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Oaths of Darkness: A Special "Raw Material" for Witchcraft

Peter Nirs and Catherine Monvoyasen - these people left their trail of blood in those eras in which they lived. Nirs showed his compatriots in the sixteenth century that hell could be on earth. The "Poison Case" Monvoyzen stirred the minds of people in the next century.

Oaths of Darkness: A Special "Raw Material" for Witchcraft

Under the guise of a sorcerer and cannibal

The date of birth of one of the sixteenth century’s most terrible and dangerous German criminals is unknown. Based on the memories of contemporaries, we can conclude that Peter Nirs (according to another version - Nirsch) killed, dismembered and prepared potions from his victims, starting from the late fifties - early sixties. His cruelty struck and scared.

Thanks to cruelty, composure and determination, Nirs gathered around him the same bandits. Of these, he chose his assistant - a certain Sumer. This gang traveled through the German lands in search of profit. Sometimes the gang broke up into several groups, and then reunited on the orders of Nirs. Here is what the historian Wiltenburg wrote: “Of course, the profession of plunder demanded some kind of organization. It was in places outside the cities that these groups operated, especially in forests and mountains, as well as along forest roads. It is reported that a gang led by Nirs and Schumer began their criminal journey in Alsace, but when they became twenty-four people in the Pfalzburg region, they split up in groups to rob and kill in different places. ”

According to the researchers, a special “work” style of Peter appeared thanks to the mentor - the robber Martin Stayer (according to another version - to Steyer). Martin also led a gang of roving criminals who were disguised as shepherds. For more than two decades, they terrified travelers and residents of small villages. But in the early seventies of the sixteenth century, Stayer and his accomplices (about fifty "shepherds") were caught. During the torture, Martin confessed to the robbery and murder of several dozen people. According to some historians, Stier’s bandits were in fact originally shepherds, but then they retrained: “Far from civilized society and alone with animals ... they turn into animals themselves.” All the bandits, of course, were executed. After the death of his mentor, Nirs picks up the "baton".

There is evidence that Nirsa and part of his bandits managed to catch in 1577 year. During interrogation and torture in Gersbach, Peter confessed that he counted seventy-five victims. Of course, he was immediately sentenced to death. But ... somehow Peter managed to escape. But the fate of the other criminals remained unknown. But, most likely, they were not as lucky as their leader.

According to legend, when Nirs and Sumer reached one of the many forests of the Palatinate, they met the devil. During the conversation, the criminals shared with him their plans regarding robberies and murders. The devil liked the robbers, and he endowed them with certain supernatural powers that worked on human blood. One of these abilities was the ability to become invisible. But in order to turn this trick, you must always carry a bag with magical artifacts. By the way, after that, Sumer disappears. According to one of the versions, Nirs “paid off” for his superpowers.
Legend claims that when Nirsa was caught in 1577, he managed to regain the gift of the devil with cunning and, having become invisible, escaped. It also tells about what was in that bag. Its main treasure is some amulets that Nirs made from still unborn human children. Therefore, when the power of the artifact began to end, he attacked pregnant women and cut out the fruit with a knife. And during the manufacture of amulets, Peter read the spell, after which he ate the heart of the child. In the course was also the flesh of the baby. Nirs made special candles from it. According to legend, their light did not wake people. Therefore, the offender could safely rob rich houses.

In addition, according to legend, Peter was able to turn into animals or objects. For example, it was said that once during a chase, he turned into a stone to hide. Another time - in a tree. There have been cases when a thug took the form of a cat, dog or goat.

But Nirs resorted to transformation only in emergency cases. It seems that it took too much power from him, besides, the owner from the underworld demanded fresh human blood instead. Therefore, most often the robber resorted to disguise. He had a whole collection of different costumes as well as masks. According to legend, Peter also made masks from human skin, so that they look more natural and natural. He could become a soldier or even a leper - depending on the situation. But in any case, Nirs always carried a lot of money with him, two pistols, a two-handed sword and a treasured bag.

In one of the old German songs dedicated to this robber and a sorcerer, his appearance is described: old, with two crooked fingers on his hand and a long scar on his chin. It also tells how Nirs was nevertheless caught. The robber drove into the town of Neumark, where he decided to stay a few days. Therefore, he settled in the hotel "Bell". Before leaving, he went to a local bathhouse and, surprisingly, did not take with him a bag with amulets. By that time, the terrible glory of Nirsa had reached the most remote and deaf German villages. As soon as he appeared in Neumark, the inhabitants understood who was in front of them. However, no one has attempted to detain the sorcerer and robber - people felt superstitious fear in front of him. Therefore, Peter, feeling completely safe, walked through the city in the open. Visitors to the bath also recognized him, of course. People looked at the cannibal killer in dismay, and someone suddenly noticed the missing bag. These residents of Neumark and decided to take advantage. Two quietly slipped out of the bath, headed for the hotel. The owner of the "Bell" opened the door leading to the room Nirsa. Literally a minute later, the contents of the bag - human limbs and the hearts of unborn children - became the property of the town residents. People were scared, but among them there were several brave souls who decided to catch Peter. Soon, eight men broke into the bathhouse and twisted the gangster. Nirs didn’t even think to resist or somehow justify himself. He confessed to his atrocities and waited for the trial.
The trial of the Inquisition was swift. During the interrogation (read - torture), Nirs confessed to the killing of about five hundred people, twenty-four of whom are pregnant women. In addition, he told about the meeting with the devil and how he shared with him recipes for various spells and potions that worked on the basis of the flesh of unborn children.

Nirsa was publicly tortured for three days. On the first day, the inquisitors used ticks to tear out pieces of flesh from his body. On the second, the gangster’s feet were doused with boiling oil, after which they were roasted over a fire. On the third day of 16 September of 1581, the cannibal wizard bones were broken on the wheel. All this time, Peter was not only alive, he was conscious. Therefore, according to legend, when the executioner began to dismember him, the gangster called for the help of his master from the underworld. But he never showed up.

"The Case of Poisons"

Approximately in 1640, the future main figure of the “poison case” Catherine Monvoisin was born. There is practically no information about her childhood and youth. Catherine will "emerge" at an older age, when she marries a certain Parisian, Montvoisin. According to some information, he was a jeweler, according to others - a simple worker. After a short time, Catherine gave birth to a daughter. But marital happiness turned out to be fleeting. Her husband died suddenly. Having become a widow, a woman was faced with an unexpected problem — the lack of money. And then she decided to turn her passion into a source of income. Catherine Monvoisin became a fortune teller. Women came to her small salon to find out their fate. Fortune-telling on cards and palms did not bring as much money as Catherine would have liked. Since her passion for luxury and entertainment exceeded reasonable limits, finances were barely enough to make ends meet.

Then she took up the second job - midwives. True, this "business" had to be conducted illegally. But the client has always been enough. After some time, Catherine decided that all this is not enough. After consulting with her lover Adam Kure-Lesage, she decided to become a real sorceress. Here the knowledge gained from the father - the alchemist. Of course, Katrin was not going to look for the philosopher's stone. She began to prepare various potions and potions, thus turning them into gold coins. Quickly the fame of the sorceress, who was selling love potions and also poisons, spread all over Paris. A queue of inconsolable women lined up to the sorceress (most often, clients were well-to-do individuals) who dreamed of returning her husband or poisoning a rival. The people are poisons of Madame Monvoisin called "powder for inheritance." In addition, the woman often arranged this show with calls of devils or a shower of the dead. None of the clients even had the idea of ​​quackery, Monvoisin had the reputation of being a real witch.

But once Catherine realized that all this was not enough for her. In addition, several other witches appeared in Paris selling poison. And although Monvoisin has already earned herself a certain status, it was not so easy to withstand the competition. And then she decided in parallel with the manufacture of poisons and potions to find the coveted elixir of eternal youth. And as a basis the sorceress took the placenta - the “clothes” of the child who is in the womb of the mother. Since she did not abandon the work of the midwife, the “material” for the first experiments was, as they say, at hand. And the experiments exceeded all expectations. Catherine was convinced that she had chosen the right path. Rich clients did not spare any money for the sake of beauty and youth. The number of people who wanted to get the elixir increased. And for further work (to put the production of the drug on stream) she needed more and more human embryos.

The sorceress found a way out of a difficult situation. She paid pregnant beggar, and they, in turn, abandoned their child in favor of Monvoisin. When it was a certain time, Catherine called artificial birth, providing herself with the necessary "raw materials."

The process of making the elixir included a terrible ritual - the black mass. But it was impossible to spend it alone, so the woman asked for help. Her associates in black magic have become ... Abbots Mariette, Lemenian, Tournai, Davo and Gibur. The first three clerics were only assistants. But Davo supplied her with human fat for making candles necessary for the ritual. As for Gibur, he was preparing "special" cachets. Traditionally, these thin sheets of dough, decorated with images of Christian symbolism, but the abbot replaced them with pictures from the underworld. In addition, he was preparing them from a test with an admixture of flesh and blood of babies, as well as human waste products. Surprisingly, this particular product was in great demand.

Among the clients of Madame Monvoisin was full of the elite of French society. For example, Madame de Vivon, who was the sister-in-law of the official favorite of the king Madame de Montespan. The Countess of Soissons (the niece of Cardinal Mazarin) and the Duchess of Bouillon (another relative of Mazarin) were also mentioned. Flashing even the name of Marshal of Luxembourg, who also needed the help of a sorceress ...

It was the connection with the Versailles courtiers and played a cruel joke with Catherine. Once Marquis Brenvillier (the famous poisoner, with whom the police began to investigate the "case of poisons" - the largest at that time in France) let out a conversation about the witch who committed black masses. After a short time, Madame Monvoisin was arrested. The case was of such scope that Louis the Fourteenth urgently established a tribunal for cases of poisoning - the Chamber of Fire. Madame Monvoisin was accused of witchcraft, collusion with the devil and numerous murders. In the courtyard of her garden were found the remains of about two thousand children. And although Catherine denied everything, on February 22, 1680, she was burned at Greve Square.

Appeared before the court and her assistants. Abbots Mariette and Lemenyan were accused of blasphemy and aiding the devil. They, of course, also executed. Tournais with Davo also received a death sentence. First, in addition to charges of witchcraft and collusion with Satan, they also caught pedophilia. Not escaped the penalty and "baker" Gibur.

In addition to them, the Marshal of Luxembourg and both relatives of Mazarin reported to the Fire Chamber. But they managed to avoid execution. Although Countess Soissons was forced to leave France. And Madame Montespan, also involved in that scandal, the king spared. After all, she was the mother of his younger children ...

The "Poison Case" had a wide public resonance and had long stirred the minds of both ordinary French and high society representatives.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 11 February 2018 07: 11
    Who knows ... In our time, there are also followers ... Black masses are very fashionable now among people with an income above the average ...
  2. Korsar4
    Korsar4 11 February 2018 07: 11
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 11 February 2018 07: 35
    About times, about morals ...
  4. kipage
    kipage 11 February 2018 07: 40
    No wonder the most severe measures were applied to poisoners
  5. bald
    bald 11 February 2018 07: 53
    The followers of the black masses were, are, and will be, and there is no escape from this.
  6. cedar
    cedar 11 February 2018 09: 57
    In 1969, the Church of Satan was officially legalized in the United States.
    Vorobyevsky writes that we have the Church of Satan Min.Just registered for the first time in S. Petersburg under his mayor Sobchak. Now branches in all major cities of Russia.
    Most of all in Moscow ...
    See at the root of the features of our spiritual life, dear.
    1. Cartalon
      Cartalon 11 February 2018 13: 03
      Well, people worship Satan their business, I can see the cult of Amon - Ra is pretty, what's the problem?
      1. Evdokim
        Evdokim 12 February 2018 06: 24
        Quote: Cartalon
        Well, people worship Satan their business, I can see the cult of Amon - Ra is pretty, what's the problem?

        Someone and Satan, along with the Amons and other Zeus and brownies in the drum, they like the cult of denyushek, the dollars there are Euros, and for them they are still not capable of such atrocities. hi
    2. Ber
      Ber 12 February 2018 20: 50

      cedar Yesterday, 09:57
      In 1969, the Church of Satan was officially legalized in the United States.
      Vorobyevsky writes that we have the Church of Satan Min.Just registered for the first time in S. Petersburg under his mayor Sobchak. Now branches in all major cities of Russia.
      Most of all in Moscow ...
      See at the root of the features of our spiritual life, dear.

      Can you imagine this in the USSR from 1924 to 1990?

  7. The Sparkle
    The Sparkle 11 February 2018 11: 32
    Quote: cedar

    ... Vorobyevsky writes that we have the church of Satan Min.Just registered for the first time in S. Petersburg under his mayor Sobchak ...

    Under what name is registered, where and when? A link to the Ministry of Justice can be seen?
  8. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 11 February 2018 12: 15
    Robber. A bag with hearts and everything else ... Minstrels were terribly popular in Germany, as well as vagantas and other mennezengers. And so the population was marvelously immobile. To satisfy the itch in one place, both money and armed force were required at the same time, and besides, simply hiring security guards did not solve the issue - look, the guards would gut it. So the poor talkers were almost the only news providers.
    And then the question is - who is this bandit suddenly so wise? What kind of mentor taught both camouflage, and two-handed fighting techniques (which were owned either by knights, or the elite of mercenaries), and organization, and coordination of actions, and suddenly mass propaganda to terrify? Moreover, all this was not previously used by illiterate bandits by the word in general, and much was unknown to literate people. This is some kind of strange anachronism, people. Especially considering the man who resignedly surrendered to the fierce death, after the death of which the bandit was no longer sought.
    Poisoner. Everything is usually up to yawning, but what is this “rejuvenation potion”? On the other hand, it was required to destroy the aunt faster for something that would not require the announcement of the list of customers. Witchcraft came up well ...
    1. avva2012
      avva2012 11 February 2018 13: 53
      what is this "youth potion"
      The word "midwife" was confused. If queues lined up for her, then most likely she was engaged in abortions. Of course, then such a word as “stem cells” was not known, but from the germinal tissue, as well as the placenta, if this was a later date, she received ointments that, albeit short-term, give an effect. Considering that for that time, there was no question of the existence of the devil, and the immorality of such actions, like abortion, was clear to anyone, I think that the “midwife” firmly believed that she had sold her soul, and what she was doing was witchcraft. So there were corresponding rituals. Although, of course, it can be argued, since the clergy, then the FSE is lying. The poor thing said, under torture.
      1. Mikado
        Mikado 11 February 2018 20: 03
        The article is cool, but the second photo in color was already this week in an article by V.O. Shpakovsky about Berkeley Castle. In the photo - the execution of favorite Edward II Hyuug Dispenser Jr. The favorite was scattered, gutted and quartered, the king himself ... mmm ... read, in short ... fellow
        1. Paranoid50
          Paranoid50 12 February 2018 00: 09
          Quote: Mikado
          The article is cool, but the second photo in color was already this week

          Hello, Nikolai. And the article itself today appeared on several resources (like the photo in color) yes There is last year’s article on Niers, more detailed: "The German Chikatilo of the Renaissance." Find it easy. hi
          1. Mikado
            Mikado 12 February 2018 01: 05
            No wonder! my articles, Alexander, also appeared on several resources, for example, on "The World is Small." The catch is in one thing - hamsters copying them, copy “mechanically”, as a result, only the title photo and text remain. And what's the point of copying a? negative After all, still lost! Lord, teach them to work, losers-losers! am
            funny, but Mikado's article on creativity is on YouTube ....
            it would be better if they didn’t publish it, with a machine translation .. I’m very sorry that what I wrote “from my head”, and into which I put a bunch of thoughts and energy, got such a continuation. Hands to tear off! angry
            1. Paranoid50
              Paranoid50 12 February 2018 10: 07
              Quote: Mikado
              Lord, teach them to work, losers-losers! Hands would tear! angry am
              Well, then it's better to immediately head. yes For if you tear off your hands, all one will not work. laughing These are the ghouls and sculpted by PzKpfwVI and the Luftwaffe crews on posters by May 9th. am
              1. Mikado
                Mikado 12 February 2018 11: 26
                exactly. Let them copy, let them print, but let them do it wisely. On the same YouTube, you can read with an expression, it will take about ten minutes. Then it will turn out great! drinks
  9. Weyland
    Weyland 11 February 2018 17: 24
    Niers was publicly tortured for three days. On the first day, the inquisitors with ticks tore out pieces of flesh from his body.
    Of course, the Inquisitors did this, but where without them ... First, they did not publicly torture (i.e. did not obtain evidence), but tortured - this was part of the execution, and the Inquisitors did not carry out executions at all - the Inquisition did not even endure mortals sentences, but simply passed the decision on the guilt of the accused to a civil court for sentencing. ЧСХ, the procedure for transferring a convict to the hands of secular authorities was called ... relaxation! Figase relaxation ...
  10. c3r
    c3r 11 February 2018 18: 01
    The military review has completely reached! Soon, he will talk about the use of vampires and werewolves in hostilities!
  11. Streletskos
    Streletskos 11 February 2018 18: 04
    Oaths of Darkness

    And I thought about something else)
  12. Midshipman
    Midshipman 11 February 2018 18: 17
    And these people dare to blame Russia for something.
  13. Antares
    Antares 11 February 2018 21: 08
    The poisoner sent me to the novel Angelica (Marquise of the Angels-1 part) as if he had read all the details.
    LA Voisin is described there well. But there she is old and does not look well. The case about poisons was written there and led by Degre. He revealed everything.
    But in reality, she was different.
    But most importantly, she was a first-class courtesan.
    The number of her lovers seemed innumerable. It was rumored that Cardinal Richelieu himself had sought attention at one time, but did not succeed - even the enormous amount offered to Mrs. Monvoisin in payment for the desired caresses did not help the cardinal. The capricious courtesan herself chose with whom to spend her nights.
    Madame Montvoisin received guests from aristocratic, financial and judicial circles. Her table was full of exquisite dishes and elite wines, the reception was impeccable, the conversation was laid-back. The hostess herself for many years remained the peak of excellence. Years passed, her lovers grew old and even died. And only Catherine, contrary to all laws, remained a blossoming young woman. All the Parisians envied her snow-white skin and wasp waist. Some, of course, noticed with surprise that Catherine did not change over the years and that at 50 she still looked at 20. But the lady skillfully laughed off, attributed everything to good heredity and proper nutrition.
    Her companions, Abbots Mariette and Lemenyan (subsequently accused of sacrilege and dismemberment of the flesh), Abbot Tourne (eventually executed for raping a child during the Satanic rite), Abbot Davot, who supplied Catherine with human fat for making ritual candles (he lent it to a wicked man for a moderate bribe ) However, the true diamond of this society was Abbot Gibur, who made for the satanic ritual wafers of dough, blood of infants and sewage. They diverged according to customers instantly.
    Once the client of Catherine was the young beauty Francoise de Montespan. She was not going to poison her husband (he was already under her heel), and she did not need the elixir of eternal youth. The impudent person wanted the king's love. Catherine performed the ritual worked out - and a few days later the beauty became the lover of Louis XIV. (Is La Valleier interesting too? Although Anna of Austria distracted her son from Henrietta so much)
    Why VO? Yes, because
    Since the 1660s, wealthy people began to die en masse and for no apparent reason in France. Rumors were spreading about a terrible poison that leaves no traces in the human body.
    It’s also a kind of war. Its background was the behind-the-scenes fight of the Minister of War Luvois with the first Minister Colbert. The escalation of hysteria around the case of the Versailles poisoners hardest hit the courtiers close to Colbert, and not without his participation this investigation was curtailed
    Water torture of the first poisoner (is in the article)

    Louis and the ministers personally questioned the suspects and witnesses about the activities of Madame de Montespan. Everyone who blamed the favorite was executed or imprisoned in the most remote fortresses, where they spent the rest of their lives in solitary confinement, not having the right to talk even with jailers. Madame de Montespan fought off accusations of trying to poison the king, but lost his favor forever. Madame de Maintenon has become new.
    During the investigation, the police uncovered an underground network of alchemists, fortunetellers and priests who held demonic masses, made love potions and deadly poisons. 319 people were arrested, 36 were sentenced to death, 4 to galleys, 34 to exile, 30 were acquitted.
    At the end of the tribunal in 1682, Louis XIV issued a decree on a state monopoly on the production and sale of poisons, and also declared all magicians, sorcerers and fortune tellers to be scammers.
  14. gaura
    gaura 12 February 2018 07: 52
    In all terrible rites, babies are necessarily mentioned as victims. Interestingly, this was done to instill greater fear, or is there something in this? I immediately remembered the horror story that Jews eat Christian babies.
    1. Antares
      Antares 12 February 2018 22: 47
      Quote: gaura
      babies as victims. Interestingly, this was done to instill greater fear, or is there something in this

      babies as a vessel of the future life (of all energy resources). Energy that can be used.
      Plus the innocence of soul and flesh.
      1. gaura
        gaura 13 February 2018 05: 15
        but how true is this, not a horror story? those. baths from the blood of virgins were, but were the babies actually sacrificed?
        1. Antares
          Antares 15 February 2018 00: 39
          Quote: gaura
          and how true it is, not a horror story

          In Inca culture, children were sacrificed in a ritual called kapakocha.
          Carthage was known among its neighbors for child sacrifices. Religious scholar A. Yu. Grigrenko noted that “So the Phoenicians sacrificed (in order to propitiate the gods) their beloved children. They increased the value of the sacrifice by choosing children from the most noble families, and only the only children. ”Infants of noble blood also fell under the knife.
          Some of these sources suggest that the children were fried to death on a heated bronze statue.
          (and so they burned about 200 children at once)
          Judging by these inscriptions, the pious Phoenicians asked for one or another grace of their god (for example, Baal-Hammon) or the goddess (Tanit), promising, in case God fulfilled the request, to give him the fruit of the womb, which would be conceived and born. So they did - conceived after the fulfillment of the request from the gods, the child became the currency, which they paid with these gods.
          The whole pregnancy was preparation for the victim - it was necessary to order a stele, knock out an inscription, prepare a place for sacrifice and burial ... A whole event for the family!
          As for the rituals of Satan (about which in the article), infants are unbaptized, which increases their "value" in the ritual. Symbol of life. By the way, girls and babies are widely used symbols of life (virgin girls and unbaptized babies)
          1. gaura
            gaura 15 February 2018 07: 44
            What an abomination, however ... recourse
          2. shinobi
            shinobi 18 February 2018 22: 28
            To complement the respected comrade, many of the bloody rituals of Satanic cults are tracing paper from the official rites of religious cults of past eras. The names of their own gods and deities of which migrated, sometimes even in an undistorted form, into a demonological pantheon.
  15. shinobi
    shinobi 18 February 2018 22: 19
    We make allowances for the epoch. Then, through ignorance, a lot of things were attributed to the machinations of the servants of the enemy of the people. Modern doctors working with placental blood would be sent to the fire instantly. Or the same plastic surgeons with their liposuction. Anyone will sign anything under torture, with a competent executioner. The robbers at all times did not differ in morality, however, specifics. Like frostbitten aristocrats in bulk, this is more the norm than the exception. In general, who wants persistent nightmares, they should read the protocols of the Inquisition. Or the “Hammer of the Witches” if a good translation comes across.
  16. ashnajder
    ashnajder 31 July 2018 01: 09
    Well, if there is a god and a devil, why not believe in the latter? since the existence of the devil suits God, why does not it suit the church))))? it is logical) let everyone believe in everything that he wants, but for the rest there is a criminal code))))