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Fiends on the Black Sea: the little-known crimes of the Nazis in the area of ​​Novorossiysk. 6 part

This part is probably one of the hardest of the whole cycle. However, for the author after the second part, this cycle began to resemble an immersion in filth. It would seem that quite well-known things, quite well-known Nazis, are so “famous” that even the call of reconciliation periodically gurgles in the “democratic” swamp. But only when you come across this without official communication, without the help of books in dust jackets, without the help of a regular television face, with interruptions in advertising pads and smartphones, and directly with faded pages of testimony, in simple words, without embellishment, feelings change somewhat. This part will be difficult, because it will be a question of women who have become hostages of the dehumanized European biomass.

Everyone, of course, heard about the Japanese "stations of consolation" during the Second World War. In order not to receive endless reports of new sexual exploits of his so-called soldiers, and also to prevent their samurai honor from puffing up and not starting to interfere with walking, General Okamura, in a fit of wisdom, in fact legalized the rape of women in the occupied territories. He put this abomination on industrial rails, organizing these very "stations". As a result, human история got a vivid example of legalized sex slavery in a female concentration camp.

Fiends on the Black Sea: the little-known crimes of the Nazis in the area of ​​Novorossiysk. 6 part

However, Okamura, in his desire to raise violence against women to the rank of industrial and to some extent controlled underworld for other wives and mothers, was not original. The Germans also did not lag behind their allies along the axis. It all began, of course, with the standard dirty rape already worn massively. After all, "enlightened Europeans" understood by conquered property not only movable and immovable property. People became property ...

The occupied Black Sea coast was no exception. At the same time, the testimonies of citizens say that the Europeans who had been dehumanized, had not managed to “get comfortable” on the captured land and even didn’t occupy Novorossiysk themselves, already rushed to demand their bestial rights. The first victims of the new order were the villages, villages and stanitsa, which were the “satellites” of the city, such as Glebovka, Myskhako, Vasilyevka and others (now these settlements have actually become Novorossiysk districts, retaining, however, the former names).

Evidenced by a resident of Novorossiysk citizen Lyashenko N.F. (Alas, the decoding of the name and patronymic in the documents could not be found, some pages were erased and unreadable):

“... The Germans organized mass rape of women and girls, especially at the state farm Myskhako, the villages of Vasilyevka and Glebovka. Even with the old women were not considered, saying that all the same war. "

Not a bad argument, is it? Anyway, war. It just seems like some kind of deja vu from the past. Is it not such an argument that the atrocities of the invasion of the European locust are still being justified? And this is done very often under the cover of the white flag of the peacemaker, especially when phrases like “no need to kindle”, etc. begin to flash.

A resident of Novorossiisk Bondareva Agafya Alexandrovna 44, who lived at the time at the state farm Myskhako, testifies:

“... In the evening of September 13, 1942, the German and Romanian soldiers in Myskhako began a wholesale rape of women. That night both teenage girls and old women, their mothers, were raped. I can name a number of names raped by the Germans ... "

I consider it ethically doubtful to indicate the names and the names of the victims, therefore I will only indicate the age - from 14 years.

Together with the number of rapes, the number of female suicides inherently increased. So, even at the beginning of the occupation, women could not endure moral humiliation, women settled accounts with life. The moral bar of our citizens was so high (which is now being silent or becoming sarcastically mocking) that even relatives of the victims could not bear this cannibal abomination. September 15 1942, the Romanian lackeys of the Nazis, raped and beat the wife of the Red Army soldier Tatyana Ch. Until half a death, her mother then hanged herself.

Some women did not wait at all when human-like creatures descend upon their souls. Rosalia G., the wife of a famous doctor in the city, saw what order the “new Europe” brought to Novorossiysk. Having access to pharmaceuticals, the unhappy woman poisoned herself to save herself from being with the Nazi order on the same land.

The same girls and women, whom they managed to grab, but faced stiff resistance, were hanged and shot by the Nazis. In 1943, young girls were brought to the Markov club before 20. They were stripped naked, tortured and executed. This personal female hell continued even when our army and navy went on the offensive, discouraging more and more of Novorossiysk from the enemy. On the third day after the liberation of the city, a corpse of a tortured young girl was found in a German officer’s dugout, located on Komsomolskaya Street. Her face was burned, her arms were twisted out of joints, and her breasts were cut with a knife.

Soles of women's shoes, found in the firing hole last year. What did this woman experience before she died? Sometimes you want to forget what you see.

But all this was not enough for representatives of the "civilization". Whether izuverue required the formalization of their animal rights to people, or their "subtle mental organization" asked to create more comfortable conditions ... As a result, the occupants in the Novorossiysk region arranged two (the documents testify the presence of two objects, but they could be more) camps, not much different from the concentration, and one, the so-called cabaret. But they were united by one goal - sexual slavery and violence. Broken, starved, intimidated girls were driven to these places, and even girls who simply physically could not offer any resistance were driven away.

One of these camps was located not far from the present Gorny hamlet. This camp the Germans called "secret camp". The camp consisted of 20 barracks, where the German officers went to the "entertainment", as they themselves expressed. The second camp consisted of about 35 barracks and was located between the first camp and the station Krymskaya (now the city of Krymsk). In the camp, women were relegated to the status of things, i.e. property that, as unnecessary, could be easily disposed of.

One of the most "preserved" houses in the city

In the city itself was organized "cabaret", which was sometimes called the invaders "theater". To further humiliate and trample the human dignity of our people, the Nazis placed their stash to forcibly enslave women in the House of Pioneers. It is possible to treat pioneers and Soviet authorities differently, it is now in vogue, but the fact that this was a purely animal psychological course of asserting cannibalistic ownership of people, their body and thoughts can hardly be denied.

For capturing, in the literal sense of the concept, women and girls for camps and cabarets were created special squads. These, grouped into a flock, hyenas scoured the streets of the city, apartments and houses in search of prey. Do not disdain squads 16-year-old girls and younger. That is, pedophilia was in the order of things, both among privates and among officers.

These facts, not even a stone, but an avalanche in the garden of those who prefer to cry over the "innocent victims" - the German soldiers. The author also reserves the right to believe that it would be far more fair to give the spoiled Hitlerite invaders to prisoners.

To be continued ...
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  1. Vard
    Vard 7 March 2018 05: 56
    They are now ... In the same Turkey sometimes they try to behave unnecessarily ... But there is such a tradition ... On May 9, the Germans climb into the pool and sing Katyusha ...
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 7 March 2018 06: 09
    In the Crimea, the Fritz atrocities notably ... a seemingly civilized nation and behaved like the last scumbags ... apparently complete power over man and especially defenseless women tears all the fuses in their morals ... the highest race ... so to speak, an exceptional nation .
    One can say a lot of unpleasant words about the Romanians ... I confine myself to stating the fact that the Soviet army didn’t give in to all of this fraternity ... they again began to raise their heads against our country and people.
    1. Pingo
      Pingo 7 March 2018 19: 41
      They were called civilized savages back in World War I.
  3. XII Legion
    XII Legion 7 March 2018 06: 49
    Therefore, for war crimes and there is no statute of limitations
    This is not forgotten
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 7 March 2018 08: 08
    Kolya’s boy from Urengoy wouldn’t want to come to Novorossiysk and ask for forgiveness ... for these crimes ... If he already became a “dove of peace” ...
  5. x917nt
    x917nt 7 March 2018 09: 24
    I can’t say anything about the Romanian army, but the Wehrmacht was subject to criminal punishment for the crimes of German soldiers against the civilian population. Including for crimes on the basis of sex.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 7 March 2018 11: 34
      Quote: x917nt
      I can’t say anything about the Romanian army, but the Wehrmacht was subject to criminal punishment for the crimes of German soldiers against the civilian population. Including for crimes on the basis of sex.

      Only not on Soviet soil. The author gave the example of Novorossiysk, but there are other testimonies from other cities of the USSR: Rostov, Luga. Tikhvin, Lviv. Ukraine, the RSFSR, Belarus.
      There isn’t enough articles to cite all the facts, and you are writing about some laws in Vermat. Some kind of special “daring” was considered to rape and torture women in front of their loved ones: husbands, parents, children. Perhaps the audience was necessary to demonstrate their “strength” and emphasize their humiliating helplessness?
      “Everywhere the brutalized German bandits burst into homes, rape women, girls in front of their relatives and their children, mock raped women and brutally crack down on their victims.”
      Oleg Igorevich Kazarinov
      Between life and death
      This book is not about military glory and disgrace, but about the horrors that war brings to people.
      1. x917nt
        x917nt 7 March 2018 13: 50
        Quote: Amurets
        Only not on Soviet soil

        And in the Soviet and any other. And in the German and Soviet and other armies there was military discipline, violations of which were strictly punished by commanders. Unjustified violence against the civilian population was considered misconduct, followed by punishment. And in the Red Army and in the Wehrmacht. And the command was guided by no means humane considerations regarding civilians, they did not give a damn about him. The main thing is discipline. And if, instead of soldiers serving and performing a combat mission, they will run home and engage in robbery and violence - the army will turn into an ordinary uncontrollable gang, unable to fight for real. And the Germans fought very, very well. And under Novorossiysk and not only. That's why they punished for such cases. And German and Soviet and other soldiers. And there are enough examples of such.
        1. Serg koma
          Serg koma 8 March 2018 06: 50
          Quote: x917nt
          And in the Soviet and any other.

          "Kolya Boy" - Go ahead, to the Reichstag repent for the vain!
          FRANCE -
          Heinz Bernard Lammerding - For the extermination of civilians in the village of Oradour, he was sentenced by the French Tribunal to death, but the FRG authorities refused to extradite France.
          CZECH REPUBLIC -
          Karl Herman Frank On May 9, 1945, Frank was arrested by units of the 7th American Army.
          He was buried in an anonymous grave in Prague.
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. The comment was deleted.
              1. x917nt
                x917nt 8 March 2018 17: 40
                Less pathos, bolt and capsloc.
                You did not answer who was punished for hundreds of villages and villages burned by order 0428. Apparently you just have nothing to say ... And how much ambition ....

                And yes ... Next time, start right from the full and verbatim citation of the materials of the Nuremberg Tribunal in your answer. In full. For persuasiveness.
                1. Serg koma
                  Serg koma 8 March 2018 18: 25
                  Quote: x917nt
                  You did not answer

                  Another translation of the arrows from the pan-head which a few posts back argued -
                  Quote: x917nt
                  but for the crimes of German soldiers against the civilian population in the Wehrmacht was subject to criminal punishment.

                  Follow your chatter, and RESPOND FOR YOUR WORDS!
                  1. x917nt
                    x917nt 8 March 2018 18: 34
                    Oh brother, do you have a hysteria?
                    I answered for my words. Specific examples cited. If not enough to convince - I can still. Not only can you post footcloths.
    2. Pingo
      Pingo 7 March 2018 12: 55
      How about violating the law on their racial purity?
      1. x917nt
        x917nt 7 March 2018 13: 51
        No. First of all, for violation of military discipline.
        1. Pingo
          Pingo 7 March 2018 18: 25
          For rape, it is under the laws of racial purity.
          1. x917nt
            x917nt 7 March 2018 18: 50
            Do you want examples that this is not so?
            In 1942, the court of the 339th Infantry Division. sentenced gunner Hans B. to four years of hard labor for raping a Russian woman four times in two days. The court, in making such a severe sentence, took into account the four-time civil and military convictions of Hans B. and his repeated disciplinary punishments. However, the judge focused more on the potential impact of the crime on the partisan movement. and burst out to the accused with a long accusatory speech. A harsh sentence was passed as can be seen from the materials of the trial, more for "extreme violation of the interests of the German armed forces" than for "protecting the sexual dignity of the injured Russian woman."
            Especially The court emphasized that the mistreatment of local residents by German soldiers would encourage them to leave for partisans. The “Suglits Village”, as the court explained, was a zone “extremely infected by partisans” in such areas residents "will go to the partisans due to ill-treatment by German soldiers." The court said: "Among the population of the village there is already an opinion, formed by Soviet propaganda, that German soldiers will satisfy their desires under the threat of using weapons and mercilessly shoot women who refuse them this. The behavior of the defendant reinforced this opinion."
            The court continued the line of accusation and stated that "because of the actions of Hans B., the threat of sympathy for the partisans and their struggle against the Wehrmacht has increased significantly." The crime of Hans B, the court lamented, "is compounded by the special importance of conciliatory work in an area so close to the front." He damaged not only the "Wehrmacht reputation among the civilian population", but also the "important current interests of warfare."
          2. x917nt
            x917nt 7 March 2018 18: 57
            The 17th Panzer Court sentenced tank gunner Alfred M. to 3 years of hard labor for repeated crimes, including one rape. The court emphasized the impact that its actions could have on the local population. His crimes should be considered particularly serious, because "maybe someone believes that the Russian understanding of the woman’s sexual dignity is different from the German one, nevertheless the actions of the defendant are unacceptable to the extreme extent, as Russian women consider this to be extremely offensive."
            Expressing fear of a negative effect on both hostilities and relations with the local population in the occupied zone, the court said: “By his actions, the defendant not only damaged the normalization of relations between the German troops and the residents of Vorotishino, but primarily damaged the Wehrmacht’s reputation. This the type of crime ... spreads like wildfire among the local population and it generalizes that this is typical of all German soldiers. "
            The court also took into account the poor military merits of Alfred M. and his poor performance. The court notes that, as a soldier, he not only showed himself to be "extremely bad", he also did not show any "military merit and success." The court notes that “All training and disciplinary measures in the troops were useless” and “there were no results from a six-month stay in the training unit”. The court ended the accusation like this: "The defendant proved to be an incorrigible subject, who must answer in all severity of the law." The court described Alfred M. as “a person not deserving of condescension,” but this judgment was not based solely on ideological considerations and had a dual purpose: to establish good relations with the local population and protect order by removing subversive elements. These practical military considerations were of most interest to the court. Declared useless for participating in hostilities, Alfred M. was convicted, declared "unfit for service" and imprisoned in Emsland - a standard procedure for those sentenced to hard labor.
            1. x917nt
              x917nt 7 March 2018 18: 58
              Quoted from "Sex crimes under the Wehrmacht" by
              David Raub Snyder. 2007 by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska
              1. Pingo
                Pingo 7 March 2018 19: 13
                2-5 days were given so that they did not improve the Russian race with their correct genes, and even then not always.
                1. x917nt
                  x917nt 7 March 2018 19: 21
                  Write nonsense. And absolutely baseless.
                  1. Pingo
                    Pingo 7 March 2018 19: 29
                    You write nonsense. All that is not bold.
    3. Eastern wind
      7 March 2018 13: 21
      If I, in your opinion, lie, then welcome to Novorossiysk - I will present the testimony of witnesses personally, on archival sheets. Just do not judge me if, after such a commentary, I’m going to beat you a little face on the table, take into account all the abominations that the Nazis worked ...
      1. x917nt
        x917nt 7 March 2018 14: 02
        Quote: East Wind
        If I, in your opinion, lie

        You are not lying. Just trying (in my opinion) to thicken too much paint. If your publication dated from the period 1941-1944, then it had every right to such emotions. But the 21st century has long been in the yard, and the war of 70 years has ended, so continue so burning a verb of those who have long suffered a fair punishment for their deeds is unproductive. IMHO.
        1. fighter angel
          fighter angel 7 March 2018 14: 44
          For x917nt
          You know what, "humanist" You are ours, from the 21st century ...
          When SUCH doing with your country, your people, In your own land-
          - LIFE IS NO AND CAN'T BE!
          One must remember and know such things!
          And you just have to forget, HERE WILL BE BACK!
          An example is the neighboring "state".
          1. Amurets
            Amurets 7 March 2018 15: 13
            Quote: fighter angel
            An example is the neighboring "state".

            And in the neighboring state, I did not mention it earlier, the Nazis committed such atrocities. One example from Lviv and Lviv region: “In Lviv, 32 workers from the Lviv sewing factory were raped and then killed by German attack aircraft. Drunken German soldiers dragged Lviv girls and young women to Kosciuszko park and brutally raped them. The old priest V.L. "Pazaznev, who was trying to prevent violence against girls with a cross in his hands, was beaten by the Nazis, tore off his cassock, burned his beard and stabbed with a bayonet."
            “The streets of the village of K., where the Germans were atrocities for some time, were covered with the corpses of women, old people, and children. Surviving villagers told the Red Army that the Nazis drove all the girls to the hospital building and raped them. Then they locked the doors and set the building on fire. ” This is Western Ukraine. The source is the same.
          2. x917nt
            x917nt 7 March 2018 16: 14
            Quote: fighter angel
            LIFE IS NO AND CAN'T BE!

            You are deeply mistaken. The MVT in Nuremberg put an end to this issue 70 years ago.
        2. Eastern wind
          7 March 2018 14: 55
          Tell them about the "thickening of colors" ...

          1. x917nt
            x917nt 7 March 2018 16: 26
            If it is possible to establish the names and surnames of all the fallen, this will be the best memory. If it is possible to establish the circumstances of their death, it will be worthy of double memory. And replacing the search for truth by savoring the details of the tragedy of 70 years ago is foolish.
            1. Eastern wind
              7 March 2018 16: 58
              Approximately under this sauce Urengoy Kolyunchikov is served. Forgetting is a dangerous thing. But you, apparently, are far from simple truths.
              1. x917nt
                x917nt 7 March 2018 17: 41
                Do you propose bombing Germany? And also Hungary, Romania, Italy, Finland and other European countries, whose citizens participated in military operations against the USSR in one way or another?
                1. Pingo
                  Pingo 7 March 2018 18: 24
                  Finland is not yet a member of NATO.
                2. Eastern wind
                  7 March 2018 18: 35
                  I thought to ask - uncle, are you at all? - but I think the question will be rhetorical.
              2. Serg koma
                Serg koma 8 March 2018 07: 08
                Quote: East Wind
                Oblivion is a dangerous thing.

                Generation NEXT - its interpretation of history from Soros textbooks
            2. Serg koma
              Serg koma 8 March 2018 07: 31
              Quote: x917nt
              And replacing the search for truth by savoring the details of the tragedy of 70 years ago is foolish.

              KOLYA BOY - inform which of the soldiers of the 3rd Reich suffered a punishment from the military tribunal of fascist Germany for the following crimes -
              On October 24, 1941, in the village of Hatsun of the Verkhopolsky Council, several Red Army soldiers who were leaving the encirclement attacked three fascists and released a group of 6 prisoners of war. Two Germans were killed, and the third, wounded, managed to hide in the forest. And at dawn on October 25, the village was surrounded by punishers. The Nazis drove into one place the villagers and refugees from Bryansk and shot all of the machine guns. Six-month-old Nina Kondrashova was pierced with a bayonet right in the cradle, and seventeen-year-old Nina Yashina, having discovered some thing from her killed by the Red Army Germans, was nailed to the gate. The first to be shot before the people of the forester from the Gvozdy tract, Gerasim Tarasov, then his 29-year-old son, Ilya. The next was the forester from the Frolovsky village, Mikhail Petrovich Kondrashov. And then they began to shoot everyone else.
              318 people were killed and the village was burned. The bodies of the executed lay in the open for about 2 weeks. The Germans forbade the burial of the dead as a warning to residents of neighboring villages. Units escaped in the thicket of the forest: fourteen-year-old Zhenya Kondrashov, Afanasy Ilyich Akulov, Afanasy Nikolayevich Kondrashov. Khatsun was one of the first victims of German genocide on Russian soil. 12 settlements of the Bryansk region repeated her fate, and during the years of occupation in the Bryansk region, 930 villages were destroyed (for comparison, the village of Khatyn with 149 inhabitants and 136 more villages repeated the fate of Hatsuni in Belarus).
              1. x917nt
                x917nt 8 March 2018 09: 55
                Quote: Serg Koma
                inform which of the soldiers of the 3rd Reich suffered a punishment from the military tribunal of fascist Germany for the following crimes

                And who was punished for the destruction of villages and villages by order of 0428? And who was punished for bombing Tallinn with 5-ton bombs? And who was punished for the destruction of Grozny?
                Or do you think that death, blood, destruction and suffering in the TOTAL warfare using ALL available means are applied exclusively by one side, and the other - all in white?
    4. Serg koma
      Serg koma 8 March 2018 06: 31
      Quote: x917nt
      but for the crimes of German soldiers against the civilian population in the Wehrmacht was subject to criminal punishment.

      "KOL'S BOY" are you at least learning something other than Mine Kampf ??? Are you interested in anything else that does not praise the 3rd Reich ??? Other FACTS (except Fritz memoirs) are considered ????? am Martha Hillers HELP YOU !!!
      Of the total number of 5295 villages, 3% were destroyed in 1941, 16% - in 1942, 63% - in 1943 and 18% - in 1944. The result of the Nazi policy of genocide and “scorched earth” in Belarus was 2 230 people killed in three years of occupation. Every 000th died, and according to updated data - every 4rd resident of Belarus

      on the March days of 1943, during the retreat, the most massive burning of the villages of my native Smolensk region by the Nazis took place. Many were burned with people. So, the village of Gavrilki (Vyazemsky, and then Tumanovsky district) was burned, 4 kilometers from the home village of my grandfather and grandmother. There the wife of her grandmother’s brother died, along with five children and parents. Our other relatives died there. From the whole village, 3 people accidentally survived.
      Vyazemsky district.

      The village of Debrevo. On January 13, 1942, the Germans discovered an underground hospital in a local school. Those wounded who could move were shot in a ravine near the village. The rest were left at the school, whose doors were hammered and set on fire. A total of 67 people were shot and burned.

      The village of Pastih. In early February 1942, more than 30 villagers were executed. The village is burned.

      The village of Pekarevo. On February 5, 1942, the punishers completely burned down the village, which consisted of 26 yards, together with the inhabitants. 2 people survived.

      The village of Nikolskoye. There was an underground hospital in the village. In March 1942, punishers hanged and burned 26 captured guerrillas (most of them wounded). 10 local residents were shot for contact with partisans. The village is burned.

      The village of Krutitsy of the Isakovsky Village Council. Before the war, there was a house for the disabled. They did not have time to evacuate it. In addition, its number increased significantly due to refugees from the western regions of the region (mainly women and children) and the wounded. On July 14, 1942, punishers cordoned off his territory and set fire to the buildings. Weak people, unable to move independently, died in a fire. The rest were shot on the street, near the silo. First, children were shot, in front of their mothers, then adults. Killed, according to various sources, from 130 to 200 people.

      Village Chertkovka. On March 7, 1943, during the retreat, the Nazis shot and burned here 480 residents of this and the surrounding villages.

      Gavrilki Village. On March 8, 1943, during the retreat, it was completely burnt along with the inhabitants. More than 180 people died in the fire. 3 people survived.

      Sand Village (near Vyazma). On the night of March 11-12, before the retreat, the Nazis burned 135 people in the Sandbox, mostly women and children.

      Gagarinsky district.

      In March 1943, they were completely burned along with people:

      The village of Drachevo (over 200 people from the villages of Drachevo, Zlobino, Astakhovo, Mishino).
      The village of Kulikovo (62 people).
      The village of Tararykino (the death toll is unknown).
      The village of Fedyaevo (the death toll is unknown).
      The village of Kolesniki (the death toll is unknown).

      Glinkovsky district.

      Burned completely together with residents:

      Lyakhovo Village - April 14, 1943 384 people were killed.
      Shilovo Village - March 27, 1943 112 people were killed.
      Monchino Village - 1942. About 300 people died.

      Demidovsky district.

      Burned completely together with residents:

      Gorodnaya Village - October 1942 Killed 169 people.
      The village of Orlovo - 1942. About 120 people were killed.
      The villages of Vlazhkino and Kruteli - November 1942. About 250 people were killed.
      Varnavino Village - October 1942. 59 people were killed.
      The villages of Senovka and Kamenka - 1943. 117 people were killed.
      The villages of Ivchenko, Ratka, Drozdy, Kozino - 1942. About 700 people were killed.
      Zalnevo and Green Wasteland villages - 1942. 201 people were killed.
      Bulyzha Village - 1942. 20 people were killed.

      Dorogobuzh district.

      In the village of Martinkovo, out of 150 inhabitants, 47 were shot. The village was burned.

      Dukhovschinsky district.

      Burned completely together with residents:

      Golovitsy Village - October 18, 1942 96 local residents and refugees were killed, the number of which was not established. In total more than 100 people.
      Snorki Village - October 18, 1942 70 people were killed.
      Nikulinka Village - March 25, 1943 More than 120 people were killed.
      Bratki Village - October 14, 1942 16 people were killed.
      Titov Khutor Village - May 29, 1942 74 people were killed.
      Novoselki Village - March 6, 1942 22 people were killed.
      Koshelevo Village - March 18, 1942 The death toll has not been established.
      Kishkinitsa village - spring 1942. More than 70 people were killed.

      Elninsky district.

      The village of Peryatino was completely burned along with residents on April 27, 1942. Of the 33 residents, 23 were killed.

      Yershichsky district.

      Burned completely together with residents:

      Sokolovschina village (35 people died).
      The village of Dranaya (25 people died).
      The village of Kuzmichi.

      Krasninsky district.

      Burned completely together with residents:

      The village of Fomino (killing 72 people).
      New Village (destroyed the entire Jewish population).
      Village Kobelyak (killing 80 people).
      Makruha village (8 people died).

      Rudnyansky district.

      Burned completely together with residents:

      Markovo village (92 people died).
      The village of Sharino (98 people died).
      The village of Borisenki (22 people died).

      Safonovsky district.

      Zalaznya Village - January 23, 1943 450 inhabitants were brutally destroyed (many children were tortured there very much before being killed). The village is burned.
      Leonidovo Village - January 29, 1943. The entire population of 256 people was exterminated. The village is burned.
      Kurdyumovo village - 25 paratroopers of the 8th Air Force brigade and the entire male population, who were at that time in the village (14 people), were shot. The village is burned.
      Maksimovo Village - March 16, 1943 56 people were killed. The village is burned.

      Smolensky district.

      Burned completely together with residents:

      The village of Smolino (killing 63 people).
      Zaloinka village (80 people died).
      Chacha village (92 people died).

      Sychevsky district.

      Burned completely together with residents:

      Village Zaychiki (killing 23 people).
      Village Aksenino (killing 46 people).

      Temkinsky district.

      The village of Kolodezki was completely burned along with the inhabitants, where 97 out of 92 people died.

      Ugransky district.

      Burned completely together with residents:

      Novaya Village (Struggle) - 340 people died.
      The village of Lamanchino. The death toll is unknown.
      The village of Grishino. The death toll is unknown.
      The village of Krivolevka. The death toll is unknown.

      Khislavichi district.

      The village of Zakharyino was completely burned. Killed 260 people.

      Hill Zhirkovsky district.

      Burned completely together with residents:

      The village of Pogoreltsi (39 people died).
      The Ninth Village - 1943 (146 people died).
      The village of Palkino - 1943 (100 people died).
      Ordylovo Village - 1941 (116 people were killed).
      The village of Korovyakino - (175 people died).

      Partially burned along with residents:

      Kvasovo village - (16 people were killed).
      Ovsyaniki Village - (50 people died).
      Village Tripleya - (28 people were killed).
      1. x917nt
        x917nt 8 March 2018 06: 50
        This is all known for a long time. And for this, the guilty have long been punished.
        You in vain rushed to the embrasure.
        1. Serg koma
          Serg koma 8 March 2018 07: 03
          Quote: x917nt
          You in vain rushed to the embrasure.

          KOLYA BOY - go to the Reichstag to repent !!!
          PS And who is not punished in the 3rd Reich - he died, and now in hell is fried. Do you mean this "punishment"?
  6. antivirus
    antivirus 7 March 2018 12: 50
  7. andrew42
    andrew42 7 March 2018 14: 00
    This must be remembered in order not to doubt what awaits our people if we let “civilized” Europeans and “democratic” Americans come to us. Woe to the vanquished - and it will be so, and therefore you have to stand death for your house, even this dugout has sat down, and you will be tempted by the "skyscrapers".