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Last year, Ukraine worked in the "minus"

During the week, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine reported that last year there was a negative balance of foreign trade. Ukrainian imports exceeded exports by $ 2,6 billion. Unlike the current depressing result in 2016, the Ukrainian State Statistics Service reported a trade surplus of $ 0,54 billion. It is noteworthy that for commodity items, imports now exceeded exports by $ 6,33 billion (deficit growth by 2,2 compared with 2016 year). The sad picture was somewhat brightened up by the increased export of Ukrainian services, but he was unable to pull the country's foreign trade balance out of minus.

Last year, Ukraine worked in the "minus"

How Europe beat Ukraine

Having counted and shed tears, Ukrainian experts recalled the recent report by the European Union on the implementation of free trade agreements. It dealt with all EU partners (these are 30 states of the world, including those located far beyond Europe), but in Kiev they paid attention to the numbers relating to their country.

They clearly showed that the Agreement on a deep and comprehensive free trade zone between Ukraine and the European Union brought Europeans nine times more benefits than Ukrainians from 1, which entered into force on January 2016 of January.

During the term of the agreement, exports of goods and services from Europe to Ukraine grew by 17,6%. In turn, Ukrainian supplies to the EU grew only by 1,9%. The authors of the report explained such a modest result of Ukrainian foreign trade operations by the fact that the economy in Ukraine had just begun its recovery.

Experts in Kiev noted another reason for the imbalance in trade with Europe. If Ukraine has practically opened its market for the EU, then in response it has put serious obstacles in the form of various quotas for agricultural products (today the main resource of Ukrainian exports).

As a rule, these quotas end within six months or even the first quarter. Then trade begins with the accrual of duties, which makes Ukrainian products non-competitive. This has already been written a lot. However, Brussels does not stop at quotas and is looking for new ways to protect its market.

This January, for example, residents of Ukrainian villages suddenly found out for themselves that from the new year, at the request of EU officials, the country switched to European quality standards for dairy products. These standards allow for the implementation, as a food commodity, milk of only three types: extra-class, higher and first classes.

Milk, which is supplied to the processing plants of the Ukrainian villagers, refers to the second grade. This is the lowest quality raw material. Practically all over the world it is prohibited to produce dairy products from it. It is taken only to make animal feed.

Meanwhile, second-rate milk in the Ukrainian market is almost 75%. Due to its sales, the economy of rural farmsteads is kept. The introduction of the ban threatens the collapse of an entire industry. Low-grade milk attracts processors with its purchase price. It is 30-40% lower compared to the cost of products supplied by large farms.

However, the claims to the quality of rural milk are very serious. Experts note that “Most villagers do not follow basic hygiene rules. Milking cows with dirty hands, milk is poured into the dishes, standing right in the middle of the yard. It often gets flies or wasps. In addition, such milk is often diluted with water and antibiotics are added so that it does not spoil longer. ”

This was talked about and written a long time ago, but the state did nothing to change the situation. There is no money to help private homes in the treasury. The only thing that the authorities in Kiev decided under the pressure of mass protests of villagers - the introduction of new quality standards was postponed until July 1.

It is unlikely that during this time something will change. In the summer, “big milk” will go on pastures, and the problem will be aggravated even more than in shock January. The case of the Ukrainian agrarians showed that the European Union is not at all interested in the internal problems of Ukraine. To meet high European standards, she must solve them herself.

Experts predict further decline

Against the background of a failure in foreign trade in Ukraine, voices about losses from the loss of the Russian market sounded shyly. At the end of last year, speaking at the Fitch Ratings conference, First Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Stepan Kubiv estimated these losses at full-value 15 billions of dollars.

Kubiv accompanied his message with rhetoric familiar to Ukraine about the “annexation of the Crimea and the conflict in the Donbass”, but had to admit that breaking the bilateral ties cost his country the loss of 20 percent of the economy. This was accompanied by the acceleration of deindustrialization, the increase in the outflow of professional personnel, the loss of much of the scientific potential.

The association with the European Union did not in any way compensate for these losses. The fact is that for Europeans the main point of association with Ukraine lies in expanding the sales market for their products, and Ukrainian goods there are waiting mainly in the form of raw materials. The insistence of Brussels on Kiev to allow the export of logs for export became widely known.

Less is known about the situation with sunflower seeds. For a long time, Ukraine exported them in significant volumes. Then she raised export duties on sunflower. It became profitable to process on the spot. As a result, Ukraine has become one of the largest producers and exporters of sunflower oil.

The European Union ordered Kiev to cancel export duties on oilseeds and ensure the free export of sunflower. So began the reverse process. Now sunflower seeds are being transported to Europe. There they are processed and returned back to the ready-made vegetable oil. Ukrainians are losing not only the surcharge for deep processing of raw materials, but also lose their legitimate jobs.

Similar schemes just create the same trade imbalance, which is now fixed Ukrainian statistics. After all, it is known that raw materials cost much less than finished products and even semi-finished products. And here - continuous "minus". For example, in post-years, exports of chemical products fell by half.

Kiev oracles from propaganda explain this by saying that Ukraine had previously bought raw materials for chemistry in the CIS countries (which is true). Then he made mineral fertilizers from it and exported them. Now this scheme has stopped working due to mutual sanctions with Russia. Hence the failure in foreign trade.

Less is said that the indicators for the export of pig iron and ferroalloys, pulp and paper industry and mechanical engineering went “to negative”. On the other hand, exports of iron ore increased by 12%, which only confirms the fact: Europeans see Ukraine mainly as a raw materials appendage of their economy.

As such, it is difficult to count on favorable results in foreign trade. Experts predict that the sad result recorded by the state statistics is only the beginning of a protracted recession, which in the future will bring even more depressing imbalances in trade relations between Ukraine and the EU.

It is difficult to say who Kiev officials will now blame for the failures of the country. One thing is clear: the answer to this must be sought in the 486 text of the articles of the association agreement with the EU, which either did not read carefully before signing, or deliberately placed the country in unfavorable external conditions, agreeing to unfavorable trade regulations. Now live with it ...
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  1. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 16 February 2018 06: 47
    Another article about how everything is “bad” in Ukraine .... In Russia, under the wise management of a cohort of “effective managers” with a steering “slave in the gallery”, probably, everyone is “hurt” - the people are booming, the economy is “growing” , industry is developing, etc. Russia is a happy country, and Ukraine was not lucky, yes ... Look, don’t go to Bolotnaya anymore, look, “vote with your heart”, for a “right candidate”, otherwise it will be just as bad, as in Ukraine (hidden message of this article and the like) .... wink
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 16 February 2018 09: 29
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      Another article on how everything is "bad" in Ukraine ....

      Correct, good article.
      People should know how not to do it. And remind him of this more often.
      1. Shurale
        Shurale 16 February 2018 10: 16
        Do not throw off the thief in power? Need to wait when he leaves?
        "What a funny sailor you are" ...... (s)
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 16 February 2018 10: 31
          Quote: Shurale
          Do not throw off the thief in power? Need to wait when he leaves?

          Yeah. 8))))))))))
          "Thief" must be thrown off a year before he leaves. It is necessary to justify the money invested by foreign curators. Put, spitting on their own laws, instead of the thief of another thief, but the right one, approved by the State Department. Lose the Crimea, lose the economy, gain war and a bunch of corpses of their own citizens.

          Do you still think this is the right scenario for Russia?

          Does your Russian flag hang thanks to a proxy?
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 16 February 2018 11: 51
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      Look, don’t go to Bolotnaya anymore, look, “vote with your heart”, for the “right candidate”, otherwise it will be just as bad as in Ukraine

      Bolotnaya is already in the past, now they are preparing a patriotic maidan, therefore they nominated the strawberry king, behind whose back the mustache of grantoder Boldyrev and the cashier Abramovich in closed Austrian and Swiss banks ... Moreover, they will prepare just a pen test this year.
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 16 February 2018 13: 57
        Not ... at the "strawberry" behind Melnichenko hanging out ...
    3. tezey
      tezey 16 February 2018 22: 41
      Actually what the capitalists of Ukraine wanted, they got it. It was naive to think that Ukrainian industrial products would be needed in the EU. Their goods are in abundance. The sole purpose of the Ukrainian elites was only to guarantee the safety of their capital, but even here they miscalculated. Well, you won’t do anything now. The future of Ukraine is to be a market for goods from the EU with high added value and to be a supplier of agricultural raw materials with a low degree of processing, as well as cheap labor resources. Such a normal neo-colonial scheme. Degradation of the country under the current government is ensured. But, as President of Ukraine Pan Poroshenko hangs, Ukraine returned to the family of European peoples and got rid of the imperial past. The question is one. She is a different family. There is a rich and successful aunt Germany and a poor girl Albania. So aunt is to feed a new family member, but she does not consider Ukraine as such, is not going to. But feed at her expense is quite ready, which he does. I wish great success to Ukraine in building a bright European capitalist future.
    4. tezey
      tezey 16 February 2018 23: 06
      The wrong conclusion, dear Fat Scarecrow. The conclusion is this. It’s bad in Ukraine. And it’s not good here. But in Ukraine, the elite. those. the capitalists of the local spill, they gave their country completely under the power of the capital of the EU and the USA, believing that they would receive guarantees for the preservation of their capital and the opportunity to increase them through trade with the EU, which they promised. But promising does not mean getting married. We sat in a puddle, it's their problem. In the Russian Federation, it’s different. Our capitalists understood earlier that there is no move of Russian capital to the EU. He is not needed there. Raw materials, gas, oil, this is possible and necessary, but high-tech goods are not needed, there are their own. Hence another attitude of our capitalists towards the EU. Hence the other attitude of our capitalists to their country, not everyone is clear, but fundamental. They just got it. that you need to develop your country, use your market, since other markets are problematic. Thus, they give part of their profits to development, to social programs. Thus, the interests of the capitalists, political elites and people began to coincide. This is the difference between the Ukrainian state and the Russian one. And if Russia still has a development opportunity, and it does, high-tech industries are reviving, then Ukraine has no development opportunities under the current regime. And it is clear that not voting will determine the vector of the country's development. It is naive to believe it. The vector of development of the country will determine the aspirations of national capital, and today it has become a world-class force.
    5. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 18 February 2018 10: 32
      In Ukraine, all is well! Recently, a friend of the child rescued in a children's hospital in Kiev. Photo sent. I thought of a Mauthausen photo.
  2. XII Legion
    XII Legion 16 February 2018 07: 09
    I recall a saying: we see a speck at a neighbor, but we do not distinguish between logs and ourselves.
    It's time to stop looking around
    Someone is bad, but ours?
    Is everything all right fine marquise?
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 16 February 2018 07: 22
      Here, for example, is more interesting “news”: despite the mantras of the patriots that the rich will run back to Russia, in fact, everything is exactly the opposite.
      1015200238? Utm_source = 24smi & utm_medium = referr
      al & utm_term = 2626 & utm_content = 1479323 &
      utm_campaign = 11041

      And here’s how they plan in Russia (after the elections, after the victory you know who they are) to “fight” for filling the “budget” —that's the plans for the “future” —all, as usual, at the expense of ordinary Russians:
      1. XII Legion
        XII Legion 16 February 2018 10: 17
        Not like the rich
        I read somewhere that several million people have moved out over the past 3 years
        Where I just read, I don’t remember
        1. Mestny
          Mestny 16 February 2018 12: 13
          How do you all feel good - yell about all bad, refer to the same egregious. Or do not even refer, "I do not remember."
          This usually happens among teenagers - it seems to them that having gathered in a heap and chorus repeating in a circle one randomly flown up thought, they make it all the more true.
        2. vovanpain
          vovanpain 20 February 2018 00: 15
          Quote: XII Legion
          Where I just read, I don’t remember

          That's how you remember, then come. yes
          1. XII Legion
            XII Legion 20 February 2018 07: 39
            We will come when we see fit
      2. vka
        vka 21 February 2018 00: 37
        something pseudo-patriot makes you sick, you saw such men ........ s, I really didn’t work anywhere, but everyone owes him a "simple Russian" !!!!!!
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 February 2018 07: 35
    It writhes, writhes, but something cannot bend. The mere mention of "Ukraine" is not very pleasant. Oversaturated with this nationalistic viper.
    1. Mestny
      Mestny 16 February 2018 12: 15
      The process of "bending" is most often lengthy, usually measured for decades.
      The authors of the color revolutions, of course, are trying to "bend" quickly in the direction they need, but so far it only works with Arabs and Africans. The rest, as expected, go a long way.
  4. Lexus
    Lexus 16 February 2018 09: 10
    Recognized lovers of "freebie" stubbornly do not let them get bored. lol

    Ukrainian dream
  5. parma
    parma 16 February 2018 09: 49
    The only interest that I had after the article was what class of milk I buy in the store, that we are glad that no one needs Ukrainian besides us ...
    But in general, maybe the author should have thought before writing ... Why should anyone have to live worse, for the sake of a neighbor? Why should Europe buy Ukrainian milk if it does not suit their quality? In my opinion, all the actions of Europeans are quite justified by the logic of taking at least sunflower oil - why if they can buy raw materials more expensive than enterprises in / in Ukraine (and bring correspondingly more money to the farmer) and produce finished products with lower total cost, they don’t have to do? It seems like this is the idea of ​​free trade-invest money and make a profit, and not just rake money at the expense of others .... After all, everyone wants to eat, but you still have to work yourself to do this ...
    well, actually, they’re tired of this news about neighbors ... The fact that they have a madhouse doesn’t mean that I live well ... That's when we stop selling oil, and we sell high-tech products to Europe and the USA, then we’ll be happy, only I I'm not sure that under such a condition I will have time to rejoice in this life ....
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 16 February 2018 10: 35
      Quote: parma
      That's when we stop selling oil, and we will sell high-tech goods to Europe and the USA, then we will be happy, only I’m not sure that under such a condition I will be able to rejoice in this life.

      Yeah. And where are we then to get the babosos for the development of high technologies, if we stop trading in oil and gas? Do we need mattresses to give loans for their development? No old man, except for filth they don’t give us anything.
      But according to Urkain, everything is logical - Europe ruins their industry in order to maintain their own, expanding the sales market. Soon it will be a country of services (hairdressers, pedicures, massages, etc.) and stomachs for the consumption of Eurosnow.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 16 February 2018 11: 58
        Quote: Nyrobsky
        Do we need mattresses to give loans for their development? No old man, except for filth they don’t give us anything.

        This is the favorite mantra of liberoids about foreign investment, let’s say we’ll get off the oil needle, get loans, we will attract investments and we will live. We know already passed, IMF loans, speculative portfolio investments ... now, thank God there is none. And in \ in Ukraine all this works in full growth
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 16 February 2018 10: 35
      Quote: parma
      In my opinion, all the actions of Europeans are fully justified

      Correctly. They are masters of their word. When they got it, when they got it back.

      The question, in fact, is not in milk. The issue is the equal conditions that promised Ukrainian producers at the time the country was drawn into the association agreement.
      1. Shaitan_by
        Shaitan_by 16 February 2018 13: 37
        Everyone understands equal conditions in different ways.
        One builds a clean stable, with heating and good feeds, and the other feeds the cow from hand to mouth, milks in a dirty bucket, etc. and wonders why they don’t want to take milk.
        And so the conditions are equal. Get a quality certificate for a couple of kilograms of euros (if any) and trade milk.
        1. Fayter2017
          Fayter2017 16 February 2018 20: 59
          In addition, such milk is often diluted with water and antibiotics are added so that it does not deteriorate longer. ”
          What are the antibiotics in the village ??? Cow urine is the very first antibiotic, the hostess divorced and norms. The water carrier added and also welded ...
          The plant has long been hungry over this kitchen, therefore, it makes milk powder, and only then the current is poured into bags.
          We have at least European standards, introduce at least space standards, as they were sold from under the floor, they will be so.
    3. Mih1974
      Mih1974 18 February 2018 04: 54
      You are a stupid person and are not being treated.
      That's when we stop selling oil, and we sell high-tech goods to Europe and the United States, then we’ll rejoice,
      Yes, our competitors are just waiting for us to stop selling oil, and the Merikas just really use the Kama Sutra for the Europeans so that instead of our cheaper (resource) gas, they start buying their (resource) gas, albeit more expensive. fool Russia already sells high-tech products to the EU, but these are not “iPhones” that everyone can see, these are radioactive isotopes, uranium enrichment and spent fuel processing services, the space launch market, software (yes, the same Kaspersky), and much more. Yes, Russia doesn’t sell cars in the EU - because they protect their market and not because they’re “better off”, you forget that KAMAZ constantly wins Paris-Dakkar and is more than competitive. Unfortunately, we do not deliver the "household service" that everyone sees so that they all see our high technological level there. But you, in fact, are not buying anything of a "European" high level. fool And we buy almost everything - Chinese, oh we don’t need it here "it’s only a Chinese assembly and European brains." Now you don’t understand what and where is the development of the EU, and what is a copy or repetition in Asia. (Taiwan, Singapore, Korea).
  6. Mestny
    Mestny 16 February 2018 12: 06
    Quote: XII Legion
    It's time to stop looking around
    Someone is bad, but ours?
    Is everything all right fine marquise?

    The main thing when crossing the street is to repeat this phrase to yourself - and in no case do not look around. After all, the main thing is to solve internal problems, and what is happening around is completely irrelevant!
    Spherical horse in a vacuum?
    1. Aqela
      Aqela 17 February 2018 00: 12
      Well done about crossing the street! laughing good
  7. Mestny
    Mestny 16 February 2018 12: 09
    Quote: parma
    The only interest that I had after the article was what class of milk I buy in the store, that we are glad that no one needs Ukrainian besides us ...
    But in general, maybe the author should have thought before writing ... Why should anyone have to live worse, for the sake of a neighbor? Why should Europe buy Ukrainian milk if it does not suit their quality?

    Full view of a European.
    You can add - why Russia sells energy, and not those countries that need them? This is unfair. Why should Europe live worse for Russia's neighbor?
    Goebbels Detected.
  8. CommanderDIVA
    CommanderDIVA 16 February 2018 13: 14
    And figs with them, if they like living like that, what's the difference? We have our own problems
  9. Kostromich
    Kostromich 16 February 2018 18: 07
    Khokhlogopostan will not live long, but badly!
  10. sxfRipper
    sxfRipper 17 February 2018 00: 45
    The article is another troll feeder. Maxim died - and the phallus with him!