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Impenetrable "Warrior-3" reveals secrets

Military equipment "Warrior" has long been received by the troops. To date, the Ministry of Defense has purchased more than 200 thousands of sets of this equipment, 30 thousands of which are "Warriors-2". Until 2020, all personnel of the Armed Forces of Russia will be equipped with the second generation of the “Warrior”.

Moreover, today the formation of the third generation of combat equipment has already been completed. This became known a little less than a month ago. In the near future, development work on the "Warrior-3" should begin.

The new modification will be completely different from the previous ones. First of all, we are talking about passive exoskeleton systems, which greatly enhance the physical capabilities of the fighter. Also, the kit will include life support systems and energy. Protection will be provided by innovative armor.

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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 22 February 2018 16: 47
    I hope the "Warrior" will be the best in the world.
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 22 February 2018 18: 28
      None of the taxes! laughing The equipment is not bad, but you should not do illusions about impenetrability. wink
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 22 February 2018 20: 31
        Quote: Ingvar 72
        The equipment is not bad, but you should not do illusions about impenetrability.

        And you take an interest in what fabric the mattresses use in their body armor ... I will tell you RUSAR. And to date, neither the mattresses nor the Europeans have come up with any fabric that would be at least comparable in quality to RUSAR or its derivatives. So advertised KEVLAR American is inferior to Rusar, and this was proved by the mattresses themselves in comparative trials and more than once.
        By the way, it’s not Kevlar, but Rusar, that is used in the US police officers’s armor plates.
        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 23 February 2018 07: 16
          Quote: NEXUS
          By the way, it’s not Kevlar, but Rusar, that is used in the US police officers’s armor plates.

          Did not know. Cool if so. And where did they dig the info, if not a secret? I will not find. request
        2. Portos
          Portos 26 February 2018 07: 37
          Actually where did they get it from? Rusar is produced (Ruslan, SVM, etc.) only with us, no, I do not exclude that the thread is sold over a hill, but this is obviously only for commerce, if that happens at all. Are there links to articles or photo evidence?
          And so yes Rusar is better in fragmentation resistance and most importantly in the world does not lose properties like Kevlar (Twaron, Herocron, etc.)
    2. Alexander Abiduev
      Alexander Abiduev 23 February 2018 23: 57
      We would have at one time, this is in Afghanistan.
      1. Su24
        Su24 25 February 2018 08: 58
        I’m interested in another - what is 1 million rubles worth in Ratnik?)
        1. Vladimir 5
          Vladimir 5 25 February 2018 19: 22
          Need a fat for different kickbacks. and they are like uncut cuties, it’s not an expensive thing, and over time rollbacks mourn ...
        2. Wreaper
          Wreaper 28 February 2018 16: 22
          And who said that it costs a million rubles for the army? This is it "conditionally for sale" worth. In fact, not so scary. In addition, a warrior is everything at once, roughly speaking, it is up to weapons. An analogue of the full complex of this class in the same USA, in my opinion it was called "Purplex" or something like that, 3-4 years ago it cost from 24 to 40 kilobaks ...
    3. iouris
      iouris 25 February 2018 11: 39
      And why didn’t the Wagnerites in Syria have this?
    HEATHER 22 February 2018 17: 01
    Nice thing. Our specialists are not enthusiastic, but they don’t like it either. Too much electronics are loaded. There is one problem. I am from the words of the commander of specialists. The Vepr squad. Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  3. Beltasir matyagu
    Beltasir matyagu 22 February 2018 17: 59
    It will be equipped with an autonomous human-like combat module "CoRatnik-1000" and a plasma gun "Snezhinka-U"
  4. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 23 February 2018 01: 34
    The main thing was said - the equipment goes to internal troops. Tremble the internal enemy!
    Go in this fantasy now and on the towers will the guards stand? And the last presidential decree - all the high and beloved by the people of the chiefs will now be protected by these astronauts.
    PMCs are also likely to be the first to receive reliable protection.
    But the infantry Vanka sure such "happiness" will not get.
  5. Archon
    Archon 23 February 2018 05: 03
    In the case of a real war, all electronics will end, because in Russia they do not make modern electronics. No processors, no displays, no optical sensors, or even push-button phones.
    The only thing that saves is that in the event of a real war, we will arrange an atomic apocalypse and plunge the whole planet into the Stone Age.
    1. Locksmith
      Locksmith 23 February 2018 14: 29
      Quote: Archon
      No processors, no displays, no optical sensors

      And the men didn’t know ... They made displays and a processor for themselves, and here it’s for you, that's all laughing
      Sometimes it's better to chew ... than to carry any blizzard negative
      1. 100502
        100502 17 May 2018 11: 57
        Name at least one processor grown with us ... It can be seen right away that you are not in the subject.
  6. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 23 February 2018 11: 15
    Enduring and legendary,
    Knowing the joy of victory in battles,
    You, my dear, dear army,
    Sends our homeland a hello song !!!
    All ------ WITH A CENTURY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, Warrior --- that's cool! Steeper than most science fiction writers. And the next stage ??? A reasonable spacesuit, consulting with a person in a crisis situation --- like Alan D. Foster’s in the novel “Sentenced to Prism”!
  7. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 23 February 2018 13: 03
    The main thing here is that it is and is developing.
  8. tchoni
    tchoni 23 February 2018 15: 19
    A bunch of buzzwords. Judging by the price announced, specialists will use individual elements. The solarium will get conditionally splinterproof jumpsuit)
  9. philosopher
    philosopher 24 February 2018 10: 59
    I also don’t think that even in 2020 EVERY soldier will be equipped with a full-fledged “Warrior”, this is too expensive and not necessary. Most likely, each soldier will receive a basic set of "Warrior", according to the tasks he performs. Well, if the task will change, then the composition of the issued kit will change.
    And whatever they write here, mass military equipment relies on exclusively domestic element base, such as processors, displays, servomotors, batteries. If there are examples of the purchase of foreign samples, then these are only exceptions and are essentially a transitional link to the domestic counterpart, which at that time was in the process of development.
  10. Harutyun Yervandyan
    Harutyun Yervandyan 25 February 2018 04: 56
    During training at the military department (98th year), the teacher talked about the fact that in the future, NATO soldiers will have mine boots (they will withstand a mine explosion), full body protection. Like the Russian Ivan will not have a chance (quote).
    And life turned out to be an interesting thing, forecast forecast, but life brings its surprises ... The receiving RF was ahead of all potential opponents, because Ratnik 3 is something futuristic with full protection and an exoskeleton. Will the mine warrior boots show time.
    As for Kevlar and Rusar, this is an aramid thread, and the name is a trademark. Soviet is 10-20 percent stronger than the difference, the difference is insignificant. By the way, the aramid thread burns, even as it burns. But after eliminating the source of flame, it immediately goes out. Therefore, while the fighter is under the influence of fire, the form will burn, as soon as it leaves the fire it will go out.
    P.S. I think the future belongs to carbon nanofibers (nanotubes).
    1. Dedall
      Dedall 25 February 2018 11: 41
      "Mine shoes" - ha ha ha! Dear, we have one woe-soldier shoved an explosion packet under his helmet and stood on his feet. Got a compression fracture of 5 lumbar vertebra. And I’ll add that the 80 gram board checker interrupts the tram rail.
      Even the tank, when it hit a mine with 2 122 mm shells, lost its mobility due to a shift in the engine. This is not counting the failure of all electronics.
      1. Harutyun Yervandyan
        Harutyun Yervandyan 25 February 2018 18: 23
        The exoskeleton should compensate for the shock load. But it’s better to get a fracture than to die from blood loss from the femoral artery.
        P.S. Fugas and anti-personnel mine are not the same thing.
        P.P.S. Turn over a soldier's helmet, it is unlikely to have received a fracture, since there is a concept of streamlining under the influence of a shock wave.
      2. tarsil
        tarsil 27 February 2018 08: 47
        In modern mines (of course anti-personnel mines), explosives of 30-40 grams are no longer needed. In the same Petal (PFM-1) - 40g. They have not been killing for a very long time, but are crippling. Mine boots have been around for quite some time, just uncomfortable and heavy, you won’t run for a long time. There is only a special block, and three plates (titanium or alloys) with an overlap. So that I wouldn’t carry a foot during an explosion.
        Well, about the explosive package in the helmet - here we got the effect of a cumulative blow, to be a fool, it is fraught with that ...
  11. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 27 February 2018 18: 17
    I would like to hope that the desired will be embodied and in some way surpasses what has been said.