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War of the special services: “coke” in exchange for “gerych”


Habit shit

Again, an Englishwoman is not a childish shit. This time she does it not quietly, as usual she is used to, but with such a hysterical and heart-rending squeal that it is heard far beyond the ocean. Even the Minister of Defense fell into a banal tram rudeness. It seems to me, it is no accident. Somewhere in something, we firmly attacked the “island lady” on a scaly tail. Interested in such an unexpected breakdown into a corkscrew, I broke through all my insider information sources about this. And he learned an extremely curious thing. I did not voice it in plain text, but, having added all the puzzles I heard, I saw a different picture of the world. And the behavior of the Englishwoman who had suddenly lost the coast became quite explicable.

In fact, she shat us for centuries. If you list all the fingers are not enough. Only one turn of Churchill Hitler to the east is worth something. Furious, he really wanted to deal with the Englishwoman first. But Churchill framed us. We paid for this virtuoso trick with tens of millions of irretrievable losses. But China, according to historians, paid for theirs muck by hundreds of millions of compatriots when an Englishwoman dumped him with tons of opium.

"Chinese transit" from Afghanistan to Russia

So, the guys with cold brains and a warm heart hinted to me that in Afghanistan this island lady, remembering the old one, decided to turn over to China the operation “Chinese transit”. The action began with the introduction of British troops in Afghanistan. There were British units of the international military alliance in the south of the country, in Helmand. There, in the valley of the river of the same name, is the town of Sangin, widely known in local drug circles. This is the main distribution center of the entire South Afghan drug trafficking. It is here that the Mujahideen from the surrounding provinces bring the crop of potions to the huge annual opium fairs. It is from here across the Sanginskaya valley, along the notorious 661 highway, where English roadblocks to the withdrawal of troops stood every kilometer, hundreds of tons of high-quality opium still go north - to Central Asia, Russia and Europe.

According to the international alliance strategists, the British units were supposed to block this drug corridor, spray the drug trade into small flows, if possible, and drain the endless stream of opium to the north. The Russian special services were interested in this more than others, because the lion's share of Afghan drugs settled here, killing tens of thousands of young Russians every year, hooked on the Afghan needle.

In fact, after the arrival of the English in Sangin and Helmand everything turned out exactly the opposite. The flow of drugs to the north under the cover of the English crown has increased even severalfold - dozens of times. Tons of opium flowed freely from Afghanistan to Tajikistan, steadily increasing in price. In Tajikistan, local drug barons packed it up into smaller parties, and numerous drug couriers delivered them to Russia by a variety of routes. Here, Tadjik drugs were bought in bulk by Gypsy drug dealers, who are perfectly geared towards the terrain. In the Gypsy settlements or in the settled camps that anchored in almost any region of Central and Southern Russia, it was possible to buy Afghan heroin at any time, day or night.

As a result, the well-being of Romale grew right before our eyes, and on the outskirts of Russian cities, young drug addicts appeared. The situation was aggravated by the fact that in many Russian provinces (and in large cities too) corrupt police, with the help of local Roma and drug dealers, started to protect this criminal business from profit. This drug union for the population had at times disastrous consequences. A classic example of the horror that bears the white death and its distributors, was a small provincial Torzhok. Here, the joint efforts of the Afghan mojaheds, Tajik couriers, local Gypsies and corrupt militiamen knocked out the entire young population of the town. The cemetery of young drug addicts in the town, numbering thousands of people on the 50 force, reached almost ten thousand.

A little better was the situation in many other Russian cities, mastered by representatives of the collective drug international. As a result, during the time of undivided English rule over the Afghan opium plantations in Helmand, drugs became a real national disaster for Russia. It was some kind of endless drug apocalypse.

This situation could not leave indifferent the Russian special services. At all levels - both through the Chekists themselves, and through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and through the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the English have been made hundreds of times proposals for joint cooperation in combating drug trafficking. The answer was one - the silence of the sea. Silent Langley, the Foreign Office was silent, Scotland Yard was silent, the Minister of Defense was silent, kept an arrogant pause MI-6.

Without the right to morality

It became clear that this wall did not break through. Moreover, it was a conscious policy, verified and tested for centuries. “Let the Huns and the Bolsheviks kill each other,” said Churchill, learning that Germany had attacked the Soviet Union. “Let wild Afghans persecute wild Russians” - obviously, the British curators and trustees of the Afghan drug traffic were guided by this motto.

And then the Russian secret services entered the business. It was made a difficult volitional decision to respond to the expansion of white death with white powder. If you do not understand humanly, we will act against you by your own methods. You kill our young - we will deal with yours. And streams of cocaine flowed from Latin America to good old England. Diplomatic mail was a very convenient transit channel. And among the local teenagers, the English “Gypsy” (island Gypsies), Albanians and Pakistanis who have millions of diasporas on the island sprayed drugs.

This out of the ordinary decision may seem blasphemous only at first glance. First, the iron rule “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” is the cornerstone of all the intelligence services of the world. If you cannot (or cannot) take revenge, the rival knights of the cloak and dagger will wipe their feet about you, stained with your own blood. Or they will flood you with tons of opium - like the Britons of the Chinese in their time: “Die to your health, we'll give you a lift.” Secondly. Modern intelligence is cynical. The formula "cold head - hot heart - clean hands" has not worked for a long time. Hands can be in blood or cocaine, the heart should be made of titanium or steel, and the head should be a computer in order to sort through all possible options for influencing the enemy. Including those that are beyond good and evil. The slogan of the Russian foreign intelligence service "Without the right to glory for the glory of the Power" can be interpreted differently: "Without the right to morality to save the country." And Russian “Uncle Backenbards” in this sense is no better and no worse than their transatlantic “sworn friends” and “bosom enemies”.

Argentine tango "Cocaine"

After several years of uninterrupted "Chinese transit" from Sangin to Russia on the shores of Albion, the exciting nostrils of cocaine began to smoke suddenly. The British felt wrong. They realized that somewhere in the open spaces of the Universe, the second Sangin (cocaine-only) had earned, and already for their soul. Now the drugs threatened to become a national disaster for themselves. On the "blessed island" they swept up like half-hearted lapwings, all in a row - "high foreheads" from Secret Service, "white collars" from the Foreign Office, uncles from "Backenbards" from Scotland Yard, "green scruffs" from the Ministry of Defense. All of them suddenly found out that not only the “Englishwoman” can shit. Shit can and in their garden. They began to torment vague doubts. And since “coke” was obviously of Latin origin, specialists from the Secret service “woke up” and stepped up all the “sleeping” agents in all power structures of South America, recalling that overseas pounds of sterling must still be worked out.

Their feverish efforts were crowned with success. Having received an invigorating kick, the Argentine "sleeping" worked on the conscience. After a series of “controlled special operations”, they brought the same British bloodhounds to the local Russian embassy. The Britons attacked the trail of the Russian “Chinese transit”. And raised the howl to heaven. All the other events - poisoning of the “retired goat drummer” Skrypal, then the friend and associate of Berezovsky Glushkov, the threats of the British Prime Minister and the consciousness flow of the Minister of Defense - strictly fit into the concept of “let's not forget - not forgive” - we will avenge the sanctions. Nothing new. “Englishwoman”, having received a powerful invigorating cocaine slap, which shook her entire body, shits again. And since it pierced through and thorough, from the powdered nose to the rectum, it does it with tripled strength.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 19 March 2018 07: 33
    The truth is somewhere nearby ... Buy and heroes .. And coke ... Now is not a problem ...
    1. Megatron
      Megatron 20 March 2018 05: 01
      Another thing is interesting, why the authorities cannot remove the Tajiks (and indeed all the CIS) and the gypsies from our streets?
      1. orlandoche
        orlandoche 23 March 2018 19: 13
        I was in Novosibirsk this summer. There, at the Central Station (under the passage on the platform), all kinds of rugs are laid out, gypsies are sitting ... lying .. walking .. sleeping ... the kids are running .. the mountains of their junk from the garbage dump are nearby .. beyond words. In general, such a picture it’s been oil all summer and everyone’s drum.
        They have nowhere to send or deport. There are no passports and registration. There is no account, he died, they buried in the field. He was born rummaging through the garbage and asking for alms came in handy.
    2. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 20 March 2018 07: 20
      Quote: Vard
      And coke ... Now is not a problem.

      Only several times more expensive.
      In general, you need to give drugs for any quantity for sale for life. hi
  2. mac789
    mac789 19 March 2018 07: 34
    Dumb ... Coke by diplomatic mail.
  3. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 19 March 2018 08: 11
    The fact that with the arrival of Americans and their allies in Afghanistan, drug production has grown dozens of times a long time ago. And all this mass of drugs finds its consumer.
    So anything is possible.
    I think it is necessary to introduce the death penalty for the production and sale of drugs, as well as state treason, intentional homicide and pedophilia.
    1. novel66
      novel66 19 March 2018 11: 09
      and for economic crimes on an especially large scale, and return the same article for pederasty!
  4. Basil50
    Basil50 19 March 2018 08: 38
    The author simply voiced the English version and no more. That's just the texture of the whole action with drugs from South America turned out to be a completely different action. But who will be interested in what was in reality? Indeed, such intriguing * details * are already voiced and propagated. Absolutely in the spirit of A Christie.
  5. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 19 March 2018 08: 47
    First you need to kill your own "dragon" - the м mafia’s mafia, which has been jaunting since the stagnant 80s, and to kill the gypsy who sells drugs. What is there Torzhok! In 90-2000, all of Siberia, the Urals and D. Vostok became the deadly training ground along which the scythe of white death passed. That's why now the GDP is forced to launch demographic programs in order to somehow improve the situation! And what did you think when you “shook” your first terms? Everything was agreed with the partners, and they rolled out the bolt! How many youth have lost, horror !!!
    In the mid-10s, in Iskitim, we had such a case when almost all young animals in the city of Gypsy put drugs on drugs, a local brother gathered and burned a couple of Gypsy yards, and they themselves indicated the way out, and warned that if you return, no one will leave alive! As soon as they dumped, the drug trade immediately began to decline. But they ran in, swept over the local legalists! Let's get things started, let the media scream about gangster lawlessness! On thieves the hat burned with a bright flame! But while the city was wrapped in a network of drug dealers, there was a complete idyll.
    Heard, somewhere in the Urals there was a similar plot!
    Here it is a real hybrid war with millions of victims, which simultaneously freed up space for Gaster! Under the sweet-nonsense nonsense about democracy and human rights!
    1. akims
      akims 19 March 2018 11: 03
      Now such tops in Ukraine
    2. orisa87
      orisa87 19 March 2018 19: 41
      You're right sib.ataman, only I have great difficulty believing that cops can be re-educated without returning and applying the death penalty to them
  6. Olgovich
    Olgovich 19 March 2018 09: 03
    Nonsense .... And without Russia, there is someone to poison the Englishwoman with coke.
    And the massive wild pedophilia against white girls by gangs of Asians is also Russia?
  7. Cananecat
    Cananecat 19 March 2018 09: 13
    Yeah, and let’s spray gerych with strategists in a fair wind. Let Britam be very good. laughing
    1. your1970
      your1970 19 March 2018 09: 31
      Quote: Canecat
      Yeah, and let's still gerych spray with strategists in a fair wind. Let Britam be very good. laughing

      -Do not you know - "how to eat a sandwich !!" © Matroskin
      Cocaine needs to be sprayed - not heroin ... and the Britons will be happy
      1. Ace Tambourine
        Ace Tambourine 19 March 2018 10: 31
        Can the beam immediately beginner?
        Why torment the poor fellow? lol
      2. novel66
        novel66 19 March 2018 11: 11
        aahhh! it’s not for nothing that our strategists fly there, and their English pilots fly under the guise of interceptions
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 19 March 2018 15: 26
          You don't understand anything fool how many times have you seen in the sky a white trace of an airplane? And what is he from? lol - That's just it, they don’t “rush” behind ours, but they get into the “path”, open the “window” and smell the smell of Mordor. laughing laughing
    2. uskrabut
      uskrabut 19 March 2018 15: 11
      TAKR "Admiral Kuznetsov" campaign just passing by an albion fumigated its shores with smoke of canbis.
      1. Charik
        Charik 22 March 2018 15: 22
        Yes, the stokers didn’t have to fall asleep on the takre with shovels
  8. BAI
    BAI 19 March 2018 09: 18
    In gypsy settlements or in settled camps, anchored in almost any region of Central and Southern Russia,

    I have a classmate in the Anti-Drug Service (don’t find fault with the name, I don’t remember what it is called), he served, he couldn’t remember the Gypsies - like drugs, and right away Gypsies.
    1. uskrabut
      uskrabut 19 March 2018 15: 13
      Throughout Russia, the same thing, and the police authorities protect them. Here is such a democracy. If they were asked to work with them, and not share loot with the top, then drugs would be won.
  9. Dormidont
    Dormidont 19 March 2018 09: 24
    Of course, cocaine is a good thing, but the British deserve more - the heroin tsunami
  10. capitosha1rang
    capitosha1rang 19 March 2018 10: 14
    "The situation was aggravated by the fact that in many Russian hinterland (and in large cities too), the thoroughly corrupt police, from the supply of local Roma and drug dealers for a share of the profits, began to protect this criminal business." [B] [/ b]
    This is the essence of the article - amazing corruption of law enforcement officers. Strange - what does England have to do with it?
    Or - it’s easier to spoil the whole world than to indicate the names (two, or two thousand) of specific customs officers, police officers in the same Torzhok, guilty of the death of “50-thousand of young Russians”%
    1. uskrabut
      uskrabut 19 March 2018 15: 15
      If you specify the last name, then you get under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “something there for slander” with a specific term.
  11. Dr. Hub
    Dr. Hub 19 March 2018 10: 31
    Rave. What else can you think of? You can carry submarines of the Russian Navy. What are the difficulties with diplomatic mail? Or do you think our embassy, ​​how does the drug hub work?
  12. antiexpert
    antiexpert 19 March 2018 10: 36
    the theses seem to be correct, only the author, in view of the insufficient knowledge of pharmaceuticals, was liquidated
    if heroin is a deadly potion, then cocaine has a lower toxicity than tobacco and is comparable to caffeine, and generally does not have such a key property as drug addiction
  13. The Sparkle
    The Sparkle 19 March 2018 10: 42
    Hints that Russia sells coke is a common stuffing by our liberals to justify drug trafficking by the naglitsy.
  14. dgonni
    dgonni 19 March 2018 10: 57
    The vehicle did see a good robbery or sniffed. such nonsense makes me wonder that :(.
  15. Mishmih999
    Mishmih999 19 March 2018 11: 46
    If I understood correctly, (author: ... not only an Englishwoman can crap ...), this author Igor Moiseev says that the supply of coke to lemongrass from Latin America is the work of Russia ???
    ??? - Isn’t he crazy, YE side ??? He wants to say that Russia has fallen to: crap "???
    Anyone understands that "demand - creates supply."
    1. It was enough to put obstacles to the supply of this rubbish to Russia, and traders began to look for other markets. And, with liberal orders - it’s as easy as shelling pears.
    2. PMCs, which in these regions should burn plantations and / or destroy nonsense, often "warm their hands on this" - delivering this rubbish to their countries.
    3. Albanians and any rabble, under the guise of refugees adhering to tolerant Europe, not knowing how to do anything, immediately crushed all forbidden entertainment. They created companies that supply Western troops in Afghanistan with all kinds of junk: toilet paper, dry closets, etc. And, they think they’re being driven back ???
    My conclusion: Igor Moiseyev in this article tries to credit Russia - filth and bad luck - organizing and / or redirecting the supply of dope from Latin America to the "west".
    I have no words regarding this aftar, only epithets and self-mutilation desires.
  16. Sedoy
    Sedoy 19 March 2018 12: 14
    yes ... crap ...
    1. tank66
      tank66 19 March 2018 13: 01
      Moreover, full. By diplomatic mail-not those volumes. Unless Zhiriku and someone from the Duma protrudes. Everything is somewhat more complicated. Coke is being driven into tons by the same USA, and even the Negroes die little. And the production of gerych vapsche can be stopped at once by stopping the supply of chemically pure acetic anhydride precursor, without which "you won’t cook porridge." And his wagons / information * TIR - a blue and white plate - on wagons that carry goods that meet the requirements of the convention on international transport. The driver, having received the cargo and a special cover book with a sealed body, can cross the borders of the countries that have signed the convention without customs inspection of the cargo. / rod in Afghanistan, ostensibly for use in coloring carpets.
  17. Earnest
    Earnest 19 March 2018 13: 43
    Fu, what an abomination settled in the head of the author ... By the way, where do the moderators look who have skipped an article alleging violation of the Russian Federation at the state level by a good dozen of their own laws and international agreements? Well, alright at samizdat such a libel was published, here is how they missed it ?! Are you crazy, so yellow?
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 19 March 2018 23: 59
      Quote: Earnest
      Fu, what an abomination settled in the head of the author ...

      Colleague, this is far from the first such article from Moses. Specifically, this is a continuation
      his recent article on the coke scandal from Argentina. (she is here on VO). Well, this time, at least, there was no “interview” with the next “service representative” (of course, without a surname). In a nutshell: such a sketch ... Of course, I myself am still the one (see nickname), but not to the same extent. wassat
  18. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 19 March 2018 14: 07
    Here, the LGBT community would also tie up products with GMOs, there would be no price for research.
  19. Tektor
    Tektor 19 March 2018 14: 09
    I really like the train of thought of our special services ... I hope the profitable business will flourish not only in the Foggy Albion market ... Not only all Anglo-Saxons will receive an answer to history.
  20. CommanderDIVA
    CommanderDIVA 19 March 2018 14: 56
    Just one more version of the author, the described events with Gypsies and drug trafficking in the territory of the Russian Federation date back to the beginning of zero to a maximum of 2010, now the situation has changed. and at the borders of the Russian Federation, well, with the version of the involvement of the Russian Federation in the organization of the coke channel to Britain without comment at all
  21. myobius59
    myobius59 19 March 2018 15: 57
    Damn, revealed the secret. Yes, in Ulyanovsk, when the Amer’s air force base was there, (who knows, they closed it or not, after all), these drugs from Afghanistan, the Americans and other Agligans unloaded this gerych with TONS from the planes, which would then poison all the freaks in our country. And there was silence, because it’s all the same “partners and friends” of our president. No one could wave a finger at these “partners” doing transit land there ..
    What is there now is unknown.
  22. myobius59
    myobius59 19 March 2018 16: 29
    How many people remember the law No. 99-F3 on the presence of NATO forces in the Russian Federation, signed by the president in June 2007, adopted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and approved by the Federation Council of the State Duma in May (who are interested, will find more) Then there was another one from 2011.
    Now, many pro-government media are rejecting all of this, claiming that the striped ones did not appear there, and if they appeared exclusively white and fluffy, and our INCORRECT customs officers woolly finished them there. In short, all nonsense.
    Whether the agreement with NATO was canceled or not, the noise was unknown about this, and the closure of the base, but it was somehow put out quickly.
  23. Okolotochny
    Okolotochny 19 March 2018 17: 53
    I read Uncle Whiskers and realized who the author was. wassat fool I didn’t go any further, the weekend was over, sober.
  24. KVU-NSVD
    KVU-NSVD 19 March 2018 17: 56
    The author or nonsense, or another garbage is pushed into our media sphere in order to further inflate ...
  25. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 19 March 2018 19: 46
    Dear Igor! It seems to me you keep local readers on not quite smart people, at least most readers. Because your theory is pulling an owl on a globe. The Englishwoman shits not at all for this.
  26. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 23 March 2018 20: 49
    Only the "we will answer you the same" method can be put in place of the presumptuous Anglo-Saxons.