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A selection of photos of the Great Patriotic


The day of the Great Victory is getting closer and I wanted to make a selection of military photographs. It turned out to be not as simple as it seems: there was a huge amount of photos and I just didn’t want to dump them, but I couldn’t transfer a small selection of everything I wanted.
But still lay out a few photos.

Looking at military photographs, people should understand that it was a terrible and cruel war, a war against the unification of our people, our country. It was not the distant IX or XIII century, it is not even the XIX century, so you can exclaim "O tempora! O mores!" , these are our grandfathers: absolutely the same as we are. Yes, they did not have mobile phones, plasma panels and the Internet, but they also went to kindergartens, schools, and worked. They had their own houses, apartments, and they least wanted their hometown or village to be razed to the ground. Just look at ordinary people who have performed a miracle.

It is a pity that there are more German and American photographs, that they often have better quality, but only by looking at our photographs do you feel that you understand these people, you understand what titanic efforts this victory cost them. In this collection there are a lot of photos of exactly people, people who made this victory, exactly the same people, Like you and I, who, at the right moment, overcame themselves and showed the heights of heroism.

We are trying to deprive our national ideas. We are destroying the friendship of nations, depriving the heroic thousand-year past, including making dubious films, because for the entire period of the Second World War there were so many tragic stories for the film that you can shoot for centuries, but we know how to choose subjects like "4 of the day in May" and you cannot call it special. They are trying to humiliate the church, the one that
with the Russian people for more than a millennium: today Pussy Riot, tomorrow somebody else, then they will arrange Cherkizon in church, what next? ...

When I was young, my grandfather, who passed from the battle for Moscow to Prague on May 11, was still alive, and now I very much regret that I did not have time to grow to his age before I could understand the depth of his feat. And I would like people not to forget that our country is great, great people live in it, because our self-consciousness is something that will help us to win ...

Everlasting memory.


USSR 1941 year

A selection of photos of the Great Patriotic

BA-20 1941 year

After battle

Battle in the village 1941

Street Ternopil 1941 year


Armor is strong ...

Crew tank. Died June 25, 1941 ...

German signature on the back of the photo: "The crew of the Russian tank, which in its burning car moved the German anti-tank gun, along with the calculation. Dnipro, September 1941

Near Moscow

Fallen comrade


Ruined palace in Peterhof

After battle


Padded German tanks in the village

Besieged Leningrad

Destroyed apartment in Leningrad


Bomb shelter in Leningrad

Children in a bomb shelter

Downed plane

Stalingrad from the plane


Fallen plane in Stalingrad


Wrecked tanks near Stalingrad


German prisoners near Kiev

A toy. Mogilyov.

Kerch 1943


German prisoners in Leningrad



Road to Berlin

Germany 1945


SU-76 in Germany




ISU-152 column in Berlin

Breaking the resistance of the Berlin garrison



Soldiers of the battalion of Nesterov salute on the roof of the Reichstag



Joy of liberation

Germany, May 1945

Heroic crew

Guard sergeant D. Cooger has already knocked out a 2 tank

Instructing before the fight


Ivan Kozhedub at the Dynamo stadium 1946 year



15 July 1943 of the year, led by his tank unit and in cooperation with infantry, senior lieutenant I.A. Shevtsov was among the first to rush into the Maloarkhangelsk railway station in the Oryol region and for five hours held it down, inflicting significant damage on the enemy force and military equipment. In this battle, Shevtsov I.A. was wounded. By decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council
USSR from 27 August 1943 to Senior Lieutenant Shevtsov Ivan Andreyevich was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal (No. 1708).

Crew t-26 Lieutenant S.M. Fedorov before the fight

Junior intelligence officer Vitya Zhayvoronok. Back in 1941, under the city of Nikolayev, Vitya went into a partisan detachment, in 1943, voluntarily joined one of the units of the Red Army that stormed Dnipropetrovsk, and was awarded the Order of the Red Star for participating in battles with fascists on Yugoslav land. The photo was taken in Yugoslavia, in one of the villages in the Belgrade region. 2-th Ukrainian Front, October 1944. The author of the picture is Anatoly Egorov.
Photos used:
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  1. ICT
    ICT April 28 2012 07: 59


  2. drossel81
    drossel81 April 28 2012 08: 00
    Photos are breathtaking ... especially the last with the kid scout ... I will bring up my son the same !!!!
    1. Gur
      Gur April 28 2012 10: 04
      Yeah .. and for such guys with the film "Bastards", and for such people with the films "Citadel" and "4 days of May", it seems that whoever does this was not born in this country, did not live. One word of the beast.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS April 28 2012 16: 15
        Quote: GUR
        Yeah .. and for such guys with the film "Bastards", and for such people with the films "Citadel" and "4 days of May", it seems that whoever does this was not born in this country, did not live. One word of the beast.

        Our cinema becomes an appendage of the western entertainment industry, and there is no place for the feat of the people! The one-sided perception of Western culture makes the heroes of the Schwarzeneggers and Tom Cruises.
        And the photos are really unique! On rare frames you catch yourself thinking that a variety of military equipment was used. For example, you do not often see such a model as bm-8-24
        1. max73
          max73 April 28 2012 18: 47
          According to Mikhalkov I do not agree! let's give an argument why its cycle is bad !?
          1. max73
            max73 April 28 2012 20: 00
            stupidly minus - this is a stupid person might ...))) and the arguments will be?
            1. tverskoi77
              tverskoi77 2 May 2012 10: 44
              You can’t joke and pervert it with the realities of the Great War for the sake of box office. This is an insult to the fallen and survivors of that war, for example, to my grandfathers.
              The film itself is good, like action, but not like a movie based on a past war.
              PS the mouse peeed on the cable and the pentagon exploded and the carriers without communication lost their course and drowned in the bottomless sea and we won. Here is a similar scenario)))
            2. Shohmansur
              Shohmansur 3 May 2012 17: 20
              Go and see, Cranes are flying, They fought for their Motherland ... I can still give arguments, but I think these are enough.
              1. max73
                max73 6 May 2012 17: 06
                I watched all this and carefully .... and even more .. I did not see the arguments ...
          2. Yazov
            Yazov April 28 2012 23: 20
            Some cuttings from shovels are worth it! (At Mikhalkov’s, Citadel ,,) Complete nonsense.
          3. APASUS
            APASUS April 28 2012 23: 57
            Quote: max73
            According to Mikhalkov I do not agree! let's give an argument why its cycle is bad !?

            Fair! After one video from the Internet, I can not stand Mikhalkov at all! The video is stupid in its essence but how it characterizes its participants ........... in Nazi Mikhalkov threw some kind of nazbol or other protest electorate, but the point is that this creator of royalty, kicked the boy’s face held by the guard !!! That is, a person propagating royal foundations can kick in the face ??? I understand correctly ???
            Are you just peeping from Mikhalkov?
            If there is interest? I can’t collect a lot of information about his summer house and on the island and his friend Pozgalev? but only if you show interest! Although ............... Internet is a noble thing
            1. lotus04
              lotus04 April 29 2012 13: 35
            2. Hleb
              Hleb April 29 2012 17: 41
              After one video from the Internet, I can not stand Mikhalkov at all!

              here is also a fun video

              although I like some of his movie roles and his films
          4. nnz226
            nnz226 April 30 2012 00: 19
            Delirium, especially "Burnt by the Sun - 2": solid. one true scene about refugees at the bridge. The rest of the series "Saving Private Ryan" To shoot for several years and give it out: a scene of a battle in the trenches - look: 1) In 1941 there were no penal battalions (order No. 227, according to which they were created, was released in July 1942)
            2) The Kremlin’s cadets would never have been put in the same trench with fines (see the regulations on penal battalions and companies)
            3) If Kremlin cadets are an elite, then why, after six months of the war, they cannot distinguish between a Soviet tank and a German one? Or did they specifically show the stupid Georgian that he was trying to stop the tank with a bayonet?
            4) fines and cadets were sitting in the trenches when the Germans pounced on them from the rear, why was their field (cadets) dotted with the field along which the Germans were walking ??? There was no counterattack scene, and where could they counterattack if they were taken in the trenches? And the field is strewn with cadet corpses - it does not fit ...
            5) 2nd part "Citadel" is complete nonsense. especially the attack with shovel cuttings. There is nothing for comrade. Stalin to erect such nonsense, no matter what he was, but you will not deny him pragmatism, and in 1943 (1944) (the heroes of the film already have shoulder straps), knowing about human losses, ascribe to him the desire to just ditch 15 men, albeit Those who have been in the occupation are nonsense: who will fight if they throw themselves away like that. This episode is akin to the statement by Svanidze (TV journalist) that Marshal Zhukov drove the infantry through a minefield in order to clear the way for tanks with their bodies. For the record: an anti-tank mine does not work from a person, and an anti-personnel one is not terrible for a tank, I think Zhukov, unlike Svanidze, knew such an elementary thing. So this innuendo is complete nonsense. So it is with the stupid assault on the citadel in the film. Konigsberg was taken in a week, and was fortified cleaner. And without the moronism of attacks with sticks. They brought up large-caliber artillery and - that's it! The citadel of Konigsberg fell, along with the surrounding forts.
            1. I627z
              I627z 2 May 2012 15: 17
              For a week - yes. And voice the losses for this "week" first of all for yourself, and think about it.
              My grandfather stormed Koenigsberg, commanded a rocket artillery battery. So there was no "and everything" was not there, there was a meat grinder in Stalingrad and Moscow (he was there too, there is something to compare), if not worse.
              The only thing that needs to be understood is that the war is fucking not a fun ride, and the enemy "harshly" punishes any capricious moods - with corpses.
              And the goal of any good commander is to complete the task and save the people.
              My grandfather was thanked by colleagues even after the war, because he saved people and rewards in full, which means the bosses were enough. So you can combine the task with small losses.
              I can’t say anything about Zhukov, but my grandfather respected him very much for what reasons I don’t know. Hence the conclusion: Zhukov is a very controversial personality, so it’s impossible to clearly say about him a hero or not a hero.
            2. max73
              max73 2 May 2012 20: 11
              Don't you find that the attack with the cuttings is an allegory? and the whole cycle, as a whole, including the scene in the minefield, the scene with the mouse - is also an allegory! now especially close to unfamiliar words - let them minus ... arguments against the "citadel" except for "phi" I did not see ... unfortunately, on this resource now 2 points of view prevail: either urya-patriotism, or ..... .....................
          5. starshina78
            starshina78 2 May 2012 21: 58
            His cycle is not bad, but disgusting! My father fought with me from 1943 of the year, uncles fought (one from the first day in the cavalry, the other from the first day in intelligence), and they turn over in the grave from the fact that this, the court director and self-appointed emperor of Russian cinema, Mikhalkov showed in these films . Gag and his own interpretation of the war. He humiliated soldiers, political workers, commanders and generals with his films. I don’t even feel like writing about these films and this director.
          6. gmajor
            gmajor 5 May 2012 04: 14
            Learn your native history, everything will become clear to you yourself!
            1. max73
              max73 6 May 2012 17: 08
              about the history of his native country, do not you teach me ....
              1. zol1
                zol1 25 May 2012 21: 18
                Looks like she’s not your native!
        2. Meridiy
          Meridiy April 30 2012 15: 43
          Well, I don’t agree, what does this have to do with it? To drive "Schwartz" is stupid ... Just an actor, a hero of the action genre. They never made him a "fake" hero V.O.V. No, the general idea is clear, I support one hundred percent, it's just an illiterate comparison, about nothing ...
      2. Galina
        Galina April 28 2012 20: 10
        The Mikhalkovsky film is more of a parable, a requiem than a documentary story. The author does not belittle either history or heroes. And in relation to other films you are absolutely right.
  3. ICT
    ICT April 28 2012 08: 00
    DYMITRY April 28 2012 08: 33
    Here they are - real human beings! The best fighters of the world!
    1. Petrol
      Petrol April 28 2012 12: 49
      on et_russian temples of mary it is written "we are anty - titans of italy"
  5. ICT
    ICT April 28 2012 08: 48
    for some reason the first photo has changed
  6. Lantau
    Lantau April 28 2012 08: 48
    Fathers and grandfathers, thank you for the victory !!!
      FREGATENKAPITAN April 28 2012 09: 27
      Pictures of Stalingrad are stunning .......... there are simply no words ......
      ... Our fathers and grandfathers did what many have yet to understand ........ Do not forget the fallen for their homeland!
  7. 755962
    755962 April 28 2012 09: 14
    The Russian spirit is invincible !!! The Russian spirit is not broken !!
    When it came to the Second World War, the essence of official Soviet propaganda was that it was a war between two systems, not two countries. What faced German fascism, which embodied capitalism, and the Soviet, progressive system, and we would have won thanks only to the advantages of socialism.

    Stalin was more honest: immediately after the war, he recognized that Russian patriotism was the main weapon of victory.
  8. cubinecz
    cubinecz April 28 2012 09: 22
    Why are we all this lost? Why we RENT a base in the Crimea and a spaceport in Kazakhstan, why the Nazis march in the Baltic states, why the National Bank of Ukraine issued a coin in denomination of 5 hryvnia in honor of Hauptman Roman Shukhevych. Yes, because we are all-moral impotent, we can only whisper: Fathers and grandfathers, thank you for the Victory. Our ancestors laid millions of lives on the altar of Victory for what? Is it for the sake of the foregoing? Fathers and grandfathers FORGIVE us for your VICTORY.
    1. Joker
      Joker April 28 2012 09: 35
      Nothing, I think there will still be a chance to rehabilitate am
      1. Gur
        Gur April 28 2012 10: 06
        When will we begin to rehabilitate ??? When???
        1. Meridiy
          Meridiy April 30 2012 15: 50
          As soon as we finish shaking the air in social networks with comments, we will immediately begin to rehabilitate ourselves ... By the way, what does “rehabilitate” mean?
    2. I627z
      I627z April 28 2012 11: 26
      I can give comments about the Nazi march.
      In 2010, he spent a month with his family in Jurmala and Riga. Everyone who asked about the parades had such a thing - a bunch of morons from five people gathered to pay attention to them. The attitude towards us was excellent and the impression was that the majority (70%) spoke Russian without problems or even understood.
      Do not give a damn about freaks in these countries, there are most normal people.
      By the way, in Crimea, I’ve already had 5 rested, you feel there almost like in Russia.
      In any case, when there was a European football championship in Evpatoria, people went with Russian flags.
      1. smile
        smile April 28 2012 20: 27
        Addition on the Baltic.
        1. Take a word, they almost never tell you in the face what they think. This is a national peculiarity. The tradition is that they have such a thing - grinning, and twist cookies behind their backs. Even in Poland, the Poles usually say - oh, we are Europeans, but what do we share, they smile ... and you have a drink with them, we don’t have any evidence that you banged our Kaczynski, but it’s beneficial to you, therefore ... .and rushed soul to paradise!
        2. Whether you like it or not, what they consider to be the elite has come to power under the banner of nationalism, and it is not going to abandon its slogans dictated to them by grandfather Goebbels. Their leadership is pathologically Russophobic.
        1. I627z
          I627z 2 May 2012 14: 50
          1. Believe me, my relatives (my grandmother’s sister left to live in Riga in the 60 years) know the situation, traditions, and peculiarities in Latvia no worse than you.
          2. Especially Riga measures - Russian.
          3. People everywhere are different. The good ones are more just not so noticeable. And to hang the label of "Nazism" on the whole country because of the freaks is not worth it.
          And we need to learn to respect the opinions of others.
  9. Sergl
    Sergl April 28 2012 09: 44
    Please correct the caption to the "Wrecked Tiger" photo on "Wrecked T-IV" (or "Wrecked Pz-IV")
    1. Syrdon
      Syrdon April 28 2012 14: 21
      common mistake))) Groove 4 Ausf.H to be confused with "Tiger", apparently the silhouette is similar)))
    2. mishan
      mishan April 28 2012 15: 09
      It is enough to glance at the track rollers, for tigers they are large in size and arranged in a checkerboard pattern. Therefore, the photo clearly PzKpfw IV /
  10. Greyfox
    Greyfox April 28 2012 09: 46
    In the photo with German prisoners near Kiev in the foreground there is a Soviet T-60 with crosses - the Germans very zealously approached the captured equipment. In the photo with the inscription padded "Tiger", the error is lit. Pts4. An interesting photo of BM-8-24 (by the way, based on the same T-60) - apparently due to damage to the caterpillar, the "killed" links were thrown out and pulled on as long as the rollers were enough.
    This is a technique. And in terms of meaning, every 1941 will always have 1945!
    1. Syrdon
      Syrdon April 28 2012 14: 35
      I can assume that the Katyushas based on the T-60 may belong to Erokhin's regiment, which was active in the defense of Stalingrad, and the tracks are dressed unusually, most likely due to the specificity of firing rockets.
  11. asavchenko59
    asavchenko59 April 28 2012 09: 49
    We’ll do it again!
    Enemies and traitors will wash themselves with blood.
  12. olifus
    olifus April 28 2012 09: 50
    surname of the hero Kozhedub It is written with a capital letter.
  13. boger
    boger April 28 2012 10: 22
    our romanoids want to cancel 9 in May, but we will hit the rally, not a small crowd will gather)))
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 3 May 2012 00: 19
      They should not hit the rally, but simply in the eye! angry
  14. high school student
    high school student April 28 2012 10: 35
    We living today know about that war only from the stories of our grandfathers and fathers, veterans, books, films and photographs. That generation had a share in protecting our Fatherland from the enemy, withstanding and defeating, crushing the strongest army, for which all the economic power and resources of Europe worked (all these current firms are MERCEDES, BMW, OPEL, RENAULT, SKODA, etc.). The feat and sacrifices suffered by our people cannot be underestimated and forgotten!
    Glory and eternal memory to you, Russian soldiers who defended the Fatherland!
  15. SectoR
    SectoR April 28 2012 10: 50
    this nice selection of photos ...
    thanks to the author for this, he takes for the soul ..
    Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten...
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 3 May 2012 00: 28
      The selection is great! And about no one is forgotten ... In our region, on the Blue Line, the remains of children are still regularly found at the site of battles and mass graves at former field hospitals ... in winter, the snow there up to 2-3 m, fell, the explosion filled up and that's it ... And then the beast stretched out. Now it is difficult to determine whether ours are there or "edelweiss", all the bones are in the same graves. Several years ago, a dozen meters from the main trail through the reserve, we found two boxes of shells for a mountain cannon, perfectly preserved thanks to metal boxes that had been there since 1942-43. And there people walk by every day ...
      So the ETERNAL MEMORY of HEROES, and for a very long time the search and identification (if it is possible at all now) of the dead soldiers will end ...
  16. Alex 104
    Alex 104 April 28 2012 10: 55
    Thanks for the photos, the main thing is that future generations would not forget all this!
  17. Owl
    Owl April 28 2012 11: 05
    The truth of the war. Interesting is the T-70 with German crosses (in the photo with prisoners near Kiev), a characteristic photo with a Soviet tanker and "Tiger" (a wrecked T-4 tank with side screens) - an example of "tigromania" in the Soviet army, when every wrecked German tank has differences from previously seen, were called in the reports "Tiger". The bitter truth of the war with the dead and the grave cross.
  18. Redpartyzan
    Redpartyzan April 28 2012 11: 17
    “Even the most favorable outcome of the war will never lead to the decomposition of the main power of Russia, which is based on millions of Russians” O.F. Bismarck
    It was necessary to listen to senior comrades!
  19. I627z
    I627z April 28 2012 11: 30
    Thanks to the author for the selection of photos. For the first time in my life I saw BM 8-24, my grandfather fought on such or a similar machine during a certain period of the war. Thanks again.
  20. Ahmar
    Ahmar April 28 2012 11: 32
    Thank you so much human !!! This is how the story of the Second World War should be presented to our children so that they know the real Heroes of their homeland !!!
    1. Odessa
      Odessa April 28 2012 15: 20
      You can't find such photos in textbooks. And visual information is perceived more effectively by children. I periodically `` drive '' mine to this site, watch some videos together. And from this video the child was generally delighted -45 ORP special forces of the Airborne Forces (our everyday life), this is how the feeling of patriotism is instilled and the qualities of character are laid.
  21. schta
    schta April 28 2012 11: 38
    In the photo, the "knocked out tiger" is not a tiger at all, but a four
  22. Call Sign Half Fifteen
    Call Sign Half Fifteen April 28 2012 11: 47
    Thank you for the victory, Fallen-Eternal memory ....
    about the tank crew - a strong photo.
  23. Gamdlislyam
    Gamdlislyam April 28 2012 12: 57
    An impressive selection of photos. Takes the soul. The memory resurrects. Immediately the image of his father surfaced. He fought. A week later, 90 years old he turns. Still standing firmly on his feet, although he was wounded in battle. Thank you very much.
  24. Petrol
    Petrol April 28 2012 13: 05
    Now another war is going on, economic and psychological, on the eve of the battle for the economic north and the Urals ...

    I want to ask for those who have sat down in the Kremlin - YOU are on the side of the Rus or on the side of the aliens and v_rodkov ??? ... but we know the answer
    as my son said the answer is in a fairy tale about Ruslan and the lud_mil is encrypted .... where is the hero’s head (lives apart from the body well, it’s the capital city of sho Kiev sho Moscow)))) is in a bureaucratic half-nap ....))) )
    if not right correct ...
    1. wbigfire
      wbigfire April 28 2012 14: 28
      That's right, Benzin. Already in the Second World War, a stronger and better mobilized economy won. Russia does not borrow resources. The economy and once again the economy must be raised. And his own - Russian, not imported merchant. First of all, to support our people, and not to dump millions for alien "mentors"! Then there will be no alarm for Siberia and the East.
  25. Indigo
    Indigo April 28 2012 14: 23
    And what can I say? Forgive me for being so stupid that you defended with your blood for us. and then there are no more words ...
  26. Call Sign Half Fifteen
    Call Sign Half Fifteen April 28 2012 14: 29
    "screwed up" the battle, but did not lose the battle, pmm ...
  27. revnagan
    revnagan April 28 2012 17: 49
    Well done author! He spoke as if he had read my thoughts. I was very lucky - both of my grandfathers who fought in the Great Patriotic War survived. I remember them well-injured, frostbite, shell-shocked, but survived and defeated the war machine of Europe. Their stories are not forget. It is a pity that my son will hear them only from me. There are more grandfathers. Eternal glory to the winners and eternal memory.
    PARTISAN April 28 2012 19: 31
    Thanks to those who gave their lives so that we did not see what they happened to see! I didn’t have to see my grandfathers because they didn’t come back from this damned war. A photo with the tag "Near Moscow", where soldiers from the trenches are going to attack, made me think that one of those fighters is one of my grandfathers, since both were missing somewhere near Moscow and at about the same time...
  29. Cadet787
    Cadet787 April 28 2012 21: 47
    More often it is necessary to show such photographs in our secessions, and especially in Western countries, so as not to be forgotten, otherwise the redistribution of the world has already begun, let them see how it ends.
  30. Vlaleks48
    Vlaleks48 April 28 2012 22: 53
    My father and grandfather brought with WWII some photos of those years. Just a little of the first two years of the war and from a dozen to the end of the war. There are hospital and in Germany.
    I will try to lay out, they deserve it.
    My children remember their grandfathers and honor their memory. Grandchildren are brought up in love and respect for an honest person and not "Abramovich".
    From the boor there will never be a pan.
    It depends on us to remember our fathers and grandfathers lived for centuries!
  31. Yemelya
    Yemelya April 28 2012 23: 04
    Quote: Syrdon
    I can assume that the Katyushas based on the T-60 may belong to Erokhin's regiment, which was active in the defense of Stalingrad, and the tracks are dressed unusually, most likely due to the specificity of firing rockets.

    You will not be able to go far with the tracks put on in this way - and the load is distributed unevenly and the obstacles cannot be overcome, i.e. you won’t quickly change your position, which is very important for keactive installations. So that. most likely damage to the sloth ilm rink. This method of transportation in case of damage to the chassis was recommended in the pre-war instructions for the T-26.
    By the way, in the photo of the German T-70 it is with the tail number, i.e. as I understand it, it was listed as a fighting vehicle and they fought on it, as long as they had bad things, the T-70 was not so bad, as they say.
  32. 16
    16 April 29 2012 00: 04
    all the photos are absolutely on the topic !!!!!!!!!!!!! in the war a lot of dirt, blood and sweat !!!!!!! I remember, I'm proud !!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Leksander
    Leksander April 29 2012 00: 36
    In the photo "Padded Tiger" of the tiger, I did not notice something.
    1. Kars
      Kars April 29 2012 00: 50
      This is how thousands of tigers and ferdinands appear on the pages of memoirs.
      But the Four with L48 is a great trophy for 76 SU
      1. Leksander
        Leksander April 30 2012 02: 46
        I agree to all 100. For SU 76 with its "cardboard" booking, the four is an excellent trophy.
        PS I am surprised at the author: he dragged pictures from the Internet, but doesn’t know how the hero’s name is written or what technique is captured!
        1. Rjn
          Rjn 1 May 2012 20: 40
          Quote: Leksander
          SU 76 with its "cardboard" booking

          For the tasks for which SU-76 was created, booking is enough. SU-76 was not originally an anti-tank self-propelled gun or a breakthrough tank. Look at the photo of ZIS-3 in Budapest, where the calculation is fully open and compare with SU-76. And the illiterate use of SU-76 gave rise to these myths about insufficient booking
          1. Leksander
            Leksander 2 May 2012 03: 15
            The assessment of the reservation was given based on this particular situation, and not on the concept of self-propelled vehicles. And the "illiterate" use led to the destruction of a better protected and armed enemy.
            1. Rjn
              Rjn 2 May 2012 13: 27
              I understood your thought. And by illiterate use, I meant the cases of their use in front of the infantry, instead of tanks
  34. vylvyn
    vylvyn April 29 2012 01: 52
    Photos are cool. The "revolutionary moment" is reflected correctly. It's a pity there are no pictures of sailors, especially in Sevastopol. These devils knew how to press the tail of the Fritz under the very palate.
  35. Galina
    Galina April 29 2012 10: 31
    How do we, having such a History and such Ancestors, come to the modern bestial state ?!
  36. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar April 29 2012 11: 22
    Quote: Galina
    How do we, having such a History and such Ancestors, come to the modern bestial state ?!

    Gali-and-and-and-on ... recourse
    And you, our future fighting friend, do not faint from the sight of a syringe?
  37. Nechai
    Nechai April 29 2012 13: 53
    Quote: max73
    According to Mikhalkov I do not agree! let's give an argument why its cycle is bad !?

    Yes, because it is built on the cliches of Khrushchev's "debunking the cult of personality", perestroika dembred, gossip and fables about life at the front, about life in the rear. The younger generation no longer knows the truth. Does not survive, those who could tell her. And this bestial insanity is perceived as TRUE, Actually, that's why such a rush has started right now. Swap white and black! Well, and without the bloody gebney, it is not generally considered to be decent to shoot this floor for all kakona. But to write poetry for all THREE OPTIONS OF ANTHEM (2 USSR + 1RF) is just the genius of the same person. Without honor, without conscience, without morality and convictions! And the apple from the apple tree did not roll away at all! And he is proud of his roots. But what about with every power, to be with power. Yeah, winner syndrome, ... la!
  38. Kostjan
    Kostjan April 29 2012 15: 45
    eternal memory to all people who went through all this
  39. Sibiryakus orthodoxy
    Sibiryakus orthodoxy April 29 2012 16: 44
    Thanks to the author.
    I think many people will be interested in this link: - this is a state archive, there are a lot of photos of the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War.
    Many photographs taken from murdered fascists ...
    Thanks to the author again for both the selection and the text!
  40. wandlitz
    wandlitz April 29 2012 17: 15
    Thanks for the photo.
  41. Фокус
    Фокус April 29 2012 17: 50
    I would like to recall that almost all of Fascist Europe attacked us with a technological advantage and human resources, Japan was preparing for aggression in the east, Turkey was also waiting for the moment to invade and take away the Caucasus, and if the Soviet people wavered and surrendered Moscow, the British and Americans agreed would be Hitler. The glory of our grandfathers is great, the feat of them will be even more appreciated by posterity when all archives are declassified. A selection pleased, I love the story in the photographs, the author shakes my hand firmly.
  42. Salavat
    Salavat April 29 2012 19: 37
    Soldiers of the strongest army of the world of all time!
  43. sichevik
    sichevik April 29 2012 21: 05
    Glory to the Soviet People --- Winning People !!! All of Europe fought against us, but we not only survived, we won !!! They won and proved that we are invincible, It is impossible to defeat us. And do not forget this to many hot heads in the West and overseas.
  44. mind1954
    mind1954 April 29 2012 21: 45
  45. dobry-ork
    dobry-ork April 29 2012 22: 14
    Look at the faces of these people. They are full of determination, confidence in Victory. And in the photographs taken after the Victory - an unusual expression of happiness and joy, rarely seen in modern photographs
    1. Odinplys
      Odinplys April 29 2012 23: 57
      Yes, the sincerity of the faces in the photo is amazing
  46. nnz226
    nnz226 April 30 2012 00: 26
    as in 1941, a nemchura pearl: grasping, skilled at fighting, with calculating generals and officers, everything is scheduled - pearls of 70 - 80 km per day. All the Yavropu went away, like kindergartners, all the "advanced armies" scattered like sheep from a pack of wolves. Our grandfathers and already great-grandfathers received a club in the head from around the corner. But they held out, broke off all these German "yubermens", explaining to them that one is not a little bit of a "Untermensch" pull, in 1945 ours were already walking 100-120 km a day, and Berlin was gutted like a rotten bag of -under the potatoes!
  47. mijgan-jigan
    mijgan-jigan April 30 2012 00: 51
    This is not just a photo. time stopped on them. everlasting memory
  48. go
    go April 30 2012 01: 43
    recently watched a dock movie on German television about the Second World War. This was the first material on the other hand, which I saw. It is certainly generally one-sided because materials were filmed for military propaganda, but some facts are interesting. Germans generally often soberly draw conclusions, even if they do not like them. For example, the main idea of ​​the film is that the war in the east was Hitler’s total stupidity. There are other facts, they are bitter, but from them it is also necessary to draw conclusions that might have been difficult to draw in owls. time. It was said that by the end of 41 the red army was almost destroyed: 8 of millions of losses along with the prisoners. Losses 1 to 7. Further, a people who heroically died and learned to fight on the battlefield fought against the Wehrmacht.

    In general, we need to soberly assess the situation, fewer slogans such as “Armor is strong and our tanks are fast” as in the 30's, which are also heard now, and more than calm real training, training and professionalism. In general, you must be able to avoid conflicts, because war is evil for a long time, but if it does not work out, then not with a number, but with skill.
  49. taseka
    taseka April 30 2012 05: 40
    Touched! Thanks to the author!
    It probably makes sense for our Moderators to open the section separately " War Photo" And there are sections:
    -1 world
    -The Great Patriotic War
    1. alex352006
      alex352006 April 30 2012 20: 06
      I fully support!
  50. Rico1977
    Rico1977 April 30 2012 16: 06
    Eternal Memory to Heroes!