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What do we know about the Yugoslav war?


Yugoslavia, being one of the largest European countries, has always been considered a common home for Croats, Serbs and Muslims. But in the 90-ies, she was plunged into a sharp ethnic conflict.

1992 year was the year of the national tragedy of Yugoslavia, which claimed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Although twenty years by the standards stories a very short time, it is worth remembering these dramatic events, as well as to comprehend their causes and consequences.

The causes of inter-ethnic conflicts between the peoples inhabiting Yugoslavia have deep historical roots. From 1371, the Slavic peoples began to be ousted from the Serbian territory by the Turks. The seizure of Serbia by the Ottoman Turks led to the gradual Islamization of a part of the Slavic population. In the 18 century, the Austrian ruling dynasty of the Habsburgs encouraged the relocation of German and Czech artisans to Vojvodina and Serbia. Later on, other settlers found refuge in this territory: Jews, Greeks, Armenians, and Hungarians. Small ethnic conflicts were previously, but most of them are associated with anti-Ottoman, anti-Hungarian and anti-German speeches.

After the Second World War, the Germans left the Yugoslav lands, and the Serbs moved from Serbia to Montenegro, Herzegovina and Bosnia, thereby creating a quantitative preponderance among the ethnic composition of the population of this territory.

Post-war Yugoslavia was a federal state uniting six republics and two autonomies.

On the eve of the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 90s, the country's population was more than 10 million, of which: 62% are Serbs, Albanians are 17%, Montenegrins are 5%, Muslims are 3%, Hungarians are 3% and others.

At the beginning of the 90s, Serbia and Montenegro, where the Serbs made up the majority of the population, united to form the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Each of the remaining four republics (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia) wanted independence from the federal center.

Since the number of Serbs in Macedonia was insignificant and, given the fact that this republic was always unattractive for investors, it managed to quite easily gain independence as a result of a referendum.

The first armed conflict in the territory of the former Yugoslavia broke out between the Serbs and the Croats. In the Serbian-Croatian confrontation, about 20 thousands of people suffered (both Serbs and Croats), many cities and villages were destroyed, the republic’s economy suffered enormous damage, 230 thousands of Serbs became refugees. In 1992, under the pressure of the international community, a peace agreement was signed on the cessation of hostilities and Croatia was recognized as an independent state.

In 1991, Bosnian Muslims (44%), Orthodox Serbs (31%) and Catholic Croats (17%) lived in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In February 1992, a referendum was held on the independence of the republic, with the results of which the Bosnian Serbs did not agree. They wanted to create their own nation-state independent of Bosnia. The Serbs were ready to oppose the Muslims of Sarajevo and the Croats supporting them. Having received support from the Serbian government, the Serbs, with the help of the Yugoslav army, entered into a civil war in which Muslim autoists (the people's defense of Western Bosnia), Bosniaks (military units of the Bosnia and Herzegovina army) and Croats (the Croatian defense council and the Croatian army) were involved, as well as mercenaries and NATO forces. This military confrontation led to the so-called ethnic cleansing, both against the Bosnian population and the Serbian.

The lessons of history show that there are no right and guilty in a civil war.

And when in such a war they kill not so much for political views, but for belonging to a certain people, the war acquires a special cruelty. Even now it is difficult to explain the psychology of people who lived for a long time together, raised children, worked, helped each other, having a difference only in faith and belonging to different nationalities, and overnight began to kill each other.

Each side of this conflict had its own truth. And there would be no end to this madness if it were not for the intervention of the UN and the armed forces of NATO, by whose efforts the warring parties signed the Peace Dayton Agreement in 1995.

Briefly, the essence of this document can be summarized as follows:
- the former part of Yugoslavia Bosnia and Herzegovina should consist of two parts - the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska (the Serbs received 49% of the territory, and the Croats and Bosnians 51%);
- NATO troops are being introduced into the territory of the newly formed states;
- the exact boundaries of the areas will be determined by the Arbitration Commission;
- the leaders of the parties to the conflicts accused of crimes by the International Tribunal are removed from power;
- the functions of the head of state are transferred to the Presidium of three people - one representative from each nation;
- Legislative power is bicameral Parliamentary Assembly: it consists of one third of the Republika Srpska and two thirds of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- The entire power system operates under the supervision of the High Representative.

The result of the Bosnian war was:
- internal displacement of population, which were grouped by ethno-regional areas;
- the increase in re-emigration in the following years: the return of Bosniaks and Croats back to Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- Bosnian and Croatian areas have survived in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
- Strengthening identity among young people in accordance with their ethnic heritage;
- religious revival of all denominations;
- About 200 thousand dead during the entire conflict;
- the destruction of all railways, two-thirds of all buildings, the destruction of more than 3 thousands of settlements and two thousand kilometers of roads.

The Dayton Agreement laid the foundation for the constitutional structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Perhaps this system is cumbersome and ineffective, but it is vital in the period of restoring mutual trust between the peoples who have suffered such a tragedy.

Twenty years have passed, but the wounds, neither mental nor physical, have healed. Until now, children in schools in Bosnia prefer not to talk about the last war. The question of the possibility of complete reconciliation of peoples remains open.

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  1. vadimus
    vadimus April 21 2012 08: 27
    The oil workers outplayed us, but it's time to take revenge ... You can’t give the Slovenians to eat ... ... We are few and we must rally ...
    1. nitro
      nitro April 22 2012 14: 36
      How and where can Russia take "revenge"?
    2. Krilion
      Krilion April 23 2012 01: 19
      Quote: vadimus
      You can’t give the Slovenians to eat ... ... There are few of us and we must unite ...

      I would agree with you if they themselves did not begin to hand over their leaders to the Hague Tribunal ... I think it’s not necessary to list the names ...
  2. Dust
    Dust April 21 2012 08: 34
    And this madness would have no end, if not for the intervention of the UN and the armed forces of NATO, through whose efforts the belligerents signed the Peace Dayton Agreement in 1995.

    After that, you can not read!
    It was the active intervention of external forces that contributed to the collapse of Yugoslavia!
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 April 21 2012 09: 03
      Only for Yugoslavia, the entire US State Department must be tried by a military tribunal as international criminals, not counting Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya! Here it’s bold enough to smear their forehead with them!
      1. 755962
        755962 April 21 2012 12: 20
        The real initiator of the Yugoslav Wars is the IMF. For some reason, it is believed that the IMF is such an economic god of God, all-knowing and never mistaken, although a lot of evidence to the contrary. For example, the “economic recovery” program that the IMF imposed on Rwanda led to the collapse of the Rwandan economy and the massacre between the Tutsi and the Hutus, killing more than 1 million people. The “salinastroika” carried out in Mexico under the leadership of the IMF led to the famous financial collapse, to eliminate the consequences of which over the past 5 years Mexico had to “pump” $ 92 billion. Indonesia since 1992 has faithfully rebuilt its economy according to IMF recipes - what’s it for? led, everyone saw. Even earlier, events in Brazil developed in exactly the same way, where the last military government, meekly following all the instructions of the IMF, led the economy to a standstill and lost power.
        1. mox
          mox April 21 2012 19: 28
          Yeah! And in Karabakh, the IMF launched a war in Gagauzia (Moldavian SSR) and Ferghana.
          No need to shut up with stupid cheers-patriotism.
          Patriotism should be wise. The goals are indicated, the means are determined.
          Get to the point that Petrovich is soldering from the neighboring entrance of the State Department.
      2. lotus04
        lotus04 April 23 2012 06: 04
        And not only the US State Department, but all of their vassals who helped to impose "democracy" in many countries!
  3. serge
    serge April 21 2012 08: 42
    There will be no reconciliation in Bosnia. It’s just that part of the territory will go to Serbia, part to Croatia, part will remain surrendered to the Serbs.
  4. Egor-dis
    Egor-dis April 21 2012 08: 55
    Take the dry residue:
    On the eve of the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 90s, the country's population was more than 10 million, of which: 62% are Serbs, Albanians are 17%, Montenegrins are 5%, Muslims are 3%, Hungarians are 3% and others.

    the warring parties signed the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement.
    the former part of Yugoslavia Bosnia and Herzegovina should consist of two parts - the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska (the Serbs received 49% territories, while Croats and Bosnians 51%)

    Thus, the Serbs, whom 62% received 49% of the territory, and the Albanians-Montenegrin-Muslims-HZ-who, who were 38% - received 51%. Ofon, justice is American.
  5. Yarbay
    Yarbay April 21 2012 09: 06
    One thing is clear! The main result that pitted nations !!
  6. itr
    itr April 21 2012 10: 15
    It’s just that the Yugs have always been a warlike people, and the roof went from democracy and freedom, but they still can’t stop
    And when they understand it will be too late
    1. 755962
      755962 April 21 2012 12: 22
      There is another economic reason for the Yugoslav wars. US aviation, destroying enterprises in Yugoslav territory, not only destroyed what they did not give American capital to buy, but also eliminated competitors of this capital. Only this can explain why the Yugoslav tobacco industry was destroyed with such care by NATO aircraft. Yugoslav tobacco successfully competed with Western products in Eastern Europe and (especially) in the Mediterranean. Now this successful competitor is destroyed.
  7. Isr
    Isr April 21 2012 10: 23
    I have been to Slovenia several times. This is also the former Yugoslavia. Their language is similar to Russian, so it was not very difficult to communicate. As you know, the Slovenes did not suffer much during the collapse of Yugoslavia, and I was wondering how they managed it and, in general, how it all happened. All this resembles the collapse of the USSR with all subsequent events. First, everyone wanted to leave the federation (Yugoslavia is a copy of the USSR, i.e. you can enter, but exit is a problem), and Slovenia jumped out first, they quickly realized that they needed to act faster, before it was too late (in the subsequent war they died a little, I don't remember exactly how many). And then the Serbs, who felt themselves masters in the country, decided not to let other countries of the federation separate. This is where the war began, in fact the war for independence. "US State Department" may and should be tried, but only thanks to them peace has been established there. In modern Russia, the same picture, the Russians believe that they are the masters of the country, forgetting that Russia is the Russian Federation, i.e. made up of countries and peoples that have their own will and mind and who want to live differently from how it is seen from Moscow.
    1. Dust
      Dust April 21 2012 11: 10
      Wise guy, damn it ...
      Serbs are the masters of the country? And who are the Croats, the same Serbs, but Catholics! And who are Bosnians - again Serbs, but Muslims! The split there was not by blood. and religion ...
      1. Vadim555
        Vadim555 April 21 2012 11: 38
        Quote: Dust
        Dust (1) Today, 11:10 a new 1 Nerd, damn it ...
        Serbs are the masters of the country? And who are the Croats, the same Serbs, but Catholics! And who are Bosnians - again Serbs, but Muslims! The split there was not by blood. and religion ...

        Absolutely! Although they are trying to hide this factor.

        The biggest "fault" of Yugoslavia was that it was not in debt to the West.
        1. dedroid71
          dedroid71 April 23 2012 17: 19
          Ceausescu also spanked when he paid off Romanian debts
      2. Nymp
        Nymp April 21 2012 13: 22
        Quote: Dust
        Wise guy, damn it ...
        Serbs are the masters of the country? And who are the Croats
        They were once especially sheltered by Albanians in refugee status, centuries have passed and the refugees became insolent and began to pretend to the territories originally belonging to the Serbs! Following your statements Dust you are clever in most cases! A little easier would not hurt!
        1. Dust
          Dust April 21 2012 15: 48
          Too complicated for you? It was also difficult for the Americans to understand when they climbed into the Balkans ...
          Croats are not refugees. and never their Serbs did not hold for uninvited guests - in fact they are one people, Serbs and Croats, and speak the same language, the difference is that the Serbs have Cyrillic and Orthodoxy, and the Croats have Latin and Orthodoxy, Bosnian Muslims are the same Serbs who converted to Islam ...
          And the Albanians there are also not strangers, but, of course, these are already different people ...
          it was Western bonkers that kindled the fire, but they tossed all the woods ...
          1. Prometey
            Prometey April 21 2012 22: 13
            Croats are Catholics and since the Middle Ages they have always gravitated towards the West, and their language differs from Serbian as well as Russian from Polish.
            1. Sniper 1968
              Sniper 1968 April 21 2012 22: 19
              My friend, but it seemed to me there was one Serbo-Croatian language ... That is its name. Do we have a Russian-Polish language? ... Respectfully.
          2. Dust
            Dust April 22 2012 07: 26
            Yes, of course the Catholics, that’s exactly what I wanted to pay attention to the stupid typo, then I saw, but there was no way to fix it ...

            The national language of Croats, Serbs and Montenegrins is one, and that the norms of Croats (based on the Zagreb dialect) and Serbs (based on the Belgrade dialect) are forms of one literary language, called Croatian-Serb (or Serbo-Croatian, and the equivalence of the name variants was emphasized).
            Three Croatian linguists - Stepan Babić, Bozidar Finca and Milan Mogush - published a grammar and spelling manual in 1971 entitled Hrvatski pravopis (Croatian Spelling). The term itself - instead of the official "Serbo-Croatian" - was a challenge to Yugoslav federalism. The book was immediately banned, but one of the copies went to London, where it was published. Currently, the 4th edition of the book is considered the standard grammar of the Croatian language.

            So the difference should be in dialects ...
    2. smile
      smile April 21 2012 15: 09
      yes, yes, dear, only those who live as seen from Washington or Brussels are the democratic builders of a bright future for the triumph of liberal bombing happiness ... for the chosen minority of planet Earth illuminated by the light of true democracy!
      1. Isr
        Isr April 22 2012 22: 28
        smile - how do you see it from Moscow and Novosibirsk? what is not liberal, but quite bomb happiness brought the USSR to Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Angola, Cuba? now, under the guise of protecting the oppressed Caucasians, they tore a piece from Georgia, the Abkhaz wanted their own, independent country, for this they fought with the Georgians, and they would have achieved this in the end. But now, they realized where they got to, this is not what they wanted, that's for sure. But that is not the point, of course the view from London does not coincide with the view from Moscow, this is natural, I just like the look from Washington. I have been to Moscow and Washington. I liked Washington so much that explaining it ... well, like life before and after death. And only losers can blame the "State Department" for all the troubles. All the best, and I hope for an adequate answer, without lamenting about the intrigues of imperialism.
    3. Prometey
      Prometey April 21 2012 22: 11
      Do not beat the crap - the so-called Russian Federation - a formal formation (in terms of political structure), because in fact Russia has always been a unitary state, where the system-forming people were Russian. Yugoslavia is a completely different entity - artificially created, where the Serbs, with a relative majority, nevertheless never played an absolute integrating role, therefore, contradictions have existed here for a long time.
      1. Isr
        Isr April 22 2012 22: 30
        "The Russian Federation is a formal education" - it is strongly said, and then the Constitution is not worth the paper on which it was printed?
    4. Che
      Che 18 May 2012 14: 45
      This massacre was organized by Amers, and only they are to blame for all the calamities that befell the peoples of YUGOSLAVIA. am
  8. revnagan
    revnagan April 21 2012 11: 14
    Quote: Dust
    "US State Department" may and should be tried, but only thanks to them peace has been established there.
    Well, first, thanks to him, war broke out in Yugoslavia.
    1. Dust
      Dust April 21 2012 11: 51
      These are not my words in the quote ...
      1. Dust
        Dust April 21 2012 15: 49
        What are you doing?
        Go up and see what these words are from the post below ...
  9. darkman70
    darkman70 April 21 2012 11: 33
    And then the Serbs, who felt they were masters in the country, decided not to let other countries of the federation separate

    Very smart, right?
    Both Croatia and Bosnia had significant territories inhabited by Serbs. In Bosnia, this is generally half. Why should the Serbs of these republics be separated from Serbia? Should they have been masochists?
    Therefore, the war began.
    essentially war of independence

    Correctly. Serbs in Bosnia and Croatia fought for their independence
    "US State Department" may and should be judged, but only thanks to them peace is established there

    This is called "piss in the eyes, and everything is God's dew"
    1. 755962
      755962 April 21 2012 12: 26
      Quote: darkman70
      Serbs in Bosnia and Croatia fought for their independence

      Of course, Western corporations cannot directly say: we are at war in Yugoslavia for our own superprofits.
      1. Isr
        Isr April 22 2012 22: 34
        which corporations? what profit?
        1. warrior
          warrior April 22 2012 23: 15
          Yes, you have not heard. With their splashing little Serbs, McDonalds himself was thrown out of the burden of business. And the vine didn’t ruin Scotland. lol
    2. Isr
      Isr April 22 2012 22: 45
      It's hard for me to argue like that. this is not a dispute itself. try to read the history of the Yugoslav conflict from various sources, write down the dates, make up in chronological order the actions of the parties. and everything will fall into place. I do not advise using "patriotic" sites - there is not the whole truth, or even a lie. good luck.
  10. Order
    Order April 21 2012 12: 25
    The history of the state of Yugoslavia is extremely revealing and instructive for us, Russia. The presence of religious, interethnic contradictions, aggravated by economic and social problems, is fraught for us with so much blood that absolutely everyone will have plenty. According to this, the state’s primary task is to nip in every possible way in the bud any manifestations of national and religious intolerance, including Russian. And the most urgent, I think, is finally necessary for the authorities to offer society a simple, affordable and attractive to the absolute majority idea (if you want a super-task) that explains who we are, what we want to create and where to move.
  11. Nymp
    Nymp April 21 2012 13: 16
    I disagree with the author of the publication on the following; - "if not for the intervention of the UN and NATO armed units, through whose efforts the belligerent parties signed the Peaceful Dayton Agreement in 1995" If not for NATO, this conflict did not exist at all! Through the efforts of the alliance countries, the conflict within the country was artificially heated! It was not profitable for Europe to have a Slavic, and even predominantly Orthodox, state in its rear! It is clear that the center of Orthodoxy is Russia. To endure at their side a pro-Russian state-in is for them a sickle in a well-known place! As a result of skillful gradual influence from the outside, they achieved the split of Yugoslavia into ethnic islands. The author either naively believes in the "peacekeeping" mission of the UN and NATO, or this is a well-thought-out propaganda whitewashing the NATO kites! I put a minus.
    1. warrior
      warrior April 22 2012 01: 48
      In general, the center of Orthodoxy for the Slavs is the Bulgarian kingdom. From there, it all began, and faith and writing. As a Varangian, the Orthodox do not really represent it. But in principle, Byzantium is the birthplace of Orthodoxy.
      1. Egor-dis
        Egor-dis April 22 2012 19: 08
        Quote: warrior
        for the Slavs this is the Bulgarian kingdom. From there, it all began, and faith and writing.

        Orthodoxy - yes, from there. And the Slavs had their own written language (and much more) long before Cyril and Methodius.
        1. warrior
          warrior April 22 2012 19: 23
          Please show me very interesting!
        2. Vadim555
          Vadim555 April 22 2012 22: 52
          Quote: Egor-dis
          And the Slavs had their own written language (and much more) long before Cyril and Methodius.

          In the city of Nikonia (Dniester region) a figured vessel was found on which one can read the Russian inscription in Greek letters: "Keep your wife with agos". Translation: "Protect yourself, wife with his daughter (dos - daughter)." The figurine vessel depicts a man and a woman. The woman's face is wrapped in a scarf, under the scarf is a child. This matches the lettering. It turns out that Russian texts are a common phenomenon on the Black Sea coast of the first millennium BC. e. and the first centuries BC e. Inscriptions from Nikonia for more than two thousand years, Al-Khwarizmi once named in his book the Black Sea cities: Rastiyanis, Arsas, Arusinia. Now we can say with confidence: these are cities of Rus, descendants of the legendary sons of the leopard.

          1. warrior
            warrior April 22 2012 23: 34
            You cite the Kazakh site as an authority on Russian writing! There is no Slovna RAS. As the Serbs say - PRAISE! This is an alternative. Fomenko in Kazakh appearance. And why Russian and not Ukrainian. Ukrainians also find inscriptions in the Ukrainian language in the ancient Greek colonies of the Seven Prichenomoria. The Russian school of linguistics, Slavic studies is one of the leading in the world, and you bring it here. God knows what. A shame!!!
            1. Egor-dis
              Egor-dis April 23 2012 11: 35
              Because Ukrainian, in relation to Russian (Slavic), is a remake that took shape in the last 200-300 years, and finally - only in the 20th century. Unlike the language of the ancient Slavs, which was the basis for all Slavic languages, and for the Greek, by the way, too.

              But something tells me that not a single proof, not a single source will suit you (unless an upright confession written personally by Cyril and Methodius wink )

              For those who are interested:
    Раздел 13
  12. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss April 21 2012 13: 21
    These were difficult times for all Slavs. The EU and the amers in a single rush began to destroy Yugoslavia. Russia itself almost became a victim of centrifugal processes .--------------- The question of the possibility of complete reconciliation of peoples remains open.И прежде чем,можно будет говорить о примирении, нужно разгрести горы лжи и натовской пропаганды.
  13. suharev-52
    suharev-52 April 21 2012 14: 07
    Nimp. Hold the plus. One of the reasons for the war in Yugoslavia is the running-in of the scenario of the collapse of Russia. And he continues to be implemented. The global financial oligarchy continues to operate. Yesterday state. Medvedev signed the amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, according to which international capital is allowed to privatize the military-industrial complex. So the men have not passed the point of no return. The time is approaching when you have to defend your right to life with weapons in your hands. So what's the .... revival of Russia? Yes and more. What have you already forgotten what Mendel said at the request of the Serbs to give them Russian citizenship? So the Slavs as a nation continue to be erased from the face of the Earth. And we don’t even resist! So Russia is ahead of the rest in terms of psycho-weapons. It is a pity that it is in the hands of the enemies of the Russian people. Sincerely.
      OSTAP BENDER April 21 2012 14: 37
      suharev-52 You are absolutely right! Recently, Mendel’s actions have been suggestive of a story about a mishandled Cossack!
      1. ozs
        ozs April 22 2012 02: 48
        The last 25 years in power only mishandled Cossacks.
        bald, ebn, gnome, luntik are in essence temporary workers.
    2. ozs
      ozs April 22 2012 02: 58
      The point of no return was passed in the early 2000s.
      Now we can say we are approaching the finish line.
      It was for a more streamlined and controlled process that the gnome was returned to official power, the luntik turned out to be too weak a figure.

      With the formation of a missile defense system, destabilization will begin within Russia. Then the NATO peacekeepers, here and Ulyanovsk by the way will be. Well, then everything follows the well-known and long-running scenario.
      In this regard, it will be easier to deal with Russia even than with Iran. Yes, militarily, Russia is many times superior to Iran, but temporary authorities are in power. And this is the worst and do not leave any chance.
      1. Opertak
        Opertak April 22 2012 18: 05
        Quote: ozs
        The point of no return was passed in the early 2000s.

        Rave! It was then that the course to her was stopped. And the bifurcation point will be passed in 2012. Get ready, for the New Year we will live in a completely different country.
  14. Yemelya
    Yemelya April 21 2012 20: 38
    If we conduct an anology from the USSR, then the Serbs are Russians, the Croats are app. Ukrainians, Slovenes - the Baltic states, Albanians and Bosniaks - Caucasians and Central Asians. The set of claims, the type of behavior, foreign policy orientation and the composition of the coalitions correspond to post-Soviet counterparts
  15. xmmmm
    xmmmm April 21 2012 21: 08
    The collapse of Yugoslavia and the USSR are two wounds that will bleed for a very long time on the body of the Slavic brotherhood
  16. warrior
    warrior April 21 2012 23: 48
    All of you, comrades, are far from South-hell. And good that far. Yugoslavia collapsed because the Slavic peoples in it did not want to live any longer under Serbian rule. Slovenes, Croats, Bulgarians in "Macedonia" and in Eastern Serbia have always and deeply hated the Serbs and the South Serbian state. Everyone knew that the patron and creator of Yugoslavia was Comrade. Stalin, and for him the USSR. In Yugoslavia, there were concentration camps after the Second World War. They were abolished in the 60s. The camp for Bulgarians was in the village of Beli Otok. About 30 people died of hunger, beating and illness. Of these, 000 are my relatives. I cannot forgive the Serbs. Let the children think there, but I can't. The influence of the USSR fell and these peoples immediately rose up against the Serbian occupants and colonists. When it all started in South Serbia, my recruitment took stock. We went with songs. The Bulgarian army concentrated on the western border. I, as a reserve officer, received new "Cuban" - combat boots. I didn't wear them, the beach for the parade in Belgrade. I still have them. Untouched. Are waiting. Shooting began at the borders, our border guards were wounded and killed. We, the suppliers, worked day and night to complete parts. We were almost ready when the German officers of the Plann troops came to us (the Bulgarian-Yugoslav border is mainly in the mountains). They began to patrol the border in order to avoid provocation. We were stopped. At the same time, NATO stopped it. They did not want to expand the conflict. Our presence stopped the Serbs and they did not make any problems in Macedonia and the Bulgarians in Eastern Serbia only frightened them. They also did not want to fight. To slaughter civilians is one thing, to compete with the Bulgarian army is quite another.
    I got excited. What is the moral of the story in general - the Slavic brotherhood will be when the Slovenian peoples live on an equal footing, and not the Sorbians are ruled by Bulgarians, Croats and whom else. We rule no one but ourselves. Serbs in the face gave, but not much. If you learned a lesson - good. If net - let's add it.
    1. vladimir64ss
      vladimir64ss April 22 2012 00: 31
      Quote: warrior
      If you learned a lesson - good. If net - let's add it.

      Ivan, who does not remember kinship, (you have such a saying) ended badly. I live on the street of Stara Zagora.
      1. warrior
        warrior April 22 2012 00: 47
        All is correct. It is necessary in his family to restore order in the first place. Let the Serbs live in their place, do not touch other Slavs and everything will be fine. And on the account of Stara Zagora - that’s why we forgive you the Russians of all late betrayals, serophilia and especially communism.
    2. rexby63
      rexby63 April 22 2012 17: 09
      Here is the true opinion of the "brothers". Perhaps it would be better if the Turkish Janissaries still had them? Even at the institute he studied with a Bulgarian and was surprised by his attitude towards us, towards Russians. Dear friends! All these snot about the "poor brothers-Slavs" are not worth the intensity of emotions that flares up here when Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and other "brotherly" countries are mentioned. They are even worse than the states. Those are even obvious enemies, but these are like wolves dressed up in sheep's skins. And not even wolves, but jackals
      1. warrior
        warrior April 22 2012 17: 59
        Yanichar, respected, were recruited among the Balkan and Asia Minor Orthodox - Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbs, Bosniaks, etc. History must be taught.
        And about the enemies. Let's see what the Russian pro-Serbian policy has brought to. Yugoslavia has been preserved - no. Do you keep Serbia in your orbit? No, Serbia has also moved to the EU, and the pre-connection period has begun. Unofficially probed admission to NATO. The rest of the peoples of South Serbia how to relate to Russia? They do not care if tourists would come. And we are interested in Russia. We send exhibitions, we accept, we read books. Here is the autumn in Moscow again Year of the Bulgarian culture. The other day, our Minister of Culture came, booked a Bolshoi Theater for Bulgarian productions. Our national character is certainly not so hot. But how they meet us, so we answer.
        1. rexby63
          rexby63 April 23 2012 18: 42
          But I still regret that we, Russians, wipe ourselves off when such "brothers" like the Bulgarians spit in our face. We must immediately respond adequately. And about the janissaries (yenicheri), I know very well that they were recruited from Balkan boys (not youths, since the lower limit was 12 years old, what a young man it is) and they were converted to Islam and they served the Turkish sultan and the Turkish army. So they are TURKISH Janissaries, not some Macedonian or Bulgarian. And about the interest in Russia, take an interest, it's a pity or something. Just do not make the faces of "good friends"
  17. Hauptmannzimermann
    Hauptmannzimermann April 22 2012 01: 14
    Dear Voinik, about the "betrayal" of the Russians, you are very bent. Looks like you, Bulgarians, have a very short memory.
    1. warrior
      warrior April 22 2012 01: 24
      We have a long and detailed memory. From the war of 1878 to this day, a lot has happened. More than once, Russia purposefully worked against Bulgarian interests and committed war crimes against Bulgarians. And then the USSR. One communism with half a century of isolation from the civilized world is worth.
    2. apro
      apro April 22 2012 05: 53
      they don’t have it. not grown yet
  18. Hauptmannzimermann
    Hauptmannzimermann April 22 2012 15: 30
    Well, let's not talk about Bulgarian interests. You recalled the Slavic common roots when our army approached the Bulgarian borders. For example: on September 5, 1944, the USSR declared war on Bulgaria, on September 6, the 3rd Ukrainian front received an order to start hostilities. Marshal Tolbukhin F.I. . ordered the troops to advance forward detachments. After half an hour, the commander of the 57th army reported that one of the infantry divisions of the Bulgarian army, having been built along the road, met our units with deployed RED BANNERS and solemn music. Moving everywhere the Soviet troops were greeted with the warmest attitude. And where are war crimes, you write nonsense, teach history better.

    I almost forgot about the "Bulgarian interests". They always coincided with the interests of the Western world. I personally do not believe in brotherhood with Bulgarians, Romanians, etc. And this "brotherhood" began only on the eve of a common flogging (red banners, music) fraternized as best they could laughing
    1. warrior
      warrior April 22 2012 15: 46
      1. Let's talk about Bulgarian interests, I listen to you with great attention.
      2. Please name the division according to the nomenclature of the Bulgarian army (eg 11 Macedonian infantry division, Devet Pleven infantry division) and the name of the commander. And so one division, there is such an expression in Bulgarian, one woman in the bazaar said (in the sense of fiction, rumors).
      3. There was a shooting of civilians by Soviet troops, robberies, rape and all the charm as in Germany. When the puppet communist government was formed, the Red Army had to be pacified by ostentatious executions for looting and rape.
      4. Bulgarian interests always coincided with Bulgarian interests. And the west is a vague concept. Sometimes they coincided with the German, sometimes with the French, sometimes with the Russians. Now we are working with the European Commission. Anything can happen.
      1. viruskvartirus
        viruskvartirus April 24 2012 00: 27
        You know the respected Voinik .... if you take and imagine the Russian-Bulgarian relations and lay down the weights ... then the 1878 weights are VERY heavy. And what you say about communism makes me laugh. Weren't your people communists?
  19. Hauptmannzimermann
    Hauptmannzimermann April 22 2012 16: 22
    1. Bulgarian interests-BENEFITS are your interests.
    3. About the "atrocities" of the SOVIET ARMY-a) Do not compare with Germany. B) if there were cases of looting in Bulgaria, then they were single and severely punished by the relevant authorities. Tales about "atrocities" are custom-made, in an attempt to rewrite history.
    4. You can "work" even with the Pope, but know history tends to repeat itself dear Voinik.
    1. warrior
      warrior April 22 2012 16: 56
      1. And what ideas, mine. To lead a disadvantageous policy, a power to bankrupt, crush people. What is the policy of Russi and BeloRussi? So that we live freely and that our hucksters are longer than our neighbors. And we have the same thing.
      2. To the memoirs of Zhukov, Cherchel, DeGol, Eisenhower, etc. I have a negative attitude. This is not true, this is political propaganda. I remember the site suits me. All kinds of inaccuracies, but from the heart. So that the Bulgarian tsarist officers, most of them hereditary, and I am one of seven, raised Bolshevik flags and fraternized with the commissars - this is from the field of unscientific fiction.
      3. The Pope, Maine Hauptmann, from our regiment, a set of Hitler agent in air defense, wielded a flask. So work with him how to give a drink. And the story repeats itself - they brought the Russian Serbophilia through three centuries. And all to the detriment of Bulgaria.
  20. Hauptmannzimermann
    Hauptmannzimermann April 22 2012 19: 45
    I see you can’t change Herr Voynik, Remain with your opinion, Take care of your shoes and, just in case, stock up with red cloth. See you in Sofia.
  21. Veteran
    Veteran April 22 2012 22: 00
    After 1878, when Russia practically liberated the Bulgarians from Ottoman oppression, bullying and national humiliation, Bulgaria managed to "thank" Russia three times with filth: 1) in the First World War, 2) in the Second World War, 3) joining NATO in 2004 She paid for the first (lost a significant part of her territory and access to the Aegean Sea), for the second she was absolutely forgiven, for the third - everything is ahead, time will tell - God sees everything.
    1. warrior
      warrior April 22 2012 23: 04
      Before you write, you must read, dear.
      Bulgaria freed itself from the Ottoman Empire on September 22, 1908. - Independence Day, is celebrated on a national holiday. On this day, against the will of the All-Russian Emperor, the Principality of Bulgaria and the proclamation of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom were declared Independent. The Act is supported by the Austro-Hungarian Emperor and the German Chancellor with supportive neutrality of Great Britain. All this is thirty ice AFTER the Russian-Turkish war of 1878.
      At the beginning of WWI Bulgaria carried out national unification. Russia supported our enemies Serbia, Romania, Greece. For which Russian troops were utterly defeated by our troops in Dobrudja and Bulgaria signed the Bresky separatist world as a winner. At the same time, the Russian fleet tarnished its honor forever, ravaging the Bulgarian resort town of Balchik, killing civilians, wives and children.
      In WWII, Bulgaria did not enter the war against the USSR. Moreover, the Bulgarian ambassador in Moscow represented the interests of the Axis countries. Through him, Stalin asked for Hitler’s separate world on July 27, 1941. In spite of the non-participation of the Bulgarian troops on the eastern front, the Russian submarines violated the Bulgarian territorial waters and threw sabotage communist groups into the territory of the country. The submarine was drowned, the groups destroyed. September 05, 1944 without declaring war, the Bolshevik Red Army steadily attacked Bulgaria. The occupation followed, during which many crimes, rape and robberies by Soviet troops were committed. Then 50 years of communism followed, which in itself was a crime.
      After the collapse of the USSR, Russia returned to the traditional policy of supporting South Serbia, including bearing plans to move its troops through the Bulgarian territory there. That was followed by the answer - Bulgaria’s entry into NATO and the EU.
      So, gentlemen, if you don’t like something, blame yourself. But we do not hold evil. Do not worry about us, you yourself are not without problems.
  22. Veteran
    Veteran April 22 2012 23: 45
    On what I read, dear, you will need another 40 years. But it is unlikely that this will help you, the psychological attitude will not allow you to perceive the true reality. I did not write about the independence of Bulgaria in 1878, but according to the results of the Berlin treatise, Bulgaria, with its center in Sofia, was declared an autonomous principality, temporarily governing Bulgaria until the introduction of the constitution passed to the Russian commissar, and the rights of the Bulgarians were previously guaranteed by the 9-month stay of Russians troops. Turkish troops lost the right to be in the principality. The rights of Christian Bulgarians were equated with Muslims; peacetime was established at 34 of the year. Thus, the Ottoman chaos in relation to the Bulgarians ceased, the nation began to revive quickly, which allowed it to come to independence in 1908 in the future, creating statehood.
    As for the rest of your calculations, they clearly show your small-town-regional limited perception of historical events on a global scale. I don’t even want to discuss it. All the best, good luck on the road.
  23. gray cat
    gray cat 18 November 2012 13: 42
    "On the eve of the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 90s, the country's population was more than 10 million people, of which: 62% - Serbs, Albanians - 17%, Montenegrins - 5%, Muslims - 3%, Hungarians - 3% and others." - I don’t think that the articles of the author, who imagines himself to be an expert on interethnic conflicts, and even as complex as the ex-Yugoslavian one, and who does not know the difference between the concepts of “nationality” and “religion” deserve any serious consideration. am
  24. Ratmir_Ryazan
    Ratmir_Ryazan 27 June 2015 08: 35
    Yugoslavia was not destroyed by Western intelligence agencies, but the Yugoslavs themselves !!! Namely, the Yugoslav communists who brought the people to poverty and the Yugoslav nationalists because of which the meaningless massacre began !!! As a result, a sufficiently strong state fell apart into fragments of small and pseudo-independent states ... We must remember this and not allow this in Russia !!! There is no place for Nazism in Russia and no more Communists should be allowed to power with their fake slogans and stupid planned economy, like all parties like them !!!
  25. Head Physician
    Head Physician 4 November 2017 19: 09
    Comrade fought
    I know a lot