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US Senate did not restrict Trump in conducting operations in Yemen

On Tuesday, the US Senate refused to restrict the White House to conduct military operations in Yemen, where civil war continues, reports RIA News.

A proposal for such a restriction was previously submitted to the House by a group of senators. Its meaning was to prohibit the president from sending the military to Yemen without the permission of Congress. Legislators explained their initiative by fear of drawing American troops into the civil war.

In turn, the Pentagon said that restrictions could undermine the ability of the United States to assist its allies in the region. Moreover, in the case of Yemen, the scale of the military presence is so insignificant that the approval of the legislators is not required.

As a result, the Senate rejected the proposal by a majority vote.

Recall the United States assists Saudi Arabia in the field of military intelligence and refueling aircraft, in addition, periodically strike in Yemen against the Al-Qaida and IG groups (both are prohibited in the Russian Federation). Washington also views the Yemeni conflict as an attempt by Iran through the Hussites to exert a “disastrous effect” on the entire region.
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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 21 March 2018 16: 01
    I do not limit the Yemenis, as well as other Arabs of whose lands the United States bombed those who are now in the United States, in imposing their laws and orders there by any means available to you.
    1. RASKAT
      RASKAT 21 March 2018 16: 57
      The Saudis, which year cannot cope with the Hussites, have now literally ordered their United States. Now the United States will bomb Yemen in the Stone Age. Interestingly, this service was already included in those contracts for 200 billion dollars, or should we expect new contracts from the Saudis in favor of the United States? request
  2. Yrec
    Yrec 21 March 2018 16: 02
    Well done Americans - for whom the horseradish, one or the IG or al-Qaeda. Whoever helps is a democratic oppositionist. And try to prove otherwise. We also need it, otherwise our bead factories have not been able to cope for a long time.
  3. cats
    cats 21 March 2018 16: 15
    The Pentagon kicked the senate on the yolks when needed ...
    Ahem .. Donald took the sandbox to play ..
    1. Russia
      Russia 21 March 2018 17: 31
      Konstantin, I welcome hi Remember: "In the army of the terrible sailor they offered for a liter of potion .. refused.
      And here, defending state interests, the star fell on the shoulder strap. "Congratulations! soldier drinks
  4. Vard
    Vard 21 March 2018 16: 21
    Well, now everything ... Although not ... Oil is not there ...
  5. Vlad Morozov
    Vlad Morozov 21 March 2018 16: 29
    Only the bankruptcy of this hegemon will stop chaos around the world! And it will be, it will certainly be!
  6. akims
    akims 21 March 2018 18: 51
    Help the Khutyats, only somehow so as not to harm themselves.
  7. razved
    razved 21 March 2018 20: 32
    If the Americans also get into Yemen, then in general the paragraph ... will tear after all ...
  8. Evil 55
    Evil 55 22 March 2018 02: 57
    That’s the pig nature of the Amerigadians ... They’ll climb somewhere ..