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Syrian "opposition" dialogue does not like

I constantly keep in touch with my colleagues from Syria, and that's what they told me. February 1 work in the building of the Syrian news agency SANA was in full swing - the staff were in complete “parking”, preparing materials about the Congress of National Unity held in Sochi. Suddenly, a woman rang the phone. She picked up the phone and in a few seconds screamed in horror. It turned out that she was told heavy news. In her house, located in the Mezze-86 Damascus Quarter, a mortar shell hit, her sister died.

After some time, information about the shelling of the “Syrian opposition” in two residential districts of Damascus - Ish Al-Vurud and Mezze-86 - appeared on the tapes of Syrian and Russian news agencies. Moreover, in the quarter Ish Al-Vurud of the dead - nine people, the injured - 15. As for the Western news agencies, they broadcast about the next “sufferings of the poor fighters against the regime” and the topic of Syrian chemical weapons is being sucked again.

So, from the de-escalation zone - the capital suburbs of Dzhobar, Duma and Kharasta - the civilians are again fired with mortars in violation of all agreements. But lately, it would seem, the residents of Damascus have felt some respite, a pause compared to what happened in previous years of the conflict. At least, incidents of this magnitude in Damascus have not been for quite some time.

Probably This shelling was a response to the recent National Dialogue Congress held in Sochi. Western media talk about the failure of the event. The US State Department issued a statement that the Congress "was not balanced," that "the opposition was not adequately represented."

This was told at a briefing by the chief of the State Department press service, Heather Nauert. She also said that Russia does not use its "unique influence on the Syrian government to prevent chemical and other attacks against the population."

It is interesting to know what the United States did, having at least a “unique influence” on anti-Syrian armed forces in order to prevent the atrocities committed by February 1, which killed at least 10 people?

On the eve, there was almost another tragedy - fortunately, she was miraculously avoided. And it was about the Syrian delegation, which was returning from the talks in Sochi. So, they rode, taking with them the wishes of peace, and got into the war. Of course, the war has been going on for a long time, but they hardly thought they would cater to the shelling right at the airport of their homeland?

So, on January 31, two mortar shells exploded between two planes in which participants of the last Congress were. Fortunately, none of them was hurt. However, two airport employees were injured.

This incident clearly confirms that the enemies of Syria very much disliked the Congress of National Dialogue, held in Sochi. And somehow suspiciously this position coincides with the position of the US State Department!

The part of the “oppositionists”, which, it would seem, accepted the invitation to the Congress, at the last moment refused to participate in it. The pretext was the Syrian state flag. Not a flag with a portrait of Bashar Al-Assad, not the flag of Hezbollah, but the flag under which Syria has been living for decades. According to these "oppositionists" who arrived from Turkey, the event needed another flag - the one under which Syria lived, being a colony of France. It is under this symbol that the so-called “moderate opposition” comes out from the very beginning of the conflict - and most of those who started then moved under another flag — the flag (banned in the Russian Federation) of the terrorist organization ISIL, as well as (banned in the Russian Federation) “Dzhebhat An-Nusra. Such, if I may say so, the "guests" staged something like a sit-in strike in Adler - with a demonstration of their flag. The Russian authorities have not imposed any punishment on them.

Some of the irreconcilables did get to the negotiating table, but even there they tried to make a scandal. In the course of a speech by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, someone started shouting that Russia is an “occupier”. Much of the Syrians present did not like it. In response, they began to chant: “Thank you, Russia!” - so that even Lavrov himself asked for him to finish his speech.

All this suggests that different people really came to the Congress. That it was not at all some kind of staging event. Everyone had the right to have their say, even if this word is “occupant”. Even if someone decided to demonstratively sit at the airport - please!

The Syrian armed “opposition” does not allow such freedom of opinion. Judging by the shelling of Damascus airport at the time when the planes landed there with members of the delegation, the conversation there is short. I went to Congress - deserved death. You live in the "wrong" quarter of Damascus - you can be angry with the fact that the Congress did take place.

The main outcome of the National Dialogue Congress itself was the creation of a commission to draft a new constitution for Syria. Respect for the rights of women, all ethnic and religious groups, the future state system of the country were also discussed. The final document adopted at the end of the event stressed the need to respect the sovereignty of Syria and its territorial integrity.

Among those who supported the efforts of Russia is such a big power as China. The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC said:

The Syrian National Dialogue Congress is an integral part of the peaceful resolution of the crisis situation in Syria, a beneficial addition to the negotiations in Geneva ... China sends its congratulations to the participants of this event in Sochi, which was marked by positive results. ”

On behalf of the UN, the Special Representative for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, praised the outcome of the negotiations:

“This was certainly a very stressful event. 1,6 is thousands of Syrians, many of whom were given the first opportunity to express their opinions. ”

And only the US State Department together with its closest allies did not support the Congress. Yes, the so-called “moderate opposition” controlled by him, having carried out shelling and shedding Syrian blood, showed her true face and her true attitude to peaceful negotiations.
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  1. Loess
    Loess 2 February 2018 15: 22
    Yeah ... not soon there will come peace ... Is it possible that by some miracle it will be possible to squeeze the states out of there.
    1. forester
      forester 2 February 2018 18: 17
      Quote: Less
      Yeah ... not soon there will come peace ... Is it possible that by some miracle it will be possible to squeeze the states out of there.

      The miracle is called the Russian Aerospace Forces, as well as the calculations of the S-300 and S-400 and the Caspian flotilla for a change))), but seriously - I remembered Chechnya with different cease-fires and negotiations - there are some analogies
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 2 February 2018 22: 00
      Peace will come when the West ceases to support the so-called "opposition."
      1. zyzx
        zyzx 4 February 2018 07: 10
        Well, in the same Chechnya, the West, to the end, supported the so-called rebels. They drank who they needed, bought the rest.
  2. Monarchist
    Monarchist 2 February 2018 15: 24
    That not everyone in the opposition liked the Sochi dialogue was to be expected. the Americans are right: "the opposition was not given enough," they forgot to call the Barmaleans there, and they are also the "opposition." I DO NOT LIKE Amers rudeness, but they have a positive feature: for their INTERESTS they will stop at nothing. And we have shy things
  3. lance
    lance 2 February 2018 15: 55
    burn idlib, completely with everyone and everything will work out.
    1. elenagromova
      2 February 2018 16: 57
      And Eastern Guta too ...
  4. zzdimk
    zzdimk 2 February 2018 17: 37
    Was something else expected? Some are looking for a way out, others - life on Mars.
  5. krokus792
    krokus792 2 February 2018 21: 37
    And if Syria is asked to be part of the Russian Federation? How will all this end under such conditions? (Well, purely hypothetical?)
  6. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 2 February 2018 22: 46
    Over the years that have passed since the beginning of the civil war, Damascus was not fired at by just lazy. And so many times that I don’t even remember, without being connected with any congresses, conferences and dialogues. The author of the article talks about local "oppositionists" as about some civilized personalities who like or dislike something. I would not be surprised if the bandits who fired on residential areas and who killed civilians have never even heard anything about any congresses and negotiations and do not even know such a word "opposition". fool
    1. elenagromova
      3 February 2018 00: 04
      Of course, Damascus shelling happens often. But all the same there are periods of relative calm and periods of aggravation. In this case, it is an aggravation. I never wrote about oppositionists as about civilized personalities. Among them are full of generally illiterate and incompetent people. But they have leaders who are not so simple, and most importantly, these leaders are connected with the owners. Most likely, this aggravation is not just like that - it is like the answer of these hosts to the Congress.
  7. eugraphus
    eugraphus 3 February 2018 06: 49
    For a whole year, Russia has been trying to sort the opposition into the irreconcilable and the one with whom it is possible to come to an agreement so far. The United States completely refused to help in this matter. The process is not finished yet. Those who violate the agreement go into the category to be cleaned and will be eliminated. Those that flew to Sochi, paused, refused to participate in the negotiations, and there will be none in the constitutional commission. This is their choice. If they move on to armed resistance, this is, again, their choice. They will die as heroes in the struggle against the state of Syria.
  8. Archon
    Archon 3 February 2018 07: 15
    There would be Middle Ages, the opposition was simply cut out by 100%
    In some ways it’s certainly more difficult now.
  9. flicker
    flicker 4 February 2018 18: 14
    Another lever (besides military operations) that can work to stabilize the situation in Syria. The creation of ISIS is a consequence of the launch of the war process, as soon as the "process has begun
    1. flicker
      flicker 4 February 2018 18: 46
      ... once the "process has begun" it can be difficult to stop it. The opposite process has been launched in Sochi ... I hope that it will gain strength.
  10. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 5 February 2018 10: 20
    But why didn’t it be determined at the Congress that those who shoot cannot be oppositionists, that these are enemies of the Syrian people, and the de-escalation territory is jointly and severally responsible for this shooting. The territory began military operations and was immediately subjected to air raids by the countries of the guarantors.