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At the Plesetsk cosmodrome, the infrastructure for testing Sarmat was created

The infrastructure for throwing tests of a promising stationary missile system was created last year at the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the city of Mirny, Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov said on Wednesday.

Facilities for throwing tests of a prospective stationary missile system were built at the 1 NEC in Mirny
- said Ivanov at the Unified Day of Acceptance of Military Products ,.

At the Plesetsk cosmodrome, the infrastructure for testing Sarmat was created

What kind of missile is in question, the Defense Ministry did not specify, but we can assume that this is a promising intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) "Sarmat". As reported, the first missile tests of the new rocket were supposed to pass before the end of 2017 of the year. Their results have not been publicly reported, RIA News.

Earlier, the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Karakaev reported that the adoption of a stationary mine-based strategic-missile complex Sarmat with a heavy-class liquid-propellant rocket is planned for 2019-2020 years.

The Sarmat will replace the Voyevoda complex with a heavy RS-20В missile (as it is called in the West - “Satan”), which took up combat duty at the end of the 1980s. Today, the RS-20B remains the most powerful of all Russian ICBMs and, despite its solid rocket "age," is still effective in the context of deploying a layered missile defense system.

Development work on the Sarmat project began in 2011. As previously reported, seven missile regiments of the Strategic Missile Forces are planned to rearm this missile.
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  1. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 31 January 2018 15: 18
    Well, since the product was pulled up to the cosmodrome, the launch is not far off. We look forward to success!
    1. DenZ
      DenZ 31 January 2018 15: 36
      So far, only throwing. Everything has its time.
      1. Muvka
        Muvka 31 January 2018 15: 43
        There were throwing back in December.
        1. DenZ
          DenZ 31 January 2018 15: 52
          They were successful but they are held more than once.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 31 January 2018 15: 55
      The name of the city of Mirny is very consistent with our nuclear missiles. lol
  2. Egorovich
    Egorovich 31 January 2018 15: 30
    laughing Satan 2 will be in action soon. "Rejoice" adversaries !!! tongue
    1. viktor.
      viktor. 31 January 2018 15: 50
      Let it be an angel. wassat
    2. AUL
      AUL 31 January 2018 20: 59
      I think that in its "cunningness" in terms of overcoming missile defense, Sarmatia will not be inferior to Satan!
  3. Umnichka
    Umnichka 31 January 2018 18: 31
    Great news!!!
  4. Laksamana besar
    Laksamana besar 1 February 2018 06: 12
    On Radio Sputnik, the commercial director of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, military expert Alexei Leonkov, spoke about the features of the Sarmat missile:
    "This is a three-stage missile that has separable warheads - warheads. So-called missile tests are underway - the first and second missile stages are being tested at the Plesetsk cosmodrome. The estimated range of its flight is 11-18 thousand kilometers, the average deviation from the target is approximately 120 meters - for a missile with a nuclear warhead, this is a very good indicator.The missile is capable of carrying two types of charges: either 10 warheads with 750 kilotons or 15 warheads with 450 kilotons. egolovki cloven - they have an additional feature and false warhead warheads that they are maneuverable, able to fly at hypersonic speeds, making it difficult to work on it a missile defense system potential enemy. "