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Alexander Roslyakov. Nemtsovschina

When Nemtsov was still the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region, I carried out a kind of journalistic investigation there, eventually wrote the article "Nemtsovschina". But at that time of "democracy for the democrats" everything that was not in the jet was extinguished at the root; I went just against the indicated jet, having earned such a visa of one editor-in-chief: “Even if everything is true, all the more it cannot be published!” And in connection with the new ascent of the apostle of the then regime in the strife of the fighter with the current one, it seems to me to briefly repeat this article.

Alexander Roslyakov. Nemtsovschina

The first mentor of the young Nemtsov was a businessman Andrei Klimentev, who in the USSR seized 8 years for “distributing porn movies and fraud”. He became friends with curly like a doll, a client of his secret video shop before landing; and when it came to freedom, there is already everything for which the term was shaking, not a crime, but the most respectful! His pet, already a candidate of science, in the hardy reorganization finale from science has spread to politics. Tried to join the CPSU, but to no avail; on the other hand, it successfully joined the gaining democrats, becoming the most lively activist at meetings of the Lower.

And Klimentyev will have a plan: to make Nemtsov his political puppet to promote his business ventures. From his father, the head of the Regional Agricultural Machinery, an organization with enormous resources, he had initial capital and business connections. And Nemtsov - the thirst for power and the need for funds for promotion, without which it was difficult to compete with the still powerful in the Lower Clan of production workers.

And in 1990, Nemtsov became a deputy of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet, in 91, Yeltsin's confidant in the presidential elections in Russia, then the governor of the region. Klimentiev later spoke of this in the following way: “Nemtsov was my doll, I made it with my own money, paid for all his choices.” In response, from the horns of the turbulent regional privatization, he got the most tasty morsel: the Nizhny Novgorod clothing market, a bush of central stores and other lucrative places. He started the most luxurious office in the center of Nizhny, where there was a white limousine with a bus in the backyard - on which, however, it was impossible to drive along the broken streets of the city. In addition, he became the head of the “shadow government” Nemtsov, and he, who did not understand the economy in the first place, did not make a single serious decision without Klimentyev.

But somewhere to 94, the youngest Russian governor grew so much out of the pupa in which his companion saw him that he decided to end him once and for all. He is on horseback of his democratic reforms already in full swing in our and Western press - and Klimentyev, with old memory, opens his door with his foot, and even with anti-Semitic teasers. And Nemtsov conducts a vengeful combination with one of the Clementine objects - the Nava shin shipyard “Oka”.

The essence of this loud case was, according to the local security officer, as follows. Klimentiev opened a credit line at 18 million for the reconstruction of the Oka "under Nemtsov" - to build dry cargo ships for sale abroad. The contract with the Norwegian company for the supply of equipment read: First, an advance in 8 million dollars, but if he does not reach the deadline, the previous payments will be canceled. Money comes from the federal treasury - but not to the plant, but to the NBD Bank of Brevnov, the new Nemtsov partner. And not on a special account, from which it can no longer be withdrawn for anything else, but on a general account - from where they are escaping into a profitable scroll for those years.

Klimentyev then still receives $ 6 million, sends them to the Norwegians and shakes Brevnov for the remainder; and the period after which the already expelled part burns is getting closer. Complains to the Ministry of Finance; and finally the bank overtakes the remaining 2 million dollars to the Oka. But Nemtsov arrests them under the guise of finding out something, the deadline expires, the Norwegians are tearing up the contract, in the end neither equipment nor money. Klimentiev strikes a run from the case initiated against him for embezzlement, but then again goes behind bars.

Nemtsov answers all questions of the press: “What is Klimentiev? Yes, I do not know him! Well, maybe he once knew, but after he stole his knowledge, he no longer knew himself! ”But according to the Navashin's scam, which came from Nemtsov’s guarantee letter, the hungry country lost millions of dollars - and they didn’t find out where they went.

Even the Nizhny Novgorod "island of democracy" struck me with some wild fear of the word. The mayor of Nizhny Poor, illegally kicked off by Nemtsov, whom God himself ordered to complain to a journalist from Moscow, said: “No interviews. The head of our exchange Anuchin opened his mouth - two bullets in the side. Klimentiev barked too much - he was on the wanted list. I don't want to go after them. ” And whoever was still on contact, preferred for him some distant bench in the public garden.
On such a bench, I heard the chief power engineer of GAZ, Oleg Kotelnikov, a specialist with the 30-year experience:
“After Gaidar’s shock, Yeltsin came to us: everything will be fine, just fine in the 5-6 months. I then asked Nemtsov: "Do you believe that?" And he: "Yeltsin told me in the car that there would be nothing, but people need to be given a perspective." That is, he knew firsthand that all the reforms were a linden, but the rest of it was not gu-gu!

His main feature is treachery. The old director of GAZ, Vidyaev, still kept the plant, the Volga was the most prestigious in the country. But Nemtsov didn’t make a fuss when it wasn’t being upgraded, the plant owed a lot to the budget, it should be changed to Pugin, the former minister of the car industry. Vidyaev was just proposing modernization, and Pugin - fashionable incorporation, saying that then everything will go by itself. At the conference of the labor collective, all ours are for Vidyaev, but in the hall some islands for Pugin are noisy - as it turned out, the nemtsov guys drove by. Vidyaev realized that it was useless to resist, he went under Pugin. The plant’s debts immediately increased by an order of magnitude, production and wages collapsed, the workers sold their shares to some merchants in Mercedes cars for next to nothing.

Yeltsin then released the subsidy to GAZ, but everything went to the accounts of the banks, which, under Nemtsov, became hell. They simply steal the treasury, gave Mikhalkov a billion to his picture "Burnt by the Sun", meet him with roasted piglets, and he lifts Nemtsov to the skies. But for 4 of the year, his power was the strongest before the region became the poorest ... "

Already at a recent rally of protest, Nemtsov and his friend on the stage, Troitsky, were terribly offended that Putin had called the audience on their show a gandon. But at the time of his governorship, a much more offensive episode on the same topic appeared from the story of the deputy chief doctor of the Nizhny Novgorod hospital of veterans Vladimir Shanov:
“We have the most influx in winter: there is nothing for veterans, and here at least a hospital ration. Salary doctors and nurses - zilch. Well, a nurse, one must think, should feed a husband or lover. And the doctor? In 93, Nemtsov generally wanted to give us back to the newly formed Volga district of internal troops. Vinyl of the USSR in a police state, and let's fix this cudgel itself, so that the people would not dare them with Yeltsin! But the veterans came out with posters: “The fascist didn’t kill us, the Interior Ministry Д finish it off!”

Everyone comes to see us at the oasis of capitalism, at the fireworks, the film festival, which has devoured so much that you can feed all the veterans for a year. Nurse drink, but you will reproach - and you find the best for free, so as not to drink!

The hospitals are closing down - there are no funds, but the administration of Nemtsov is away all year round at the regional expense abroad. Supposedly for our own good, but from there we saw only one humanitarian supply. Toothpaste, a box of expired drugs and another box of expired condoms - veterans are fucking crazy! A consignment of kalopriyemniki came to the maternity hospital, which are also not needed there.

Vladimir Belozerov, the chairman of the regional Agrarian Union, turned out to be one of the last Mohicans who did not fit under Nemtsov. In the Wadskiy district, he headed the last successful agricultural enterprise in the Umaiskoye region and, under the sentence “the men of Vadsk, the Hats, cut the whole uterine truth from the heart.

“Is Nemtsov a good reformer? Judge for yourself. Here is an interesting book: “Overview of Food Policy Options and Agricultural Reform.” Year of issue - 1992, publisher - World Bank. Nowhere is it for sale, I was carried it out of the regional administration.

We read: “As a result of the reform, rural production and food consumption should be reduced in the Nizhny Novgorod region, imports should grow ...” Objective: to replace social production with private production — otherwise, we will not receive foreign loans for the purchase of the same food; complete painting, how many farms and dairies need to be destroyed. And if you compare Nemtsov’s actions with this book, he did everything brilliantly. The number of livestock, acreage, production of agricultural products fell several times, the salary in the village - in 10 times.

All this he accompanied such new speeches every time. At first, that collective and state farms cannot feed the people, it is necessary to divide them into shares. But you cannot cut a farm or grain grains, and without them there is no production cycle. One at a share auction took the collective farm cattle, the other feed; they began to disagree with each other - both the food rotted and the cattle fell. Then Nemtsov: I do not care whose egg on the table, his or Dutch, just to be! I rushed to Chernomyrdin: we must support the reform! He gave for import deliveries, but his production was dead ... In our state farm, we carried out the reform shallowly, for the sake of appearance only - therefore we still breathe somehow. And all the time, women are already plowing potatoes on themselves ... ”

The director of the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the Center for the Study of Interregional Economic Problems Nelli Malysheva echoed Belozerov:
“Under Nemtsov, the standard of living in the region fell more than across the country. The share of the poor, mortality increased by one and a half times against the average. Housing construction in Russia has declined by 11 percent, in the area by 29. Nemtsov proclaimed: housing is not a social factor, but an economic one! But with our sharp depletion, this means: from the wormholes to the slums. His trump slogan: turn garden partnerships into residential quarters! But this is a frank bluff: you can’t make expensive communications with your personal money.

Nemtsov’s trips abroad and the influx of foreigners to us allegedly give investments in the region. Yes, in the previously closed Nizhny, where the mass of defense enterprises, foreigners began to walk in crowds. But the ruined factories did not come to life because of this, there are simply buying military secrets for pennies. And investments are miser: 94 million dollars were invested in the Volgograd region in 351, 500 million dollars were invested only in the Kirishinefteorgsintez of the Leningrad region, and the main thing in the paper mill that was profitable to foreigners: no waste for cleaning, all waste to the Volga! ..

At the height of one thing - the industry of creating a bright image of Boris Yefimovich Nemtsov. "Nizhny Novgorod news»Receive one and a half billion rubles a year from the regional budget, for this in each room his portrait. A special printing agency was created to collect all publications about Nemtsov. RTR journalist Nina Zvereva has her own Nina company in Nizhny, she travels with Nemtsov to all overseas, trumpeting about him to the whole world. People are afraid to even utter a word against his grace, we have never had such a cult of the head of the region ... ”

Why did Yeltsin, in 97, raise this rascal to the first deputy prime ministers of the Russian Federation - and even thought to make the prime minister, but did not let the crisis of 98, which burst from such rises,? I think the whole thing is in his fear of restoring the former country, in front of which he felt himself a criminal - and dragged up those who made her collapse irreversible. And the West caressed them all the more so as to transform us into that raw materials appendage, which we then became.

In 90, these laps killed such areas as Arkhangelsk or Ivanovskaya with their short-term market reforms; in the latter, a similar Navashino scam was still the biggest. For the main textile industry there, in 94, clearing cotton was purchased from Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Finance issued a special loan for this. But he was squeezed by a local bank; Then the intermediary firm announced that it could not wait any longer, and at an exorbitant price the annual supply of raw materials was lowered abroad. The rogues have become rich under the political cover of the time - and the region that has remained without work has given the highest number of suicides in the country.

And it was Putin, by virtue of fate, of all muddy circumstances and coincidences, saved the country from death, into which that Germans dragged her. And drags again - when he, to her delight, has acquired all the trash, it hurts a long power. But, repeating the argument of drinking nurses, show the best! Those who are now driving rallies against him are not against the most trashy with him: lies that have grown into all pores of life. According to Nemtsov, who fell under the Internet glass, his tribune counterparts are down-and-out beasts and liars, ready to do anything for access to the areal microphone.

But all the personal squabbles of these bulk, Chirikov, Parthenov and other dolls, like the one with which Nemtsov himself once began, break through their common commercial goal. And it is already clear from the fact that they are most cherished by those who exalted Nemtsov when he killed the most defensive area in our country. Now, this local experience of his is caused to turn the whole country from a sovereign appendage into a non-sovereign one, from where adversaries will freely draw oil, timber and other natural liquidations. And the main population, as a kind of illiquid asset, is reduced to a pariah of Yugoslavia or Iraq, former countries that once ceased to be themselves.

It would be desirable, of course, that our people from their depths gave birth to a leader better than Putin - but the same populism, which captivates mentally lazy people, is giving birth. On the streets of Moscow, the portrait of Mavrodi again hung with his zalipukha: “Stop living poorly!” And even though this scammer had already taken his hand once, once his banner was glowing again, his idiots, curious for miracles, crawled to him again.

When they are trusted again, they will be cursing everything around them, most of all - a bad power that has not protected them from themselves. But if Putin is a bad defender and builder for such a public, then Nemtsov is a great destroyer. And to sink into his well-crafted microphone, which was still destroyed in the Bottom, with an insult to such Putin, means to love your offenses more than the country.

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  1. Tersky
    Tersky April 27 2012 07: 33
    It is strange .., it is strange that after all the arts this humanoid is not on the bunk, moreover, there is an electorate defending the "interests" foaming at the mouth.
    1. domokl
      domokl April 27 2012 07: 49
      Quote: Tersky
      It is strange .., it is strange that after all the arts this humanoid is not on the bunk, moreover, there is an electorate defending the "interests" foaming at the mouth.
      I greet Victor ... The article has the answer to your question-Mavrodi has revived ... The same case .... There is a category of people-destroyers and people -ovets ... So they then go after such leaders to smash everything and everyone. ..
      1. Tersky
        Tersky April 27 2012 08: 04
        Good afternoon, Alexander! Indeed, the mind does not understand Russia ....
        1. Jaromir
          Jaromir April 27 2012 10: 02
          I am glad that the curly-haired man has finally taken up! so far, unfortunately, only journalists, but this is already a big shift! Publications are growing every day!
          1. recitatorus
            recitatorus April 27 2012 10: 35
            Yes, they all need to be programmed through the TV screen, like Luzhkov! And to drive away until the blue, so that people start to shy away! Then they are not riot police, and grandmothers will beat avoski!
        2. older
          older April 27 2012 10: 54
          Something in my head revolves -Get up a huge country .. performed by the Alexandrov ensemble ... Scum, which continues to consider itself part of a great nation ..
          1. Норд
            Норд April 27 2012 11: 36
            Quote: "Scum that continues to consider itself part of a great people .."

            I do not know what kind of people this erectus considers himself to be a part of, but the fact that his place has long been under the bunks is a fact. Journalists have tons of compromising evidence on him, but why the prosecutor's office does not itch is interesting. According to his "deeds", this is enough for a couple of life sentences.
            1. Leisure
              Leisure April 27 2012 11: 58
              If they start digging it, then a lot of interesting things will come out, and about other, well-known characters. Therefore, they won’t move it, it didn’t smell like anything.
            2. CC-18a
              CC-18a April 28 2012 02: 00
              Germans straight six State Department. It will begin to plant praise all **** European and Amer. Alas, our people are still stupid and eager to eat shit pouring on our homeland from the west, especially young people ... so that the state does not still feel the support of the people, but it is a pity ... this greatly inhibits the development of the state in advance.

              Oh, it would be nice to arrange a vote all over Russia like this.

              n1. Imprison Nemtsov for life for his crime against the people and the state? well no
              ... and then the second point as a signal is more likely already to the owners of the United States
              n2. To perceive the protection of Nemtsov from the EU and the US State Department as an act of aggression against Russia with all the ensuing consequences and methods of protection against aggression including the use of military force (all types of armed forces)? well no

              If there is a majority for points 1 and 2, then the state will have free hands and will do what it has long wanted to do - give ***** to the presumptuous Americans. I may be too aptimistic, but if all this is realized then the Russian Federation will become much better even with an open confrontation with the United States and England (however, it is always easier for us in an open confrontation when the enemy is clear and famous)
    2. KamikadZzzE
      KamikadZzzE April 27 2012 07: 51
      Really strange ....
    3. vadimus
      vadimus April 27 2012 07: 59
      How, explain, such creatures (far from divine) can be allowed to power? Of course, in the 90s no one asked us, but now such rats should hide in deep holes from the people! But no! This is surprising ...
      1. taurus
        taurus April 27 2012 10: 03
        In this country there is a lot of surprise! smile
        It's sickening to read about any politician - such tons of slop! Literally about anyone !!!
        1. Prorox
          Prorox April 27 2012 13: 59
          Quote: taurus
          В this the country generally has a lot of surprising

          Do not specify which country is in question and what you consider yourself to be a mistake with the flag.
      2. older
        older April 27 2012 10: 56
        Quote: vadimus
        How, explain, such creatures (far from divine) can be allowed to power?
        Vadim, no one is hiding that seats in the State Duma are being sold and bought, while the most cynical politicians also name the price ...
    4. YARY
      YARY April 27 2012 08: 03
      Yes, from the very first "appearance" it was clear what it was! Not higher than the "thimble", the same Chubais only a side view. angry
    5. Sniper 1968
      Sniper 1968 April 27 2012 08: 33
      Quote: Tersky
      it is strange that after all the arts this is humanoid not on the bunks

      And yet. It is strange that after all the meanness no one has made a piggy bank from his head yet. It’s a pity ...
      1. older
        older April 27 2012 10: 57
        Quote: Sniper 1968
        .It is strange that after all the vile things no one has made a piggy bank from his head yet. It’s a pity ...
        The dashing 90s have passed .. Now you just need to plant them .. Without any pity and looking back on public opinion ...
    6. vezunchik
      vezunchik April 27 2012 09: 45
      So he is his own! You can’t plant such ...
    7. Vlaleks48
      Vlaleks48 April 27 2012 10: 50
      The best we can do is not to mention out and in writing the name of this dirty one.
      Like a smelling troll, zero attention and all, he grazed ... yes he will die out!
      Too much honor for this shit.
      Let the FSB guys deal with these creatures.
      1. 755962
        755962 April 27 2012 15: 46
        All lisp ... We need to like them. From under the "tishka", dig up dirt and pour it into the nearest trash ... And trumpet the media, with proof, let it spit!
  2. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine April 27 2012 07: 39
    I always knew from NEMTSOV’s affairs that he was insignificant, his recent telephone mothers, in their comrades-in-arms, only showed him an abomination. Zhirinovsky should have poured something worse on him in debates.
    1. Ustas
      Ustas April 27 2012 08: 10
      .Zhirinovsky had to dousle him in a debate with something worse.

      Sulfuric acid :)
    2. older
      older April 27 2012 10: 58
      Nizzya ... Then they remembered this juice for a long time .. We are these .. like them .. tolerasts lol
  3. Owl
    Owl April 27 2012 07: 41
    "Democrats of the first wave", "perestroika", "fighters against totalitarianism" are life-long, irreparable, terrible diagnoses not only of this traitor to the Motherland, but also, unfortunately, 99% of "politicians of the new Russia."
  4. domokl
    domokl April 27 2012 07: 46
    It’s interesting and motivated .. Thanks to the author for his position and for the equalization of this ghoul ... I think that if you rummage in Ukrainian publications, you can find material about the epic of Nemtsov-adviser Yulia Tymoshenko on economic issues ... Ukraine still remembers and trying to resolve his reforms ...
    1. older
      older April 27 2012 11: 00
      Quote: domokl
      .Ukraine still remembers and tries to resolve its reforms ...
      The pig will always find dirt ... Zolotari always wondered why it always swims towards each other when cleaning ... So both the curly-haired woman and the scythe found each other
      1. Норд
        Норд April 27 2012 14: 37
        That's all from one feeding trough. You will notice who defends them hysterically over the hill and everything becomes clear, like God's day.
        These excrement from politics does not sink, even when they sit. That would be Kucheryavy to Kosata to a couple - on the bunk.
  5. Che
    Che April 27 2012 08: 00
    And these little people will teach us how to live. There you have the opposition - a thief on a thief and a thief chases. bully
    1. Vanek
      Vanek April 27 2012 08: 05
      Something like that.

      Cons, cons, cons .................
  6. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 27 2012 08: 01
    Read this article, and read it in the swamp.
    1. Tersky
      Tersky April 27 2012 08: 07
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Read this article, and read it in the swamp.

      What are you talking about, Alexander, this is all the "machinations" of the current top wink
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov April 27 2012 08: 27
        I just remember well the time when the Germans were in power. Enough for a lifetime
    2. Ziksura
      Ziksura April 27 2012 09: 26
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Read this article, and read it in the swamp.

      Do not take chances - they will tear for an idol. And why not take risks, they are worthy of their leader. Share.
    3. Atlon
      Atlon April 27 2012 09: 37
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Read this article, and read it in the swamp.

      Naive ... Why should you give that ?! wink
  7. Dust
    Dust April 27 2012 08: 16
    There are no problems for the people to give birth to a leader better than Putin, the problem is that the cornfield is carefully weeded! And rolled under the asphalt ...
    There are no organizational structures that pose even the slightest danger to the ruling regime, but in reserve (in the sleeve, according to the good cheating custom), there is a greasy deck of "leaders" for the necessary canalization of the protest of the masses ...
    On Bolotnaya, all this was demonstrated in full glory - the puppeteers responded to the indignation of the people with an ejection immediately of a pack of clowns, such as mink revolutionaries, who filled the podium with an empty noise. started to organize some kind of committees, which no one authorized them to, and they spoiled an attempt to protest ...
    So far it has rolled, but how long this scheme will work is a big question ...
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura April 27 2012 09: 32
      Quote: Dust
      the puppeteers responded to the indignation of the people by immediately throwing out packs of clowns, such as mink revolutionaries, who filled the podium,

      And Putin is to blame for this? !!!!!!!
      Energetic man. Correctly elected president.
      Quote: Dust
      There are no problems giving people a better leader than Putin

      Of course!!!! A couple of nonsense. Who is our extreme kings ???? laughing laughing laughing bully laughing bully laughing laughing bully lol
    2. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. April 27 2012 12: 08
      dust (2)

      I agree with you.
      It was a great idea to reanimate the likes of Nemtsov, ghouls, diluted them with Sabchachki, Trinity and other whore-idiots ... In, Alekseeva, with a toad Novodvorskaya, was found out of some garbage dump ... And like a spoon, yes, which spoon, I DROP tar (shit), throw on Wednesday disagree with Putin-Medvedev policies.
      That's it: now I am a liberalist, an orangeist, and an eccentric with the letter M. Thank you, but not to Nemtsov, but to the one who skillfully directed it.

      Correctly in the comments the question is asked: why Nemtsov, Chubais, Kirienko, etc. not sitting yet? And if Luzhkov is such a "poop", then why didn't he "sit down"? Knows a lot? That's it ...

      Article plus. We need more of these articles, especially for young people.
    3. Kite
      Kite April 27 2012 12: 33
      Dust, anyone (including Nemtsov) can repeat your statement at any time, replacing the last name. Only in it, and the truth is not always, but an impulse to confusion again and again.
    4. kulpin
      kulpin April 27 2012 16: 12
      Quote: Dust
      There are no problems giving people a better leader than Putin

      Just at the times described and in the places mentioned, it happened to the sinful basics on the occasion of being present at one of the meetings of the newly-appeared old noble assembly. One could talk about this "Areopagus" for a long time and cheerfully, but now we are talking about something else. And at the same meeting, a priest who had just arrived in the Nizhny Novgorod diocese happened to be (alas, I don’t remember the name, but not the essence). And that priest arrived directly from Sverdlovsk (hastily renamed Yekaterinburg - then it was fashionable), neatly after the "miraculous" finding of the remains of a new martyr - Nicholas the Bloody.
      Of course, the "loyal" hormones of the noble assembly leaped up and demanded from the priest a detailed narration: how? So what? and what wonders and signs have appeared? and what awards were promised? etc. etc. And suddenly, "in the middle of this revelry" someone (if memory serves, it was "Princess Rastyapinskaya", who does not know - the famous city of Dzerzhinsk is located on the site of the village of Rastyapino) asked the question: "Father, tell me, how can we choose a new King? " An almost Gogol mute scene followed. But the priest was apparently so stunned by all this menagerie that he began to answer. And he answered like this:
      The king cannot be chosen. (How do you imagine that?!)
      A king cannot be obtained. (From where?)
      The king can only be Pray. That is, the Tsar needs to be DESERVED.

      And although your humble servant is a convinced Orthodox atheist, there is nothing to object to the last phrase. While the people are staggering now to bow, then to the swamp, worthy of the Sovereign he can not see as his ears.
      1. willi
        willi April 27 2012 17: 28
        amused ... Father Artemy Troitsky - name
    ANTURAG April 27 2012 08: 36
    Mdya ... It is really strange why this tip is still free and where are the prosecutors looking ???
    1. Timonf
      Timonf April 27 2012 08: 46
      Quote: ANTURAG
      Mdya ... It is really strange why this tip is still free and where are the prosecutors looking ???

      And why, for example, Chubais and Co. is still at large and even at work?)) So think about it.
  9. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 April 27 2012 08: 40
    How Earth wears such, I don’t understand. Is all this hoopoe getting away with? Where is the highest justice? The question, however, is rhetorical ...
    1. Prorox
      Prorox April 27 2012 14: 29
      There is a tendency in articles on the possibility of reprisal against such type of Germans as possible, whether public opinion is being prepared on the loss of health, or even the lives of such characters and not expressing violent emotions (to whom, for me, joy), or they are pushing the public itself to evaluate and take action.
      Such creatures must constantly exist in fear, afraid of bringing a sentence at any time, dodging any flickering shadow, because it can be from a scythe.
  10. LTL70
    LTL70 April 27 2012 08: 52
    Impunity (I think - the connivance of the authorities) pushes this boor to the stands of the gatherings of "liberals", which are called smart people! It was high time for these thieves - Chubais, Burbulis (ish the bastard hid underground), Nemtsov, Yasin, Gaidar (albeit posthumously) and other trash to court for huge material and moral damage inflicted on Russia for selfish purposes, and the authorities condone , I think, because the chicks themselves are Yeltsinovsky's nest,
    1. Darn
      Darn April 27 2012 09: 28
      That's just it, that the EBN board will go around for a long time, in my opinion the main task of V.V. Putin is to nurture a generation of people who love Russia. Those who want to strengthen Russia with their deeds. The task is difficult but doable. We can do it locally make a modest contribution.
  11. Rezun
    Rezun April 27 2012 09: 13
    Well, damn it ... but I think that it’s Nemtsov’s constantly dropping hormones from his ears ...?

    And honestly - there is a proposal to the Admins! It is necessary to create a section "Public Court". Many of the facts stated in the article should really become generally known. Besides Nemtsov, there are also other figures with a "fluffy snout". Naturally, we do not kick the deceased; opinions "for" - opinions "against"; the verdict, each will determine with his brains.
  12. woland05
    woland05 April 27 2012 09: 21
    On the good - to bring him to the back patio and grind to the back of the head. And it will be quiet and calm, and no one will remember him ....
  13. awg75
    awg75 April 27 2012 09: 22
    plant a reptile as a foreign resident. it is generally incomprehensible --- he takes money from foreign intelligence services, harms the country with all his lousy forces and is still at large. the article "treason to the Motherland" seems to have not been canceled
  14. Ziksura
    Ziksura April 27 2012 09: 37
    Maybe for some it is a sensation. But the word "Nemtsov" distorts all normal people over the age of 30. But it is useful to read the youth.
  15. USNik
    USNik April 27 2012 09: 40
    To collect all these active and passive Democrats into one plane and, so that it would not land successfully, so that the pilots and the flight attendants would live, and these creatures should be minced ...
    1. uladzimir.surko
      uladzimir.surko April 27 2012 10: 04
      Is the plane a pity? They are few left! And you can drown these reptiles on an old barge! drinks
  16. sergo0000
    sergo0000 April 27 2012 09: 48
    I always thought if I could kill the enemy by looking into his eyes. Now I'm sure I can. I would have strangled this Nemtsov with my own hands! Article + and the author my gratitude!
  17. Shuriken
    Shuriken April 27 2012 09: 51
    You look at this face and the like, in the 90s with teeth and claws tearing Russia to pieces, and now sitting in London city or calling themselves ELITE RUSSIA, and you understand: here they are, demons !!! ........ ................... Ay, Fedor Mikhailovich !!! .....
  18. Ascetic
    Ascetic April 27 2012 10: 23
    Whom does B. Nemtsov serve?
    My webpage

    Who is Nemtsov?
    My webpage

    Boris Nemtsov and the USA
    My webpage

    Nemtsov: these people are an amorphous mass
    My webpage,
  19. willi
    willi April 27 2012 10: 34
    I myself am from Nizhny Novgorod, and I watched the takeoff of Nemtsov live. This brute earned its first points of popularity on the wave of protests against the launch of the Gorky nuclear heating plant (AST). For almost one and a half million city this station was needed like air. The degree of readiness is 95%, the pipeline networks are laid. As a physicist (he worked at NIRFI), Nemtsov could not help but know that in terms of reliability and safety, the AST was reference by world standards. green rallies quickly became popular.
    Now vodka is being poured at the station ...
    Already being a governor, Nemtsov with German money ditched the largest in Europe Balakhna pulp and paper mill. PPM could cover up to 20% of Europe’s demand for cheap technical paper. for hell are such competitors? In the same way as in Navashino, the scenario of the pulp and paper mill went bankrupt and actually closed.
    They do not like Nemtsov in Nizhny (to put it mildly)
  20. mechanic33
    mechanic33 April 27 2012 11: 52
    here is a worthy place for him angry
  21. sevsor
    sevsor April 27 2012 13: 22
    I think that all this trash (Nemtsovs, Kasparovs, Sobchachki, etc.) should not be imprisoned, nor shot, etc. After all, they will immediately become "martyrs of the criminal regime", icons. After all, they put the "girl with the scythe" in the colony and what happened? A constant picket in front of the entrance, lawyers, journalists, then a hunger strike, then a spinal hernia ... Such "figures" should be moved away from the attention of the press, deprived of foreign visas, deprived of communication with foreigners, i.e. all of that, without they can not exist. This is the concern of the special services. In extreme cases, there may be an icicle that has fallen from the roof, careless driving, or accidentally scattered polonium ...
    1. Lermontov
      Lermontov April 27 2012 20: 36
      Yes, a girl with an oblique raucher leads. But if there would be a tough government position on it, then there would be no riffraff. The prison system leadership is dancing to the tune of human rights defenders. I hope in Russia this situation with dances will not be repeated. Time will tell.
  22. lotus04
    lotus04 April 27 2012 15: 42
    It is better not to remember such people and not write about them, let them sink into oblivion .....
    The worst for such individuals is when they stop writing, talking, showing about them. This is worse for them than death, a loss of popularity.
  23. Kibl
    Kibl April 27 2012 16: 48
  24. welder
    welder April 27 2012 17: 17
    Yes, they are all of the same field of berries, all on the same dermis are grown, which is why prosecutors, ministers, etc. are silent.
  25. wax
    wax April 28 2012 01: 19
    Nemtsov already at school was Mr. vnyuk.
  26. Odinplys
    Odinplys April 28 2012 04: 43
    Nemtsov ... look at this big-eyed face ... about whom to talk ...
    There were photos of him resting ... he would have slipped a woman with AIDS ... just right ... he doesn’t deserve death worthy ... Scum