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India will open the first defense plant abroad. The country is named

Indian edition The Economic Times reports that India intends to distribute its own military-technical production outside the country. It is reported that the Indian government has in fact confirmed earlier information in the Central Asian media that India plans to open one of its defense plants in the Central Asian region.

The country selected for the project will be Uzbekistan.

India will open the first defense plant abroad. The country is named

It is not reported what kind of weapons weapons India is going to produce in Uzbekistan.

If the project is really implemented, then the Indian defense industry in Uzbekistan will be the first overseas production for New Delhi.
From the material:
Such a project will help India find a foothold in Eurasia against the backdrop of growing Chinese expansion.

Consideration of the issues of project implementation is taking place against the background of deepening trade and technical and technical contacts between New Delhi and Tashkent. In particular, the parties reached agreements in the field of military medicine, as well as in the field of military training. It is planned to exchange experience between military personnel of various types and types of troops of India and Uzbekistan.

Last week, the Foreign Minister of India visited Tashkent, which met, in particular, with the Minister of Defense of Uzbekistan.
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii April 2 2018 09: 50
    In India, a shortage of labor or skilled personnel?
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 April 2 2018 10: 15
      In Uzbekistan, labor is cheaper.
    2. Alex777
      Alex777 April 2 2018 10: 16
      Without agreements with Russia, such a question could hardly be resolved. Our enterprises have sanctions. And who and what is doing in Uzbekistan - try to check. hi
      1. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg April 2 2018 11: 33
        From the Uzbeks that will be delighted)))
      2. Felix99
        Felix99 April 2 2018 13: 03
        There is just a free aircraft factory.
    3. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy April 3 2018 01: 28
      Quote: Teberii
      In India, a shortage of labor or skilled personnel?

      "Yes, you're right, but the opposite is possible."
      In Uzbekistan, the task has been set to reach the level of countries that are not only consumers of military-technical products, but also their producers. The goal is, firstly, the satisfaction of domestic needs, and secondly, export.
      So, the goals of the agreement on the development of military-technical cooperation with Russia are to further deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in the military-technical sphere, to improve the system of equipping with promising types of weapons and military equipment.

      This is the share of Uzbeks that Indians pay for, for which they will get access to our technologies. Uzbeks will receive their defense industry. Well, we are a little money from the database, and not from the remote sensing.
  2. 210ox
    210ox April 2 2018 09: 51
    The Uzbeks were lucky .. By the way, the Indians lowered the Uzbeks in the sense of the final result, the Indians took on those things that even the Chinese do not do anymore. I buy staples for a furniture stapler .. The manufacturer is a Chinese company, and the place of production is India .. And two resellers in Russia ......
    1. Nasrat
      Nasrat April 2 2018 10: 24
      China has relied on quality and high technology ... Everything goes to Vietnam, Myanmar, India, etc. Recently, factories of China were closed, with the purpose of revision and control - the party gave landmarks in production .. try disobey ...
      Not immediately, of course, but the Chinese will close all the "slag" in production ..
  3. The Siberian barber
    The Siberian barber April 2 2018 09: 52
    I wonder what they will open?)) The line for the production of fighting elephants ???)))
    1. Astoria
      Astoria April 2 2018 10: 23
      Yeah, combat and non-combat donkeys wink
    2. Deune
      Deune April 2 2018 10: 26
      Vague doubts torment us all.)
    3. Felix99
      Felix99 April 2 2018 13: 04
      IL aircraft - 76
  4. tank66
    tank66 April 2 2018 10: 29
    Blankets and footcloths. Everyone is needed.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 2 2018 10: 35
    The Siberian barber
    I wonder what will open?
    Production of shiny hardware, daggers, and possibly tea. India itself doesn’t buy weapons from anyone. But military-technical production can be understood as various goods.
  6. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha April 2 2018 12: 19
    Here's how it goes ... Hindus felt that China was conquering Central Asia, which would be bad for India in the future. So they decided at least something to spoil the Chinese. The decision to establish closer ties with Uzbekistan cannot be explained by anything else. It is difficult to foresee how this can play against us, but we don’t need to expect good from the Uzbeks.
    1. den3080
      den3080 April 2 2018 12: 27
      But what about pilaf, samsa, apricot in the end? everything is very good and tasty
    XXXIII April 2 2018 14: 01
    Such a project will help India find a foothold in Eurasia against the backdrop of growing Chinese expansion.
    You will have to invest a lot of money to feel the support ... lol