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The head of the Crimea called foreign sanctions fuss

Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov spoke about foreign sanctions against the Crimeans and all of Russia. Aksyonov's comment was made against the background of the announced publication of a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. This publication should take place on January 29. The sanctions are being promoted by the US Congress and called upon, as foreign media have previously written, "to split the Russian elites."

Answering the question RIA News Sergey Aksyonov said the following about the sanctions reflected on the head of the Republic of Crimea and his family:
It did not reflect. Me and my family members don't care about this whole mess. These sanctions do not interfere with my professional activities.

The head of the Crimea called foreign sanctions fuss

Recall that the sanctions against Sergey Aksyonov have been in effect for more than 3,5 years. Aksyonov’s accounts were declaratively frozen in foreign banks, to which Aksyonov himself, back in 2014, said that he had no accounts abroad, and therefore there was nothing to freeze.

Earlier in the European press, materials were repeatedly published that if there are countries that were most heavily hit by US sanctions, it is the countries of the European Union. Also from the anti-Russian sanctions, to which Russia itself finds an answer, Ukraine is also suffering, which, as Washington continues to assert, the United States actively supports.
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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 26 January 2018 05: 44 New
    Not reflected in any way
    - there are no accounts, he doesn’t go to resorts - he lives in a resort himself! And what sanctions to him ...
    1. Cat
      Cat 26 January 2018 05: 56 New
      I have other associations - this is not fuss, but another example is more suitable, when a stupid neighbor drags her dog in the sandbox .... so that she ... Well, you understand. In this way, she asserts herself, and the dog? A dog has a dog's life.
    2. Herculesic
      Herculesic 26 January 2018 05: 58 New
      How do you know about his accounts, the fish whispered ??? am wassat
      1. volodya
        volodya 26 January 2018 06: 08 New
        Fussing or not, I don’t know! And the fact that people in Crimea are glad that they parted with Ukraine I know for sure! Relatives live there!
      2. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 26 January 2018 06: 09 New
        Quote: Herkulesich
        about his accounts

        I comment on his statements, not idle fabrications.
    3. Spartanez300
      Spartanez300 26 January 2018 06: 44 New
      If the dog cannot bite you, then you should not be afraid of it.
      1. Vladimir16
        Vladimir16 26 January 2018 09: 01 New
        Quote: Spartanez300
        If the dog cannot bite you, then you should not be afraid of it.

        Yeah, we get smaller ....
        Earlier in Russia they said: "Afraid of wolves - do not go to the forest." If the language of the ancestors is not understood - this means no hell afraid of the wolves, you need to take your own.
        And you suggest being afraid of a dog ....
        1. Spartanez300
          Spartanez300 26 January 2018 13: 34 New
          Actually this is a metaphor ..
  2. Herculesic
    Herculesic 26 January 2018 05: 57 New
    Fussing is the work of Vedmedev, Kudrin, Nabibulkina and other high-seated "members" of power! Because they do not want to, and do not know how to work, first of all with their heads!
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 26 January 2018 07: 09 New
      Quote: Herkulesich
      here I agree with you! The scarab beetle is also busy with its roundabout!
    2. St Petrov
      St Petrov 27 January 2018 16: 30 New
      But you are cool at knowing how to work on the couch of Hercules, while the government using leverage has annexed Crimea. During this time from the age of 14, what have you changed in your life?

      How they do not know how to work, I see reading foreign media. 80% of the economy imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation. To buy some turbines on the market, wild hemorrhoids and a rise in price occur. General Electric used to sell us turbines and that was when industrialization was taking place in the country. DneproGRES and giant car factories were built.

      When the Russian Federation had a good budget surplus and high oil prices, Opel was not sold to us. And there are a million such stories.

      At the same time, the Russian Federation is developing and producing a competitive product.

      Poland was given 100 billion. South Korea was given technology and long money. Japan was stuffed with industries. Millions of factories have been opened in China.

      But we always had to fight in uncompetitive conditions with the transcendental labor of logistics and technology exchange with the "western world"

      Still live. And on the geopolitical map - with the competition of nations - we occupy a worthy place.

      To all those starving - to work and to improve their qualifications. If not enough, any person has a head. And if you have a brain at your disposal - I think the way to find food with your hands is quite a feasible
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 27 January 2018 16: 43 New
        Herculesych, you've been here for a long time. Or maybe not you. Not the point. While you and I were wiping our pants here on the forum, the hand-assed government subsidized our auto industry. Look what happened over the past few years

        Herculesych, do you recognize our car industry? This happened from the moment you registered your account here. In general, it’s not for you and me to rate the government. Let the professionals put the grades.

        The fact that the dolar is now not at 30 - get used to it wassat and stop whining

  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 January 2018 06: 19 New
    which American sanctions hit the hardest on are European Union countries
    What you won’t do for your "allies" to run into Russia once again. And they will remember the Crimea lost by the Americans as long as the United States exists. So break off with the base in Sevastopol and then remain silent? Crimea is a conversation for many years.
  4. bald
    bald 26 January 2018 06: 21 New
    There is no smoke without fire. winked Yes, they also didn’t hit me at foreign banks, like him, there are definitely no accounts. smile Roots!
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 26 January 2018 06: 44 New
    Well, he answered correctly, why not cling to the geyropa and the hostages. bully
  6. Alex-a832
    Alex-a832 26 January 2018 07: 52 New
    The EU harnessed to trick the United States and announced sanctions on the terms of the return of Crimea and the implementation of the Minsk agreements, although Russia is not a conflicting party. At the same time, it was initially clear that Russia would not merge Crimeans and Crimea. That is, the EU has driven itself into a dead end, from which it is possible to get out only by acknowledging that it is wrong, that is, it will publicly be denied and publicly acknowledge it. As a result, the EU has been discredited, incurs gigantic losses, resolves a lot of contradictions that it itself has generated, but is trying to maintain a proud mine. And how much do they themselves and with American help are going to have in a particularly perverted form? Maybe they enjoy it? Well, "European values," so to speak ...
  7. Gray brother
    Gray brother 26 January 2018 07: 57 New
    Whoever has a head on his shoulders is not an obstacle to sanctions. This applies to all - both Russian and non-Russian.
    At the Crimean Zaliv plant, generators produced by the MAN concern received.
    Instead of Finnish generators, German-made equipment was brought to the Crimea. According to media reports, diesel generators are necessary for the Zeriv shipyard in Kerch for the construction of an emergency rescue vessel.
    Earlier, the Finnish company Wartsila refused to supply the required equipment. The company explained that EU sanctions have become a stumbling block for cooperation with Russia, which has been built over many years.
    The place of this at the plant in the Crimea were delivered MAN generators.
    As a spokesman for MAN Diesel & Turbo told reporters, the company did not supply generators, as this is at odds with the provisions on the EU sanctions regime.
    “We do not participate and did not participate in any current or recent projects with the Zaliv plant,” he said. At the same time, MAN admitted that the shipyard could use equipment manufactured for other vessels.
  8. Maz
    Maz 26 January 2018 09: 27 New
    They brought Hitler to power, and then until then repent. What to say - Europe
  9. Antares
    Antares 26 January 2018 12: 27 New
    The "Goblin" may have foreign commissars and no, who knows what their schemes of money withdrawal and storage are.
    However, trust in a person (EP member) who claims one thing in the video and then does the opposite ...