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In the east of Russia launched large-scale air defense exercises

On ten training complexes in Buryatia, Trans-Baikal, Khabarovsk, Primorye Territories, Sakhalin, Amur and Jewish Autonomous Regions, a large-scale field output of air defense units began, reports Interfax message of the press service of the Eastern District.

In the east of Russia launched large-scale air defense exercises

Currently, anti-aircraft gunners will make marches on standard equipment in the specified areas, where they will deploy their positions.

The servicemen will hone their professional skills using the maximum number of types of anti-aircraft missile defense systems, in particular, the Osa, Strela-10, Tor-M2, Buk-M2, Shilka self-propelled self-propelled guns, ZRPK anti-aircraft missiles Tunguska ",
says release.

It is noted that the military "will gain experience in detecting, escorting and destroying high-speed small targets." Such targets will be small rockets whose flight speed is about 700 meters per second.

“In total, more than three thousand people were taken to the field outlets, more than 700 units of combat and special equipment were involved,” the press service added.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 13 February 2018 11: 15
    The experience of the same Syria ... Air defense works if it is used correctly .. But this is a classic of the genre ... It’s hard to learn ... It’s easy in battle ...
    1. zadorin1974
      zadorin1974 13 February 2018 11: 31
      Well, yes, the cub went to the exercises, only their division without firing, the gunners will shoot. Until March, the elections will return, then again the training ground until the summer.
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 13 February 2018 11: 32
      Of course, you need to prepare, because our neighbors in the Far East are so unreliable, they can smile in the face, and keep a stone for us in the bosom.
  2. Egorovich
    Egorovich 13 February 2018 11: 20
    Hard to learn - easy in battle! Suvorov axiom in action. good
  3. Romka47
    Romka47 13 February 2018 11: 23
    The news is good, study, study and study again! True, it is not clear how they will work from Shilka for purposes "whose flight speed is about 700 meters per second." Well, God forbid, learn the guys as much as possible!
  4. taiga2018
    taiga2018 13 February 2018 11: 25
    to some extent, I even understand the fears of the West, constant exercises, firing ... I’m even jealous when I served this was not, but only had to go on guard or outfit in a day ...
    1. Berber
      Berber 13 February 2018 11: 28
      The same situation, then on guard, then responsible.
    KVU-NSVD 13 February 2018 11: 28
    As I recall February in the Kaparian steppe at the beginning of the XNUMXs, I’ll immediately chill .. brrr. But it was fun .. laughing
  6. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 13 February 2018 19: 17
    Training in case of an acute exacerbation in Korea. The Olympics will soon end and rush again .....