Military Review

Turkish forces entered Aleppo to halt the advance of the SAR army

The Turkish invasion of Syria is gaining momentum. According to media reports, the Turkish military convoy, which includes Tanks, artillery and other armored vehicles, entered the province of Aleppo and was stationed in the immediate vicinity of the positions of the government army of Damascus.

The official reason for this was the implementation of the agreement concluded in Astana, namely, the creation of an observation post in the area to monitor the de-escalation zone. However, military experts have a different opinion. From a military point of view, the Turks are trying to create a line to prevent the further advance of the SAR army through the area in Idlib.

If in the near future the Turkish army builds up strength in the region, then it will be safe to say about the preparation of a second front to attack the positions of the Kurds.

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  1. NEXUS
    NEXUS 26 January 2018 11: 32 New
    From a military point of view, the Turks are trying to create a line to prevent the further advance of the SAR army through this area to Idlib.

    I don’t think that someone will ask the Turks ... Idlib is an outpost of igil, whose cleansing, de facto war ends in Syria. And the Kremlin needs a victorious outcome of this company.
    1. misti1973
      misti1973 29 January 2018 00: 04 New
      This area never belonged to the IG! The An-Nusra Front, and now Tahrir Ash Sham. In general, they always supported the so-called armed opposition and their goal was to overthrow Assad. It was Erdogan who bought oil from them, and not from IS. So, the Kurdish question is only occasion. And the essence is to prolong the conflict, turning it into a permanent one. And who will fight the Turks, is not Putin? By the way, the permanent conflict is also somehow beneficial for him, for there are preferences in the form of stable oil prices, plus the impossibility of building gas routes, etc. And the Turks, taking advantage of the situation, just want to grab a piece of Syria. And this is easy to avoid! It is enough to remove Assad from power and form a new coalition government, which will include the Kurds. Only Putin is stubborn like a ram; he is not a politician, he does not know how to figure out the situation, he plays the second number all the time.
      1. Valery Saitov
        Valery Saitov 31 January 2018 12: 26 New
        ... he is not a politician, he does not know how to calculate the situation)))
        If he didn’t know how to calculate, then Crimea wouldn’t be ours, and the Nord Stream along with Turkish ... wouldn’t be built, like the bridge to Crimea, etc. Like bases in the Arctic, icebreakers, LNG " Yamal "and much more. Time will tell. Following the results of January-August 2017, the foreign trade turnover of Russia and Turkey amounted to 12948,2 million dollars, including Russian export - 11033,0 million dollars and import - 1915,2 million dollars.
      2. eugraphus
        eugraphus 1 February 2018 04: 57 New
        The stories that Turkey wants to seize Syria are beneficial for those who are not interested in the cooperation of Russia with Turkey. This is a desire to introduce doubts, suspicions.
        What are the facts? Russia, before the Turkish operation "Olive Branch", agreed on its position. It’s stupid to think that cheap framers were doing this from Russia. The tasks of Turkey, and Erdogan officially announced this, did not add Turkey at the expense of Syria, and did not allow Turkey to take away almost a third of the territory, in favor of the newly created Kurdistan. Turkey will be quite happy if the Syrian Kurds remain under the control of Syria and do not unite with the Turkish and Iraqi Kurds. This will suit Syria, and Russia, and Iran. The United States supports the Kurds in their quest to create a unified Kurdistan. The rest is all situational nuances of politics.
  2. Ivanov IV
    Ivanov IV 26 January 2018 17: 18 New
    Russia now has an important task to direct the zeal of the Turks in the right direction. And the common task for everyone is to finish off (destroy) the remaining “macaques”.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. Urs
    Urs 26 January 2018 19: 30 New
    Oyushki and boh so that our strategists can correctly calculate everything, otherwise it would not play an evil joke with us “EAST BUSINESS THIN” and we would not get another knife in the back.
    Erdogan is not the right person to allow himself to be manipulated and used in the “right direction”.
    And if even so we can play with it, what will be his reaction when he finds out that he was used as product No. 2. By and large, he and we made contact with the same thoughts in order to create a great Ottoman. with the States went into conflict with the same thoughts.
    1. Cheldon
      Cheldon 26 January 2018 21: 07 New
      Quote: Urs
      Erdogan is not the right person to allow himself to be manipulated and used in the “right direction”.

      When they told Erdogan to take his feet in his hands and bring him down further if he wants to stay alive, he listened to advice from the Kremlin and barraged in the air until they gave the command "hang up".
    2. misti1973
      misti1973 29 January 2018 00: 13 New
      But he is not in conflict with the states! The U.S. Air Force is still renting a base on its territory, Turkey is still a member of NATO and therefore they are boring. Otherwise, Erdogan would have been quickly shown his place! And he has problems because of his domestic policy. The issue with the Kurds has long been hanging in the air, and a normal politician would have long found a peaceful way, not a forceful one.
  4. Semyonych
    Semyonych 27 January 2018 08: 41 New
    Cheat. There is a dismemberment of the ATS, as was planned by "progressive humanity." Turks and the USA are one gang.
    1. Aleksandr69
      Aleksandr69 27 January 2018 14: 08 New
      What is the hype? Assad will not be able to control all of Syria alone. Iran can help, but also not for free: it will take oil, rebuilding the country after the war is expensive.
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  6. lance
    lance 30 January 2018 04: 21 New
    of the two evils, the lesser is chosen. Which is better: pro-American Kurdistan or the Turkish enclave of Turkoman? with the Turks, even with failures, but you can agree. the West does not want to listen. and about the rams, the ram one who does not understand, there will be no Assad, there is no influence of the Russian Federation in the Mediterranean Sea. the idlib will be summoned; the warring clans are not needed there either by us or by the Turks.
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  9. Iosif stalin
    Iosif stalin 2 February 2018 01: 18 New
    Whoever dodges towards the Turk will receive one by hara. The case of the bomber is an example of this. And those historical wars are not an indicator. Never did the Russians smash one on one. And looking at their geographical location, you need to understand the difference. The Russians would not be able to hold such a geographic position. This is not the deep rear of the 14 'meridian that would have set fire to Moscow a little and run away. Russians have always been saved by a huge territory in the winter. And so the Germans would have walked like an iron. And always the Pussians won by number. Let's not forget about the Second World War. I’m not talking about others yet. The Turks drank vodka and in fear of punitive detachments of the NKVD did not go on the attack like ours.