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Former head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: Russia used the Olympics in Sochi to select the Crimea

During the interrogations in the state treason case of Viktor Yanukovych, former and current Ukrainian officials attempt to blame anyone for their inaction and disclaim any responsibility for the events of the 2014 model of the year. One of these officials is the first deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Mikhail Koval, who from March 9 to July 12 on July 25 was in the position of Acting Minister of Defense.

Trying to drag their own arguments about inaction against the Crimea of ​​the then Ukrainian elites engaged in self-affirmation in power after the coup in Kiev (among these were the current head of Kovalov, Mr. Turchinov), the ex-acting secretary of defense said:
Before the annexation of the Crimea (and in Ukraine, they still try to present the withdrawal of the Crimea to Russia as an “annexation” - note “IN”), the Ukrainian army was overrun by traitors. I then received information about preparations for the invasion of the Crimea through the Azov-Black Sea Regional Department.

Former head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: Russia used the Olympics in Sochi to select the Crimea

Koval says that Russia allegedly used the factor of preparation for the Olympics in Sochi to "strengthen military might in the Black Sea region." At the same time, according to the former head of the Ukrainian military, Russia, against the background of how everyone was following the preparations for the OU-2014, “planted traitors, who then quickly went over to the Russian side, which affected the outcome in Crimea”.

But Mr. Koval does not say one thing: if he then had such data - about “potential traitors” - why did he not take any measures? .. But now, in hindsight, he sings with a nightingale, trying to shield his current boss, the guilty in a number of war crimes, including an order to start bloodshed in the Donbas.
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    KVU-NSVD 15 February 2018 15: 10
    I then received data on preparations for the invasion of Crimea through the Azov-Black Sea regional administration.
    In the place of the Ukrainian military, I would not speak about this situation once again. The lack of resistance has already said everything for them.
    1. Logall
      Logall 15 February 2018 15: 12
      Biathletes took the Crimea? So that's who is hiding under the masks of "green, polite little men." Now it’s clear why our team wasn’t allowed to enter South Korea - they would present it to Eunu on a platter ...
      1. 210ox
        210ox 15 February 2018 15: 16
        I look forward to the Football Championship .. laughing Hey there, behind the Kremlin wall .. Well, you understand .. bully
      2. Monos
        Monos 15 February 2018 15: 17
        Quote: Logall
        Biathletes took the Crimea?

        laughing good Now it’s clear why we tried not to let us go to the Olympics in Korea. They were feared for the independence of this peninsula. smile
        1. Logall
          Logall 15 February 2018 15: 23
          Quote: Monos
          tried not to let go to the Olympics in Korea.

          Three men arrived on a business trip. And in the hotel there was only a bridal room with one huge bed. Nothing to do, settled. In the morning, the one that was sleeping on the left tells.
          - Estimate men, at night dreamed that I slept with Semenovich. So realistic. In the morning I woke up all the cowards in the mucus.
          The one that was sleeping on the right.
          - Damn it, but I dreamed that I was with Pamela Andersen in her best years. And the same garbage with cowards.
          The one in the middle.
          - But I had a nightmare. I'm at the Olympics in Korea. Final ski race. I go to the finish line first with a minimum margin. There are 100 meters left and my hands are limp.
        2. assa67
          assa67 15 February 2018 15: 54
          Victor, ours to you hi ..... I’m still against the participation of our athletes in this farce .... but to drive all the western world to the World Cup football is a cherished desire, although not a fan
          1. Monos
            Monos 15 February 2018 16: 46
            Greetings Andrew hi
            Quote: assa67
            but to drive away all the western world on the World Cup football-cherished desire

            And personally, it’s deep purple to me how they will run, jump, kick the ball or something ... The results of the athletes and how well they convert them into banknotes, this is their personal business.
            1. assa67
              assa67 15 February 2018 16: 56
              Victor, my respect hi ..... to Korea and I don’t care .... to look from afar ..... but in our country to wipe the nose of the spiteful Westerners is a wick in the hollow (I repeat) of this whole shushar
      3. assa67
        assa67 15 February 2018 15: 46
        in the spring, the migration of starlings begins ... so that we can grab with them? winked
    2. volodya
      volodya 15 February 2018 15: 14
      Today I visited the site of relatives in the Crimea and that's what they post!
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. volodya
          volodya 15 February 2018 15: 30
          Not that what is called! The fact is that in Ukraine this is impossible! By the way, relatives live twenty kilometers from Simferopol, the village of Prudovoe!
    3. Russia
      Russia 15 February 2018 15: 23
      Strategist. Forward eagles, and I am behind you, I boldly stand behind your backs.
      1. Dormidont
        Dormidont 15 February 2018 15: 37
        "Coming from the south north"
    4. vlad66
      vlad66 15 February 2018 17: 07
      about "potential traitors" - why didn’t he take any measures ?.

      Because he himself is a traitor, to hell with him, Yanukovych, it’s still bold, but he betrayed his commander in chief. yes
  2. Warrior with machine gun
    Warrior with machine gun 15 February 2018 15: 11
    it’s always amazed how such boobies get to such stars, although there aren’t such “miracles” in that area request
    1. Logall
      Logall 15 February 2018 15: 18
      Quote: Warrior with machine gun
      in that area, and not such "miracles" happen

      Fairy Russia! (Not to be confused with Russia)
      1. Warrior with machine gun
        Warrior with machine gun 15 February 2018 17: 03
        was a good cartoon))
  3. Herculesic
    Herculesic 15 February 2018 15: 12
    Yes, the entire Olympic team performed with heavy weapons and weapons at the Olympics in parallel! Skiers on the track, and tanks already at the finish line are waiting! !!! wassat fool
  4. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 15 February 2018 15: 13
    A piercing, thoughtful look, the conclusion: military thought in the brain is zero. smile
    1. MoJloT
      MoJloT 15 February 2018 16: 52
      Yes intellectual ...
  5. Chaos
    Chaos 15 February 2018 15: 14
    He’s kind of strange, durachok probably))
    1. Herculesic
      Herculesic 15 February 2018 15: 27
      Yes, not sure, but for sure! !! wassatShell-shocked from birth! wassat
  6. Egorovich
    Egorovich 15 February 2018 15: 19
    You can say something completely different: - made a fascist coup on the outskirts, knowing that Russia was busy preparing for the Olympics.
  7. demo
    demo 15 February 2018 15: 31
    In the Criminal Code of UR there is an article providing for punishment for criminal acts or inaction?
    Article 11. Crime concept

    1. A crime is a socially dangerous guilty act (action or inaction) provided for by this Code committed by the subject of a crime.

    2. An act or omission is not a crime, although formally and containing the signs of an act provided for by this Code, but because of its insignificance it does not constitute a public danger, that is, it did not and could cause substantial harm to an individual or legal entity, society or the state .

    And here is the one who bewitched all Ukrainian soldiers who forgot about duty and the oath.

    See how funny?

    And here is our hero.

    Sundress in Rada pinned and advertises.
    1. MoJloT
      MoJloT 15 February 2018 16: 54
      Aha gives away not expensive, as unnecessary, in addition to a ticket to the ATO (free !!!).
  8. astepanov
    astepanov 15 February 2018 15: 36
    Under the guise of a winter Olympics, with the help of swimmers, the Ukrainian fleet was overcome. Swimming is a summer rather than a winter sport! This is a serious violation that the IOC must investigate!
  9. Dormidont
    Dormidont 15 February 2018 15: 36
    If you quote all the lowing of Svidomo animals, you yourself can move your mind
  10. viktor.
    viktor. 15 February 2018 15: 55
    This is the smartest Hohlovoin !!!! hi good wassat laughing laughing
  11. Tektor
    Tektor 15 February 2018 16: 26
    Exactly with the same success, it can be stated that the states took away all of Ukraine from the Ukrainians, with the exception of Crimea and the Donbass.
  12. Lexus
    Lexus 15 February 2018 18: 20
    Former head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: Russia used the Olympics in Sochi to select the Crimea

    "It's not my fault - he himself left me!" lol
  13. gurzuf
    gurzuf 15 February 2018 18: 42
    This bastard hints that after the World Cup, they will lose more territories laughing
  14. faterdom
    faterdom 15 February 2018 20: 33
    Russia ... "planted traitors

    He was right, as it turned out, already 100 years ago when the Bolsheviks, by their forced Ukrainization, and by giving gifts to the Cossack territories of Donbass, and then Crimea, actually planted traitors. Traitors to the Russian world.
  15. cayman gene
    cayman gene 15 February 2018 22: 16
    It touches me, not, we pissed off the Crimea, because the cursed Putin started the Olympics, but I am a commander, more beautiful than NATO, he is wearing the epaulettes in such nemas.
  16. evil partisan
    evil partisan 15 February 2018 23: 31
    In fact, it was just the opposite! It was the Olympics in Sochi that was used to conduct a power seizure of power by the VNA / Ukraine. Especially in a hurry to end the Olympics. Only in vain do they (those who muddied the armed coup) hope to maintain this post-Maidan reality for a long time. Nobody has yet canceled objective reality ...
  17. LeonidL
    LeonidL 16 February 2018 04: 01
    They smoke, prick, drink ... are there normal, though not generals, people just stayed actually?
  18. kdakda
    kdakda 16 February 2018 08: 48
    No matter who writes here, there is no doubt that there were people in the ranks of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.