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Will German soldiers "hold back Russia"?

In Germany, came up with a response to the "aggressor." This is what? Russia. Twelve thousand German soldiers will go to NATO exercises. The purpose of the exercise is “containment of Russia”. German burghers will pay for teaching 90 million euros. The reason for the costly exercises is the Kremlin’s “aggressive policy”.

The Bundeswehr will take part in 2018 year in military maneuvers aimed at "deterring Russia". The maneuvers will go three times more soldiers than in the previous year.

Around 12.000 soldier, reports, will go to the teachings, called "Sword Shot", "Fire Thunder" and "Iron Wolf". The exercise will take place in the eastern and northern territories of NATO. Exercise costs will be approximately 90 million euros.

The main reason for the increased activity of military maneuvers is the policy of Russia, which is perceived as "aggressive." In particular, the newspaper notes, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland feel the threat from Russia since Russia annexed the Crimea (2014 year).

Military maneuvers should send a “clear signal” to the main person from the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin. He must learn: intervening in the affairs of any of the NATO countries will have "serious consequences."

Increasing the number of participants in military maneuvers is also due to the fact that NATO exercises themselves will be the largest in many years.

In total, the “Trident Juncture” maneuvers (“Single Trident”) will involve a total of from 30000 to 40000 military personnel, including about 8000 soldiers from Germany.

90 million euros, we note, the amount is very large for the exercises. As well as the number of troops in 12000 people. Last year, Germany exposed all 4000 soldiers and spent 50 million euros.

"The Bundeswehr will help to contain Russia on the eastern flank of NATO" - under this title came the material on "German wave".

It is stated that the United Trident maneuvers will take place from October 25 to November 23 2018 in Norway, in the Baltic Sea and in the north of the Atlantic Ocean. According to NATO leaders, the maneuvers "will provide conditions for testing, debugging and further developing the existing or new potential."

Conceived teachings, we note, fit well into the concept of a new cold war that the West is waging against Russia. Germany is also participating in it, despite gas deals with Russia. Business and energy security should probably not be confused with politics. We buy gas from you, we dream of easing the sanctions, but we will set up a soldier against the “aggressor”, because the Poles are afraid of you. About this formula fit the actions of the defense department of Germany.

The concept of a new cold war is no longer built on the opposition of advanced democracy with its freedoms and Coke to the totalitarian or authoritarian USSR, which Mr. Reagan called the “evil empire”. No, the Soviet Union collapsed, its social achievements are living the last days, Coca-Cola is sold at any kiosk, the current Communist Party of Comrade. Zyuganov is not very popular, citizens have no desire for communism, and indeed no ideology other than a young and successful one, in Russia there is no: there is wild capitalism around, sometimes tightly fused with power. Therefore, the basis of the new confrontation needed to inject money into the US economy, primarily in the military-industrial complex (Trump's plan to “make America great again”), took the Crimea. They say that the Russians undertook to redraw the boundaries.

By the way, Mr. Obama denied the new cold war. Now, however, very few people remember this, including Obama himself. And Mr. Trump not only fulfills the program of Mr. Obama on sanctions and arming Europe, but is also ready to arm Ukraine, which the peacemaker Obama did not dare.

The concept of the new cold war was confirmed in the report of the Munich Security Conference. In general, the Munich “theses” themselves became a kind of symbolic: after all, the West remembers Putin’s “Munich speech” (2007) and regards it as a reference point in the geopolitical “turn” of Russia. It’s no joke: Putin dared to object to the USA itself and informed the world about the unacceptability of the so-called unipolar model of the world!

"For the modern world, a unipolar model is not only unacceptable, but impossible at all."

"The entire system of law of one state, first of all, of course, the United States, has stepped over its national borders in all spheres: in the economy, in politics, and in the humanitarian sphere it is imposed on other states."

"What happened to those assurances that were given by Western partners after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact?"

The West has never liked criticism in its address - since the time of the USSR. He did not favor the West and Russia, especially in the form of a strong USSR. And here it is:

“Russia is a country with more than a thousand years historyand almost always she enjoyed the privilege of pursuing an independent foreign policy. We are not going to change this tradition today. ”

It turns out that Putin seems to have stepped onto a slippery, almost Soviet way. And in the 2014 year, after the Crimea, the West remembered this to Putin. There were speeches about “aggression”, “reshaping borders for the first time after World War II”, “revanchism” and even “attempts to revive the USSR” (this was mentioned, in particular, by Madame Clinton). Everyone remembers these hot speeches of Western politicians, it makes no sense to quote further.

After 2014, the West started talking about a likely conflict with Russia. The ridiculous record of the Reagan times about the “evil empire” and the senseless assumptions about the coming seizure of the Baltic countries, Poland and even Finland by the Russians were taken as the basis for this ridiculous propaganda. And Sweden was alarmed. And the Spaniards managed through the press to accuse the Kremlin of a referendum in Catalonia! And even the prime minister in Malta discovered the “Russian trace” when he was accused of corruption. However, other Russian patriots got so many Maltese passports that the accusation is not surprising.

Not so much today they are talking about a third world war (you will agree, this is a topic for fiction rather than for the media), as about an unintended conflict between NATO and Russia. An accidental blow, someone accidentally pressed a button, planes accidentally met in the sky, accidentally found the wrong target of a rocket ... You never mind! In response to the blow, the other side should strike, and now the real war has begun.

The compilers of the report of the Munich Security Conference just talk about increasing the risk of collision: they say, the parties do not observe agreements on arms control, they are deploying additional forces, tensions are growing around military exercises. One miscalculation - and the war begins.

And if during the days of the old cold war, the parties had a whole policy to prevent accidental clashes and there were a number of ways to conduct urgent negotiations, now the situation has become so acute that it’s not possible to speak of any normalization.

At the same time, the report of the Munich Security Conference avoids the topic of NATO enlargement to the east - the very one that Putin said eleven years ago in Munich. “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region is not an attack on the West, it’s Putin’s reaction to the Western strategy of “containment”, the one that the German defense ministry is now advocating, wishing to spend 90 million euros of taxpayers money on training to combat the mythical Russian “aggression” ".

The arms race, which is a relic of the Cold War, is dangerous because both sides will be guilty over time. There is nothing to be done here, but behind each step of the first side there is a step of the side of the second, then a new step of the side of the first, and so on, incrementally. The arms race is at the same time a means to create jobs and revive the industry, but at the same time it creates a heavy military ballast, which, after construction, must be maintained and maintained financially, and the living force must be kept in a proper fighting tone. This is an endlessly exhausting budget, and this budget is felt on its shoulders by taxpayer partners. One of the reasons for the collapse of the USSR was the bloated military budget. And today, competition with the United States can lead to sad consequences for a country dependent on oil and gas exports. However, the most joyous times for the US have also come: trillions of public debt, which are a consequence of Reagan’s policy and his followers like Bush Jr., will sooner or later affect the financial position of a superpower, whose debt papers are very fond of buying by Russians and Chinese (though both Russia and China are officially recorded by Trump in strategic opponents).

As for the Germans, then, fortunately, there are sensible politicians among them, who not only advocate the easing of sanctions against Russia, but also do not wish to welcome American soldiers and equipment on their lands. In the end, Mr. Trump has done a lot to make the US quarrel with Europe, and especially with Germany, and therefore it is possible that the Cold War and the arms race will decline. Poles can not worry: Putin does not gather an army to march on Warsaw.
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 22 February 2018 06: 38
    Will German soldiers "hold back Russia"?
    again wanted?
    1. apro
      apro 22 February 2018 07: 55
      Andrei Yurievich. It's not even funny ...
      There is no this power today ..
      The Germans today know what they want. And what the Russians want? This is the biggest secret in Russia.
      1. Alber
        Alber 22 February 2018 10: 14
        Quote: apro
        There is no this power today ..
        The Germans today know what they want. And what the Russians want? This is the biggest secret in Russia.

        The Judeo-Masons and World usurious Zionofascism once again would like to pit Germany with Russia and get their sneaky gesheft from this
      2. Molot1979
        Molot1979 22 February 2018 13: 21
        So the Germans, dear, do not suck today. Saaaavsem not those. In Afghanistan, the Bundeswehr’s best weapon is the money they pay to the Afghans so that they don’t touch the Germans.
      3. Urs
        Urs 22 February 2018 15: 45
        I dare to assure the Russians just want to live calmly and peacefully.
        There is no Russian who wants to fight.
        1. Ronald Reagan
          Ronald Reagan 22 February 2018 16: 21
          Why, then, in Russia such a Stakhanovite military-pumping up the population? No.
          1. Retired2012
            Retired2012 23 February 2018 06: 45
            But what is the STAKHAN military pumping population? Yes, the country is arming itself, like other countries ..... Cruise missiles went, as in other countries ..... Russia is weak aircraft carriers, so we do not have quiet, calm seas, oceans .......
          2. Urs
            Urs 23 February 2018 18: 37
            Complete nonsense.
            Here all the words of Suvorov are clearly defined (correct if not right)
            "If the state does not want to feed and arm its army, it will feed the army of the adversary."
            Independence requires protection.
            And another statement, no less famous personality.
            "Russia has only two friends. Her army and navy."
          3. Rav Rav
            Rav Rav 23 February 2018 20: 06
            Because Ronald once called me the Empire of Evil, and I'm good !!!
          4. Alber
            Alber 24 February 2018 13: 01
            Quote: Ronald Reagan
            Why, then, in Russia such a Stakhanovite military-pumping up the population? No.

            and what, you suggest us to stay naked ... sing in the current situation? here to hell to you! let’s keep our “club” ready for spite of the Naglo-Saxon Zionofascism.
          5. Chever
            Chever 1 March 2018 13: 20
            Quote: Ronald Reagan
            Why, then, in Russia such a Stakhanovite military-pumping up the population? No.

            In Russia, of course, weapons are being updated, but it is far from Stakhanov’s.
    2. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer 22 February 2018 16: 44
      "... The Bundeswehr will participate in the 2018 year in military maneuvers aimed at containing Russia ..."

      It would be nice for the Bundeswehr to consult with the Wehrmacht first. With the survivors.
  2. 210ox
    210ox 22 February 2018 06: 39
    The smaller the mongrel, the louder the names of the exercises.
    1. dedBoroded
      dedBoroded 22 February 2018 14: 13
      In response, a series of exercises under the general title “ten Stalinist strikes” should be conducted.
  3. XII Legion
    XII Legion 22 February 2018 07: 05
    German soldiers "restrain Russia"

    Already tried
    In the best of times
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 February 2018 07: 31
    Saber Strike, Fire Thunder, and Iron Wolf
    From the names alone, the Russians already have a "frost on their skin", it’s scary. The "restraints" who have forgotten their history, not to mention the history of Russia.
    1. ML-334
      ML-334 22 February 2018 11: 41
      It would be better to restrain those who fuck their women.
    2. Urs
      Urs 22 February 2018 15: 49
      In how these "gentlemen" will not understand that the Russians have not been afraid of anyone for a long time, well, they have fought off for so many years of history.
      And they forget that only Genghis Khan was able to put the Russians on their knees and that he probably regretted it.
      1. Z_G_R
        Z_G_R 23 February 2018 15: 44
        So for a minute it’s not a fact that history tells the truth about the Mongol-Tatar yoke) There are a lot of questions. It is likely that the Horde and Russia are one and the same, well, or one part of the other. The Germans wrote our history during the time of Peter, do not forget about it.
        1. Urs
          Urs 23 February 2018 18: 45
          Again, not a fact (I'm talking about the Germans and Peter), I rely on the story that eyewitnesses of those times told me in their annals.
          1. Z_G_R
            Z_G_R 23 February 2018 20: 50
            what are the eyewitnesses? The paper will endure everything) Won Ukraine, before our eyes, is changing history for 5 years. And what happened 300 years ago? anything can be there at all.
  5. Lynx33
    Lynx33 22 February 2018 07: 36
    Gentlemen, the Germans apparently forgot that the houses built in the post-war years by their grandfathers who were in our captivity have long been in need of major repairs # there will be someone to continue their work.
  6. oracul
    oracul 22 February 2018 08: 12
    In politics, one cannot be guided solely by one's vision and understanding of the world. To believe in the beauty that will save the world, in the goodness and love that will improve it, this, of course, sounds wonderful. Just do not forget that the struggle and unity of opposites is a source of development, i.e. in other words, good and evil are often adjacent to each other, which means that good must be with its fists in order to protect itself. A new generation of Germans is ripening for revenge and this must be taken into account. Unfortunately, this is the prose of life.
  7. Chaos
    Chaos 22 February 2018 10: 02
    The external enemy is not dangerous to us. Throw nuclear bombs. Much more dangerous are the internal enemies of the people, who are ready to sell themselves to the West. type of yavlinsky. Children in London, he marks for president.
    1. Maverick1812
      Maverick1812 22 February 2018 15: 06
      And what only Yavlinsky has children in London ?! Some of the authorities in the United States!
      PS I’m not so for Yavlinsky, but still ......
      1. Chaos
        Chaos 22 February 2018 16: 16
        I will name 3 reasons. 1. Yavlinsky may be put in a difficult position by blackmailing children. Not the fact that he will make the right decision for Russia. 2. Yavlinsky did not explain to the children that Russia is a good house, you have to live in it, make it better and protect it. Or maybe he sent them to London, which is even worse. 3. in case of war, he wonders whether to send missiles to London or not. I do not need such a president. Children and relatives of our celestials from power living abroad are always under the control of special services of NATO countries. I do not exclude that the mafia, too.
  8. Ascetic
    Ascetic 22 February 2018 11: 09
    About 12.000 soldiers, reports, will go to exercises called the “Saber Strike”, “Fire Thunder” and “Iron Wolf”.

    I would call these teachings Rake kick, Fire rum и Iron Capote
  9. flicker
    flicker 22 February 2018 11: 30
    So cunning Germans want to get rid of state custody. Like, alas, but we lost and now under the occupation of Russia, IAN and goy hom.
  10. Sedoy
    Sedoy 22 February 2018 12: 14
    but what about ... sure to restrain ...

    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 22 February 2018 14: 42
      Quote: Sedoy
      but what about ... sure to restrain ...

      And here’s Merkel’s successor, much younger and prettier laughing

      Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has a great sense of humor, regularly - in the guise of a Saaris Landtag cleaner - takes part in carnival skits and even became a gentleman of the comic German "Order for the absence of tediousness."
      Merkel has decided on its likely successor
  11. Pacifist
    Pacifist 22 February 2018 12: 51
    Shaw again ?! Yes, how much can that citizens! bully
  12. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 22 February 2018 12: 54
    What does Russia want? Yes, this is visible to the naked eye! Russia wants a return to former imperial greatness! And so that the economy works stably, and wages are worthy, and the word Russian in the world everywhere arouses respect! But one must pay for greatness by the exertion of forces, and not only in production, but also for the leverage of the tank. And, unfortunately, not all are ready for this, after the mess of the 90s and relaxation in the 2000s. But the top Russian does not want all this at all! Rotten through, even after listening to presidential candidates, she only dreams of quick gesheftikov, and quickly topple over the hill, until they grabbed their own. And it's disgusting to see it!
    1. Urs
      Urs 22 February 2018 15: 52
      Yes, we do not need this greatness, just let it not interfere with life and development.
      Well, we do not need war.
  13. shinobi
    shinobi 22 February 2018 13: 10
    The Bundeswehr is not the Wehrmacht. They will play enough, once again understand this simple truth and roll back the losses.
  14. NordUral
    NordUral 22 February 2018 14: 00
    I have another proposal to the Germans. Or maybe try to be friends and, if necessary, then fight on one side? After all, you and I have one enemy that has pitted our countries for centuries - the Anglo-Saxon world. What he continues to do with his usual meanness and cunning.
    Remember how we left your land. And remember who is still occupying you.
    I offer you friendship in the name of peace in Europe, and throughout the Earth. Namely, the Union of Germany and Russia on an equal footing will make war impossible. There will not be and will not be a second such force that it will be able to dare to speak out against such a Union.
    1. dauria
      dauria 22 February 2018 20: 18
      There will not be and will not be a second such force that it will be able to dare to speak out against such a Union.

      Eh heh heh ... The idea is great, but where to put these, what are between us - Poles, Balts? Well, they are poor, surrounded by "enemies" crazy.
  15. nnz226
    nnz226 22 February 2018 14: 01
    12000 German soldiers will "fight" against Russia ??? Have you forgotten that 18 days ago in Russia marked the 75 anniversary of the end of the Battle of Stalingrad? Of the 330 000 surrounded by Wehrmacht soldiers, only 95000 was captured, and the order of 5000 returned to Germany ??? And the dome was restored on the Reistag, and the 150 Idritskaya division was restored in the sun, so that the Victory Banner would not be “rewritten”
  16. Urs
    Urs 22 February 2018 16: 01
    And what is interesting, everyone probably perfectly understands who actually pulls the strings of these Europuppets.
    Europe has long ago lost the opportunity to independently determine its foreign policy.
    He does what they say from overseas or they’ll hammer into his head what should be done like that.
  17. Dzafdet
    Dzafdet 22 February 2018 18: 48
    Our kid went to live in Germany and decided to serve in the army. Barely achieved this. Cross run, the sergeant yells: if you run badly, then the Russians will catch up with you, having heard this, he accelerated and shouted to the sergeant: they are already here! ... laughing tongue tongue wassat
  18. Clone
    Clone 22 February 2018 21: 07
    With all the negativity that reigned in the wake of democracy, liberalism and tolerance, I would not neglect the warlike "Teutonic spirit" that persisted in the eastern lands of Germany. Paradoxical as it may sound, it has survived with our help, with our attitude to the Germans as allies, and not as adversaries who lost the war. The Germans are excellent fighters, and everything that’s present ... is superficial and temporary.
  19. japs
    japs 22 February 2018 21: 48
    Yesterday and the day before yesterday I took time to read the online publications "WAZ" and "Welt", because subscribed to the newsletter,
    A couple of articles are devoted to the report of the Bundeswehr commission on the state of troops and combat readiness.
    The ground forces urgently need tents, body armor, combat weapons (their automatic rifles showed disastrous results in Afghanistan in accuracy), more than half of the tanks are not on the move, more than half of the BMP are not on the move, the Navy does not have enough crews for submarines, 6 submarines are not on On the move, new ones are passed for sea trials in the USA and Poland (Poland, Karl, Poland! Where they burned their last combat-ready submarine ...). Gynecologist Ushi von der Layen (current Minister of Defense) expressed a desire to take up his post in the new government, saying that she likes the army. But the army does not like her ...
    I will not retell the content of the articles, but the conclusions suggest themselves ...
    By the way, reader comments are also very characteristic, especially on the lack of warm winter uniforms ... Like, "I already read something about winter uniforms, it was somewhere, I think in 1941 ...", Or, are absent camouflage, "Well, yes, German soldiers really need camouflage, in order to disguise themselves in the most dangerous times and wait ..." Actually, the Germans do not want to fight.
    Something like this ...
  20. gig334
    gig334 23 February 2018 19: 03
    If anything, let's get to Berlin again. More precisely, our missiles will fly
  21. gladcu2
    gladcu2 23 February 2018 19: 25
    Rather support Russia.

    The puppet government of Merkel may lose control of the country.

    This government has created too many contradictions. After all, they can change.
    Delov then all. 20 not stupid people, 3 million dollars and a little desire.
  22. 1536
    1536 24 February 2018 06: 40
    Birch crosses are always ready for the German evil spirits!
  23. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 24 February 2018 19: 54
    In vain they are up to all of this. Forgotten how many millions of people haven’t returned to the skyline from the vastness of Russia? Guys, you need to be friends with Russia, not with amers! Nikolashka and Wilhelm were once mixed up with whom it is necessary to enter into an alliance, but we are still raking. Wouldn’t Lenin be, wouldn’t Hitler be unknown at all, would be the second world Germany and the Russian Empire could create for many centuries lasting world order, having forgotten about such a geographical concept as Great Britain, after all, it was the “Englishwoman who crap” everywhere in the world.
  24. Ferdinant
    Ferdinant 24 February 2018 22: 56
    There are a lot of immigrants from the USSR in the Bundesfer, how will they fight with Russia?
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 25 February 2018 12: 52
      In Ukraine, there are not only many immigrants from the USSR, but also Russians and in the Donbas they are fighting for “dill”. They will also fight in Germany for the Germans and for the "s".
  25. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 25 February 2018 12: 49
    This is not an army, but a paddling pool. The German army was a powerful machine when " On the burnt plain meter by meter, soldiers of the Center Group are walking across Ukraine and every second, count on the first - the second is also a hero ".
  26. prior
    prior 25 February 2018 13: 12
    The Germans raked from Russia since the time of Alexander Nevsky and still can not calm down. Where is the genetic memory?
    Well, just a nation of stubborn sadomasochists of some kind.
    1. Alber
      Alber 26 February 2018 09: 04
      Quote: prior
      The Germans raked from Russia since the time of Alexander Nevsky and still can not calm down. Where is the genetic memory?
      Well, just a nation of stubborn sadomasochists of some kind.

      Yes, not themselves. The government in Germany is pro-Anglo-Saxon, and Jewish.
      so they carry out anti-Russian policy
  27. krokus792
    krokus792 26 February 2018 16: 10
    The airborne troops of Russia will be removed .... on smartphones when they start another epistolary on the Reichstag.
  28. Andrey Andreev_2
    Andrey Andreev_2 28 February 2018 10: 55
    What a sin to conceal ... our army is useless. Do not compare with the Soviet. The relations of officers among themselves and with subordinates are purely financial. There is no “directing" force for a long time. Patriotism is the destiny of the poor and the poor. And how many other sores are there in the army? Only a true military Kuzhugetovich knows. Now they are trying to raise mobilization reserves. But who will go to war from the reserve, or rather to defend the loot of these people, who, incidentally, will immediately scatter to their residences in the West? Units of orphans and wretched, drugged by the media and zombies .. Therefore, the hope is only in the strategic nuclear forces, which will avenge us all. No other given