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Why is it necessary to secure the eastern borders of Russia

Why is it necessary to secure the eastern borders of RussiaIf in pre-revolutionary Russia the debate on the ways of the development of the country between Westernizers and Slavophiles continued for decades, now there is a dispute between Westernizers and Easterners in the country. Or, more frankly, the dispute about whom we would lean against.


At the end of 80-x - the beginning of 90-x Westerners completely dominated the domestic political discourse, they are now driven into a deaf opposition. Apparently, to a very large extent they are to blame for this themselves, which, by the way, is confirmed by their current behavior.

The main theses of Russian Westernizers (opposition politicians, political scientists, journalists, publicists, bloggers, etc.) are approximately as follows: “it’s very bad that we quarreled with the West”, “we must reconcile with the West as soon as possible”, “Russia is a European a country, so we are on the way only with Europe, ”“ where do you send children to study, to Oxford or Pyongyang? ”, etc. All this, unfortunately, is pure demagogy, a set of ideological clichés and nothing more.

Of course, quarreling is bad, and it is good to put up, not only with the West, but generally with everyone. But it is very desirable to answer the question, specifically and without demagogy: under what conditions will we put up with him?

One must still find the strength to see that the West demands from us only and exclusively unconditional surrender, no other options are simply considered. Even more than that, unconditional surrender does not guarantee us anything; after it, much more will be demanded of us. For example, many of our pro-Western opposition propose to hold a new referendum in Crimea “under international control”. The point, however, is that in the West no one even hints at such an option. Only a kind of EU dissident, Czech President Milos Zeman, suggests that Moscow simply pay Kiev a ransom for the Crimea, but this is nothing more than a personal opinion of Zeman. All other American and European politicians demand from Moscow only unconditional return of Crimea to Ukraine (perhaps because they realize that in any referendum the result will be the same as in March 2014 of the year, after which the wonderful concept of “annexation” and “occupation” will collapse ).

The West completely excludes any compromises with Moscow (this was discussed in the article “Russia and the West remain antagonists”, “NVO” from 15.12.17). And even a return to the situation before February 2014 will not be accepted, since he now wants to completely exclude the possibility of another recurrence of strengthening Russian geopolitical positions. Radical reduction of the Armed Forces (both strategic nuclear forces (SNF) and conventional forces) and the equally radical weakening of the central government in favor of the regions, that is, de facto confederalization of Russia, will inevitably be required of us.

A few months ago, an alternative plan for reforming the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was published in one of the local opposition newspapers (the author of the plan is, as it were, a Russian citizen with a very pro-Western stance). According to this plan, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation should be reduced by several times in comparison with their present condition with a simultaneous transition to a fully hired principle of recruitment, and in each region of the Russian Federation a local National Guard should be created, which is being formed in conscription! On the Russian Internet, this plan was assessed mainly as the delirium of a madman, which is completely wrong. The plan is very clever and correct from the point of view of the opponents of Russia: its implementation will not only exclude the conduct of any war by Russia, including a purely defensive one, but, in fact, will mean the termination of the existence of the Russian Federation as a single state. The very fact of the appearance of such a plan is extremely symptomatic and must rid itself of all illusions about the possibility of "reconciliation between Russia and the West." Accordingly, Russian Westerners should try to clearly answer the question: is this “unconditional surrender +” acceptable for us? And if not, what are the specific practical ways to avoid it?


There are also more conceptual questions to Westerners, irrespective of the possibility of reconciliation.

Actually, Russia is not Europe, but Eurasia, and representatives of non-Slavic and non-European ethnic groups made a very significant contribution to its development. But even this is not important. The main thing is that the current Russian Westerners appeal exclusively to the past, carefully not noticing the present.

In particular, we are talking about the fact that ideological diversity and political pluralism, traditionally considered one of the most powerful and attractive sides of the Western system, are gradually becoming a thing of the past. “The only true doctrine”, the criticism of which is already considered inadmissible (the label of “fascist” is immediately attached to criticism), becomes left liberalism, implying a very peculiar interpretation of classical liberalism and democracy. Moreover, the most unobvious aspects of this ideological direction, that is, hypertrophied tolerance and political correctness, are very aggressively imposed on both the societies of the Western countries themselves and all other countries, primarily those that seek an alliance with the West. Therefore, quite a few political scientists (both in the West and in Russia) are beginning to express a completely unfounded opinion that if earlier the concepts of “liberalism” and “democracy” were considered to be complete synonyms, now they are beginning to turn into almost antonyms.

In this regard, we would like to ask our Westerners: we must “enter the West” precisely under these conditions, that is, unconditionally accept the new “only true doctrine”, and also the left one (like the one we got rid of three decades ago)? Or is it still possible not to reach the point of complete absurdity? I just want to hear a distinct and specific answer to a specific question about the current situation, and not memories of the XVIII – XIX centuries, in which none of us lived.

Finally, it would not hurt Russian Westerners to answer the question about the prospects of the West, especially the European Union. It is not at all obvious that these prospects are bright, the number of problems facing the EU is so great. Moreover, these problems are rather multiplying and aggravating than successfully resolved. In this connection, there are big doubts that we need at least in some form to join this formation and even more so - to dissolve in it. Unfortunately, our Westerners cannot even state the problems of the current EU, all the more so to discuss them in relation to Russia if it suddenly makes the “European choice”. Their attitude to the West, apparently, has not changed since the end of 80, when it was perceived by the majority of the country's population as something perfect and infallible. To put it mildly, such inflexibility of thinking and practically religious worship of quite earthly objects is somewhat strange for people who consider themselves to be the country's intellectual elite, the “creative class” (what, by the way, is its creativity?).


And one more question for Russian Westernizers (first of all for their political leaders), rather, already rhetorical: do they understand that they are destroying their own electoral base with their anti-patriotism? For the overwhelming majority of the population, this anti-patriotism is so unacceptable that other programmatic provisions of the Westernizers, including quite reasonable ones, no longer play a role. And for those already few citizens who share this anti-patriotism, Russia by definition does not matter, they are its citizens only on their passports, but not on their sense of self. Therefore, they will not make any effort to rebuild it in accordance with their views, it is easier for them to join the West in their personal capacity, having left there for permanent residence. That is, there is simply no one to vote for Westerners, which was confirmed by the elections to the State Duma 2016 of the year: the left-liberal “Yabloko” and PARNAS received a total of just over 1,4 million votes, which is 1,3% of the total number of Russian citizens eligible to vote. This is the very real popularity of this political direction.

At the moment, there is the strongest impression that the goal of our Westerners is to completely dissolve Russia in the West with the refusal not only of national interests, but also of territorial integrity and national identity. It seems that they are quite satisfied with not even “unconditional surrender +”, but “unconditional surrender ++ ... +”. Interestingly, even this option does not guarantee Russia (or what remains of it) to improve the economic situation and improve the living standards of the population. It guarantees the very opposite - a significant deterioration in both, as it happened in Ukraine after it "made the European choice." However, this “inspiring example” our Westerners also diligently ignore, because if the theory contradicts the facts, so much the worse for the facts, this is the most important principle of modern left liberalism.

As is known, the Russian authorities are today responding to the specific features of Western left-wing liberalism with protective conservatism, sometimes very reminiscent of frank obscurantism. Nevertheless, even this answer is very noticeable, with an increasing number of supporters in the West, as people there began to tire the triumph of various minorities over the normal majority (and the Europeans, moreover, were already very tired of the omnipotence of an unselected supranational European bureaucracy).

Russia would follow the path of right-wing, patriotic liberalism — and it would be quite realistic not only a force, but also an ideological alternative pole for the West and the world as a whole. Alas, there is no reason to expect a turn from the current Russian government towards right-wing liberalism. But, unfortunately, this is not to be expected of the pro-Western opposition either, none of its representatives even hint at such an option. Therefore, normal Russians should choose between the procession and the gay parade, while recalling Stalin’s famous statement on almost the same reason: “Both are worse.”


The opposite of the Westerners are the native Easterners. However, the opposite of this most likely apparent - they also have completely Western-centric thinking and also experience a very strong inferiority complex in relation to the West. Only if Westerners are ready to dissolve in the West because of this, then the Easterners are ready to freeze not only their ears, but their whole head in spite of the western "grandmother." They, like Westerners, do not consider the possibility of independent development of Russia, hoping to lean as closely as possible against China. Sometimes Easterners invent wider geopolitical constructions, to which we must lean, including not only one China. But these constructions have the same relation to reality as “reconciliation with the West”. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of Easterners absolutely do not understand the Chinese mentality or the challenges and problems facing China.

Reading and listening to native Easterners can be quite funny. Year after year, they talk about how great the prospects for the Russian-Chinese “strategic partnership” are and how wonderful Moscow and Beijing will stand up to Washington’s hegemonism together.

Meanwhile, the “strategic partnership” of Russia and China was proclaimed in the middle of the 90s. Accordingly, it has long been necessary to write and speak not about great prospects, but about great achievements. But the fact is that there are none at all. The tough military confrontation between the two countries ceased during the USSR, in the middle of the 80. The volume of mutual trade (and it is just conventional trade, nothing more) between the two countries is extremely small, considering that we are talking about two great powers with huge economies, besides having a land border of 4,3 thousand km in length. The structure of this trade is extremely humiliating for Russia - the exchange of our energy and wood for Chinese cars and consumer goods, and the further, the stronger this structure is fixed. More just say nothing about.

Moreover, for some reason, Russian lovers of China categorically do not want to hear the Chinese themselves. And those throughout our “strategic partnership” endlessly explain that relations between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China do not and will never bear the character of a union and are not directed against third countries. And together with Russia, China is not going to oppose the United States at all, its relations with the United States are its business, it does not concern Russia at all.

Especially clearly the essence of the "strategic partnership" manifested in the past four years. Domestic Easterners ecstatically told themselves how China supports us in the Crimea, Ukraine and Syria. In reality, on all these issues, China held the position of ice neutrality with a rather noticeable anti-Russian accent. So, in the summer of 2014 of the year (when the Crimea was already Russian, Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics were proclaimed) Beijing congratulated on Independence Day "45 is the millionth people of Ukraine" (this is the population of Ukraine along with the Crimea and even more so with the Donbas) and the representatives of Crimea strongly encouraged Moscow not to include in the official Russian delegations visiting China. China, like most countries of the world, did not impose any sanctions on Crimea and Ukraine against Russia, but used these sanctions from the West very well, significantly tightening its already extremely tough positions on all economic transactions with Russia. Beijing, even in words, did not support the Syrian military campaign of Moscow, on the contrary, it was much more inclined to the position of Turkey and the Arabian monarchies, who were on the side of the opponents of Assad. Moreover, China has repeatedly condemned any foreign military intervention in the Syrian war, without specifying any exceptions for Russia.


However, since the end of 2016, Beijing’s position has begun to change. In the Chinese media Crimean история It began to be presented in a descriptive-objectivist style, with hints that maybe Russia was somewhat right. China began to vote in the UN General Assembly against anti-Russian resolutions on Crimea (before that, he had abstained on such resolutions). Appeared in the Crimea, Chinese tourists. And Assad somehow gradually became not just the legitimate president of Syria, but even a friend of China. Interestingly, it was after this, in March 2017 of the year, that for the first time there were threats against China from the “Islamic State” (IG, a terrorist organization - banned in the Russian Federation), before that, not to mention the rest of the anti-Assad forces in Syria, considered Beijing an adversary. Such a “creeping reorientation” of China is extremely revealing: Beijing deeply in its coffin saw a “strategic partnership” with Moscow, but on the other hand, he appreciates and understands strength very well. Moscow has demonstrated it - Beijing responded. But, unfortunately, for now this is only a special case, and by no means a trend.

If the Russian Westernizers are trying in every way to avoid discussing the prospects of the current West, the Easterners behave in a similar way with respect to China, and here, too, is not so simple. Of course, China’s economic successes are colossal, Europe’s already for a very long time and doesn’t dream. But the contradictions of development have not gone away. For example, despite the best efforts of the authorities, the already catastrophic ecological situation continues to deteriorate, which is already putting a lot of pressure on the economy and the social sphere. A substantial increase in the population’s well-being is evident, but the main western countries are still very far away, even China did not catch up with Russia in this sense (reports in the Russian media that the average salary in China is now higher than in Russia are the result of statistical manipulations and not related to reality). At the same time, Chinese products are already beginning to lose their competitiveness, since they were based primarily on the extremely low labor cost. Therefore, if earlier mass production moved from the West to China, now it is moving from China to its neighboring countries of Southeast Asia (Southeast Asia), where the wages of workers are indeed much lower than in China. The policy of “one family - one child” gave rise to such serious demographic imbalances that it was officially canceled. But the growth of the population will give rise to new problems, more precisely, it will aggravate the old ones.

Very interesting things happen in the internal politics of China. The current Chairman of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, appears to have embarked on usurping power and abandoning the practice after Mao, when the country's leader resides in his post for only two five-year terms (between CPC congresses). It is precisely to strengthen its own power and defeat rival factions that, in particular, the fight against corruption that has unfolded during it (everyone steals, but only Xi Jinping’s potential opponents sit down for it). Not only military, but also political sense has a grandiose military reform (“New Great Wall of China”, “NVO” from 20.10.17). The massive territorial and organizational "shuffling" of parts and formations of the ground forces of the PLA allows you to dismiss officers and generals suspected of Xi Jinping’s disloyalty, and for the rest to break the existing ties with regional civil authorities. China remembers very well the times of the omnipotence of the “militarists,” which were less than a century ago, and are very afraid of regional separatism, supported by the military.


Reducing industrial output (for which China is already at least twice as large as the United States) will have very bad social consequences for the country, since it will lead to huge unemployment. Therefore, in Beijing, the idea of ​​a megaproject, taken out of China, arose, allowing to support industrial production in the country and organize the export of labor. This megaproject was the “New Silk Road”, then renamed to “One Belt - One Road” (OPOP). Today this project is, in fact, a synonym for Beijing's foreign and foreign economic policy in the Eastern Hemisphere. It involves the construction of transport corridors from China to the west, which should encompass a diverse infrastructure and draw almost all of Eurasia and Africa into the Chinese sphere of influence (first economic, then political, and in many cases military). China actively enters the countries of these two continents, buying up local assets and objects and building its own objects in their territories. Of course, the poorer and more corrupt the country, the easier it is for Beijing to buy it. Therefore, he already bought almost all of Africa; the poorest countries of Southeast Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh) were under his control. Now China is entering Eastern Europe, which receives it with open arms. It is especially amusing to observe the Poles and the Balts, who are fighting in endless hysteria about Soviet communism (for some reason transferring it to today's Russia), but they just don’t lick the Chinese Communists. But Western Europe is already very actively amenable to Chinese influence. The more powerful the Chinese economy becomes and the more problems appear in the EU economy, the quieter European resentment about human rights violations in China (especially since Beijing has completely ignored this resentment) and the smiles of European leaders at the sight of expensive ones (in literally) Chinese guests. At the end of December 2017, the main match of not only the Spanish Championship, but also of all European football, Real Madrid-Barcelona, ​​was held not in the evening, as it always was, but in Madrid's 13.00, in order to make it more convenient Watch the Chinese! Moreover, Spanish football functionaries hint that the next “el-classic” can go directly in China itself! This example clearly shows who is now "in the house boss."

A very peculiar feature of the Chinese OPOP project from the very beginning was that it almost completely ignored Russia - its most important “strategic partner”, possessing, in addition, an enormous transit potential! It’s hard to come up with stronger evidence of what fiction the “strategic partnership” is (at least for China). Only the minor northern route of the “New Silk Road” passed through the territory of Russia in the shortest version - from the border with Kazakhstan in the Orenburg region to the border with Belarus. Transsib from the Chinese project was completely excluded. Apparently, because Russian Siberia and the Far East are not part of China’s overseas projects, these are for him direct colonization.

Even the most ardent domestic Orientalists could not overlook this circumstance and started embarrassed to say that somehow this was not in partnership. Apparently, the Kremlin was also offended. As a result, during Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow in May 2015, he nevertheless signed with Vladimir Putin an agreement on the integration of the One Belt and One Road projects and the Eurasian Economic Union. Almost three years have passed since then, but it is still unclear what this integration is (or at least should be). The Kremlin, apparently, continues to be offended, because of which he put forward the initiative to combine not only the OPOP and the EAEU, but also the SCO and ASEAN, in order to “dissolve” the Chinese project in them. This project is truly grandiose, only it is unclear how to implement it in practice. Moscow itself does not explain this, so no one reacts to its proposal.

The Easterners are well aware that Russia has no opportunity to become “elder brother” for China, as in the 40-e - 50-e years of the twentieth century. Therefore, some of them offer Russia to become “elder sister” for China, which, according to Chinese tradition, the “younger brother” should respect and take care of whatever the situation “sister” would be. It looks frankly ridiculous, especially since China has not the slightest manifestation of such a perception of reality. More realistic Easterners are offering Russia, thanks to its increased military power, to become the official “guard” of the OPOP outside of China. This role does not seem very enviable, although, of course, it is better to be a hired security guard than just a slave. Only China doesn’t seek this variant, it builds its “Pearl String”, that is, a chain of military bases and logistics points from Hainan to the Arabian Peninsula and Africa.


For Russia, an alliance with India would be the ideal geopolitical strategy. It is a democratic country with its own specifics, but without Western left-liberal perversions. This is a country that has deep traditions of friendship with Russia and does not have any overlapping interests with it. The main thing is that it would be the union of the third and fourth powers of the world powers, which would completely balance the first and second powers (the US and China). Moreover, in our union there would be no older and younger ones, it would be a union of equal partners, complementing each other in many ways. Then other strong countries of lower rank (for example, Vietnam and Kazakhstan) could well join this alliance.

Moscow seems to have never been against an alliance with India, but only she constantly pushes Delhi into her chimerical geopolitical constructions, within which India should have been friends with China against the West. India, however, is not going to dissolve in the West, but it does not see the point of resisting it. She just needed an alliance against China. As a result, Moscow very successfully with its own hands pushed Delhi into the arms of Washington (although no one in Moscow ever admits that the rapprochement between India and the United States is primarily the result of our “outstanding” foreign policy). And it will be extremely difficult to play back, as Russia continues to impose India’s friendship with China, which will not be under any circumstances.

Thus, today, leaning Russia against both the West and China is, at best, impossible, and at worst, suicidal. It seems that there is simply no one to suggest the option of truly independent development. Therefore, it remains to be guided by the already commonplace slogan: "Russia has only two allies - the army and the navy." As part of the implementation of this slogan, it would be good to finally note that if the country's defense to the west of the Urals is very satisfactory, then the situation is not so rosy to the east of the Urals and especially to the east of Baikal (“A sharp sword and a durable shield are the best guarantee of the prosperity of the state "," NVO "from 25.08.17). And it is necessary to guarantee ourselves at least from the military method of weaning Russia of its eastern half. We should insure against the peaceful method of weaning in other ways with which, alas, we are much worse.
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  1. populist
    populist 11 February 2018 15: 24
    The author first introduced a false dilemma, and then with a clever air began to refute it. lol
    1. dSK
      dSK 11 February 2018 15: 29
      Hello Yuri!
      Quote: populist
      introduced a false dilemma

      Quote: Khramchikhin
      Therefore, normal Russians should choose between a religious procession and a gay parade, recalling Stalin’s famous statement on almost the same occasion: "Both are worse."
      А daemonis a wakeup better? The demon is the father of lies and the mother of all vices. You want to make the right decisions, be friends with his antagonist - the Lord God.
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 11 February 2018 15: 32
        Unfortunately, our Westerners cannot even state the problems of the current EU, let alone discuss them in relation to Russia if it suddenly makes a “European choice”.
        The author is right.
        At first. By his personal participation in international n / a. conferences held in Russia on the transfer of Western experience in the Russian Federation, I can attest that this is indeed the case.
        Secondly. The "zashorennost" of our Westerners with advanced degrees - a learned profession and their young pupils - stems from their grant-eating from the hands of the so-called foreign "sponsors". It’s just disgusting to observe at conferences how they, these Russian Westerners of ours, are climbing in front of their so-called foreign "sponsors" and "auditors"! Until hoarseness in their voices in discussions, they are ruining Russia as a state, its science and youth!
      2. populist
        populist 11 February 2018 15: 42
        Russians must choose between religious procession and gay pride

        Sergey, did you decide to support me by looking for additional false dilemmas from the author? drinks
        1. Reserve officer
          Reserve officer 11 February 2018 18: 17
          I started reading - something is wrong in the article. I looked at the signature of the article - Khramchikhin. On this reading matter ended.
      3. Pax tecum
        Pax tecum 11 February 2018 18: 23
        ... a dispute about the development of the country between Westerners and Slavophiles, now in the country there is a dispute between Westerners and Easterners

        It seems that here is not true. Somehow famously and unconditionally, the author removed the Slavophiles. But who considered the supporters of our own development path? What does the patriotic majority of the country's population think, according to the author?
        West and East are markets in the first place. And, we must develop ourselves. Russian / Russian science, education, culture, sovereign model of the economic system ... it should be only ours.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Terenin
    Terenin 11 February 2018 15: 42
    There is no doubt that Russia's economic breakthrough will be one of the decisive security guarantees for its borders.
    1. Pax tecum
      Pax tecum 11 February 2018 18: 45
      The economic breakthrough and border security do not seem to correlate much. With an increase in the attractiveness of the economy, such migration flows will flow into the country that today's streams seem. Legislation will become very liberal ... towards migrants.
      Rather, in this case, the borders will begin to disappear. TS, EurAsEC, free movement of workers, goods, services ... The general, as Medvedev promised, pension system, the emergence of a huge number of neo-Russians with East and Asian roots, professing Islam. Quantity will be, but not quality.
      This will play a very cruel joke in the future, liberal "mines" are already everywhere laid.
      1. Terenin
        Terenin 11 February 2018 18: 58
        I understood correctly, the poorer the country, the stronger its borders?
        1. Pax tecum
          Pax tecum 11 February 2018 19: 10
          Do not think the opposite. This also does not correspond.
          State security used to be made by decision-makers, as they otherwise imagined. And now, the trends of globalism rule.
          Even now it’s clear that some elements of state security, which, incidentally, include border policy, have been brought in favor of liberal views on capital gains.
          And this despite the fact that we are the richest (yes, whatever you want!) And self-sufficient country in the world, and they convince us that we do not know how to work and do not breed.
          1. Terenin
            Terenin 11 February 2018 19: 23
            Maybe I don’t understand you, request but the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020 was approved. Its main tasks:
            - mobilize the development of the Russian economy and increase the activity of foreign trade relations;
            - improve the general quality of life of citizens of the Russian Federation, provide them with stable wages and pensions;
            - ensure political stability;
            - strengthen all areas of the rule of law of the country, ensure state security and defense;
            - increase the prestige of the Russian Federation on the world stage and its competitiveness of the economy.
            And, the Fundamentals of Border Policy are an integral part of the Strategy. And it says nothing about "for the sake of liberal views on capital gains". request
            1. Vladivostok1969
              Vladivostok1969 12 February 2018 01: 52
              The strategy, of course, is DA. But what of this strategy will we carry out until 2020. What part of it, and by how much? hi
              1. Terenin
                Terenin 12 February 2018 09: 37
                The criticism is understandable, but what do you offer? (that I myself know many shortcomings). Especially since you are on the eastern borders, you know better. hi
  4. Ber
    Ber 11 February 2018 16: 03
    A very peculiar feature of the Chinese OPOP project was initially that it almost completely ignored Russia - its most important “strategic partner”, which also has enormous transit potential! It is hard to come up with stronger evidence of what fiction is “strategic partnership” (at least for China).

    This is the main indicator of gratitude to the Russian people for their help in liberating from the Kwantung Army, despite the refusal of the Russian Federation to take the communist path, and this is very important to the authorities and people of the PRC, because the power of the Russian liberals at any moment can swing the country into the arms of the United States right up to military cooperation, that is, indirectly becoming US allies against China, which is only worth Chemezov’s S-400 statements in the midst of a confrontation between the DPRK and the USA, with a 100% probability of intervention by the PRC.

    Only the secondary northern route of the “New Silk Road” passed through the territory of Russia in the shortest form - from the border with Kazakhstan in the Orenburg region to the border with Belarus. The Trans-Siberian Railway was completely excluded from the Chinese project. Apparently, because Russian Siberia and the Far East are not included in China’s foreign projects, this is for him the direction of direct colonization.

    It is this that shows the complete absence of CHINA's plans for economic expansion in SIBERIA and, therefore, its economic separation from the western part of the Russian Federation, which will subsequently lead to a political separation, because China is closer than Moscow.
    Since the Russian Federation is trying to promote the theme of the Siberian People's Republic, and its separation from the Russian Federation.

    And China is extremely restrained here, especially in economic projects.
    It is not our fault with you that we have such stupid politicians and even more mediocre economists, and China is an ancient civilization and is guided by a thousand-year-old philosophy, and not by the momentary benefits of political upstarts.
    Moreover, there are a lot of ordinary Chinese in the Far East, and here they also show plans for economic expansion.
    And there are so many clever people about the mourned Fed-IMF, who are trying to push their heads together to different segments of the public in the Russian Federation and in the PRC in the information space of both countries.
    On all fronts, from alternative tales of the delusional war of Russia and China 7 years ago, to political cards sold in the PRC where Siberia is part of China, mass processing of consciousness goes in all directions, interests, hobbies, and people in both countries.

    Therefore, normal Russians should choose between a religious procession and a gay parade, recalling Stalin’s famous statement on almost the same occasion: "Both are worse."
    1. Per se.
      Per se. 12 February 2018 07: 32
      Quote: Ber
      And there are so many clever people about the mourned Fed-IMF, who are trying to push their heads together to different segments of the public in the Russian Federation and in the PRC in the information space of both countries.
      Probably, in spite of all paid for and in general to the world bourgeoisie, we tried to be friends, at one time, with the “brothers in mind” from the German workers' national-socialist party ... The problem was that Hitler was brought to power, eyes closed on all violations according to Versailles, gave a crush on the potential of a large part of Europe for one purpose only, to revive the might of Germany as an anti-USSR, so that the Germans and the Russians would kill each other as much as possible. Why did the West suddenly shut its eyes to the Chinese "commies", the theft of technology, copyright infringement and terry piracy in fakes, made the "Chinese miracle" take place? Without the help of the USSR in the industrialization and support of China from external enemies, nothing would have happened in the formation of China, but what the Soviet Union "thanked" China for, - with the events on Damansky. We wanted to make an ally out of China, to get another socialist country, but this was a mistake. A military conflict with the USSR, a war with another socialist country, Vietnam, already casts doubt on Chinese "socialism", socialism is by definition international, any nationalism is already the antipode of socialism, communist morality. Therefore, in China, the same "socialism" as it was in Nazi Germany, and the "Chinese miracle" for the West is needed now just as Hitler needed the "German miracle", China has a new eastern anti-Soviet, anti-Russia waiting of its hour, when reaching the desired potential. You can arbitrarily “not give in to provocations,” but if the “Barbarossa Plan” has already been approved, war will be inevitable. Arrogate the Chinese "national communists" as you please, give them your lands at the "demarcation" of the border, sell the latest weapons, turn a blind eye to the impudent copying, lay pipes and power lines, we will be smiling until what is still inferior, and reaching superiority will dictate their conditions. Therefore, I agree with the author, only in India you can see an ally and partner in the East, but also in Germany in the West, you must look for an ally with all your might. Germany can revive socialism, using the experience of the GDR, to get out from under the Anglo-Saxons, to create its pole of world power, Russia must also revive socialism. Without this, there is no multipolar world right now, and the Chinese are essentially the same puppets as the Germans were with Hitler, under the clans of the world ghouls, under the rule of the transnational monopolies of world capitalism.
      1. Ber
        Ber 12 February 2018 19: 32
        In many ways, you can agree, as if everything is logical, and the parallels are built, but half are wrong.

        1. East is not west there is a completely different philosophy, in China it’s not a country, but the people of a GENERAL DESTINY, or not.
        For the Russian worldview formed by the biblical paradigm is not immediately clear, it takes time to switch to another worldview, and China is not Japan, about which you forgot in vain, and the country of Japan is strong and the samurai are evil, and they have not gone anywhere.

        2. China will never forget the opium wars with the Anglo-Saxons, that is, never when, and the concept was forgiven or not, in the east it is the same peculiar.

        3. It was Russia that saved the Chinese nation from extinction by blocking the passage of merchant ships of the British, Dutch, and others through the Amur, so there they could not sell opium at all.
        China asked, Russia agreed and fulfilled the request, then the weaker neighbor, they do not forget this, despite the heap of disagreements.

        But about Germany, you are 100% right, but it is better to make the closest contacts through the Serbs, unlike ((brothers)) Bulgarians are real allies, otherwise their Americans will squeeze in the future, not even the weight category.
        There is a lot that we need to know what chips simens supplies for the Bundeswehr, especially how the analogues of Armatovsky Afganit and so on work for them ... because in NATO they are the only Germans and that’s all, and the Israelis just bought the technology and then raw, on Abrams Neither x nor horseradish can not be set up yet, maybe not so because the sources are open, and there a lot of things will be written.
        And Cannons 130 mm Rhine metal for the new Leopards Serbs can imagine lol buy for us, and so on.
        It’s hard to do such things directly; the Americans are still not suckers.
        This is a retreat to the fact that Germany must be friends all the same through an intermediary.
        And it can even work out, since the states are pumping Poland against Germany.

        Although HZ is open sources, they are still .... that would rely on them for conclusions.
        1. KaPToC
          KaPToC 12 February 2018 20: 56
          Quote: Ber
          For the Russian worldview formed by the biblical paradigm

          Apparently you wanted to say
          "For a Jewish worldview shaped by a biblical paradigm"
          Jewish, not Russian
          1. Ber
            Ber 12 February 2018 21: 23
            The Orthodox worldview is formed by a biblical project.
            And Orthodoxy based on the Bible formed a culture, these are paintings on biblical themes in galleries and storerooms, and biblical names that have replaced Slavic names for 1000 years, and sculptures on a biblical theme, and much more.

            In more detail in the BER, Professor Zaznobin, although not all, but half share the opinion of the team dealing with this issue.

            1. KaPToC
              KaPToC 12 February 2018 21: 29
              Quote: Ber
              The Orthodox worldview is formed by a biblical project.

              Iiiii? Develop your thought!
              Quote: Ber
              bible names

              Not all names in Russia are biblical, besides most of them are biblical or not.
  5. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 11 February 2018 16: 32
    ... "where do you send your children to study in Oxford or Pyongyang?" - the author, where did you come from to us, this is not pure demagogy, a set of ideological cliches and nothing more, but pure truth, unfortunately ...
  6. TOR2
    TOR2 11 February 2018 17: 46
    The main points of the Russian Westerners (opposition politicians, political scientists, journalists, publicists, bloggers, etc.) are roughly as follows: “it’s very bad that we quarreled with the West”, “we need to make peace with the West as soon as possible”

    The gentlemen gathered west. It’s just that they won’t realize that for this there should be a healthy and hardy stallion capable of introducing from any situation (state economy), and in a holster a revolver of an impressive caliber (BC). Otherwise, no one will talk to them there.
  7. turbris
    turbris 11 February 2018 18: 13
    Well, what conclusion did the author make at the end of the article? We need to arm ourselves in the east, because the Far East will be taken away from us - the old hackneyed horror story, as well as the NATO threat in the West. In the world there is only one country that could potentially threaten us - this is the United States, everything else is a pun. Of course, Russia should not lean against anyone, but develop independently in accordance with its national interests.
    ALEA IACTA EST 11 February 2018 18: 29
    You need to stand on your own feet. Apart from ourselves, no one needs a strong Russia.
  9. samarin1969
    samarin1969 11 February 2018 19: 10
    All recipes for the salvation of Russia end with the famous words of Alexander III. ... "Far from the people" offer their own recipe - the main thing is to increase the retirement age and "negotiate" with "partners at any cost ....
    ps The author would be on some "Valdai club" of dreamers. There are many such fans of historical "fantasy".
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 12 February 2018 07: 09
      In fact, the author, as it were, says that Russia is not “shining” both from the “west” and from the “east” and he is just complaining that Russia has practically no protection from the “east”.
  10. tochila
    tochila 11 February 2018 19: 27
    West is West, and East is East !! There was some kind of movie - there was a dervish who guarded the East from the West and the West from the East !!
  11. andrew xnumx
    andrew xnumx 11 February 2018 21: 19
    The author is right. Do not rely on friendship with China. this country is no less dangerous for Russia than the West. Meanwhile, the Eastern frontiers are strengthening weakly and the danger of China is underestimated.
    1. Stalingradpobeda
      Stalingradpobeda 16 February 2018 15: 23
      Why do we need to strengthen the borders now if there are nuclear weapons?
  12. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 11 February 2018 22: 22
    My personal opinion is that Russia will not slip into the geopolitical margin in only one case. In the event that in the near future there will be a serious military conflict between the axes China-DPRK-Pakistan on the one hand, and the USA-India-South Korea-Japan, on the other. And our best step will be to maintain neutrality and in no case do not get into this mess, if possible supplying the parties to the conflict with weapons and resources. The most favorable outcome would be either the status quo with a serious weakening of the parties, or the defeat of the Chinese axis. All this is a little real of course, but dreaming is not harmful))
  13. Radikal
    Radikal 12 February 2018 11: 46
    Good article! Many experts, including professional military men, likewise assess the situation in terms of our "cooperation" with the PRC. They (the Chinese) really liked the “territorial gifts” of the Guarantor, for example, it can be seen how usually it happens in such cases, the Chinese have had a lot of appetite - they crave more “gifts”, and if they don’t wait, they themselves will take it when the opportunity arises! sad
  14. Dzmicer
    Dzmicer 12 February 2018 22: 48
    Russia does not need to join the "West", because it is already the "West".
    For the same reason, she will never become the "East".
    1. Stalingradpobeda
      Stalingradpobeda 16 February 2018 15: 21
      Dear Dzmicer which Russia is the "West"? When Western countries hate Russia.
      1. Dzmicer
        Dzmicer 16 February 2018 15: 29
        "Western countries" - who is this? The Baltic States and Poland?) Russophobia is a rather local phenomenon, and anti-Bolshevism is often confused with it (and Bolshevism was an obvious and absolute evil) Can you imagine Western culture without Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov? That "there" can not.
  15. AllXVahhaB
    AllXVahhaB 15 February 2018 17: 39
    (everyone steals, but only potential opponents of Xi Jinping sit down for it)

    Something that reminds me of ... lol
  16. Stalingradpobeda
    Stalingradpobeda 16 February 2018 15: 20
    The author is in many ways right.