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Thailand received the first two aircraft T-50TN

At the Tacley Royal Thai Air Force Base, the ceremony of introducing two first T-50TH training aircraft from South Korea, built by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), was held at the Air Force of Thailand. bmpd.

The contract for the supply of 4-x UBS was signed in September 2015. The transaction value was $ 110 million.

It is reported that "the T-50ТН aircraft is another export modification of the famous KAI T-50 Golden Eagle combat training aircraft, created and produced by KAI in cooperation with the American corporation Lockheed Martin." It is equipped with Israeli Elta EL / M-2032 radar, Link 16 data transmission equipment and is capable of carrying a very wide range of weapons.

T-50TN should replace in the Thai Air Force training aircraft Aero L-39ZA-ART, acquired in the Czech Republic in 1991-1996 years.

In July, 2017 was signed an intergovernmental agreement on the acquisition by Thailand of eight more T-50TH aircraft worth $ 260 million.

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Thai Air Force
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  1. Safevi
    Safevi 29 January 2018 12: 07 New
    Successful aircraft. In general, all Korean equipment is very solid. Be it tanks, self-propelled guns, ships, etc. Not to mention phones, televisions and cars. I have KIA. The sixth year I drive and nothing.
    1. Burbon
      Burbon 29 January 2018 12: 35 New
      Quote: sefevi
      I have KIA. The sixth year I drive and nothing.

      I have Santa Fe since 08 - took a new ..... drove 300 (it was on this machine) except the engine (pah pah pah) did everything! and not once .... from burning out the windshield (heating) -000 times ... machine repair -2 times ... hubs in a circle 2 times .. suspension all 5 times .... driving experience - 2 3 300 km since 000 in the car
      1. IL-18
        IL-18 29 January 2018 12: 53 New
        It was necessary to take what was produced under the DAEWOO brand. there, though the roots are opelevsky. They eat gasoline with an appetite, but they are reliable. And on the T-50, see film R2B, it is very picturesquely sung. laughing
  2. Giant thought
    Giant thought 29 January 2018 12: 18 New
    But the design of our Yak-130 will still be better, and the filling is also on the same level, and the T-50TN still looks hard for this class.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 29 January 2018 14: 33 New
      Not. Yak now has a narrow niche for TCB, and if he gets very tight, then the eLco bomber. Moreover, the efficiency is not much higher than eLki. For there is no sighting station. There is no support for target designation containers. The result - or work like grandfathers on the IL-2 - is visually approaching the target, but here the Su-25 is much better, yet today every MIA on the Toyota is sooner or later not thanks to Allah, but thanks to Statistics there will be hits on the plane. Or as a platform for expensive GLONASS CABs.

      In the future, he will probably have a second stage engine (which Ivchenko-Progress should have done - and now Ufa, but there isn’t much money on the topic). There will also be an open architecture, sighting station. The load will increase and LTH with it will improve. But the price will swell.

      However, ordered by Iraq and Thailand, the T-50 already knows everything that the Yak will be able to do in the future. And even more, the same Iraqis, for example, have radars in the kit. What is not even in the project in Yaka (because everything is bad with compact radars).
  3. askort154
    askort154 29 January 2018 12: 33 New
    I read the headline and the brains boiled. So, have our T-50s already been modernized? belay In fact, a strange case, two different types of aircraft from different countries, have the same brand code.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 29 January 2018 14: 28 New
      T-50 is generally a closed designation of Sukhoi. For example, Su-27 - T-10. Su-35 - T-10M.
      He's kind of Su-57 officially approved.

      T-50 is the official name of the Korean. Akin to Su-30 or Su-57.
  4. Zefr
    Zefr 29 January 2018 19: 09 New
    Like a kid F-16