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APU shelled field clinic in the Luhansk Republic

Yesterday, Ukrainian security forces shelled a field medical center in the territory of the Luhansk Republic, reports RIA News Statement by a representative of the military department of LC Andrew Marochko.

Despite the declared March 30 "Easter truce", the APU continues to deliberately firing position units of the People's Militia LNR, thereby causing us to open a return fire. I want to note that lately, the Ukrainian servicemen have chosen not weapons and military equipment, but, as a rule, rear command and control posts, field medical stations and other life-support objects
said Marochko.

He clarified that on April 7, Ukrainian security officials twice fired mortars at a field medical center. As a result, one soldier was killed and one was seriously wounded.

Do not know and do not see that the shelling was conducted at medical facilities, it was impossible, as it was equipped with the respective characters - a flagpole with a white flag and other insignia of the Red Cross. Also, a field kitchen was deployed near the clinic,
told the representative of the military.

That the mortar attack was deliberate, and also indicate other facts: "In the two hours before the first fire in that area work unmanned aircraft APU was marked by our soldiers. The flight of the drone was a "fire included adjustment". Then, after the adjustment, a second, deadly attack began, ”added Marochka.
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  1. Observer2014
    Observer2014 April 8 2018 17: 04
    It was impossible to not know and not to see that the shelling was conducted precisely at the medical facility, since it was equipped with appropriate signs
    Animals. As always in the Natsik style.
    1. assa67
      assa67 April 8 2018 22: 50
      Sergei hi ... banderlogs are trying to drag Russia into an open war by all means .. from hijacking a ship to blowing up a bridge .... you have to answer, it won’t happen anymore ... shoot down planes, sink ships, take hostages, etc. "partners" use
      1. Dezinto
        Dezinto April 8 2018 22: 54
        I must answer, it will not be worse anymore

        They, of course, enrage me utterly. But if we “answer”, it turns out that we will behave and they will achieve what they want. Everything is possible for them and the whole "world community" without taking out a language silently admires the idiotic tricks of Ukraine. But you yourself understand. If a machine suddenly breaks down on Mars, then whoooo? will be to blame ....? (I think I threw the idea) lol
        But really, when "curiosity" is cut down, I know who will be to blame .... laughing
        But on the other hand, it really cannot be worse. It is necessary to clearly understand the whole Western world has consolidated, and no matter how Russia explains that they are critical, everything will be exactly the same answer.
        They do not need evidence. just howl at us and that's it.
        1. assa67
          assa67 April 8 2018 23: 07
          Nikolay, there’s no other
          Quote: DEZINTO
          But if we “answer”, it turns out that we will behave and they will achieve what they want.

          the whole Western analytical system works for this: to make Russia predictable in actions (preferably bad in the eyes of the world community)
          feces as poured and will poured ... it's time to give an answer ...
          1. Dezinto
            Dezinto April 8 2018 23: 16
            it's time to give an answer ..

            So what? ?
            I don’t have children, but people still feel sorry ....

            But still desirable - "later". :)
            1. assa67
              assa67 April 8 2018 23: 24
              and I have four grandchildren))))))) I do not want to see them like that
              it’s better to swing around the nursery
              1. Dezinto
                Dezinto April 8 2018 23: 37
                I agree. Already four! I wish kindness to your home.
                And I have a nephew ... alone! but a whole and playful boy.
                So I agree with you. Now this figs understand that I also do not want him .... they went crazy at the end!
                Can you imagine (I’ll add) in Germany they are introducing sex life into kindergartens in 5 years of age (sorry)! - What kind of transdean!?!?!?
                Well nafig such a society!
                So yes. Sometimes I just want to ...... so that they fall into a black hole .... Because this is a really sore spot .... request

                And that there would be nafig, with all his ideas of tolerance ............
                1. assa67
                  assa67 April 9 2018 00: 06
                  Quote: DEZINTO
                  I wish kindness to your home.

                  thank you hi
                  the geyropa herself does not understand what she is doing: accepting "colored" values, lets refugees (renew the blood of an aging nation) ... but even "secular" Islamic states do not accept this
                  as a result, a few years later, a new caliphate is formed on the site of the Catholic life zone ........
  2. 210ox
    210ox April 8 2018 17: 05
    Inhumans. Today, in the comments to Petka’s words, we’ve “argued” a bit with everything that’s already behind us, and Andrey K. shows again that they can say anything and consider it right, and do anything and consider it “right” .. .NOBODY DOES NOT DISPUTE. But it is necessary to DISPUTE once and for all.
    1. Cutter
      Cutter April 8 2018 17: 33
      The real Nazis. Shoot at the red cross, and even shooting and adjusting ... am
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter April 8 2018 17: 06
    Abomination dill. When will they pay the bills?
  4. razved
    razved April 8 2018 17: 15
    Somewhere we already saw it - deliberate shelling of objects marked with a red cross am
  5. bald
    bald April 8 2018 17: 28
    It is somehow strange, knowing with whom dealing, to designate the position of the first-aid post. They would have covered their calculations, with hail in response, and then let them choke on saliva about violations. And do not prove anything to anyone.
  6. Severok
    Severok April 8 2018 17: 30
    Why in the DNI and LC do not give an order to otvetku ??? What kind of mother gave birth to those who make warriors not respond to the murders of their fellow citizens ???
    1. 210ox
      210ox April 8 2018 19: 50
      Why ..This is an "open secret" ... The Kremlin prefers shame to war ..
      Quote: Severok
      Why in the DNI and LC do not give an order to otvetku ??? What kind of mother gave birth to those who make warriors not respond to the murders of their fellow citizens ???
  7. ARES623
    ARES623 April 8 2018 17: 41
    Today it can be stated that the APU (and since the APU is a state structure, it can be said - the state power of Ukraine) does not fire at the LDNR targets for some tactically justified purpose, but, as they say, out of sporting interest, killing for the sake of murder. The pilots of Nazi Germany did exactly the same thing when they bombed objects that were not classified as military and drowned ships flying the flag of the Red Cross. The Ukrainian authorities are not doing anything in order to avoid civilian casualties. This direct analogy with German Nazism must be voiced in the UN Security Council and require an investigation not by the OSCE, but by the UN Commissioner for Human Rights. It may not be practical, but the Ukrainian authorities must catch the "smell" of crimes of humanity that have no statute of limitations.
    1. Mimohod
      Mimohod April 8 2018 18: 43
      They are working out their silver coins of the West with meannesses and provocations, on the deaths of their own people, they will not be penniless bastards .... they will truly Bandera psychology ...
      1. ARES623
        ARES623 April 8 2018 18: 52
        Quote: Mimohod
        They vile and provocative work out their silver pieces of the West

        It is very sad, but before our eyes there is a "fascization" of Europe. They no longer hide their double standards, the division into "superhuman" who can do anything, and "subhuman" whose rights are curtailed by the appetites of the former, even at the level of interstate relations. But this is precisely what constitutes the basis of racism and national socialism.
        1. Mimohod
          Mimohod April 8 2018 19: 20
          Quite right, and the West nurtures them, supports them politically and nourishes them financially, inciting and supporting new Nazis in Ukraine ...
          1. ARES623
            ARES623 April 8 2018 19: 31
            Quote: Mimohod
            Quite right, and the West nurtures them, supports them politically and nourishes them financially, inciting and supporting new Nazis in Ukraine ...

            And this means that there is a war on the horizon, and a big one, not for oil and gas, but for the right to exist ...
  8. Dmitry Voronov
    Dmitry Voronov April 8 2018 18: 13
    It was necessary otvetku hail. Christ the Delight. All a happy holiday.
  9. Zubr
    Zubr April 8 2018 19: 29
    I hope ours deployed howitzers and razed these bastards to the ground ... negative
  10. Piramidon
    Piramidon April 8 2018 20: 25
    Are there really no Krasnopol shells in our warehouses that are expiring? Than stupid to dispose of them, it may be better to transport them to Donetsk and shoot them at these Svidomo female dogs.
    BITCH, wives
    1. A female domestic dog, as well as generally animals of the dog genus.

    Explanatory dictionary Ushakov
  11. Leonidych
    Leonidych April 8 2018 21: 11
    Well, gentlemen, generals of sofas and easy chairs, What do you say? How long will it all ????? .
    1. Stalingradpobeda
      Stalingradpobeda April 9 2018 11: 23
      A very long time. I wonder where else the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk have the patience to fight with the Armed Forces and support Russia. Russia as a stepmother for the DNI and LC. Russian people were given to be torn to pieces. Creepy.
  12. Sergey985
    Sergey985 April 9 2018 06: 51
    Question. Why the drone is not shot down ???
  13. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 April 10 2018 05: 53
    There is no Minsk 2! To withdraw the technique, and to beat in response that the snot flew to Kiev, Europe will make a noise and request yes sanctions
    laughing one more and that's it