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Czech Nekalashnikov: a parody of the legendary AK

Today we talk about a very interesting pattern, which is constantly confused with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. This is a Czech-made Samopal Vz 58. And "Samopal" in this case is not an insult - it sounds so "automatic" in the Czech language.

In appearance it is very similar to the AK, but in reality unites them only use 7,62h39 cartridge. Even an element Vz 58, as a shop, despite the complete external identity does not fit into the classic Kalashnikov.

History The creation of this machine was very interesting. The project worked three groups of designers. The first is under the direction of Vaclav Holik, the famous Czech gunsmith, the creator of the Zb 26 machine gun, which was actively sold all over the world before the Second World War, and after the Germans seized the Czech production facilities, it became popular among the Wehrmacht.

The second group was led by Josef and Frantisek Koutzky. Then, few people knew the names of the designers, but in 20 years, they have created a well-known pistol CZ 75.

The third group was led by Jiri Cermak. In his 25 years, he already had a solid design experience.

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  1. Falcond
    Falcond 19 February 2018 19: 20
    And what is the parody, since absolutely different designs? I do not agree with the title of the article! A parody of AK is Chinese copies that exactly repeat our machine, but due to the difference in the used steels, they are not!
    1. Igar
      19 February 2018 19: 52
      Parody - read imitation. The machine was created specifically with zakos under Kalash.
      1. aws4
        aws4 19 February 2018 20: 16
        if it’s not a secret then what is kalash under ????? initially there was even a cartridge .. I’ll tell you a secret the Czechs didn’t like the Czechs and they distanced themselves from its construction as much as possible ...
        1. Igar
          19 February 2018 20: 59
          Do you really catch any external similarity? Even the author says that these two machines are often confused

          1. hohol95
            hohol95 19 February 2018 22: 22
            So, after all, some consider the AK-47 a descendant of StG 44!
            Or maybe it was SAMOPAL a descendant of the "German"? Or can it be so?
            1. wersa
              wersa 19 February 2018 22: 45
              Quote: hohol95
              So, after all, some consider the AK-47 a descendant of StG 44!

              He is a descendant. Conceptual, not constructive.
              But other Germans did it, not Schmeisser.
              1. hohol95
                hohol95 19 February 2018 22: 50
                So many people constructively consider the AK-47 a descendant of SturmGever!
                Not only CONCEPTUALLY!
                So it’s possible to make Pz.V a CONCEPTUAL SUBSIDIARY to the T-34 (I prove many and maybe they are right)!
                1. The comment was deleted.
                  1. hohol95
                    hohol95 19 February 2018 23: 03
                    You are however a JOKER! Read the story of the creation of "PANTHERS"!
                    Everything is stated there!
                    The same testicles are only HEAVIER ...
                    1. The comment was deleted.
                      1. hohol95
                        hohol95 19 February 2018 23: 14
                        No need to juggle! I did not write anything about the Four!
                        But PANTERU began to design after familiarization with the T-34!
                        Or limit to it what they did before meeting the 34th!
                        And the fact that their tank came out heavy is the fault of the Germans themselves!
                      2. shuravi
                        shuravi 19 February 2018 23: 58
                        Quote: wersa

                        You do not retell Runet's nonsense to me, it is not necessary. I already know them.
                        There is nothing in common between Pz.V and T-34. And only on the expanses of Runet funny expeditions find they have some kind of the same solutions. Moreover, even if they are somewhere in the little things, it is not clear what relation they have to the T-34.
                        You still derive the pedigree Pz.VI from KB-1. For a complete aless-kaput.

                        Well, you have enough "mind" AK-47 descendant StG 44 call.
                        Despite the fact that there are no identical design solutions there.
                    2. The comment was deleted.
                      1. hohol95
                        hohol95 19 February 2018 23: 27
                        Then do not grind "nonsense" about the AK-47 and the SturmGever concept!
                        So that you do not write internet tales ...
                        And I didn’t call PANTERA a copy of the T-34!
                      2. shuravi
                        shuravi 20 February 2018 00: 04
                        Quote: wersa

                        Do not write you better about tanks. You do not understand this, and in such cases it is better to remain silent.
                        To make it clearer. T-34, this is the 101-I "modernization" of the ancient tank

                        This is how stupid it is necessary to be to give out? laughing

                        Their Pz.IV arr. 1942, in the event of a one-on-one fight, easily turned the T-34 into a ram’s horn. And in the event of a meeting with the T-34 / 76, not one, but a whole unit.

                        Will you give an example, or just to fart here?
                      3. aws4
                        aws4 20 February 2018 02: 49
                        you are absolutely right constructively, two different tanks have nothing in common .. the only thing is that the Germans, having seen the advantages of inclined frontal armor and the streamlined shape of the tower, decided to implement this in a panther .. but they did it better if only because there was no driver’s hatch in the frontal sheet) )))
                    3. The comment was deleted.
                      1. hohol95
                        hohol95 19 February 2018 23: 34
                        So you can do Pz.V CONCEPTUAL SLEEP T-34 (I prove many and maybe they are right)!
                    4. wersa
                      wersa 19 February 2018 23: 36
                      Even conceptually, there is nothing in common. I wrote earlier, absolutely nothing in common.
                      KV-1C and Pz.V have much more in common than T-34 and Pz.V. At the very least, these are conceptual classmates. Of course, according to the performance characteristics of KV-1C to Pz.V, like cancer to Moscow. Nevertheless, they were positioned equally in their armies.
                      1. hohol95
                        hohol95 19 February 2018 23: 38
                        TASTE AND COLOR ...
                      2. shuravi
                        shuravi 20 February 2018 00: 09
                        Quote: wersa
                        Even conceptually, there is nothing in common. I wrote earlier, absolutely nothing in common.
                        KV-1С and Pz.V have much more in common than Т-34 and Pz.V. At the very least, these are conceptual classmates.

                        Judging by the speeches, the next Hitler Youth came here.

                        Of course, according to the performance characteristics of KV-1С to Pz.V, like cancer to Moscow. Nevertheless, they were positioned equally in their armies.

                        That's for sure, shit like Pz.V still had to be managed to do.
                        Overweight, gluttonous, with unsuccessful suspension.
              2. aws4
                aws4 20 February 2018 03: 01
                Provide the names of designers, documents, evidence ... I know that you don’t have anything, you just need to spoil the air with your writings .. a person should be responsible for what was said .. either answer or don’t write
          2. aws4
            aws4 20 February 2018 02: 40
            laughing yes yes for sure .. day and night Czech arms designers sat and thought how would they make a completely different constructive assault rifle look like an AK ... there isn’t such a concept in army weapons as design here ... and outwardly the assault rifles are very different the only thing the similarity of the store and this is due to the cartridge used ... the Czechs didn’t give a damn about AK they created their machine gun and only to a person who doesn’t understand weapons they seem outwardly similar (which are 99% of the planet’s population, including you) to yours and StG 44 is similar to AK but sorry this is the look of a man who does not see the structure ...
          3. pytar
            pytar 20 February 2018 16: 12
            External resemblance is of course. The principle of automation is also the same. But the design of "Samopal" and AK is really different.

          4. Humungus
            Humungus 20 February 2018 22: 50
            Yes, this is how to compare TT with Browning, the same eggs in profile, but the filling is the difference.

            But the single cartridge for automatic machines is very striking.
            It’s not clear why Czechs needed this .... "national pride for samopal"?
            It’s important to make the store’s receiver irreplaceable with AK, this is an excuse for some kind of brain pathology that has nothing to do with basic practicality and logic.
            1. aws4
              aws4 20 February 2018 23: 42
              I do not agree !!!! how races it was TT was designed with an eye on browning and there are a lot of things in common and this self-made automatic machine is very far from AK
      2. Kibb
        Kibb 19 February 2018 23: 32
        It wasn’t created anywhere with “kalash kalash” - the only problem was that they were forced to take 7.62x39 as part of the Warsaw Pact, as the NATO forces were forced to take 7.62x51, hence the form of the store and far from unambiguous decisions on the location of sighting at 58.
        In general, it is much more similar to AK than AK to Schmeiser, but inside are completely different systems. What makes the eternal dispute Schmeiser-AK and AK-Vz5 completely empty are different systems.
      3. Falcond
        Falcond 21 February 2018 09: 22
        In modern cars, a steering wheel, 4 wheels ... they are all created by beveling each other
      4. The comment was deleted.
  2. polpot
    polpot 19 February 2018 19: 21
    The Czechs always had a good design and production school, I would not say that this is a parody of AK, this is a Czech machine gun under our patron and the expression of Czech design thought, which is quite successful
  3. vodolaz
    vodolaz 19 February 2018 20: 06
    It was very interesting to see. I did not even suspect the existence of such a machine. Although what to say? The Czechs know how to make weapons, small arms for sure.
    1. Kibb
      Kibb 20 February 2018 11: 17
      Czechs really know how and this is indisputable. To Vz 58 there is one incomprehensible question on the compatibility of the store with AK. Unfortunately, not everyone held it in their hands (and I too)
      1. hohol95
        hohol95 20 February 2018 15: 16
        I note that in any case, even with a similar accuracy of domestic samples of conversion weapons chambered for arr. 1943 and Vz. 58, the latter has a serious trump card - a relatively small mass. So it is - the Czech assault rifle remains the champion among weapons for intermediate cartridges of 7,62 and 5,45 (5,56) mm caliber, while still having a classic layout. The aluminum store for AKM in the Soviet army was quickly declared unsuitable for combat use, but the Czechs still left the lightweight store for their machine. The hunting version of Vz.58 comes to Russia with one such magazine for 30 rounds, this is also a problem. Adapting the store from AKM to “Czech” is possible, if desired, but this is a rather non-trivial task.

        CZ Vz. 58
        Hunting carbine from the Czech Republic
        Yuriy Maximov
  4. wersa
    wersa 19 February 2018 20: 09
    In fact, the Czechs made a self-loading rifle Vz.52 under their cartridge 7,62 × 45 mm. It was an attempt to make a full-fledged infantry self-loading weapon on a weakened rifle (later called an intermediate) cartridge. The attempt, of course, is interesting. But it is not clear why it is necessary.
    The fact is that the weapon turned out to be very highly specialized - only to infantrymen, and that’s all. The cartridge was exactly the same highly specialized, only for self-loading and that's all. Although, on the basis of this design, the Czechs made a "light machine gun" (actually an automatic rifle) with the same name.
    Yes, in positional combat Vz.52 had an advantage over AK (at ranges from 300 to 400 m). But in terms of versatility, self-loading was losing to self-loading on a rifle cartridge, which had exactly the same advantages as AK like Vz.52. But they were much more universal.
    A "light machine gun" ... Probably he was better than PDM. But his advantages ended there.
    After which the Czechs were told to remake them under the cartridge of 7,62 × 39 mm. The weapon under such a cartridge was called Vz.52 / 57. And this was exactly the same misunderstanding as the Soviet SCS. And the “light machine gun” turned into the same UG as RPD and RPK.
    After which the Czechs decided to make their own, much steeper "analogue AK". This contraption was called Vz. 58. I do not presume to judge the qualities of Vz.58, but apparently the “creativity” of the German contract soldiers, the authors of AK, they failed to surpass. Although the Czech design school (riflemen) was once considered one of the strongest in Europe and in the world.
    1. shuravi
      shuravi 20 February 2018 00: 14
      Quote: wersa
      but apparently the "creativity" of the German contract soldiers,

      Another ravings? AK-47 is far from the tradition of the German weapons school, so tell your tales to your mother. laughing
    2. aws4
      aws4 20 February 2018 02: 57
      that's why you ruined the air ??? does it give you pleasure or something ??? after all, so much has been written about the Germans and AK .. well, there is no German trace there, it has been clear for a long time and to everyone who understands weapons ..
  5. Disorder
    Disorder 19 February 2018 21: 18
    When the experts have nothing to do, such articles appear that compare the appearance.
  6. Kibb
    Kibb 19 February 2018 22: 37
    I never understood what the very Schmeiser looks like AK. If it would not run, I did not even think about it. Thanks in quotes for cheers to patriots and thousands of pages for all possible forums, starting with FIDO.
    Three different systems- where did the author see the parody ?!
    Threat. Soviet and Russian pistols still need to grow up to the CZ75 (although it’s heavy)
  7. hohol95
    hohol95 19 February 2018 22: 47

    Czech samopal in the hands of a girl from VIETKONG - Full Metal Jacket (frame time - 1 hour 44 minutes)
  8. hohol95
    hohol95 20 February 2018 08: 59
    Apparently, the starting point for the design of a new tank, which later became known as the Panther, was a visit by a special commission of industry representatives of the 2nd Tank Army, Colonel General G. Guderian. The latter in the autumn of 1941 took the initiative on the urgent development of a new tank capable of fighting the Soviet T-34 and KV. The composition of the commission, led by Colonel Fichtner (Head of the Arms Testing Department of the Arms Directorate of the Ground Forces), was very impressive: Major Ruden and Senior Advisor Knipkamp (both from Wa.Prüf.6), Professor F. Porsche, Director of Steyr, Dr. Hacker, Dr. Roland (Vereinigte Stahlwerke), director of Daimler-Benz Wunterlich, director of artillery at Krupp Dorn, lead engineer at Henschel Ader, engineer at MAN Oswald and lead engineer at Rheinmetall Zimmer.
    The results of the commission’s trip to the front were reported “upstairs”, and already on November 25, 1941, the Armed Forces Armed Forces Directorate entered into an agreement with Daimler-Benz and MAN to design and manufacture prototypes of a 30-ton tank, designated VK 30.01. It was supposed to create a combat vehicle with the following characteristics: weight 32,5 tons, the maximum width is 3150 mm, the height is not more than 2990 mm, the clearance is not less than 500 mm, the armored housing with an inclined arrangement of armor plates (forehead 60 mm at 35 degrees, side 40 mm at an angle of 50 degrees). It was supposed to install an engine with a capacity of 650–700 hp on the tank, while the cooling system was supposed to provide reliable operation at an outdoor temperature of up to +42 degrees (for the possibility of military operations in North Africa). The car had to overcome slopes with a steepness of 35 degrees and vertical obstacles with a height of 800 mm, to develop a maximum speed of 55 km / h.
    On December 9, 1941, the first meeting was held in the arms department, at which the progress of designing a new 30-ton tank was considered. At the same time, it turned out that it was not possible to keep within the prescribed mass of 32,5 tons. As a result, it was decided to increase the weight of the machine to 36 tons.

    As a result, we got 45 tons of PANTHER!
  9. combat192
    combat192 20 February 2018 12: 16
    What a "substantial" article!
  10. shuravi
    shuravi 20 February 2018 13: 52
    Quote: ploki

    Do you speak to yourself through a mirror? Watch the game, the doctors will spot. And isolate.

    Are you having problems again? Yes, it’s hard in this world to be a Hitler Youth boy.

    Gee-gee-gee. But nothing that the so-called AF was on a rifle cartridge, and not on the intermediate? And he was no good, the cartridge was crappy. The Japanese themselves abandoned these Arisaks back in the 30 years of the last century.

    You don’t even know that Fedorov developed his own intermediate cartridge? And the transition to Japanese, how close in terms of characteristics was a necessary measure?

    So, whatever you say, the German MP43 / StG44 was the first in this segment.

    Alas, how much you do not fight here in fits, but Fedorov was the first, moreover, at once in three ranches:
    - creation of an automaton
    - creation of an intermediate cartridge
    - transition to a smaller caliber

    Incidentally, I do not consider this weapon successful. And even more so, it is not an army. Therefore, I do not understand the passions around AK / AK-47 / AKM. What's good about him? And the fact that this SPECIAL (NOT ARMY) weapon has become the main weapon of the SA is completely disgrace bordering on crime.

    The groaning of a boy from the New Hitler Youth, no more. Which fights only on the Internet.

    Would you at least read some literature on this subject? And then you are talking such nonsense that your ears fade.

    You can only fart in return?

    Oh. And what is the medium tank? Really Pz.V?

    Didn't know the sick? Or is your primary gaming qualification?

    Damn, you’re an absolute ignoramus. In general, you don’t know. Neither in the rifleman, nor in the tank business.

    Not a lot with your argument baby.

    Unlike you, I prefer to strain my eyes while reading serious literature.

    You tie it with the creations of alternative artists.

    Yes, this is a known "runet problem." It is a pity that the Germans did not know about this problem.

    That is, you do not have a refutation of this information and you stupidly troll?
  11. hohol95
    hohol95 20 February 2018 15: 09
    A Pz.V with balanced suspension, which made it possible to conduct aimed fire immediately, it means unsuccessful.

    recourse Could it be with a torsion pendant? I haven’t read about Balanced request ! Yes, and from the move without a stabilizer, they all did not hit one ...
  12. Catfish
    Catfish 21 February 2018 02: 38
    Well, if for a moment we get distracted from the “tank battle” on a shooting topic, I would like to note that the author of the article strangely lost sight of one of the main differences between AK and “Cech”. Namely, the locking system. The Czech locking device consists of swinging larvae that block the shutter. On Kalash, as you know, a completely different principle. Here it was rightly said above that the Czechs have traditionally had an excellent weapons school and they did not need to copy someone. By the way, for the entire prewar Western world, the name Skoda has always been a weapon symbol. hi