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The United States will supply the cougars "Puma 2AE" to Egypt

The Pentagon signed a contract with AeroVironment for the production of small-size UAVs RQ-20B “Puma 2AE” M3 / M4 for the Ministry of Defense of Egypt, reports TSAMTO.

The United States will supply the cougars "Puma 2AE" to Egypt

The transaction value was $ 9 million (the number of UAVs is not indicated), it also includes the provision of related support. Delivery must be completed in September 2020.

RQ-20B "Puma 2AE" is a small-sized waterproof reconnaissance drone that can be used to perform tasks on land and at sea.

This drone "differs from the base model RQ-20A" Puma AE "with a more powerful and lightweight power plant, a lighter and more durable glider, a battery that provides longer flight time (increases the flight time to 3,5 h and range to 20 km), more reliable inertial navigation system and an improved user interface, ”the article says.

The device is equipped with a compartment that allows you to carry additional payloads.

It is reported that “the Mantis i45 block located on board is a versatile and highly efficient tool that provides improved imaging capabilities, which allows the UAV to conduct reconnaissance at a level comparable to platforms exceeding Puma in size and cost.”
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 21 March 2018 14: 54
    Let's support the MIC of villains angry .
  2. san4es
    san4es 21 March 2018 16: 47
    In 2013 year manufacturer Aero Vironment presented a pilot version of the UAV, energizes sunlight. The prototype of Puma, runs on solar energy was in its ultra-thin solar panels equipping Alta Devices, which provide the optimal balance between the weight of UAV and power generation efficiency. Takeoff weight drone is about 5,9 kg, making it easy to transport. Move the machine from one place to another by a single person.
    According to data obtained from the tests, and the flight of the UAV Solar was more than 9 hours. This is a great indicator that allows the UAV to effectively carry out its task. The drone does not require a special launcher for take-off, and the use of durable waterproof housing provides high reliability of the device.
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    RQ-20A approval
    Wingspan, m 2.80
    Length, m 1.40
    Height, m
    Weight, kg
    takeoff 6.1
    Engine type 1 ED
    Horsepower 1 x
    Maximum speed, km / h 83
    Cruising speed, km / h 37
    Practical range, km 15
    Duration of flight, ch.min 3.30
    Practical ceiling, m 152
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