should be under the “guardianship” of the same organization or similar to SMERSH, as spies and traitors at the front, although it may be called differently. And I just meant that you have no idea that both public are equally hostile and dangerous for the country, and therefore the same measures of influence should be applied to them. All, no, and no one glue labels.
        2. Ruudi 34
          Ruudi 34 April 21 2018 08: 31
          Israel example: "We found him. He is punished." - Announce openly on TV. After this, you cannot call the Israelites "terpils" ... Why don't we act like that? People, I think, will support?
  5. Olddetractor
    Olddetractor April 16 2018 09: 36
    Revenge is a dish best served cold. Let us remember that revenge is a form of justice adopted in the absence of formal law and jurisprudence. Why then the court?
  6. uskrabut
    uskrabut April 16 2018 10: 01
    Fantasies on the theme "And Vaska listens, but eats." The state itself withdraws money from the Russian economy into US securities, etc. - an example is contagious. It is necessary to change the economic policy of Russia, then it will be easier to deal with thieves.
  7. Gardamir
    Gardamir April 16 2018 10: 02
    Author little hands away from everything Soviet. SMERSH is not for you!
  8. ZVO
    ZVO April 16 2018 10: 08
    Well, for the sake of an honest look, the Chinese have a TianWan intelligence service, whose main task is to "create unbearable living conditions" for those Chinese officials who stole money and fled with them to the West.
    They really track down and bring the fugitives to such a state that they return the money and return it themselves, incl. and in court and under execution ...
    So it happens.
    In total, a lot was stolen by runaway officials.
    A 2011 report from the People’s Bank of China showed that many senior officials were moving over $ 120 billion worth of illegally acquired property abroad.

    In 2014, over $ 500 million, and almost 480 fugitives, returned to China thanks to TianWan.
    The Chinese are not going to stop.
    Over the next 2015 and 2016 - another 750 million and 2000 people (with family members).
    1. your1970
      your1970 April 16 2018 15: 58
      Quote: ZVO
      A 2011 report from the People’s Bank of China showed that many high-ranking officials are moving overseas illegally acquired property worth more than $ 120 billion
      In 2014, China returned to China thanks to TianWan 500 млн dollars, and almost 480 fugitives. The Chinese are not going to stop. For the next 2015 and 2016 - more 750 million and 2000 people (with family members).

      - and what for all this holiday of soul and heart - if they returned everything 1 (TOTAL ONE !!!!) percentage of stolen.A hundred years will they return ??? The meaning of stopping is not to be controlled in 100 years ...
      As in my opinion - this "TianWan" is quite a sickly feeder for officials
      1. ZVO
        ZVO April 16 2018 20: 58
        Quote: your1970
        Quote: ZVO
        A 2011 report from the People’s Bank of China showed that many high-ranking officials are moving overseas illegally acquired property worth more than $ 120 billion
        In 2014, China returned to China thanks to TianWan 500 млн dollars, and almost 480 fugitives. The Chinese are not going to stop. For the next 2015 and 2016 - more 750 million and 2000 people (with family members).

        - and what for all this holiday of soul and heart - if they returned everything 1 (TOTAL ONE !!!!) percentage of stolen.A hundred years will they return ??? The meaning of stopping is not to be controlled in 100 years ...
        As in my opinion - this "TianWan" is quite a sickly feeder for officials

        And the fact that over the past couple of years only a couple of dozen have escaped ...
        They have a law - they return everyone indiscriminately. and one hundred thousand who stole and 100 million who stole.
        It makes no difference to them who to return.

        And even vice versa.
        They are not focused on large ones. but on small ones.
        For small thieves - grow up in posts and begin to steal large.
        Here are petty thieves now and are inevitably scared ...

        And they are really scared.
        And yes. This intelligence service began its activities. those. the formation order was received only in 2014.
        It will be much cooler and the KGB and the CIA, and Smersh and others ...
        Wait a dozen years.
        You see.
        1. your1970
          your1970 April 16 2018 22: 24
          they returned 1,2 billion money with 2500 people in total ... they’ve been shooting for 25 years ... wait another 10 years ..
          not particularly effective, no?
  9. Captain45
    Captain45 April 16 2018 10: 48
    I’ll always be kidding when articles on military counterintelligence "Smersh" publish pictures or photographs of allegedly "Smersh" employees, but for some reason in the form of the NKVD or the NKGB. Military counterintelligence wore a military uniform, buttonholes and emblems could be of various branches of the armed forces, depending on who the employees were assigned to - gunners, pilots or cavalrymen.
  10. Dormidont
    Dormidont April 16 2018 11: 10
    Ready to personally pay for the liberals two ice axes a week
  11. Dr. Barmaley
    Dr. Barmaley April 16 2018 11: 41
    was the booty plundered by Francis Drake in the Spanish colonies and brought to England by several times more than the annual income of the British court? And we can only guess how much of this booty eventually migrated to the royal treasury. But, judging by the reciprocal mercies of Queen Victoria, it’s very substantial.

    In Drake's time, Queen Elizabeth ruled.
  12. Dr. Hub
    Dr. Hub April 16 2018 11: 45
    The ideas are crazy. Only a court can judge and condemn to death according to certain articles. And even if we have a moratorium on the death penalty, I don’t remember that economic articles fit the tower. We do not live in the Middle Ages, unwanted to shoot. But to judge thieves, even if in absentia, and return them to their homeland to serve their sentences, is another matter. But again, this must be done, observing international standards. No need to replace the law with your Wishlist, we still try to be civilized
    1. Victor N
      Victor N April 16 2018 12: 50
      Do not be like! The lawlessness of Western democracies is no example to us.
    2. Svidetel 45
      Svidetel 45 April 16 2018 13: 22
      That’s because we want, we’re climbing from our skin to be “civilized,” the “civilized” West is brazenly shitting on the top of our head, while the “uncivilized” Kim Jong-un with three nuclear warheads forced himself to respect more than our Guarantor, rockets.
  13. radar1967
    radar1967 April 16 2018 12: 17
    What do you think, how much did the Skripal clown earn for participating in the new detective series "Novice"?
  14. Victor N
    Victor N April 16 2018 12: 48
    So the source of wealth is definitely theft or entrepreneurial success?
    One of the social diseases of modern society is the rejection of entrepreneurship, the demonization of successful entrepreneurs. A lot of black envy.
    Yes, they stole.
    But not only.
    Directorate, trade union committees, party committees, labor collectives brought enterprises to bankruptcy - due to their stupidity and laziness. Businesses were just throwing. Punish everyone ?!
    But there were those that abandoned enterprises raised, saved from plunder and destruction - they were also accused of theft. They transplanted many, laws are imperfect, tongues are evil. In the village of successful farmers harness.
    "Do not judge - and do not be judged."
    1. Svidetel 45
      Svidetel 45 April 16 2018 13: 23
      State farm "Lenin" also burned?
      1. your1970
        your1970 April 16 2018 16: 01
        Quote: Svidetel 45
        State farm "Lenin" also burned?
        - habits correctly put:Company "State farm named after Lenin"
  15. sa-ag
    sa-ag April 16 2018 13: 37
    The author, in the role of your beloved "SERCH 2.0" the British special services will act, they are going to, as Ostap Bender said, "touch the udders" of the gentlemen of the Korean from the Russian Federation
  16. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 April 16 2018 14: 14
    How sad it all is! The author then expresses interesting (though not indisputable) thoughts. But ... comrade does not understand! Why, in fact, was the USSR destroyed? Not why it collapsed, but why? Well, actually then, so that the authorities can enjoy the money. Money, privileges, status, all that’s why power-hungry people are pulling power out of the throat of enemies, standing on the mountains of corpses, proudly watching the crowds of devotees and people sold by them for the power. The goal is just that!
    And the author is all discussing the benefits of the country, its inhabitants, us as a community. We are, as yet, a community. Most likely not for long. But what is it for them? Why is it all to them? To not be able to escape? How come? After all, honest service to the country is simply not considered! And the opportunity to run away is needed all the time, simply because for the only lasting value that these people have, namely the Power Signature, they have to constantly fight. Having lost control over the Signature, its former owner does not turn into a respected member of the society who has lost his post, but in all the thief persecuted. He was a thief before, but suddenly he became all persecuted ... so what? Opportunities will not run away? Why is it all up to ?!
    The authors of such ideas somehow forget what their ancestors had to do to cast doubt on this order of life. Only question! And then Russia doused itself with blood, even lost its name for some time. And now ... the president will introduce you. By decree. Sure sure...
  17. 1536
    1536 April 16 2018 14: 26
    Still, talking about the underworld, you need to use police / police terminology. Thieves, they are different. Sometimes a person steals from hopelessness and poverty, because he wants to eat elementarily, sometimes from unrequited love or a big / small mind, and sometimes because he hates his country and his people. The former, in general, will be caught and planted everywhere, or peeled off as sticky, but the latter, under certain conditions, can become “revolutionaries” and fighters with the “regime”, petty dirty tricks and big terrorists. But such services really should not be fought by the police, but by special services, because these people threaten the whole society, all people. I mean, a lot of information has already appeared on the network about the meeting of the so-called "radical Russian opposition", where calls were made to destroy our country. And who is fighting with them, or will fight? In each country, there are similar people in terms of character and mental health. But only here they walk freely around the world, summing up nothing in their "rightness", generously gifted with power from the powers of the hostile, competing with Russia states. In addition to everything, today, unfortunately, there is a transition of the former to the latter, and this is a truly dangerous trend.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 April 16 2018 18: 09
      Yes, not theft as such! Theft is just a side effect. The question is why do people need power. The prevailing idea is to ENJOY THE POWER. Do you understand? Enjoy! People lay their lives and countless strangers to break through to happiness - more power.
      And suddenly someone begins to mutter to them that power is hard and continuous work. What they SHOULD. What you need to be able to and know a huge number of things. What needs to be developed, intelligent, wildly efficient, that they should not have leisure ... What are you ?! Power is happiness! Enjoyment! Orgasm without a break!
      What are the public interests, conscience, honor, honesty ... Mikhail Khazin (the same economist), working in the Kremlin, decided to write instructions for the ministers. Such, you know, official, as it should be for any real job. That is, what should the minister do at his post, how to do it, where his powers end, the terms of reference ... Khazin flew out of the Kremlin with a bullet, thanks not killed.
      1. 1536
        1536 April 17 2018 06: 42
        Well, as far as I know, Khazin was not at the “meeting” in Vilnius. And here is the carrot?
  18. mari.inet
    mari.inet April 16 2018 14: 51
    Interesting, but not serious. Typical banter, not hypothetical theorizing. Dreaming is not harmful.
  19. bk316
    bk316 April 16 2018 18: 41
    I have already written five times. Two absolutely necessary things.
    -conditional priority of national legislation over any other
    unlimited jurisdiction

    Only GDP has nothing to do with it, a new Constitution is needed.
    I hope to live to see her ....
  20. tank64rus
    tank64rus April 16 2018 19: 36
    Well, the former colonel of the GRU yearned and betrayed and deported from Russia. For moonshine and buckwheat yearned for. Well, my daughter brought him moonshine and buckwheat. Boiled buckwheat sat down and drank moonshine. Well repeated. Picked up and went for a walk around the neighborhood continued in the pub. It became very good. Well, as always, such walks end on a bench. Naturally a policeman appeared. Breathe. Russians. What they drank. Gadget. Tom got sick. And then the policeman, how it hit, but this is Novichok- OV from the recently shown English series. And then it started. How the former chemists drove Pervach bought for sin, which turned out to be no inheritance from the super-loving policies of Gorbachev, Yeltsin and so on. People need to survive somehow. But they drank and everything is normally seasoned by life, and here the former colonel, torn from his homeland, drank beer and whiskey and lost his skills. Like this . I ask you not to be offended by all these fantasies, but they are unlikely to differ from the versions of foreign media.
  21. Okolotochny
    Okolotochny April 16 2018 22: 24
    What is it? Strugatsky or Asimov? Some kind of militant idealism. We need laws (normal), for example, the declaration of not only income, but also expenses, and their difference. Let them explain. Several years already rub this topic, but do not introduce. And the normal, transparent enforcement of laws.
  22. Grigory b
    Grigory b April 16 2018 22: 59
    Two years later, I remember how Belenko or Belov hijacked “drying” to Japan, the special officer told us that this hijacker had died in America in a car accident. Recently, he read in the newspaper that he was alive and living in the states. traitors? And did you have such a pleasant dream? I heard about Skripal and thought that the machine of justice had finally started to work, it’s not for nothing that we had the most “main” pupil of the iron Felix. Lavrov took it and debunked it.
  23. askme
    askme April 17 2018 00: 29
    Both the article and the collage are right in line with the erysipelas that Russia is painting in the West. A convenient enemy is designed by Western scum. With an ice ax, a red star. Only bottles of vodka and Nagan lack this mocking farce. The author is a provocateur. Typical of VO. The Skripals case was painted according to this template for the western man in the street ...

    The real bearers of communist ideology in Russia do not descend to such a parody-farce. And they don’t have such a boom. Rough brainwashing, designed for a special social group within Russia. Young, dumb, envious, vicious, grown on Western pop culture, where there is a typical Western stamping regarding the NKVD, ice axes and other “romance”. Do not wait, scum!
  24. av58
    av58 April 18 2018 09: 57
    Sweet tales about SMERSH 2.0 laughing
  25. Old warrior
    Old warrior April 18 2018 11: 43
    SMERSH will find, but the FSB is unlikely. Paralyzed by the lack of Political Will, and indeed the will in general. A traitor, now, is fashionable and safe.
  26. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer April 19 2018 01: 48
    Very timely article. It's a pity I didn’t ripen by April 1!
  27. Brigadier
    Brigadier April 19 2018 06: 31
    The author is well done! Need an idea. I completely approve!
    Putin’s business ... Unless, of course, his knees do not tremble ...
    And we will have ice axes for charitable deeds ...
  28. turbris
    turbris April 20 2018 10: 22
    Of course, it is necessary to complicate the life of our escaped thieves, who enjoy life in the West with stolen money. Hoping for Interpol is a futile exercise, why are Americans so easily arresting unwanted citizens around the world? How many Russians are in US prisons? But does Russia somehow completely helplessly react to this, that it was impossible to arrest US citizens for the crimes they committed? Or citizens of those states that arrest and extradite our citizens at the request of the United States? Therefore, I agree with the author here, it is necessary for our thieves to be arrested on the territory of their stay abroad and delivered to Russia, and this should be done by our special services, even if in violation of international law, then we can apologize. Where is the reaction to the arrest of Nord by Ukraine? The position of our leadership is completely incomprehensible, well, they pulled out two, but what about the rest?