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The situation in Syria. Turks ready to go to rakka?

Turkish planes were spotted in the sky over the city of Ain Issa in the north of the Rakka province. Around 50, French Army troops arrived in Manbidge to help the Kurds. Reports about it FAN with reference to Syrian sources.

In Eastern Gute, the evacuation of radicals from the city of Duma to the north of the province of Aleppo - to Jarablus continues. Militants leave the enclave through a special passage in the area of ​​the camp of Al-Wafedin. Meanwhile, the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Parties and the Syrian leadership have begun negotiations with armed groups based in the Babbil, Beit Sahm and Yalda areas in the south of Damascus. If the radicals refuse to capitulate, the government army will start clearing these territories immediately after the liquidation of the Islamic State enclave (* IG, the group is prohibited in the Russian Federation), which is a little to the west.

The situation in the northeast of Aleppo is becoming more intense. Near the 50 French troops arrived in the Manbija area. The unit entered the UAR through the border checkpoint near the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) -controlled Tal Abyad town, located in the north of neighboring Raqqa. Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron intends to send troops to the north of the SAR to help the Kurdish armed forces.

In the western part of the province of Dar'a, all the past 24 hours was restless. First, internecine clashes of individual detachments of the Syrian Free Army (FSA) took place in the region. Later, the situation on the line of demarcation of the forces of the IG and the Free Army in the vicinity of the front-line cities of Gillen, Bakkar Al-Gharbi and Hait sharply worsened. However, there were no significant changes in the situation in this area.

The Turkish Air Force aircraft several times over the past day have been seen above the strong points of the Kurdish fighters of the Popular Self-Defense Detachments (YPG) near the former 93 base of the CAA brigade located in the vicinity of the town of Ain Issa in the north of the Raqqa province. Information about the objectives or results of departure has been reported. Recall that last month the liberation of the canton of Afrin was completed, and now the Turks are preparing to launch an anti-Kurd operation in the Manbij area and in Rakka.

Clashes between government forces and Islamists continued near the northeastern margin of the Rastan boiler (Hama province). In the morning, terrorists bombarded Salamia and Kabbat al-Qurdi settlements and Taxis, controlled by Damascus. At the same time, opposition media claimed that as a result of one of the blows, the SAA “Gvozdika” CAA was damaged. Later, the servicemen fired back at the targets of the Islamist formations in the vicinity of the settlements of Tulul Al-Hamr and Izz Ald-Din.
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  1. vorobey
    vorobey April 5 2018 09: 05
    I don’t understand ... about the French ... are these two completely respected NATO countries fighting quite legally and legally?
    1. Korsar4
      Korsar4 April 5 2018 09: 08
      And when did participation in any unions hinder something? Unless the degree of advertising affected.
      1. askort154
        askort154 April 5 2018 09: 14
        [.... About 50 soldiers of the French army arrived in Manbridge to help the Kurds ....

        Now the Kurds will trample in all directions angry
        1. bouncyhunter
          bouncyhunter April 5 2018 09: 34
          Alexander hi
          Quote: askort154
          Now the Kurds will trample in all directions

          Yeah, like shit between your fingers. There is a feeling that the French Kurds were stuck in the hope that the Turks would not bomb their alliance colleagues. Let's see how it will actually be.
          1. askort154
            askort154 April 5 2018 09: 50
            pasha hi The Americans wanted to cling to Syria at the official level, at the expense of the Kurds, promising them "sovereignty." They did not expect decisive action by the Turks. Erdogan decided to push the Kurds off the borders of Turkey, coordinating these actions with the Russian Federation and Iran. The Americans are in "slow-thinking", either to leave Syria, abandoning the Kurds, or to go on a frank skirmish with Turkey. So they decided to throw a test ball with the French to “see” how Erdogan would behave further. belay
            1. bouncyhunter
              bouncyhunter April 5 2018 09: 53
              Actually, I'm talking about the same thing. Erdogan is becoming uncomfortable for Matrasia, as if the Americans did not dispute the second coup.
    2. Mar.Tirah
      Mar.Tirah April 5 2018 09: 11
      France has responded to the "offer" of the United States to help in training and protecting the Kurds. Turkey has already warned France that they will not stop it. We are waiting for the performance to continue. It seems that the worst scenario for the partition of Syria is coming true. This is for a long time. We have patience and wisdom in making the right decisions in Syria. But the fact that American convoys began to undermine is good ..
      1. Yrec
        Yrec April 5 2018 09: 22
        European proverb from the Second World War: "WE are French! We surrender!". An inferiority complex is being tried to cure.
      2. just exp
        just exp April 5 2018 09: 25
        but Erdogan seems to have advocated the integrity of Syria recently.
        1. askort154
          askort154 April 5 2018 10: 01
          [just explo ....but Erdogan seems to have advocated the integrity of Syria recently.

          Russia, Iran, and already Turkey, adhere to one opinion - Syria should be united.
    3. Sergey985
      Sergey985 April 5 2018 09: 13
      If we discard the fact that the presence of both in Syria is illegal and illegal, then yes.
      1. Wolf47525
        Wolf47525 April 5 2018 09: 39
        Is Turkey legal and legal in Syria? Did everyone miss something again? Ah expert?
    4. siberalt
      siberalt April 5 2018 09: 14
      Well, let them fight among themselves, but better in France. And the runaway Kurds will laugh.winked
    5. Scoun
      Scoun April 5 2018 09: 16
      Quote: vorobey
      I don’t understand ... about the French ... are these two completely respected NATO countries fighting quite legally and legally?

      Turks and Persians have always been an instrument in the hands of "enlightened" Europeans. Maybe using the “chance” they are trying to grab something for themselves there later?
      That’s real, what have the paddlers lost there?
      They sent troops to Mali where they control uranium mines.

      The French military operation in Mali in January 2013 was perceived by a number of observers and experts as “a neocolonial war for the uranium resources of Africa” or “protecting the interests of the nuclear industry”. ... However, all these French actions were only an attempt to correct the consequences of what they themselves had done in North Africa, overthrowing the regime in Libya in 2011.
    6. Maz
      Maz April 5 2018 09: 46
      French people? Expected. But not good people. They didn’t sell it to us.
    7. gippernano
      gippernano April 5 2018 09: 56
      Well, 50 fighters from France are more likely to indicate their presence, so that then everyone will be surprised again: - and these ??? (France) winners too? The United States compared with them are children in such matters.
    8. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor April 5 2018 11: 42
      I don’t understand ... about the French ...

      They will be taught to give up.
    9. Ramzay121
      Ramzay121 April 5 2018 12: 05
      No, the Kurds are just like a bun, a cat. ran away from grandfather, grandmother, but could not from the fox). France the next stage is just
    10. iaroslav.mudryi
      iaroslav.mudryi April 6 2018 19: 02
      Quote: vorobey
      I don’t understand ... about the French ... are these two completely respected NATO countries fighting quite legally and legally?

      Yes, colleague, this has already happened in history when FOUR NATO countries participated directly and indirectly among themselves in hostilities. The same question was asked and discussed here at VO, I repeat:
      The summer of the 1974 of the year, the Republic of Cyprus, the 4 of the NATO countries: Greece and Turkey fought direct clashes, and the United States and Great Britain participated indirectly, for short: ".... US aircraft intercepted Greek planes that were flying towards the conflict."
      "...... Great Britain has pledged to help citizens of other European countries, as well as Americans, to evacuate from the island ....." The British still have 2 military bases in Cyprus: in Akrotiri near Limassol (air base) and Dekel near Larnaca, as well as radars on Mount Olympus in Troodos. The result of Operation Atilla is known - the island is divided, 200tys. Greek Cypriot refugees, the abandoned ghost town of Famagusta (60tys.), near 7tys. dead and missing civilians and so on.
      Losses of the armed forces:
      Greek Cypriots: 309 dead, 909 missing, 1141 wounded. 12 tanks, 7 armored personnel carriers, 47 guns (mostly abandoned).
      Greece: 88 dead, 83 missing, 148 injured.
      Turkish Cypriots: 70 dead,? missing? injured.
      Turkey: 498 dead, 1200 injured. 26 tanks, 4 armored personnel carriers, 24 guns, 1 destroyer.
      If in detail, then here (by the way, the Soviet Navy could not stand aside in that conflict):
      -1974-god-istoriya-voennogo-konflikta / (много фото)Турецкое_вторжение_
      on_ Cyprus
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 5 2018 09: 16
    Frenchmen hope that they will fall into the same section? !!! Naive, however. And if the Turks bombed their soldiers? bully
    1. teu
      teu April 5 2018 09: 29
      It is clear that the Turks will not fight the French. Why is this spectacle of solidarity between the French and staff, vryatli Macron something to have from Syria? I wonder how the Turks will explain their stop in the attack on Manbij and Raqqa ...
    2. Maz
      Maz April 5 2018 09: 46
      Franks have huge interests in Syria.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 5 2018 10: 14
    About 50 French Army personnel arrive in Manbridge to help Kurds
    You listen to Macron (the French media), so almost all the power of France will stand up for the "defense" of the Kurds from the Turks. But in fact, another zilch. But the ambition is higher than the roof.