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Situation in Syria

The Kurds continue to suffer territorial losses during the battles with the FSA and the Turks in the canton of Afrin. The Islamist attack on the Christian city of Scalbius and Mhard in Hama was repelled. Reports about it FAN with reference to Syrian sources.

In Eastern Gute, battles between anti-government forces and ATS forces were unfolding throughout the day. The most fierce clashes were observed in the settlements of Jisrin and Hammuria. 20 people who were hiding in basements during the fighting were taken out of the liberated Jisrin neighborhoods. By evening, it became known that the city of Hammuria was almost completely liberated from the militants. It became known that during the liberation operation of the army, more than four thousand civilians were taken out of the territory of the oasis.

During the day, in the canton of Afrin, the battles between the Popular Self-Defense Detachments (YPG) on the one hand and the combined forces of Turkey and the Syrian Free Army (SSA) on the other did not subside. The SSA was supported by military aircraft of the Turkish Air Force, which inflicted pinpoint strikes against the fortifications of the Kurds. The Turkish military reported the release of a number of localities near Afrin - Al-Zarqa, Galur, Kutan, Barakashly and Al-Muhibibiya. By the evening, 8 settlements also came under the control of the SSA.

In the morning, it became known that residents of the settlements of Al-Foy and Kafraya (Idlib Province), who have been under siege since 2012, received humanitarian aid from the Syrian government. Helicopters were dropped kits with food, medicine and other essentials.

Over the past 24 hours, fighting continued in the north of the province of Hama between the forces of the SAR and the forces of the terrorist alliance led by Dzhebhat An-Nusra (banned in the Russian Federation). The Islamists attacked the positions of the Syrian army in the area of ​​the Christian cities of Scalbius and Mhard, located north-west of the capital of the region. The military was able to repel the attack. In the afternoon, the militants' strongholds were subjected to shelling and air strikes by government forces. Several combat missions in the area of ​​the town of Kafr Zeta were carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces, destroying key command points of the terrorists.
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  1. Sergey Ui
    Sergey Ui 16 March 2018 09: 22
    They write in.
    1. RASKAT
      RASKAT 16 March 2018 10: 45
      Great report On the capture of Hamuria, our reporters.

      Great job, keep it up. good
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 16 March 2018 13: 12
        Quote: RASKAT
        Great reporting

        At 3:47, it’s like they shoot from Kalash, but the sound of the shots is very strange what Quiet.
        At 4:20 a tank, breaking through a concrete fence, did not turn the cannon away belay Not only is it not known what is behind the fence - maybe the block is concrete, but also garbage will fill up the trunk.
      2. Vadim237
        Vadim237 16 March 2018 20: 11
        In such circumstances, the Syrian fighters, rocket launchers of the RShG and RMG are not enough.
  2. high
    high 16 March 2018 09: 24
    Even Syria’s neighbors do not all know what is happening in this country.
    On March 15, 22 organizations signed an appeal to the authorities of the United States, Germany, France and the UK on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the beginning of a bloody civil war in Syria to boycott the 2018 World Cup.
    So the Syrian organizations want to get from the Russian Federation a policy change in relation to the dictator Assad. In Syria.
    1. Golovan Jack
      Golovan Jack 16 March 2018 09: 37
      Quote: alta
      22 organizations have signed ...

      ISIS (may it not be mentioned) also - signed? wink
      1. watchmaker
        watchmaker 16 March 2018 09: 59
        ISIS football team (Krasnopol to help them), will play with Anusra in the minefields ........ Those remaining after the match, build everyone in the goal range and give the queue a control “penalty” in the head .....
    2. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 16 March 2018 11: 33
      Quote: alta
      to the authorities of the USA, Germany, France and Great Britain on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the beginning of a bloody civil war in Syria, so that they would boycott the 2018 World Cup.

      laughing laughing laughing Especially mattresses that merged at the qualifying stage (lost to Panama). Inglises are not enemies either, their team has already ordered a five-meter fence for themselves at the training base (they will be buzzing here, in St. Petersburg). And the rest will not go anywhere - nobody wants to catch a disc. FIFA is still holding.
  3. siberalt
    siberalt 16 March 2018 09: 29
    They will definitely press the barmalei. They will clean Damascus completely, now none of them have doubts.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 16 March 2018 13: 01
      Quote: siberalt

      For this, they are taking civilians out of V. Guta, blocking the exit of the bearded and their American “trainers”. Why Americans and howls raise their "sons of bitches" strangled.
  4. iaroslav.mudryi
    iaroslav.mudryi 16 March 2018 12: 32
    Syria Briefly 15.03.2018
    Summary from Colonel Kassad.

    In Eastern Ghout, despite US pressure on Russia and Syria, the CAA offensive continues. Today Hamuria was liberated and a busy piece of countryside east and southeast of Jisrin. CAA assault groups concentrate to attack the city.
    In the area of ​​the Duma, a temporary truce is operating, which is becoming more and more productive - the number of those who have left the city has gone into the thousands. As soon as the bulk of the civilians come out, it will be possible to continue, especially since Lavrov has already announced the killing of militants in Eastern Ghouta.
    The Rayhan district is not completely taken under control. It is to be expected that when the turn of the Duma comes, instead of frontal attacks in the Raikhan region, a blow from the south will follow to cut off the Raikhan from the Duma in order to digest the decaying enclave into pieces.
    Attempts to organize the offensive operations of the militants in Hama and Deraa to help Eastern Ghuta failed - the offensive in Northern Hama drowned in blood on the first day, and the militants in Deraa have not yet expressed a desire to fully try the defense of the SAA in Deraa and Sheikh Miskin, though the time in order to "correct", they still have.
    In general, the position of the militants is strategically hopeless and at the current rate of development of the operation until the end of spring, East Guta will be completely freed from militants. All the hopes of the terrorists are now connected with the United States and possible provocations using chemical weapons.

    The captured Qatari armored car captured by the Syrian military from militants.

    Yesterday they cheerfully drove it to Kernaz, together with the already mentioned tank

    Intensified battles in the western part of Yarmouk. There is still an ISIS enclave that remains to be destroyed. With the beginning of the 2018 of the year, ISIS strongly supplanted the “greens” in this enclave, which had recently been dumped in Idlib, after which both SAA and ISIS fighters entered the liberated territory, after which street battles broke out there, in which both sides suffered significant losses. Although Yarmouk is not a priority goal, it is certainly necessary to clean it up, especially since the presence of ISIS there leaves the widest possibilities for the use of force without regard to the "world community." Most likely they will be engaged in Yarmouk after East Guta. It is highly unlikely that this enclave will survive the 2018 year.

    In Idlib, a showdown continues between "moderate" and "immoderate" terrorists. Since the beginning of the month, several dozen people have died on both sides + several field commanders have died. So far, An-Nusra is prevailing, which continues to beat the "moderate" on occasion and select from them the equipment that is delivered through Turkey.
    The reasons for the showdown are related to the internecine struggle of groups associated with Turkey and Saudi Arabia, amid reduced funding. After the defeat in the battle for Dahur, the offensive capabilities of the militants in Idlib pretty much sank, which is why the failure of the attack on Kernaz seems quite logical. Given the fact that part of the demarcation line is occupied by the Turkish military, there are not so many areas where militants can be active - Northern Latakia (plus attempts to attack Khmeimim), next attempts to attack in the area of ​​the Latamine ledge, attempts to attack Abu Dahur. The prospects for these actions seem bleak for the militants, especially in light of the bloody internecine struggle.

    Turkey continues to chew Afrin. Judging by the fact that the ring around Afrin has not been closed for 3 days, this is the conscious policy of the Turkish leadership, which actually forces the Kurds to flee the created bag.
    Afrin himself is subjected to artillery strikes, at the nearby heights there is a concentration of equipment and assault groups that are preparing for the assault.
    At the same time, occupation of mountainous areas to the west of the capital of the canton takes place. The restraining actions of the YPG do not bring any significant operational results, the Turkish ice rink is slowly but surely moving Afrin.
    Turkey has already stated that it will not hand over Afrin to Assad, but given the fact that Turkey actually ignores what is happening in Eastern Ghouta, where groups associated with Turkey are also being destroyed. As mentioned earlier - most likely there was a deal similar to the one that was concluded about Aleppo.
    The fate of Afrin will most likely be decided already in the course of negotiations on a post-war settlement, where they will already bargain with Turkey. Kurds, as a significant factor in this matter, have actually been brushed off the board.
    The areas of Menage and Tal Rifat are still not attacked by the Turkish army. Again, in the framework of the proposed transaction, they remain outside the zone of influence of Erdogan.

    CAA and Iranian proxies continue to concentrate troops in central Syria, including in East Kalamun, south-east of Al-Karjateyna, trying to squeeze the zone of American occupation in the area of ​​At-Tanf. British armored vehicles were spotted there yesterday. You should not be surprised at this, since the militants sent to Syrian territory were trained not only in the CIA camps in Jordan, but also studied with SAS instructors who acted in conjunction with Jordanian military intelligence. Given the escalation of Russia's relations with the West, the US will use this piece of the Syrian desert to train terrorists and attempt to destabilize central and eastern Syria. As it is not difficult to notice, in the case of At-Tanf, one can clearly see the falsehood of Washington’s arguments that the United States is fighting ISIS in Syria. In fact, the United States is trying to delay the end of the Syrian war with the hands of the remnants of broken terrorist groups and making it difficult for Russia and Iran to take advantage of the results of military victories. Along the way, the United States and its satellites do not give up hope of using the Kurdish factor and the remnants of terrorist organizations to try to split Syria. In this they will meet resistance from Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey. The next Turkish operation in northwestern Iraq against the Kurds will be aimed, inter alia, at isolating Iraqi Kurdistan from Rojava. The start of the operation can be expected soon after the resolution of the Afrin issue. Well, then the question of Manbij will come to the fore.

    At the operational headquarters to combat ISIS in Baghdad are military representatives of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia.
    In general, the situation in Syria militarily is favorable for the Russian-Iranian coalition, but taking into account the risk of an escalation of the conflict between Russia and Iran with the United States, Britain, Israel and Saudi Arabia, the conflict still has a significant probability of large-scale military interstate escalation, which increases the likelihood of a nuclear conflict.

    "Moderate civilian" was trying to get out of East Guta in ladies' camouflage.
    1. Shahno
      Shahno 16 March 2018 13: 04
      Especially touched by the phrase "attempts to split Syria." This is strong. The president, who asked for military foreign intervention, naively believes something else.
  5. 72jora72
    72jora72 17 March 2018 05: 48
    Quote: Shahno
    Especially touched by the phrase "attempts to split Syria." This is strong. The president, who asked for military foreign intervention, naively believes something else.

    And if you hadn’t asked, you would have torn Syria apart for a long time ,,,,,,,,,,, and now you have "something went wrong"