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Saudi Arabia will acquire more 48 fighter Eurofighter Typhoon

Saudi Arabia has signed with the UK an intergovernmental agreement on the acquisition of another 48 multi-role fighter Eurofighter Typhoon produced by BAE Systems in addition to the 72 already received, reports bmpd.

This document is not a contract, however, it indicates that a specific contract will be drawn up in the near future. Negotiations on commercial terms continue.

Previously, the Saudis purchased the Eurofighter Typhoon 72 fighter from the British production line of BAE Systems Corp. The total amount of the contract was about 10 billion pounds (the cost of the aircraft themselves - 4,43 billion pounds sterling, the rest - weapons, equipment, training of pilots, etc.).

This contract became the largest export defense agreement in stories UK.

According to the original draft contract, “48 aircraft (from 72's) were to be assembled in Saudi Arabia by the Alsalam Aircraft Company (a joint venture of Boeing Corporation, Saudi Arabian Airways and the Saudi state-owned Saudi Advanced Industries Company) for the planned construction for this plant in Taif. " However, the kingdom "did not draw" such an ambitious project.

In the Saudi Air Force, the received Eurofighter Typhoon fighters are part of three squadrons (3, 10 and 80) at Taif airbase.
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  1. andrewkor
    andrewkor 12 March 2018 13: 28
    The Luftwaffe will now stay with the old Tornadoes, the Saudis are all the more solvent. And the Wunderwaffen F-35th is imposed on the Germans!
    1. Chertt
      Chertt 12 March 2018 13: 33
      If the confrontation between KSA and the UAE against Iran turns into an open clash, Iran will have nothing to put forward in terms of the Air Force
      1. Crowe
        Crowe 12 March 2018 13: 38
        S-300 will meet. yes
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 12 March 2018 13: 49
          C-300 is not a child prodigy. And its not 100500. They will crush. UFOs can be attracted to such a case - nevertheless, they are a common enemy.

          Further only Hoki (who are familiar and understandable), C-200 (who are again familiar), Standard1 - who are again familiar, as well as every little thing like Rapier and C-75. Torahs at nuclear power plants will not do much either - if the aggressor conducts a normal operation, of course. And as for the normality of the operation, it is quite possible that white people will do it under such a thing, with their limited participation by UFO forces.
        2. voyaka uh
          voyaka uh 12 March 2018 13: 56
          Missile defense without air cover by interceptors lives courageously but not for long.
          1. Pingo
            Pingo 14 March 2018 00: 15
            This is to the question "Do I need carrier-based aviation" where coastal misses.
      2. prapor75m
        prapor75m 12 March 2018 13: 39
        Iran urgently needs to think about updating the Air Force fleet, the contracts would be either with us or with the Chinese, they would pay money, the contract can not be officially concluded so that the UN does not ache, but collect aircraft slowly and immediately begin deliveries after 2020
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 12 March 2018 13: 51
          Two ways in fact:
          - the purchase of any fighter = automatic violation of the transaction, the return of UN sanctions from the entire developed world (most likely including the Russian Federation).
          - not a purchase = loss of time (which can be critical if a force decision is made on Iran), Trump torpedoes the deal and it is quite possible the US will exit the deal next year, returning the sanctions (but the rest of the world is not a fact, although the EU may break) .
        2. Hanokem
          Hanokem 13 March 2018 12: 08
          While the Iranian Air Force will be armed with Chinese or Russian technology, I’m calm
          1. prapor75m
            prapor75m 13 March 2018 12: 20
            while at the Israeli air force the American technology perfectly shot down by the old Soviet air defense systems, the S-200 is also completely calm hi
    2. Crowe
      Crowe 12 March 2018 13: 34
      Quote: andrewkor
      old tornado

      And why do not we call our "birds" in any way? Only not officially - a rook, a duckling.
      I would call the Su-57y Long-awaited.
  2. figwam
    figwam 12 March 2018 13: 29
    But what about f-35, just some sort of Saudi zrad ?!
  3. MKPU-115
    MKPU-115 12 March 2018 13: 34
    What about the F-35? Again didn’t want to take the child prodigy from the Americans?
    1. mvg
      mvg 12 March 2018 13: 46
      KSA F-35 was not offered. Israel will definitely be against it. Obviously wants to be the only Penguin operator in BV. Even Turkey is no longer offered, although it was planned to sell more than 100 aircraft.
      1. Hanokem
        Hanokem 13 March 2018 12: 09
        Do you know that for sure? I would be incredibly happy if the Americans canceled the supply of F-35 to Perdogan
  4. MKPU-115
    MKPU-115 12 March 2018 13: 37
    But what about stealth technology, because without them today, well, nothing (from the words of the Americans)?
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 12 March 2018 13: 53
      They will have to hammer Iran and their friends in Yemen. States will help remove air defense, and then
      Typhoons can cope without stealth.
  5. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 12 March 2018 13: 51
    Saudis in conflict with Qatar, who was caught in relations with the worst
    the enemy of Saudi Arabia. They did a boycott of Qatar, but it turned out that the gut was thin.
    Qatar has huge investments in England. Land, building, construction.
    And the purchase of Typhoons, in my opinion, persuade England to "throw" Qatar.
    (Saudis could successfully buy dozens of F-15 or F-18 in the States)
  6. prapor75m
    prapor75m 12 March 2018 13: 55
    Quote: donavi49
    - the purchase of any fighter = automatic violation of the transaction, the return of UN sanctions from the entire developed world (most likely including the Russian Federation).

    purchases will be after 2020, and what prevents them from starting to build now?
  7. Alex-a832
    Alex-a832 12 March 2018 14: 13
    Given the data on a sharp increase in weapons by the Saudis, as well as the recent movement in domestic politics, they are preparing for war. Judging by the composition of the procurement, this will be an invasion. The most likely target where the US and Israel will support them is Iran.
  8. Dart
    Dart 12 March 2018 14: 16
    The geldings gave the former metropolis a handout ..