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Animal Terrorizing Planet

The world is getting closer to the danger line, war can come at any time. In one of his tweets, US President Donald Trump ordered us to "prepare." Because "there will be many rockets." Yes, not any, but "good." "New and smart." As if this is not the president of one of the major world powers, but a schoolboy who is gathered to play a computer game with very advanced graphics.

«You should not support an animal that poisons its people with poison gas and does it with pleasure“- Trump concluded.

Animal Terrorizing Planet

Indeed, we see a dangerous animal. This animal kills people just because he likes it. He likes it when the whole world lies at his feet, and if someone refuses, there should be a terrible roar and the subsequent demonstration of teeth and claws. At the same time, the animal ascribes its features and qualities to others. This animal eats, one after another, entire cities and states. And this animal does not have a specific name.

Say his name is USA? This would be inaccurate because one cannot be like this animal and declare any country a “rogue state”. Even a state like the United States.

Maybe his name is Donald Trump? But long before Trump came to power, this animal killed, bombed, robbed, discriminated against countries and peoples, seized other people's resources, arranged state coups. This is not a complete list of countries and cities where it was noted: Hiroshima, Nagasaki ... Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Chile, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya ... Yes, and the Syrian war began not under Trump, but under his predecessor Barack Obama .

Moreover, the current American tycoon-president seems to have fallen prey to this very animal. And before him exactly the same victim was Obama. These two politicians went to power, criticizing their predecessors. They wanted - at least in words - to put an end to the aggressive policy of the United States. Obama even won the Nobel Peace Prize in advance - his “pigeon” were his statements. After that, the horrific traces of the animal appeared in the Middle East - the “Arab Spring” burst out with all the ensuing consequences that still have to be raked. Those who survive.

When Obama was president, Donald Trump made many posts on his Twitter microblog. He tried to explain how disastrous for the United States possible attacks on Syria. But then the mysterious animal ate and his brain.

It is not given to the American presidents to resist him seriously. Kennedy's fate is the fate that can wait for someone who opposes this animal.

So how do you call him? World oligarchs? "Committee of three hundred," as in some conspiracy theses? World capital? Imperialism, as it was called in Soviet times? Globalism, as they say now? Or is it just a system?

But no matter how you call this animal, it will kill, lie, threaten threats, blackmail - and at the same time dress in the beautiful skins of "freedom" and "democracy." And in such moments, as it is now - to throw off all the tinsel and show only an eerie grin.

Bomb the whole country, ostensibly to protect the 70 of the alleged dead ... who don't care. That's the whole logic of Donald Trump, the victim of an animal. In one thing, he is only right - with him, with the animals, you need to fight. In itself. But it is much more difficult than launching rockets.

These days we see how fragile the world is. Western politicians can make two opposing statements in one day. First, the closest ally of Donald Trump - British Prime Minister Theresa May - seems to require more evidence of the alleged chemical attack in the city of Duma. By evening - another statement. So without receiving evidence, she is ready to violate the Constitution of her own country and give consent to complicity in the American military operation without the permission of Parliament.

No better than Trump himself. At first, he becomes like the American “good” rockets, mentions the mysterious “animal”, and then writes in the same blog about his readiness to stop the arms race with Russia.

Maybe Western politicians make contradictory statements specifically so that few people can predict their actions? Thus you can keep the whole world in horror for weeks. For months. For years. Long years. Now the seven-year-old children of Syria do not know what it means to grow in a peaceful country ...

This is called terror. Maybe because terrorists are so close to Washington and its allies, whom they constantly finance, cover up and are ready to defend even at the cost of a global confrontation? A petty terrorist armed with a grenade holds a limited number of people hostage. The global terrorist, in whose hands there was a red button, holds humanity hostage. But above these terrorists stands the main terrorist - the same animal, which has neither a name nor a clear appearance, but leaves clear bloody traces all over the Earth.
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  1. Humans war
    Humans war April 13 2018 05: 51
    The name of this animal. Madness.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee April 13 2018 06: 43
      The name of this animal is money! And money generates power, power generates permissiveness and impunity, and from this insanity!
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid April 14 2018 12: 49
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        The name of this animal is money! And money generates power, power generates permissiveness and impunity, and from this insanity!

        The name of this animal is the habit of living at someone else’s expense under capitalism !!!!!!!
    2. siberalt
      siberalt April 13 2018 09: 54
      About World War III most of all they speak with us. So they would immediately say that they are preparing to make a dollar at 120 re apiece. lol
    3. Alber
      Alber April 13 2018 11: 28
      Quote: Humans War
      The name of this animal. Madness.

      Anglo-Saxon Zionofascism
      1. esaul
        esaul April 13 2018 19: 04
        Perhaps Western politicians make contradictory statements on purpose, so that few can predict their actions? Thus, the whole world can be kept horrified for weeks. For months. Over the years. Long years.

        In part, I agree. Everyone who has been engaged in any kind of martial arts knows what it means to "pull" an opponent. This means that I am doing provocative attacks and actions, forcing the enemy to show his weaknesses and then deliver a decisive blow to the most vulnerable spot. The same thing can be seen in the contradictory statements of so many of Trump's and his allies.
        As I understand it, and, I think, the General Staff is considering possible options.
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. vkl.47
      vkl.47 April 13 2018 10: 03
      No need for such intrusive advertising
    2. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka April 13 2018 10: 11
      And my mind has enough to understand this. And other sources.
  3. AlexS
    AlexS April 13 2018 07: 41
    I always said that if the USA and Britain disappear overnight, then all wars and conflicts on the planet will stop simultaneously ...
    1. Alexander Ra
      Alexander Ra April 13 2018 08: 32
      Utopia. VV Rozanov: “What is in zoology is also in history.” There are producers, there are parasites and predators, and they will be. The US considers itself a super-predator over which there are no predators. This giant will bend, but the diversity of nature will continue.
    2. flicker
      flicker April 13 2018 08: 36
      The tool will disappear, and those who use this tool will stay and get a new tool - however, there will be time and opportunity to deal with them.
  4. 75 hammer
    75 hammer April 13 2018 09: 03
    Clarity, ease of presentation, it is always interesting to read, the only thing the author can do is analyze something other than world politics, and there’s a big, fat plus!
  5. Mustached Kok
    Mustached Kok April 13 2018 09: 13
    Do you even understand how this sounds)?
    If this is just another reason to blame all the troubles to the west, then I am not surprised.
    If the author really thinks so, then I would advise you to recall a story where before the United States and Great Britain there were many conflicts.
    1. Olgovich
      Olgovich April 13 2018 09: 34
      Quote: Mustache Cock
      Do you even understand how this sounds)?
      If this is just another reason to blame all the troubles to the west, then I am not surprised.
      If the author really thinks so, then I would advise you to recall a story where before the United States and Great Britain there were many conflicts.

      The author is in all rights.
      What's wrong?
  6. Akuzenka
    Akuzenka April 13 2018 10: 09
    Having not received evidence, she is already ready to violate the Constitution of her own country and agree to complicity in the American military operation without parliament’s permission.

    Elena, with all due respect, there is no constitution in the UK, there is an absolute monarchy. All "decisions" of parliament must be approved by the queen. Parliament gives "permission" to use your military here or there, but without the consent of the queen, this is just a recommendation for which they are fully responsible.
    1. Standard
      Standard April 13 2018 11: 16
      Quote: AKuzenka
      there is an absolute monarchy

      but they really don’t have a constitution.
      1. elenagromova
        April 13 2018 14: 00
        The constitution is, only very scanty and peculiar. Not quite orderly legislation. In any case, issues such as participation in foreign adventures should be discussed with Parliament.
    2. bk316
      bk316 April 13 2018 12: 54
      Great Britain there is no constitution, there is an absolute monarchy

      If you are correcting, do it correctly:
      in England a PARLIAMENTARY monarchy, not an ABSOLUTE
      Some sources are classified not as parliamentary but as constitutional, but not absolute.
      Absolute monarchies are all sorts of Brunei and Qatar
  7. Altona
    Altona April 13 2018 10: 16
    Now they seem to have come up with a new term for the financial-oligarchic elite, which is trying by supranational methods to rule the world-deep state of the United States. And yes, their psychology is the psychology of primitive predators who have left the reels from their own impunity, who should have properly adjusted their brains. Even animals have a developed intellect and balance their capabilities when they hunt or guard their offspring. And in our world, it happens that hair stands on end. One state has taken the pose of an offended child and is ready to use all the military and other tools it has, without thinking about the proportionality of their use. If only to smash the enemy into rubbish.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid April 14 2018 12: 45
      I offer an ASYMMETRIC RESPONSE to the attack of Predator - (- the predator) as, for example: The otter destroys the crocodile cubs when they are still weak, as they just appeared, and in the eggs (blow from the rear), quantitatively, this is cooler than one a crocodile eats only one otter at a time.
      The era of Mesozoic .---- a multi-ton dinosaur, during the hunt (!) For something there he stepped on and ... broke his finger!
      Germs ---- The wound did not heal !!!!! a predator from lameness could not hunt !!! HOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In terrible torment!
  8. Standard
    Standard April 13 2018 11: 22
    The article is important with the “new” terminology: not only Assad to be called an “animal” - but even indiscriminately, but the amers deservedly should drag out the burden of this name.
    And you don’t have to tighten your tail in advance: did the US president introduce this name to international relations? So let's look at “Who are the judges?”
    Yes, and according to Freud relies.
    So, the Animal as a particular animal is, of course, Trump.
    Features trump intelligence do not leave doubts.
  9. Per se.
    Per se. April 13 2018 12: 48
    But above these terrorists stands the main terrorist - the same animal, which has neither a name nor a clear appearance, but leaves clear bloody traces all over the Earth.
    Until this very "animal" is named, it is hardly possible to fight this "animal", in general, to draw any constructive conclusions. Behind all the criminal orders about bombing, invasions, sanctions, are the interests of very specific people that are headed by transnational monopolies, are among the richest and most influential people in the world. Even the same Hitler, was only a puppet, which led to power, and which fulfilled the order of this "animal", which is the agonizing system of world capitalism. Take the Rothschilds, or Rockefellers, Morgans, any of the world clan of these ghouls, on them for all tons of human blood, and, if an impartial and honest investigation of their satanic crimes, for the sake of personal gain and world power, for the sake of this gain, the verdict would be one - guilty and criminal. As long as these ghouls rule the world, this “animal” will be a threat not only to a single Syria or Russia, but to the entire Earth civilization. The “animal”, to put it mildly, is a monster, a monster, ready for any crimes, for any sacrifices, for the sake of preserving its power, for the sake of enslaving not only individual souls, but also entire nations, the entire civilization. Name the names of these "gods" from Satan, hold a fair trial over them, and, on the planet Earth, people will be happy without these bloodsuckers. The positive of capitalism is over, now it is an absolute evil, and for our civilization there is only one medicine and salvation, the transition to a new level, the socialist model of development, in its reasonable, humanistic form.
  10. Alex boyko
    Alex boyko April 13 2018 14: 21
    This animal is Zionism.
  11. Starik72
    Starik72 April 13 2018 17: 48
    The main enemy of the whole world is oligarchofinance Zionism. The main weapons of which are the EXCHANGE, MARKET and the inequality of the currencies of states. Take away the EXCHANGE, MARKET and currency inequality, and speculation, called BUSINESS, will disappear and the main quality of this oligarchofinancial pack will disappear - COLLECTION, LIVING and GREED, OPPOSITION and IMPUNITY.
  12. frols
    frols April 13 2018 18: 03
    Now there is a meeting of the UN Security Council, destroying at will entire countries blame Russia for all the deadly sins.
  13. Siberian1965
    Siberian1965 April 13 2018 18: 44
    Klatsnul vodka and came up with a thought. I COMMIT if this fart and war breaks out for all my children I undertake to send 20 Americans to hell.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral April 14 2018 16: 03
      Will we bullet from a finger? I envy the Americans, there is an arsenal in every house. And in our country, the authorities will never allow us to reach weapons, so that they will not be able to fight back when they come to kill us along with the US Marines.
  14. gladcu2
    gladcu2 April 14 2018 05: 07

    The system needs to be changed.


    It starts with system education. A complete ban on private education.

    Prohibition of antitrust laws.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral April 14 2018 16: 04
      It is necessary to change the entire system!
  15. NordUral
    NordUral April 14 2018 16: 00
    I agree with you, Elena, but God did not give patience for such a review.
    But recognizing the presence of this predator hidden from the eyes of the world, one must learn and have the resolve to resist it, which I do not see in actions (not words). Maybe due to poor vision.
    Let's wait what will happen next. But you must not concede to this abomination, cowards are killed and humiliated.
  16. seacap
    seacap April 14 2018 17: 16
    [quote = sibiralt] About World War III most of all they speak with us. So they would immediately say that they are preparing to make a dollar at 120 re apiece [/ quot
    because a generation has come to power who have an idea of ​​the war from Hollywood, i.e. the main influence on politics comes from a country that does not know at all what war is on its territory, there is no such historical memory at all, for them it's just a picture, entertainment. As for Chubais, 10-15 mln that didn’t “fit into the market” and died with hunger, so statistics, just numbers, trash.
  17. Forever so
    Forever so April 14 2018 21: 17
    ANIMALS terrorizing the planet. And these ANIMALS have surnames. Boruchs, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Dupons, Morganes, etc., etc., etc. A hundred Jewish clans, fifty thousand Jewish families, have been pouring blood on the planet for more than a century, and it is always RUSSIAN blood. Animals must be euthanized for peace.
  18. Anton Valerevich
    Anton Valerevich April 16 2018 13: 24
    This animal is greed.
    1. NF68
      NF68 April 16 2018 14: 25
      Quote: Anton Valeryevich
      This animal is greed.

      Or arrogance.
  19. prior
    prior April 19 2018 15: 17
    In the arena of the world circus, a red clown, but for some reason no one is funny.