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Predator of the Russian fleet: what the unique "Pike-B" is capable of

Of all the variety of people who serve under water, in this issue of "Military Acceptance" will tell about, probably, the most daring guys. Well, who else will be allowed to go to the other end of the planet, and there, along the shores of a foreign country, to line up with a whole division at the gates of the NATO naval base.

This operation was called "Atrina" and it took place back in 1987. But even in our time a special division of the Northern fleet Russian Navy. This is the "Animal Division".

They say about these boats that these are the very "workhorses" that helped preserve underwater parity in the hard 90s. "Pike-B", or "Shark" according to NATO classification, is, whatever one may say, a predator. Toothy, fast, agile, and therefore extremely dangerous. This is the real master of the sea. All boats of the division bear the names of predators and fully correspond to them.

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  1. Vard
    Vard 26 March 2018 19: 50
    Honestly, it doesn’t fit in my head ... it's what kind of perfection ... NPS
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 27 March 2018 02: 51
      Quote: Vard

      it is much cooler than space ... IMHO. commanders and navigators, upon retirement, the Hero must be given soldier
    2. Finder
      Finder 27 March 2018 09: 56
      Especially when you delve into the technical capabilities of mechanisms, weapons and devices, you’ll get around, you will see how sheets of a durable AK steel case are bent, a kilogram of which is more expensive than raw smoked sausage ... and when this handsome man is launched ... the tower just comes off
  2. NEXUS
    NEXUS 26 March 2018 20: 24
    Everything would be fine with Pike-B, but they’re just going to embed vertical launchers on them under Caliber and have long since removed the main Grenade caliber from them. At the same time, only if sclerosis doesn’t fail me, 4 Pike are on alert, and the rest are waiting for repair and modernization ... while there were 15 of them all built ..
    And now about the sad ...
    K-480 “Ak Bars” - Put into reserve in 1998, on October 1.10.2002, 2007 it was excluded and transferred to the OFI. In 551, it was towed to the Zvyozdochka shipyard for cutting into scrap metal. Disposed of. The hull sections were used to build the K-955 Vladimir Monomakh project XNUMX. According to some reports, this was the reason for the disposal of the ship.
    The lead boat of the project, K-284 Shark, was excluded from the combat strength of the fleet and, at least since 1996, has been slugging at the Pacific Fleet base in Pavlovsky Bay
    All completed project boats, except for three, were in service until the early 2000s and were part of the Northern and Pacific Fleets, based on Yagelnaya Bay (now the city of Gadzhievo) (Northern Fleet) and in the village of Rybachy (Pacific Fleet). As of the beginning of 2017, 4 project submarines are operational; 3 - on the SF and one - on the TF, the rest - on repair or conservation.

    And also two Pikes were laid by serial numbers 520 and 521 in 1991 and 1990, respectively ... 520-18.03.1992 canceled at a readiness of 25% .521-18.03.1992 canceled at a readiness of 12%.
    With all this, there is still a cousin to Project 971, this is a project for titanium boats of Project 945 Baracuda. Only two B-239 “Karp” and B-276 “Crab” were built and they are waiting for modernization ... but there was a statement by the Moscow Region that they would not be modernized (maybe that has changed in this matter).
    1. Finder
      Finder 27 March 2018 09: 46
      C'mon about 520, 521 .. 519 AC in the NEA is frozen at 70% readiness, the sections ready on the slipway have been standing for already much more than 20 years .. Even then, about 10 years ago, the Indians seemed to pay for the completion and request it for leasing, like 518 But the cart seems to be there now. I didn’t hear something moving there.
  3. XII Legion
    XII Legion 27 March 2018 07: 17
    Happy Pike)
  4. Finder
    Finder 27 March 2018 09: 28
    And I was there, in the first compartment of ShchB, where the film crew was not allowed to go. There are only two automatic loader operators and that’s it. In general, all the compartments were covered, they did not tell about the unique 42-cylinder compressors with 400 atm discharge. The Americans have nothing of the kind; their VVD 300 is the upper limit of their engineering. This is the difference between the working depths of the Russian and American nuclear submarines. Speed ​​of immersion and ascent, maneuvering. Air supply. When I first saw the ShB, I almost sat on my ass .. So I was struck by the appearance of this cruiser, it was a shock! These are all the cuttings, antennas and sizes of this monster! The diameter of a five-story building .. This is a natural underwater "Ferrari"! What about the screw? Oh, you can’t talk about him .. Then I was caught in such a flurry of emotions that I thought, no matter how bad it became ... In general, the film about ShchB is very high-quality and excellent! Thanks to the author.
  5. Finder
    Finder 27 March 2018 15: 03
    ShchB is a power and the status! God forbid, someone, some idiot, cross with them!
  6. Finder
    Finder 27 March 2018 15: 23
    The author, you are at 18:30 star, like a trumpeter Trotsky! With a broken ice ax head! Half of these cruisers were built in Severodvinsk. And the other half at the NEA!
  7. Finder
    Finder 27 March 2018 15: 53
    Russians, for example, have magnificent quiet compressors the size of a desk! Allowing them to "hide" around the oceans, but the opponents have no such standard equipment! And never will be ... Why am I? And besides, the composition and amount of iron should be judiciously evaluated.
  8. Finder
    Finder 27 March 2018 16: 07
    AND! for example, the Los Angeles submarine division came out. What's next? They will simply melt them all together, like stupid ducklings or kittens! Taking advantage of the depth maneuver ....
    1. Tiksi-3
      Tiksi-3 April 24 2018 14: 31
      Quote: Finder
      AND! for example, the Los Angeles submarine division came out. What's next? They will simply melt them all together, like stupid ducklings or kittens!

      schoolchildren went on the warpath laughing